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Volume 11 Issue 1 - September 2005

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EARLY Music Several

EARLY Music Several years ago, I complained about the state of music history as outlined in a fairly well-known text used by many prominent institutions throughout North America. I wrote: "Imagine my disappointment, shock, dismay, surprise ... etc. when recently flipping casually through the index of the new 7th edition (standard version) of Joseph Machlis!Kristine Forney 's music history book, The Enjoyment of Music, published by W. W. Norton . Wouldn't you think it odd that these prominent composer/musicians were not listed: William Byrd, John Dowland, and Thomas Tallis (- there may be more ... )? The following were listed: The Byrds, The Doors, The Doobie Bros. (admittedly one of my personal favourites), and The Talking Heads. Is this just an oversight? Perhaps the index is not complete? This text happens to be the "book of choice" at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto, but is it not also used in many colleges in the States? Can anyone enlighten me as to the by Frank Nakashima 'T'he 'Toronto Consort p, ,"·~t:-r11 ~ i 1 :-. 2L"l05,06 Season f:IE DA VINCI CQDE'.X OCTOBER 21 & 22, 2005 status of today's study of music history?" A few years later, I received a response from Joel Newman, Emeritus Professor of Music, Columbia University, who explained, "The answer is a simple one - to a teacher of introductory music courses, college level, such as I've been for more than 30 years. The Machlis is a text for such a course, not at all for music history. " (Newman went on to to say that he himself preferred to use a different textbook, by Joseph Kerman, noting that the Machlis had "created a fortune for Norton and for the author.") Professor Newman continued, "Still, I need to point out that in rapidly moving, one-semester introduction-to-music courses, one of the chief problems is selection .. . For example, in a two-week consideration of Baroque Music, I highlight Bach and Handel and Vivaldi. Too bad about Purcell, Corelli and all the rest .. . " How sad! Do we not have enough time to learn about the histo- ENSE.M3 LE CLEMENT JANEQYIN NOVEM BER II&: 12., 2005 TIE MQNTEVERP I CHlUSTJvlA.S VESPER._S DEG!EM1BE!l 9 & IO, 2..005 li~,i JEPHTE ( h ik_'~ !l':111'~ l ~d T1'.\.\JH~I M AR.CH 3 & 4, 2006 l'.1 E JOU RJ'IIT TO SANTIAGO Back to Ad Index APRI L 28 & 29. 2006 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM ry of music? Look around you. The Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum are both flourishing in their efforts to preserve certain aspects of the past. Fortunately for us in the early music community, we have terrific musical curators in ensembles like Tafelmusik, I Furiosi , L__,...,_..""-"" the Musicians in Ordi- I Furiosi, Sept 30 nary, and Baroque Music Beside October 1, the Musicians in Orthe Grange. Thanks to them, and dinary (soprano Hallie Fishel, luothers, every issue of WholeNote tenist John Edwards, violinist documents upcoming live perform- Christopher Verrette and gambist ances of works by dozens of com- Laura Jones) present a program, A posers that the Machlis/Forney Pilgrimes Solace, which features book long ago consigned to obliv- music from John Dowland's last ion. book of songs (1612). Pace Machlis and Forney, Dowland was arguably England's greatest songwriter of that time). Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra's opening concert of the season celebrates Baroque highlights (September 21-25) such as Telemann's Water Music, Bach's Concerto for two Violins, Rameau's suite from Hippolyte et Aricie, and Vivaldi's concerto for orchestra. (You might also want to note that the young Mooredale Concerto Players (September 24, 25) offer a similar program of concertos. If you prefer to hear some hip Baroque music with a bit of attitude there' s always the September 30 I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble concert. Ensemble mainstays Julia Wedman and Aisslinn Nosky, violins, Gabrielle McLaughlin, soprano, and Felix Deak, cello/viola da gamba are joined by special guest harpsichordist Olivier Fortin in their latest thematically irreverent offerings, this one titled "Introduction to the Body" . Dare to compare! i ; I International Bach Festival At this point, I would like to bring your attention to an important upcoming event, the International Bach Festival - The Joy of Virtuosity, which begins October 1 with a gala concert of music by Vivaldi, Bach, and Berg, with the U of T Symphony Orchestra, violinist Scott St. John, and others, conducted by Raffi Armenian. This 9-day festival also presents a Bach cantata series featuring a mix of students and some of the world's finest soloists, along with choir and orchestra, all under the direction of prominent Bach specialist, festival conductor and lecturer, Helmuth Rilling. Over the course of five days, you can hear Cantatas 4, 71, 106, 131 12 and 227 rehearsed during the day and then performed between six and seven, following an introduction by EARl~ mustc fArR 21sc AnnfVE'RSAR~l Saturday, September 24 - Noon to 5 p.m. • Recitals • Historical instruments • Exhibits • Demonstrations • Door prizes, • and much more! Adults: , Students/Seniors: , Children under 12: , Family Pass: . Free to members of Toronto Early Music Centre. Montgomery's Inn 4709 Dundas West (at Islington) ~TORONTO Culture 416-394-8113 SEPTE M BER 1 - O CTO BER 7 2005

Maestro Rilling. Soloists include Helene Couture, Laura Albino, Lorna MacDonald, Jillian Yemen, Daniel Taylor, James Taylor, Lawrence Wiliford, Trevor Bowes, Philip Carmichael, Stephen Hegedus, and Jon-Paul Decosse. There will also be an organ recital series of Bach works with organists David Yearsley, William Wright, and Kevin Komisaruk. Too LATE 10 LIST: "A Season Opener to Prolong Summer" Too late for our concert listings, but in time to squeeze in a mention here, is Baroque Music Beside the Grange's season opener, The Rose and the Violet, Sunday September 18 at 3pm at the Church of St. George the Martyr, 197 John St., Toronto. The Italian composer Attilio Ariosti used the violet and the rose as botanical metaphors for the sweet, subdued sound of the viola d'amore and the more brilliant voice of the violin respectively. This concert displays the musical virtues of violin and viola d'amore, in sonatas and a cantata by Ariosti, and sonatas by his compatriot Arcangelo Corelli. Tafelmusik's Thomas Georgi, internationally-recognized as a specialist on the viola d'amore, joins Michelle DeBoer, soprano, Lucas Harris, theorbo and guitar, and Joelle Morton, viola da gamba, in some remarkable repertoire. Frank Nakashima ( is President of the Toronto Early Music Centre PHILIP L. DAVIS Luthier Formerly with J]. Schroder: Frankfurt, IM!st Germany A Fine Selection of Small and Instru­ .i ments 1-" 0 and Bows 416-466-9619 67 Wolverleigh Blvd., Toronto ON M4] 1R6 SEPTEMBER 1 - O CTOBER 7 2005 j.S. Bach in the World Today THE POETRY AND POLITICS OF BACH'S EARLY CANTATAS HELMUTH RILLING FESTIVAL CONDUCTOR AND LECTURER THE NICHOLAS GOLDSCHMIDT VISITING CONDUCTOR-IN-RESIDENCE DOREEN RAO ARTISTIC DIRECTOR Exploring the artistic, educational and social benefits of Bach's universal voice, the 2005 Festival will celebrate the important poetry and politics in Bach's early cantatas with a special focus on the politics of the Old Testament, the poetry of the Psalms and related theological UN l \ ' ERSlTY OF TORONTO perspectives for the 21" century. Fo r tickets, call 416-978-3744 JOIN US! OCTOBER 1-9, 2005 THE CANTATA SERIES October 2-6 Explore five of Bach's cantatas over five days. Daily events include Bach Talks (lectures), Discovery Series (rehearsals), Cantata Cafts and Intimate Evenings (lecture-concerts). FESTfVAL GALA OPENING CONCERT October 1 A TRIO OF ORGAN RECITALS October 3-5 TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA October 7 THE MORAN CHAMBER ENSEMBLE (ISRAEL) October 8 THANKSGMNG CANTATA SERVICE r,~~ October 9 FACULTY ~, UN I VE RSIT Y OF TORONTO WWW, THEWHOLENOTE.COM 19 Back to Ad Index

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