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Volume 11 Issue 1 - September 2005

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(:I D/SC(1llJl;Jl:f.i DISCS OF THE MONTH Schubert - Die schone Miillerin Michael Schade; Malcolm Martineau CBC MVCD 1170 I dislike overstatement - a lot. The age of hype is dead and that makes this CD nearly impossible to review. However, because you likely already know this music, its poem cycle by Wilhelm Miiller and the anecdotal material that goes with it, we'll spend precious column space dealing with the heart of this effort. For too many years the name Michael Schade has, for me, evoked the light, clear and powerful voice of the young tenor who once jokingly told me that he and his wife referred to The Magic Flute as the "mortgage opera" . Fine, we all have bills to pay and frankly, a better Tamino has been hard to find anywhere. What Schade has cultivated in the past decade, however, is his own artistic growth. The results are profound . His operatic work internationally and his several recordings have kept him both in the public eye and in peak singing form. His top end is as sweet as ever whether pianissimo or overdriving your speakers. But most truly shocking is the power and colour of his baritone-ish low end. Mullerin 's first track "Das Wandern", with its familiar joyously wandering accompaniment presents a voice that made me double check the CD cover to see this was really Michael Schade. Clearly he's expanded and strengthened that end of his range in astonishing fashion. Reviewing his operatic repertoire quickly explains why. Other tracks where this powerful low end arrests your attention are "Mein" and "Der Jager". Most satisfying, however, is the skill and maturity Schade brings to his text. The drama of the opera singer is always married to the storytelling poet in a combination so deft that contrasts such as the tender "Der Neugierige" and "Ungeduld" couldn't be more artfully breathtaking. In fairness to pianist Malcolm Martineau, Schade could hardly have chosen a better partner. This Mullerin wouldn't be what it is were it not for this impressive collaboration. '' Parting is such sweet sorrow. " THANK YOU TAFELMUSIK BAROQUE ORCHESTRA For nine years, Holmes Creative Communications - Beth Sulman especially - has had the privilege of promoting Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra. As we mutually move forward, we want to say how much we've appreciated our close working relationship with one of the jewels in the crown of Canadian culture. Because of you, we've had the chance to do work of art and excellence. frr Holmes cReat1ve It belongs on your shelf beside those by Schreier and Fischer­ Dieskau. Alex Baran Future concert notes: Michael Schade will perform with the Toronto Symphony on January 26 - 27 and in recital with the Aldeburgh Connection on May 31, 2006. _,,,_ _____ -~··- THE K.F'i~2_t_~'!!zW9$~{: IAAJ.~!r~~,!~NOS W.fl'UI IAMO IAM.l lllOl:CHfiTI\.O, • Bach - Keyboard Concertos Vol.1&2 Angela Hewitt; Australian Chamber Orchestra Hyperion SACDA67307/8 The phenomenal Canadian pianist Angela Hewitt returns in these wondrous performances on two CDs of J.S. Bach's keyboard concertos. Hewitt's unfailing devotion, stamina, musicality and intelligence result in an interpretation of depth, passion and understanding as she combines her talents with the excellent and spirited Australian Chamber Orchestra under the leadership of violinist Richard Tognetti . The first disc features the Keyboard Concertos Nos. 1 and 7 as well as the Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 and the Triple Concerto in A minor. The juxtaposition of Concertos No. 1 and No. 7 gives the listener an excellent opportunity to compare Bach's compositional superiority as he developed his technique in this form. Both are based on borrowed material - No. 1 most likely from a lost violin concerto and No. 7 from the Concerto in A minor for violin. Hewitt' s playing in the exposed piano passages of the Adagio movement of No. 1 is especially breathtaking. Bach's Keyboard Concertos Nos. 2-6 are featured on the second disc. Again, the performances are first class. Highlights include No. 3 in D major in which Bach has again "borrowed" material from himself in this case from the ever popular Violin Concerto in E major. The less often performed Concerto No. 2 in Emajor caught my immediate attention. Hewitt plays this technically difficult work with ease and grounded understanding of the harmonies. The historical facts and musical analysis of all the works are clearly described in Hewitt's comprehensive liner notes. The quality of the recording is good though at times the orchestra was slightly overbearing for my tastes. I am a huge fan of the musicianship of Angela Hewitt. She continues to inspire me in these latest releases. Tiina Kiik OLD WINE: NEW BOTTLES BY BRUCE SURTEES The eagerly awaited third release of Moldau, and the Prelude to Act III 10 hybrid SA CDs derived from the of Tristan . An ecstatic reading of the RCA Victor Living Stereo cata- Tannhauser Overture and Venusberg logue is here. Of demonstration qua!- Music leaves little doubt about what ity, they sound newly minted on a was going on under the hill. regular CD player but on SACD players the sound stage opens up an awareness of the acoustics of the hall and greatly enhanced presence. llflll!fl ln!lllllDlllrnUIII Fritz Reiner has three more discs; the Mahler Fourth Symphony (82876 67901) with Lisa della Casa, the Brahms and Tchaikovsky violin concertos with the peerless Jascha Heifetz (82876 67896), and scenes from Elektra and Salome with Inge Borkh and Paul Schoeffler (82876 67900). Reiner, who could not get a job in the 1930s, was a mighty Richard Strauss conductor. .. and CONTINUES 68 WWW . TH EWHOLENOTE. COM SEPTEMBER 1 - O CTO BER 7 2005 Back to Ad Index I

2005 12006 • season opening concerts ,1 ,111 Ts o Symphonic Fantasy WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 21 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 22 SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 8 OOPM 2 OOPM 7 30PM Peter Oundjian invites you on a journey of symphonic fantasy featuring Dukas' whimsical Sorcerer's Apprentice and Berlioz's wild ride through a romantic dreamland, Symphonie fantastique. Chopin & Rachmaninoff THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 29 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1 8:00PM 8:00PM 8 30PM (GALA PERFORMANCE) 1 ,, 1~ c. 1 , r·,,. Don't miss your chance to experience the phenomenal Lang Lang, whose pianistic pyrotechnics have made him a sensation around the wor ld perform ing Chopin's energetic E-minor Piano Concerto. ,_94,:/ csc radio SEPTEMBER 29 SPONSORED BY OCTOBER 1 SPONSORED BY Ii ,\TM TK.IMARK .. TIPPET-RICHARDSON Moving and Storage concert season Toronto Symphony Orchestra OGILVY RENAULT cae,>;;~,.,

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