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Volume 11 Issue 10 - July 2006

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... SUMMER FESTIVALS Aug. 27 8:00: Michael Burgess gala $100 Saint-Joseph Oratory's Wednesdays of the Organ Festival www .saint · Saint-Joseph Oratory, Mount Royal, PQ Check website for concerts in July. Sound Travels Festival of Sound Art 416-910-7231 various locations, Centre Island July 8-0ct. 1, Free St. Andrew by-the-Lake Church, Centre Island, Sundays July 23-Sep. 3 2-6pm PWYC/ Site-specific interactive installations by various artists Check regular listings for other events Southern Ontario Chamber Music Institute 905-842-5865 www Willis Hall, Appleby College, 540 Lakeshore Rd. W., Oakville , S 15(sr/st) August 10 7:30: Lafayette String Ouartet Mozart, Ravel and Grieg 15 7:30: Penderecki String Ouartet Mo ­ zart, Janacek and Debussy 17 7:30: Takai String Ouartet Beethoven, Curcin, Shostakovich 20 2:30: Student Showcase Concert Vari· ous works Stratford Summer Music 519 -273-1600, 866-288-4313 KP l The Barn, 6898 Country Road 30, Campbellford. July 1 7:00: Symphonic Birthday Bash Orchestral Gala -. 2 11 :00: Mozart and Muffins $10-. 2 2:00: Symphonic Birthday Bash Orchestral Gala -. B 2:00: HMS Pinafore - 9 11 :00: concert pre-chat; 2:00: HMS Pinafore - 14 7:00: Pianists on the Horizon $10 15 2:00: Summer Winds octets - 16 11 :00: concert pre-chat; 2:00: Summer Winds octets - 1 B 7:00:Musical Letters of the Night - 19 7:00:Musical Letters of the Night - 21 7:00:Voices on the Horizon $10 22, 23 2:00: Dubois and the Emperor - 25 7:00:Guitar of the Night - 26-30 2:00: Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber - August 1 7:00: Marimba of the Night - 5 2:00: Africville Suite -; 7:00:0ut of India: autorickshaw - 6 2:00: Out of Africa - Western Union Sunfest '06: A Celebration of World Cultures 519-672-1522 Victoria Park, London (Dufferin/Central/ Wellington/Clarence St.s) July 6-9 Check website for times of the following free performances: Konono No. 1, Niyaz, Aurelio Martinez, Musafir, Valle Son, Les Amazones de Guinee, Los de Abaja, Horace X, CeU, Amparanoia, Seckou Keila, Sara Tavares, Kaba Horo, Samba Squad, Rosheen, Kiyoshi Nagata Ensemble, Lazo, Tandava, Obandito, A frodizz, Jeng Yi, Les Projectionnistes, Jean Beaudet Trio, Phil Nimmons & Friends, the Montuno Police, Robert Occhipinti & others. Jul 20 Karen Manion. CONTINUED FROM PAGE 26 Gate403 403 Roncesvalles 416-588· 2930 Jul 1 Kingsley Etienne Jazz Duo. Jul 2 Vaughan Misener Jazz Brunch, Tom Auger Jazz lounge Project. Jul3ScotKempJazzCollective. Jul4 James Thomson and Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Jul 5 Michael Bq]liski arli Dan Fortin. Jul 6 Tile Peddlers. Jul 7 Ema line Delapaix Band (From Australia). Jul B Bill Heffernan and his friends, Wendy Weller Jazz Duo. Jul 9 Vaughan Misener Jw Brunch, Ventana 5 JazzDuintet. Jul 10Cocktai/JazzBand.Jul 11 James ThomsonandJulianFauthBluesDuo.Jul 12 Michael Boguski and Dan Fortin. Jul 13Hogtown Syncopators Band. Jul 14lanlazaruslwTrio. Jul 15BillHeffemanarlihisfriends,AmandaMartinez Latin Jazz Duo. Jul 16 Vaughan Misener JazzBrucnh, Peter Hill Jazz Duo. Jul 17 VictoriaSanjanaJazz Duo. Jul 18 James Thomson and Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Jul 19 Michael Boguski and Dan Fortin. Jul 20 The Peddlers. Jul 21 Steve.Paul and John Jackson Blues Duo. Jul 22Bill Heffeman and his Friends, Sabor Latin JaR Band. Jul 23 Vaughan Misener Jazz Brunch, Eizabeth Shepherd Jul 24 levi and Dave Jazz Duo. Jul 25 James Thomson and Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Jul 26 Michael Boguski arli Dan Fortin. Jul 27 Kevin Laliberte Flamenco Guitar Solo. Jul 28 WayneCharlesandJulianFauthBluesDuo. Jul 29 B171Heffemanandhisfriends. Jul 30 Vaoghan Misener JaR Brunch, laura Judge Blues Canoe. Jul 31 SarahJerromJazzDuo. Aug 1 James Thomson am Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Aug 2 Michael Boguski and Dan Fortin. Aug 3 The Peddlers. Aug 4Jon Brooks "No Mean City''. Aug 5Hofl(own Syncopators Band Aug 6 Vaughan Misener Jazz Brunch. Aug 7 ScottKempJazzCollective. Aug 8 James Thomson and Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Aug 9Michael Boguski and Dan Fortin. Aug 1 ORoberto Rosen man Gypsy Jazz Duo. Aug 11 Barbara Gordon Jazz Duo. Aug 12 Amanda Martinez Latin Jazz Duo. Aug 13 VaughanMisenerJazzBrunch. Aug 15James LISTINGS: Clubs w.JAZZ Tllornson and Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Aug 16 Michael Boguski am Dan Fortin. Aug 17 The Ped· dlers. Aug 1 B Sweet Derrick Blues Band Aug 20 Vaoghan Misener Jazz Brunch. Aug 22 James TllomsonandJulian Fauth Blues Duo. Aug 23 Michael Boguski and Dan Fortin. Aug 24 Kevin lalib· erte Latin Jazz Solo. Aug 25 Ruben Esguerra Latin Music Trio. Aug 26 Bill Westcott Jazz Piano Solo. Aug 27 Vaughan Misener Jazz Brunch. Aug 29 James Thomson and Julian Fauth Blues Duo. Aug 30 Michael Boguski and Dan Fortin. Graffitti's Bar and Grill 170 Baldwin St. 416-506-6699 Every Wed. 6-8JamesandJay. Grasshopper Jau and Blues Bar 460 Parliament St. 416-323-121 O Grossman's Tavern 379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000 Every Mon laura Hubert Band Every Wed Mike MacDonaldOpenStageJam. Every Sat TlleHappy Pals. Every Sun Nicola Vaughan Acoustic Jam, The Nationals with Brian Caber. Jul 1 Ernest lee and Cotton Traffic. Jul 7 First Fridays with Sa!KfiMarie and Company. Jul 7 Mick ensNight.Jul8 TheJackes. Jul 14SwingingBlack jacks. Jul 15BlueMedicine. Jul22AaronGriggs. Jul 2BFrankie Foo. Aug 4GaryKendall Blues Band Home Smith Bar The Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Road,416-236-2641 Jul 7Jo Tudor Trio. Jul 14AndreRoyDuo. Jul 21 Peter Smith Duo.Jul 28AndrewBoniwellDuo. Aug 4Nura and Stuart Steinhart Duo. Aug 11 Chase Sanborn Trio. Aug 1 B Mike Cada Duo. Aug 25 Heather Bambrick Trio. Hot House Cafe Market Square, 416-366· 7800 Jazz brunch every Sunday, with theKen Churchill Duarte!. Hugh's Room 2261 Dundas W., 416-531 -6604 Jul5MadVioletCDRelease. Jul6 Valdy. Jul7 '15' Featuring Catarina Cardeal and Mike Siracusa. Jul BScreamliteraryFestivalGala. Jul 10 The Grande Mothers. Jul 11 Keley Hunt. Jul 12 Buffy Sainte-Marie.Jul 13 GametRogers. Jul 14Damy Brooks and the Memphis Brothers. Jul 16 David Knopf/er. Jul 18Fru#. Jul 19 Martyn Joseph.Jul 20 Lennie Gallant.Jul 21 Patricia O Callaghan. Jul 22 Retrocity.Jul 24 David Francey. Jul 27 Bidding for Babes. Jul 28 Mississippi Hippies. Jul 30 Remembering Karl Mullings. Aug Won Ross. Aug 2, 3 Jane Siberry. Aug 17 Fred Eaglesmith. Aug 21 Ruthie Foster. Aug 27 Arrogant Worms. In The Mood Restaurant & Jazz Lounge 471 RichmondStW 647436-8975 Jul 5, 12,Beverly Taft. Le Saint Tropez 315 King St. W.416-591-3600 Live music 7 days a week. Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas W. 416 588-0307 Jul 1 SalsaSaturdayw. CaflfCubano.Jul 2 Cane Fire. Jul 5Septeto Variedades. Jul 6Naree. Jul 7 Carlos Vrela. Jul B Salsa Saturdayw. Cache. Jul 9 Under-World-? Jul 10 Valle Son.Jul 11 Sara Tavares. Jul 12 FemiAbosede. Jul 13Nljraz. Jul 14 lubo Alexandrov's Kaba Hora with Balkan Tales. Jul 15 DrquestaFantasia.Jul 16Under-World-7. Jul 20 Kush and Eccodek. Jul 22 Salsa Saturdayw. lady Son Y Articulo Veinte. Jul 28 Cuban Fridays w/ Cafe Cubano! Jul 29 SalsaSaturdayw/ Mapale. Aug 3Kobo Town. Aug4SalsaSaturdayw. Cache. Aug 5SalsaSaturdayw. Cafe Cubano. Aug 10 Nick CIKfa. Aug 11 lady Son Y Articu/o Veinte. Aug 12 SalsaSaturdayw/Cache. Aug 17BioRitmoSalsa Machine. Aug 18 Bio Ritmo Salsa Machine. Aug 19 Salsa Saturday w/ Mapale. Aug 25 Salsa Saturday w. CaflfCubano. Aug 28 SalsaSaturdayw. Ricky Frarrn MAESTRO DANIEL * Twenty years teaching Classical Vocal Technique in Toronto * Specialty: Training and developing the large operatic voice, "a dying breed" according to the N.Y. Times, Nov, 5, 2005 * Vocal rehabilitation: Removing and repairing faulty vocal habits * Guaranteed results - Performance opportunities * 416- 927-9800 HOLD YOUR NEXT RECITAL - beliconian ball A beautiful restored Carpenter's Gothic board and batten church building in the heart of Yorkville can be rented at reasonable rates for musical events. Steinway Grand piano included. A high, vaulted ceiling provides excellent concert-hall acoustics. Capacity up to 120. Tel: 416-922-3618 Fax: 416-922-2431 J UL v 1 - SEPTEMBER 7 2 006 WWW,THEWH OLE WW\'.he}ico_nia~~}u~_.org_ Back to Ad Index

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