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Volume 11 Issue 1 - September 2005

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ROBERT LOWREY Proudly Introduces F/1ZIOLI® I Grandi ltaliani Now only in Toronto (and nowhere else in North America) Can you compare The World's finest pianos Side - By - Side ~ ii 11 Pn b o Ff Pf F/lZIOU® BECHSTEIN '>!:!:::! SCHIMMEL Plus ~ BECHSTEIN FAMILY OF PIANOS C. Bechstein •Wm. Knabe • Sohmer • Kohler & Campbell • Hazelton Five other new brands and lk >Roland"' 01G1TAL PIANos All backed by our 20 person service facility Tour our famous piano workshops • Concert Rentals • Appraisals • Rebuilding ROBERT LOWREY'S~ - PIANO EXPERTS i a i i 943 Eglinton Ave. East 416 423-0434 Bayfield Winds Concert Band Conductor: Hugh McGregor Contact: Paul Dearlove 519-565-5611 Rehearsals: every 2nd Sunday, 1:30 p.m. at Goderich D.C.I. Instruments needed: all Guelph Concert Band Conductor: Colin R. Clarke Contact: Lanny Fleming, President 519-546-5857, Rehearsals: Sunday 7:00 p.m. at the Guelph Youth Music Centre (75 Cardigan St.) Instruments needed: all Northdale Concert Band Conductor: Stephen Chenette Contact: Dixie McMorran 416-466-7409 concertband Rehearsals: Sundays 7:30 - 10:00, starting Sept I 1 Location: Scarborough, call for directions Instruments needed: piccolo, euphonium, keyboard, percussion BRASS BANDS Fergus Brass Band Conductor: Bill French Contact: Bill French 519-877-9453 Rehearsals: Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. on Blair St., across from the Fergus Legion Instruments needed: all brass band instruments Metropolitan Silver Band Conductor: Fran Harvey Contact: Michelle McCall 416- 864-5551 or Rehearsals: Tuesday evenings at 7:45 pm in the Metropolitan United Church (corner Queen St. and Church St.) downtown Toronto Instruments needed: all brass band instruments Weston Silver Band Conductor: Larry Shields Contact: Dave Pearson 905-772-5205 westonsilverband@westonsilver band .org www. westons ii verband . org Rehearsals: Tuesdays, 8 p.m. Central United Church, Weston Rd. N. of Lawrence Instruments needed: cornets YOUTH BANDS Burlington Teen Tour Band Conductor: Bill Hughes Contact: Laura Filman 905-335- 7808 www. teentourband. org Rehearsals: Music Centre in Burlington's Central Park - call for times Instruments needed: all BRASS BANDS, YOUTH Etobicoke Youth Band Conductors: Les Dobbin and Ken Hazlett Contact: Michael Samotowka 416-239-9724 Rehearsals: call Instruments needed: all , but audition is required Hannaford Street Youth Band/ Hannaford Street Junior Band Conductor: Larry Shields Contact: Larry Shields 416-503- 8673 Rehearsals: Saturdays at de la Salle College Instruments needed: all brass & percussion - membership is by audition Toronto Youth Wind Orchestra & Concert Winds Conductor: Colin Clarke Contact: Adrienne Pluim 416-712-6582 Rehearsals: Sunday afternoons St. Michael's College, 1515 Bathurst St. at St. Clair Instruments needed: all , call for audition info The Toronto Argonauts Band are always on the lookout for players to fill out their ranks for the remainder of the CFL season. If you subscribe to their philosophy "faster + louder = better", then give Musical Dictator (not a typo!) Steve Hayman a call at 416-769-2847, or go to their website, The band is currently looking for some sousaphones, as well as all other instruments. Woodwind doubler Merlin Williams is an Artist/Clinician for Jupiter Music Canada. If you would like an upcoming band event to be featured in the Bandstand column, contact Merlin by e-mail, or phone 416-803-0275. 36 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM Back to Ad Index SEP TEMBE R 1 - O CTOBER 7 2005

We ARE ALL Music's CHILDREN September's Child is ... ? Identify this member of our music community, who learned to spin strings into a silver band, for a chance to win tickets or a recording. The photo was taken circa 1960 at age four. Think you might know who it is? Send your best guess to BY MASHA BUEU Winners will be selected by random draw from entries received on or before September 15 , 2005 July's Children ... Ooops! Retake! In case you missed the July/ August magazine: to celebrate our hundredth issue we ran childhood pictures of eleven of the people longest involved with WholeNote Magazine, and invited readers to use the clues and the masthead to figure out who was who. l . l ~ ·- ~,i)'' •. ,, ~: l,: ;[;:- ,, I . ~;:; _ _ ~~i!lf ::,;~) .. ·-...;:-';.": - _,,,~.. J~.'f" .. Were you a little baffled? No wonder! We forgot to number the photos so that you could identify the prodigies among the WholeNote ensemble. In light of this, we've decided to give everybody another month to guess by running the contest again, with the pictures numbered, on our website. And to sweeten the search, we've added pictures of the eleven people as adults. All you have to do is match them up, and say who they are! Visit www and you' ll find the enhanced version of the contest online! Good luck! Know someone whose photo should appear in this column during the 2005-2006 season? Send your suggestions to (and in case you're wondering, it IS ok to suggest yourself!) ACCLARION 61 ACROBAT Music 63 ALEXANDER KATS 48 ALL THE KING'S VOICES 22 AMADEUS CHOIR 21 ANALEKTA 15 ARTS RICHMOND HILL 54 ATMA CLASSIQUE 7 AUTORICKSHAW 24 BAY BLOOR RADIO 72 BORDERLESS SONGS 20 BRENDA BERGE 48 BURLINGTON C1v1c CHORALE 23 CADENCE 39 CANCLONE 63 CARNEGIE HALL MESSIAH 23 CATHEDRAL BLUFFS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 42 CHRIST CHURCH JAZZ VESPERS 29 CLAPPING LAND 48 COLOURS OF Music FESTIVAL 5 CosMo Music 53 DANCE & DANCE-ABILITY 51 DAVE SNIDER Music CENTRE 28 DCAT CHORUS 20 DEERPARK CONCERTS 41 DIVA! DIVA! DIVA! 30 DR. KATARINA BULAT55 EARLY CHILDHOOD Music ASSOCIATION 49 EARLY Music FAIR 18 ELIMER ISELER SINGERS 22 ENGLISH BAROQUE 41 ESPRIT ORCHESTRA 2 GEORGE HEINL 32 GILMORE Music 59 GMP PRODUCTIONS 43 HAMILTON PHILHARMONIC 45 HANNAFORD STREET SILVER BANO 35 HARKNETI MUSICAL SERVICES 35 HEAR TB EAT 71 HELICONIAN HALL 55 HOLIMES CREATIVE COMMUNICATIONS 68 INTERNATIONAL BACH FESTIVAL 19 JANET CATHERINE DEA 48 JAY BLAIR 55 JSL MUSICAL PRODUCTIONS 29 JUBILATE SINGERS 23 KARL MACHAT 63 KINGSWAY CONSERVATORY 53 KOFFLER SCHOOL OF Music 49 LOCKRIDGE H1F1 61 LONG & McQuADE 28 MARJORIE SPARKS 51 MARKHAM THEATRE 3 MELODIC VOICES 20 MiKROKOSMOS 61 MooREDALE CONCERTS 40 MOZART SOCIETY 43 Music FOR YouNG CHILDREN 50 INDEX OF ADVERTISERS Music GALLERY 25 Music ON THE H1LL 38 Music RooM 52 Music ToRoNTO 9, 38 MUSICIANS IN ORDINARY 41 NAXOS OF CANADA 57 NEw Music COALITION 25 NEw Music CONCERTS 27 NEW SCHOOL OF CLASSICAL VOCAL STUDIES 51 NORTH ToRONTO INSTITUTE OF Music 50 OFF CENTRE Music SALON 13 OPERA- IS 31 OPERA IN CONCERT 31 ORPHEUS CHOIR 23 PASQUALE BROS. 51 PATTIE KELLY 49 PENTHELIA SINGERS 22 PETER MAHON 20 PHILIP L. DAVIS, LUTHIER 19 QuEENSMEN OF TORONTO MALE CHORUS 23 RCM COMMUNITY SCHOOL 14, 50 REMENYI HousE OF Music 17 RESEARCH DIVISION, BAYCREST CENTRE 55 ROBERT LOWREY'S PIANO EXPERTS 36 ROY THOMSON HALL 70 SEAN NEIDLINGER 51 SHOW ONE PRODUCTIONS 17 SINFONIA foRONTO 12 SMALL WoRLD Music 11 SOLISTI DELLA SCALA 40 SONGBIRD SnuDIOS 49 SOUND POST 33 SRI CANADA 6 ST. JOHN'S UNITED CHURCH 23 STUDIO 92 63 SuE CROWE CONNOLLY 49 SusAN PURDY Music 49 SWEETWATER Music WEEKEND 44 T AFELMUSIK 8 TOREADOR MUSIC RECORDING F AGILITIES 61 ToRONTO ALL-STAR BIG BAND 42 foRONTO CHORAL SOCIETY 22 foRONTO CONSORT 18 TORONTO JAPANESE UNITED CHURCH 38 foRONTO MENDELSSOHN CHOIR 21 ToRONTO OPERETTA THEATRE 30 ToRONTO ORGAN CLUB 40 TOR ONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 4, 69 foRONTO THEATRE ORGAN SOCIETY 43 TRYPTYCH 23,39,41 U OFT FACULTY OF Music 13 UNIVERSAL Music 65, 66, 67 VocAL CELEBRATION: MARK DuBois 41 WOMEN'S MUSICAL CLUB 16 WORLDS OF Music 52 YAMAHA Music SCHOOL 53 YOUTH ORCHESTRA TORONTO 51 S EPTEMBER 1 - O CTO BER 7 2005 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM 37 Back to Ad Index

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