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Volume 11 Issue 10 - July 2006

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Three Concerts Confirmed

Three Concerts Confirmed 1) July 4 - "Composers in Exile" a. Georges Onslow double bass quintette - "The Hunting Accident '' b. Bela Barlak (clarinet, violin, piano) - "Contrasts" c. Lukas Foss - 'String Quartet Number 5" d. Hans Eisler - 'Suite for Violin, Flute, Clarinet, Viola and Cello" 2) July 5 - Recital : Richard Raymond & Michael Guttman a. Solo piano - Reubke, Wagner and Liszt b. Liszt Duo for Piano and Cello c. Chopin Trio for Piano, Viol in and Cello 3) July 7 - All Schubert Concert: (Octet, Quintet and Quartet) w/Special appearance at close of concert by Pork Belly Futures ............ (_,, /) >;- ..• / .,/- \ Back to Ad Index

Patria Music Theatre Projects A truly unbelievable, theatrical experience of a lifetime that you shouldn't miss B;1ck to Ad Index A rare, supernatural delight. Very few people do theatre the way R. Murray Schafer does, with God as co-designer of stage and lighting. The risks are high with such a fickle collaborator, but when it al works, the effect is beyond description. Robert Everett-Green The Globe and Mail A GREAT FAMILY EVENT In an innovative partnership with the Haliburton Forest and Wildlife Reserve, Patria Music/Theatre Projects will be presenting the masterworks of acclaimed Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer. R. Murray Schafer 's visually stunning puppet opera unfolds and you will be transported to the ancient court of T'ang, where on a floating stage and accompanied a chorus of suberb voices and an orchestra of Chinese and western instruments, a wonderous tale of oriental alchemy and as search for harmony in the world told through puppetry, humour, dance, magic, and theatrical spectacle in an evening unlike anything you've ever experienced. VAILABLE AT: Rails End Gallery Haliburton Forest 705-457-2330 705-754-2198 DVANCE TICKETS: Patria Music/Theatre Projects 905.625.0422 or 416.596.8585 3296 Cindy Cres Mississauga, ON L4Y 3J6 TICKETS: Adults Seniors & Students Family Package .00 .00 2 Adults-0.00 each child-.00 ATTENTION: ONLY 500 TICKETS PER SHOW ARE AVAILABLE SO IT'S IMPORTANT TO GET YOUR TICKETS AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. OUR 2005 PRODUCTION OF THE ENCHANTED FOREST SOLD OUT VERY QUICKLY. www. pat r i am us i c. ca MET ALF FOUNDATI N Canada Coun,il 81/181!/ITl/1.IJJ' lsMO e· for the Arts EOUCATIOtl SERV I CES August: 31 t:hrough 5ept:ember 9. 2006 6:30 p.m. At the Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve Financial Group I H~iburton R .. u, Forest k~~t:!t -E mt {;«J/rrr,~ ,lmCmtri· Q!,!TA.UOAAT}COUfitll (DHS(l~OI.\UT'IOL l'O!ff~ Mcl ean Foundation I Metcalf Foundation I Koerner Foundation !Julie Jigg~ Foundation !James Fleck Foundation I Rogan Foundation I Midloch Foundation Phyli ss Lambe1t lwinirrede Burry I Tom Heslip !Ann& Lyman Henderson I Roger Moore I Ellen & Fred Kaip l Carolyn & Neil Turnbull !Tyne Bonebakker

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