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Volume 11 Issue 8 - May 2006

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Karg-Elert - Ultimate

Karg-Elert - Ultimate Organ Works, Volume 2 Elke Volker Aeolus AE-10171 It's about time that Karg-Elert enjoyed a revival. The German composer's post-romantic organ works will surely make a good impression on listeners with this, the second volume in a series by organ virtuoso Elke Volker. Recorded at the massive 98- stop Wilhelm Sauer 1893 organ in the acoustically rich interior of the St. Petri Dom in Bremen, this is music to shake rafters from cathedral to condominium. The 1910 Three Symphonic Canzanas are spellbinding. Unexpected appearances by instruments and voices beyond the organ make this set utter magic, especially in the third part, Fuge, und Epilog. Two DISCS OF THE MONTH Pieces for violin and organ, dating back to 1903, continue this display of Karg-Elert's inventive pairing, showing us his more introspective side. The last piece, Passacaglia and Fugue on B-A-C-H, op. 150 is from very late in Karg-Elert's life, and controversy and confusion about the authenticity of parts of the score still remain. As presented it is a densely chromatic work, nearly 20 minutes in length. Volker plays all with ease and grace; violinist Immanuel Willman is well-matched to the organ in the Two Pieces. There are four singers: Inka Henze, Rotraut Reidel, Hanna Wardetzki and Ulla Kostia-Mielke, and they deserve much praise for their work here. Trumpeter Michael Boese is also excellent. As expected, the organ stops have a whole page in the notes, and even the microphones are credited. Splendid! John S. Gray Concert Note: Elke Volker is joined by TSO concertmaster Jacques Israelievitch for a program of works for organ and violin (including music by Karg-Elert) as part of the Organix festival on May 6 at Metropolitan United Church. All Around the Circle Exultate Chamber Singers; John Tuttle Independent ECS04 It is a heartwarming comfort to revisit the Canadian heritage we sometimes forget. And defining this country of ours is often difficult, because of the wide range of possibilities in a nation of such large landmass with an increasingly diverse cultural mix. Hearken back to earlier times of settlers, pioneers, fishermen and firstnations people, and you'll discover the well (and not-so well)-known tunes that are presented on this disc in modern interpretation by the likes of Stephen Chatman, Derek Healy, Andrew Ager, John Greer, Willi Zwozdesky and, surprisingly, Ward Swingle (of Swingle Singers fame). Deftly handling the nuances of such diverse repertoire, the Exultate Singers led by John Tuttle do an excellent job navigating around both the pure and heartfelt melodies such as Connie Kaldor's Wood River as well as a challenging quodlibet in the finale of John Greer's All Around the Circle. Many of the singers in the ensemble are given the opportunity for solos on this disc, including a very amusing "in character" passage by alto Bonnie McKenzie in The Grand Hotel. Accompanying pianists Stephen Ralls and Bruce Ubukata display their usual panache with rollicking precision. With a wonderful mixture of the nostalgic, romantic, saucy, comic and even mystical evocation of sounds of nature, this is a recording that covers coast-to-coast beautifully. Dianne Wells Concert Note: The Exultate Chamber Singers' final concert of the season, a retrospective celebrating the choir's first 25 years, takes place on May 12 at St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church. Stockholm Chamber Brass (Sweden) True North Brass (Canada) and brass soloists from Canada and Europe perfor m FREE fanfares around the city, plus 2 amazing concerts! St. Lawrence Centre Box Office 416.366.7723 for more information May 31, 8 pm - Heavy Metal MAY 29 - JUNE 4 2006 Trinity College Chapel, University of Toronto, 6 Hoskin Ave An intimate yet majestic venue. Trinity College Chapel boasts the best acoust ic for brass in Toronto. The concert showcases the Stockholm Chamber Brass and dazzling soloists from Norway, Findland, Canada and the Netherland. June 4, 3 pm - MASS brass St. Anne's Anglican Church, Gladstone and Dundas Placed antiphonally around St. Anne's great interior space, The Stockholm Chamber Brass. True Nort h Brass and soloists from Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada and the Nether lands will perform new fanfares commiss ioned for this project. as we ll as music by Somers, Part. Takemitsu. Turnage, Hetu and ot hers. MASSbrass will culminate in the wor ld premiere of R. Murray Schafer's breat htaking new work, Isfahan. Sponsored by Ii!] Canada Trust ,l/ft1fiC Presented in association with soundaXis WWW, TH EWHO LENOTE,COM

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra presents The Mischievous AJventures or the Rascally Rhythlh Saturday, May 6 at 1 :30 a 3 :30 pm Cond uctor Tania Miller takes you on a zany adventure looking for the rasca l named Rhythm. Rhythm is a sl ippery fel low who has the abi lity to disgu ise himself in many different shapes and sizes, and Maestra Miller needs your help to find him ! Join us in this entertaining and interactive programme where we explore the rambunctious energy of rhythm. Created especial ly for children ages 5 to 12. call 416.593.4828 or visit Concerts at Roy Thomson Hall. Part of the I] Desjardins Young People's Concert Series. Check out our website for ~ Desjardins details! Family Paci--. ~ ,.,..... 0 OGILVY W.$, , RENAULT . 2'.';~ ( ' ' /,' TIPPET-RICHARDSON ,r..c The Conductors' Podium ,s CONCERT SEASON Peter Ou11dJ1a11, ~ ic Directo1 sponsored by Ogilvy Renault SUBSCRIBE AND GET UP TO 3 CONCERTS FOR FREE! SEASON HIGHLIGHTS: Bach St. John Passion Handel Water Music Purcell The Fairy Queen Mozart The Magic Flute with Opera Atelier Handel Solomon Concerts take place at Trinity-St. Pau l's Centre I 427 Bloor Street West Call the Tafelmusik Box Office today at 416.964.6337 J ea nne Lamon, Mu sic Director lva r s Taurins, Direct or, Chamber Choir 2006 2001 Season Prese'ltinq Sponsor M AY 1 - JUNE 7 2006 WWW,TH EWHO LENOTE. COM

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