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Volume 11 Issue 2 - October 2005

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OPENER EDITOR'S PICK BE OUR GUEST Housekeeping notes: we've done a bit of tweaking in terms of "usual spots" for things in the magazine. "Book Shelf' and "Toronto Musicians' Association News" are now part of a consolidated "Musical Life" section of the magazine (which commences on page 52 with a great little profile of Hannaford's Curtis Metcalf). The change made sense to us. Hope it does to you. Locked doors: with the lockout of CBC workers continuing (as of 9am Tuesday September 27) this is a month for frequenters of the Glenn Gould Studio to be more than usually vigilant about checking ahead for venue changes, postponements, and, alas, even cancellations of events. As we say at the beginning of our listings (page 33), we always provide phone numbers for presenters, so if you don't like nasty surprises, phone ahead. And for a personal take on the lockout, read T.O. Diary (page 16): CBC contract worker Heidi McKenzie, guesting for Colin Eatock, has been pounding the pavement (and her fists) in frustration. Unsung: when I worked in book publishing, decades ago, once a year all us editorial types would be dragged out to the warehouse to do inventory. It was always humbling, occasionally humiliating. And it rammed home the message that a book gathering dust in a warehouse, uncirculated, is as much unpublished as if it had never been printed. Uncirculated inventory is not a problem here, thanks to the heroic, and largely unacknowledged efforts of the more than 40 people - drivers, hoppers, packers and walkers - who every month complete the process of publishing the magazine by getting it from us to you. This month we printed 39,000 copies. I'll be lucky if I can squirrel away 50 copies for my archives. Can't beat that! 10 David Perlman, editor Back to Ad Index October 5 8:00: Mozart Society. Works by Benda, Mozart, Beethoven & Dvorak. Ivan Zenaty, violin; Katarina Zenata, piano. First Unitarian Congregation, 175 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-201-3338. Free for members, (guests). *October 26 8:00: Mozart Society. Mozartian Singing. Talk by Diane Loeb, with audio examples. First Unitarian Congregation, 175 St. Clair Ave. West. 416- 201 -3338. Members free, guests donation. "Members of the Mozart Society, now in its 21st year, find special pleasure in the works of Wolfgang A made Mozart. Each year features six live concerts, lectures, panel discussions and record reviews, in a pleasant social environment. " So begins the Mozart Society member profile, one of 167 in the Blue Pages at the centre of this October WholeNote. Reason for the "Pick": well, by the end of January 2006, when the media frenzy hits its peak, there won't be too many people on this part of the planet unaware that this concert season encompasses the 250th anniversary of Mozart's birth. So what better time to salute an organization that was on this particular track long before the bandwagon hove into view. I should also point out that if you go looking in our Concert Listings for the second of the two events listed here, you won't find it. That's because it's in our Announcements ... Etcetera section, commencing on page 50, along with an astonishing array of events other than concerts that can be yours for the having, as part of your musical life. Hope to see you there! This Month's Cover David Perlman Helmuth Rilling photograph: courtesy of Internationale Bachakademie Stuttgart. Background Photo: courtesy The International Bach Festival and University of Toronto. Harry Freedman photo: Andre Leduc WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM Music could still save the day at St. Stephen's-in-the-Fields! A lot of WholeNote readers already know about the Sept 18 Save St Stephen's-in-the­ Fields concert, thanks to its being the "Editor's Pick" on page ten last month . You will be happy to know the concert was a tremendous success - capacity crowd inside and another 150 on the grounds outside (big screen, good audio-feed, cool breezes, chairs set up by police and firemen, and intermittent conversation via the screen with those inside!). Daniel Lanois, Michael Ondaatje, Jane Siberry, Kurt Swinghammer, Molly Johnson, Bruce Cockburn, Theatre Gargantua, Showtime kids ... all drummed home the message: St Stephen's programs and people must be allowed to continue at 103 Bellevue. Folks in attendance pledged with enthusiasm and cash; donations (also t­ shirt purchases) totalled over 00. For a magic moment, the night of Sept 18 it seemed that music's powers would prevail. September 22, however, a sour note: the Anglican Diocesan Council brought things back to earth; despite the congregation and the Friends of St. Stephen's having raised 0,000 in cash and pledges in only six weeks - close to half of what the parish needs to completely eliminate its debt to the Diocese - the council voted for the congregation to be allowed to stay only on a monthto-month basis until a tenant is found. Looking ahead, it may well be that music will feature in the solution after all .... The way I see it, the door is wide open for dialogue with some compatible tenant interested in sharing the building creatively with the congregation. With 2200 ft 2 of flexible room and an interesting acoustic space, I am sure there must be groups in the music and wider arts community who could be the partner the congregation needs to create a win-win situation. Proposals would need to be made very soon (email ststanglican@yahoo .ca); the appointed realtor, Neil Wright of Wright Real Estate, is looking for viable combinations of artists, among other solutions, to see what could be done to avert this disaster and make best use of the beautiful home. Martha Cunningham parish member & friend of St. Stephens "Be our Guest" invites WholeNote readers' responses to views expressed in WholeNote . E-mail Or mail "Be our guest" WholeNote, 503-720 Bathurst Street, Toronto M5S 2R4 O CTOBER 1 - N OVEMBER 7 2005

presents Sound The Trumpet Sunday, October 16, 2005, 3 p.m. Jane Mallett Theatre Jens Lindemann We open our season with the gifted Canadia n trumpet virtuoso and dynamic performer, Jens Lindemann, who will perform Allen Vizzutti's remarkable work inspired by Japan, entitled Rising Sun. This major new work has three movements titled Mount Fuji, Temples of Kyoto and Shinkansan: The Bullet Train . The HSSB's Artistic Director and Resident Conductor, Curtis Metcalf, will direct the HSSB in John Surge's Rocky Mountain Overture, Gordon Langford's Sinfonietta and Douglas Court's Standing on the Promises. "Silver-plated music making all the way" Will iam Littler, The TorontoStar Call the St. Lawrence Centre Box Office at 416-366-7723 or 1-800-708-6754 or book on-line at Visit us at torontoa rtscou ncil •. ,.• ,,. ,.. ,••••. ,.c,·, .·,..., OV}'MAHA L Lon_g & McQuade Mus1callnstume nts Deloitte. ~ ......................... .. Till! SOCAN Form dation Ir, Fonda/ion SOCAN ~ ~ OCTO BER 1 - N O VEM BE R 7 2005 Back to Ad Index WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM 11

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