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Volume 10 Issue 9 - June 2005

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merry MEETINGS IV Guy Few: Have trumpet, will travel imerview by Masha Buell Where are you now? And what doe.1· your summer look like? Home, practising - preparing for the first two festivals. This involves about 8 or 9 hours a day, trumpet and piano ... then May 27- June 13: Halifax. Nova Scotia Summer Music Festival ("Scotiafest") piano and trumpet; June 16- 20: Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan Provincial Music Festival - Brass Judge: June 24-July 12: Eugene, PHOTO: JAMES STEELE Oregon Bach Festival - lOth year as principal trumpet with Helmut Rilling; July 13: Toronto - recording with Nadina Mackie Jackson and Caliban; July 23: ORMTA Provincial Young Artist Competition - Judge; through to August 6: Ottawa Chamber Festival Home is ... ? Lovely Elora; conservation area, artistic community, and a tourist town. Today I'm practising Bach on piccolo trumpet, "entertaining" the patrons on the Desert Rose Cafe patio. But every summer festival becomes home. I stay in a house or university with other performers, perform as well as socialize, spend positive time together, go to the same gym, for example. Festivals have "families" - we drop right back into friendships from the year before - like summer camp. At 'Scotiafest I often share a house with Mark Fewer and Alain Trudel. I see Alain all the time (Kiosk, Bellows and Brass) but not Mark, who's the concert master for the Yancover Symphony. So we spend time together, chat, drive to the grocery store at midnight. At Ottawa Chamber Festival: I'll be playing trumpet and piano, also piano 4 hands with collaborative pianist Stephanie Mara. Any night after a concert wherever the performers are going, I'll see Julian Armourcellist and the artistic director. Festivals have special events that connect students, soloists, and other musicians - like the lobster party at 'Scotiafest or the Patrons Dinner at the Bach Festival. An event might be called a "reception", including audience, but usually transcends this. Unsung festival heroes keep everybody happy and organized: people like amazing Chris Wilcox, co-director with Mark Fewer at 'Scotiafest, and all the volunteers. These are maybe the people I most look forward to seeing again. They are the spirit and the energy. Each festival's different personality reflects the core group. These peopl are my good friends. Compare summer to the rest of the year? I decided not to be so crazy this summer. It's the first time I've ever not done Festival of the Sound. Last summer I played 35 concerts, this year 25. The regular season is more a combination. I teach trumpet, piano, and conducting at Wilfred Laurier, trumpet at Western. I play about 40 concerts September to May, around university schedules, travel and rehearsals. Other people are busier! How is it, travelling with a trumpet ? Staying in a house with other performers you have to be aware of their needs and schedules - make sure you don't practice really late or early! I usually travel with at least two trumpets. For Halifax I'll need two trumpets. Oregon - I'll have three trumpets and a corno. Traveling with more than two I have a big rolling case that goes in cargo. The corno da caccia - like a modem hunting horn - is always my carry on. It's very very fragile - built for me, and has to be handled like a baby. So what'.!· your idea of a holiday? I may go back to Saskatchewan in August: I can't really visit with family when I'm working there. My parents are coming to celebrate their 50th anniversary and enjoy some of the Bach Festival. You know, I work in such great places with wonderful musicians and conductors that going somewhere doesn't feel like a holiday. For "time off' I really do like to come home. It's more restful. I have friends to dinner, go to the gym, watch the flowers grow. 26 8:00: Dave Young Mingus Ouintet/Dizzy Gillespie All·Star Tribute Band. . TSS 27 8:00: Diana Krall. .50·5.50. HUM 27 8:00: Folk Alarm Trio/Medeski, Martin & Wood. . TSS 28 8:00: Diana Krall. .50·5.50. HUM 28 8:00: Roberta Gambarini/Roy Hargrove's RH Factor. . TSS 29 8:00: Robi Botos Trio/Stanley Clarke/Bela Fleck/Jean·luc Ponty. . TSS 30 8:00: Kenny Garret Ouartet/Joshua Redman's Elastic Band. . TSS July: 01 8:00:Rea!Divas. . TSS 02 8:00: Madeleine Peyroux/lhasa. . TSS 02 11 :59pm: Rita Chiarelli $10. TSS 03 8:00: Carlos de/ Junco/Dr. John. . TSS TOR ONTO SUMMER CHAMBER Music FESTIVAL Michael Guttman, artistic director 416·205·5555 Glenn Gould Studio, 250 front St. West July: 05 8:00: Precocious geniuses who died young. Music by Arriaga, Lekeu & Mendelssohn. Richard Raymond, piano; Joel Quarrington, double bass; Michael Guttman, violin. . 06 8:00: Brahms. Sextet #2 for strings; Quintet #2 for strings. Rivka Golani, viola; Yegor Dyachkov, cello. . 07 8:00: Folk Music. Music by Dvorak, Piazzola & Bloch. Richard Raymond, piano. . WESTBEN ARTS FESTIVAL THEATRE 705·653·5508, 877-883·5777 Concerts continue July 8. The Barn, 3 km northwest of Campbellford ON on County Rd. 30 June: 10,14,17: 7:00,June 11,12,16,18,19: 2:00: Finley: Rapun1el. Donna Bennett, Michael Burgess, Gabrielle Prata, Robert Longo, Anthony Paton & others. ·. 30 7:00: Young Musicians on the Hori10n. Members of the Campbellford District High School Band & friends.$10. July: 02 2:00: 2 Fifths of Bach & Beethoven. Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #5; Beethoven: Symphony #5 & other music. Westben festival Orchestra, soloists & chorus. · . 03 11 :OOam: Fiir Elise: Beethoven lives at Westben. favourite piano music of Beethoven. Brian Finley, piano. $ l 2·, family rates. 03 2:00: 2 Fifths of Bach & Beethoven. See July 2. 05 7:00: Strings of the Night. Haydn: String Quartet Op.54 #2; Shostakovitch: String Quartet # 13; Beethoven: String Quartet Dp.131. Penderecki Quartet. · $ 30. West/Jen Arts Festival Theatre events continue in July. G16

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