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Volume 11 Issue 6 - March 2006

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Boy did I get lambasted

Boy did I get lambasted for last month's "Editor's Opener". For the couple of you who didn't memorize the piece in question, or clip it to carry around in your jacket pocket, or enlarge it to display on the company cafeteria wall, let me refresh your memory. I compared the Mirvish "Lord of the Rings", which as you may have heard is about to open on King Street, with the Canadian Opera Company's Ring Cycle which will open the new Opera House in September. At that point, I said, all going well, the Mirvish show would be in week 28 of its run, and just about to break even on its astronomical production costs, while the COC's Ring Cycle, even if it sold every seat for the three week run, which it very likely will, would "fall short million in ticket sales over production expenses." "Come on" said a disgusted colleague here at WholeNote. "Which of the musical activities listed in WholeNote magazine every month would make the grade if you judged them by whether ticket sales covered the cost of what they do? Culture is not that kind of commodity. The COC has raised every penny it needs to make up your so-called shortfall." Fair point. This month's issue is chock-a-block, not just with the usual harvest oflive listings and inviting record reviews, but with juicy insights from our writers and the people they've interviewed. Here's a taste to whet your appetite. "My observations of music in Canada include something that may not be popular to hear. We (and I include myself here as a Torontonian) seem to have trouble in having a truly international belief in our activities. It is maybe a small country trait, for I have seen the same in Ireland." Kevin Mallon, page 14 "The concert, which at one time may have been a Dionysian experience, has in our time become Apollonian - formal, conventional and safe. We have noticed, this month, a quiet, almost underground, movement to "liberate" the concert from the constraints of its current incarnation." Allan Pulker, page 18 "With the wide range of motivations for attending concerts these days, it would be interesting to know how much preparation concert patrons undertake to familiarize themselves with the works of art they are about to confront, especially in the case of large choral works that deal with profound subjects, whether religious or otherwise." Larry Beckwith, page 22 "We need concerts that unite talent and commitment with the urgent necessity of making art that stands for fundamental human values in the face of tragedy and oppression." Karen Ages, page 24 "Wotan's famously dysfunctional family, as depicted in Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle, doesn't begin to approach the composer's real-life progeny for discord." Pam Margles, page 66 Happy reading. And make at least some of your listening live! David Perlman, editor Music Downloads: In our last poll we asked about our readers' habits in music downloading. If the admittedly unscientific sampling holds true for the WholeNote universe, our readers are upstanding models of ethical behaviour: 65% only listen to music that is purchased legally, with a further 23% buying more music than they copy for free. Over 50% of respondents download music and two thirds of those are willing to pay for it. In terms of musical genre habitually acquired, choral, vocal and operatic were most popular, followed by orchestral, jazz and rock/pop. Four randomly chosen respondents to last months poll will receive a years free subscription to WholeNote. Feedback: What eleven year-old doesn't need encouragement? Thanks to all respondents for their feedback. We love to hear from our readers, so please keep it coming - it keeps us going. Besides, if you use the reader poll to make your comments, you too could win a free subscription that brings you WholeNote in the mail for a full year. THIS MONTH'S POLL: RADIO LISTENING This month we're interested in finding out where music fits into your radio listening habits. Complete the poll online at or send it in by mail or fax. 1) How many hours a week do you spend listening to radio? _ 2) At which times? weekday breakfast O; weekday morning 0; weekday afternoon O; weekday drive O; weekday night 0; weekend morning O; weekend afternoon 0; weekend night 0. 3) What types of programming do you tune in to mostly? classical music 0; jazz 0; pop music 0; talk O; news O; other: ___ _ 4) What type(s) of radio do you listen on? (Examples: personal listening device, small portable with one speaker, ghetto blaster, stereo system with speakers in separate boxes, radio tuner forming part of hi-fi system, clock radio, car, internet or other?)~--~ 5) How many stations do you usually tune in over the course of week: 1 O; 2 - 3 O; 4 - 5 O; 6 or more 0. "Be our Guest" also invites WholeNote readers' responses to any views expressed in Whole Note. E-mail Some of our upcoming editorial features and special directories This issue: Page 59-64: Focus on Summer Music Education. Spend some time this summer perfecting your singing or playing, immersing yourself in an intensive learning experience away from the distractions of everyday life. There's something for everybody in our summer education section, whether you're a beginner, a student or professional. Get away this summer from the daily grind and re-charge your batteries! May: Focus on Choral Music. As choirs reach the end of their seasons May becomes a de facto choral festival, with night after night of choral concerts. WholeNote celebrates our dynamic choral tradition with our "Canary Pages" directory of choirs all over Ontario. Whether you just want to go to hear voices in harmony or are looking for a choir to join (or part of a choral organization looking for recruits) this is the issue for you. April: Focus on Opera. Opera is alive and well and thriving in our community, from large companies with spectacular main stage productions to small, energetic companies running on faith and adrenalin. Read about where they are and when and what they are performing. June: "The second season". WholeNote's "Green Pages" guide to all the summer action. For inquiries call 416-603-3786 or e-mail us at 10 WWW. TH EWHOLENOTE.COM MARCH 1 - APR IL 7 2006

presents A Festival of Brass Youth, community and the very best of professional musicmaking in joyous collaboration! with distinguished guests Elgar Howarth and Joe Alessi (right) Friday, March 10 through Sunday, March 12, 2006 A LA CARTE FESTIVAL MENU Rising Stars Friday, March 10, 8 p.m. Jane Mallett Theatre Tickets Our Festival weekend begins with performances by The Hannaford Junior Band and The Hannaford Street Youth Band conducted by Larry Shields, the HSSB's Director of Youth Education Programs. These young musicians will share the stage with lntrada Brass of Oakville and their Music Director, Bram Gregson. Community Showcase Saturday, March 11, 12:30 p.m. Jane Mallett Theatre Tickets Enjoy the sounds of The Orillia Silver Band, Conductor Jim Ferris, The Weston Silver Band , Conductor Larry Shields, The Whitby Brass Band, Conductor Roland Hill.The Metropolitan Silver Band , Conductor Fran Harvey and The Buffalo Silver Band, Conductor Pim Leibmann as they perform concerts throughout the afternoon. Collaborations Saturday, March 11, 8 p.m. Jane Mallett Theatre Tickets This concert features selected musicians from the bands participating in our Festival to form the Hannaford Honour Band under the batons of our distinguished guest Elgar Howarth and HSSB 's Artistic Director, Curtis Metcalf. This event will begin with a performance of The Maple Leaf Band from Ottawa conducted by David Druce. Slide Show Sunday, March 12, 3 p.m. Jane Mallett Theatre Tickets , , The HSSB is honoured to present the celebrated trombone virtuoso and New York Philharmonic Principal , Joe Alessi as he performs Elgar Howarth's Trombone Concerto and Arthur Pryor's Air Varie. Guest Conductor, Elgar Howarth will lead the HSSB in performances of Heaton 's Contest Music, Arnold 's Fantasy for Brass Band and the world premiere of Barbara Croall 's Gi-giiwe na?, commissioned by the HSSB with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council. BENOl..D This concert is sponsored by Renold Canada Ltd. Canada Call the St. Lawrence Centre Box Office 416-366-7723 or 1-800-708-6754 or book on-line at The Hannaford Street Silver Band is grateful for the assistance received from its corporate and its many individual donors. and from the following: '/11e SOCAN Fo1111datio11 In Fo11d11lion SOCAN toron tea rtscou nc i I OVAMAHA I - Long & McQuade Musical ln stuments Deloitte. ( ( ' ./ ,l'P·t ~- ( Serving the Musical Community Since 1890 Introducing. .. Stonebridge Acoustic Guitars Made by one of Europe's top Luthiers, Frantisek Furch in the Czech Republic. Furch's instruments include Pre-Civil War designs with forward x-hand scalloped braces and are made with the finest materials available While his instruments are highly acclaimed in Europe and Japan, they have just recently been introduced to the Western World as Stonebridge, with Canada, UK and US leading the way. ........... ~ ti I s i ric e I

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