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Volume 11 Issue 8 - May 2006

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LISTINGS Jazz Clubs 1055 Restaurant and Bar 1055 Yonge St. 416-482-8485 Alleycatz 2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865 Every Mon Salsa Night. Every Tue Chris Plock. Every Wed Jasmin Bailey and Co. Every Thu Peppa Seed. Every Sun Comedy Dinner Show with "Archie" Mcfarlane of Jazz Fm. May 5, 12, 26, Lady Kane. May 6 Graffitti Park. May 13 Groove Matrix. May 19, 20, Soular. Arbor Room Hart House@ the University of Toronto, 7 Hart House Circle. 416-978-2452 Ben Wicks 424 Parliament 416-961-9425 Black Swan 154 Danforth Avenue 416-469-0537 Boiler House 55 Mill St. 416-203-2121 Cameron House 408 Queen St. 416-703-0811 C'estWhat 67 Front St. E 416-867-9499 Every Wed Hot Fo' Ghandi Every Sat (matinee) The Hot Five Jazzmakers Cervejaria Downtown 842 College St. Every Wed The Jay Danley Quintet. Chick N'Deli 744 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416-489-3363 Every Tue Jam Night. May 4,5,6 BB Divine. L'Commensal 655 Bay St. 416-596-9364 Music Fridays & Saturdays 6:30 pm · 9:30 pm No Cover Charge Gate 403 403 Roncesvalles 416-588-2930 May 1 Scott Kemp Jazz Band. May 2James Thomson and Julian Fauth. May 3 Michael Boguski Solo Piano. May 4 The Peddlers. May 5 Brandi Disterheft Jazz Trio. May 6 Bill Heffernan and his Friends, Michael Gabriel. May 7 The Synthetic Lounge Project with Tom Auger Featuring Phauna. May 8 Joshua Goodman Jazz Duo. Ma 7 9 Julian Fauth and James Thomson. May 10 Michael Boguski. May 11 Marieve Herington Jazz Band. May 12 Billy's Hat Blues Band. May 13 Bill Heffernan and his Friends, Julian Fauth and Wayne Charles Blues Duo. May 21 Peter Hill Jazz Duo. May 22 Ashe!ey St. Pierre Jazz Duo. May 23 Julian Fauth and James Thomson Blues Dwo. May 24 Michael Boguski. May 25 Kevin Laliberte. May 2 6 Jon Brooks "No Mean City''. May 27 Bill Heffernan and Friends, Bill Westcott. May 28 Elizabeth Shepherd Jazz Duo. May 29 Victoria Sanjana Duo. May 30 James Thomson and Julian Fauth. May 31 Michael Boguski. M AY 1 - ] UNE 7 2006 Graffiti's Bar and Grill 170 Baldwin St. 416-506-6699 Every Wed. 6-8 James and Jay. Grasshopper Jazz and Blues Bar 460 Parliament St. 416-323-1210 Grossman's Tavern 379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000 Every Mon Laura Hubert Band. Every Wed Mike MacDonald Open Stage Jam. Every Sat The Happy Pals. Every Sun Nicola Vaughan Acoustic Jam, The Nationals with Brian Caber. May 5 Cotton Mouth. May 6 Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. May 7-13: Grossman's Anniversary Week! May 12 Espanola Slim. May 13 Blue Budzz. May 18 Dick Ellis Revival. May 20 Billy's Hat. May 26 Frankie Foo. Home Smith Bar The Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Road, 416-236-2641 May 5 Jasmine Bailey Trio. May 12 Russell Drago Duo. May 19 Pat Collins Trio. May 26 Gary Benson Ouo. Hot House Cafe Market Square, 416-366-7800 Jazz brunch Every Sunday, with the Ken Churchill Quartet. Hugh's Room 2261 Dundas W., 416-531 -6604 Le Saint Tropez 315 King St. W. 416-591 -3600 Live music 7 days a week. Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas W. 416-588-0307 May 1 Burkenstock. May 2 Groove not War. May 3-14 Lula World 2006: May 3 Bol!ywood Fever. May 4 Adam Solomon & Tikisa. May 5 Parachute Club-A Lo Cubano. May 5 Kel!y!ee Evans. May 6 Havana North. May 7 Bebop Cowboys Western Swing Orchestra. May 8 Sundar and the Avataar Collective. May 9 Ruben Esguerra & Chiva FeaturingBrownmanandJ.Tec. Ma710 Raquy and the Cavemen. May 11 The Friendly Rich Show. May 12 Maracatu Nunca Antes. May 12 Fado Blues 15: Catarina Cardeal and Mike Siracusa. May 13 This is Salsa! The Lula All-Stars in Concert. May 14 Mamapa!ooza. May 18 Rhythmicru. May 19 Cuban Fridays with Cafe Cubano. May 20 Salsa Saturday w/ Cache. May 24, 25 Warsaw Village Band. May 30 Danny Grossman. Liberty Bistro and Bar 25 Liberty St. @ Atlantic 416-533-8828 May 12, 13KarenManion Mezzetta 681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-568 7 "Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe" Sets at 9 and 10: 15. Reservations recommended for first set. Mezzrows 1546 Queen St. W. 416-658-5687 Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz and blues on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings, and a live jam Every other Wednesday. Mod Club Theatre 722 College St. Montreal Bistro 65 Sherbourne. 416-363-0179 _ May 1 Julie Michels w/Kevin Barrett and Drew Birston. May 2 Slide Hampton and Russ Little Quintet w/ Scott Alexander, Brian Barlow and Tom Szczesniak. May 3 Rosanne Agasee Quintet w/ Richard Whiteman, Pat Collins, Joel Haynes and Gary Benson. May 4- 6 Jay McShann Quartet w/Jim Galloway, Rosemary Galloway and Don Vickery. May 9 Cd Release: Terez Montcalm w/ Carl Naud, Alain Bastien, Francois Marion and Julie Lamontagne. May 10 Carol McCartney w/ The Dave Young Quartet. May 11 Ron Davis Trio w/ Ted Warren and Steve Wallace. May 12, 13 Ron Davis Quartet w/ Ted Warren, Sasha Boychuk and Mike Downes. WWW,THEWHO LENOTE.COM N'Awlins Jazz Bar and Dining 299 King St. W.416-595-1958 Every Tues. Stacie McGregor. Every Wed Jim Heinenan Trio. Every Thu Blues Night with Special Guest Vocalists. Every Fri/Sat All Star Bourbon Street Band. Every Sun RobiBotos. Odd Socks at Dovercourt House 805 Dovercourt Rd. 416-537 -3337 Swing Dances, Lessons and Concerts. The Old Mill 21 Old Mill Road, 416-236-2641 May 1-6 Ascension Band. May 8-11 Live Jive. May 12 Anthony Terpstra Big Band Featuring Swing Rosie. May 13 Live Jive. Orbit Room 508A College St. 416-535-0613 Pilot Tavern 22 Cumberland 416-923-5716 Jazz every Sunday Afternoon - Laila Biali Trio and others. May 6 Kirk Macdonald Ouartet. May 13 Roy Patterson Quartet. May 20 Doug Richardson Quartet. May 27 Kol/age. The Red Guitar 603 Markham St. 416-913-4586 May 2 Doctors of Ta/a, Joyce's Folly. Mar 3 Harley Card Ouartet, Ian McDougall and Friends. May 4 Andrew Downing Picks the Double Basses: Brandi Disterheft Trio. May 5 David Occhipinti Ouartet. May 6 Rich Brown's rinsethea!gorythm. May 7 Shelley Hamilton. May 9 CCMC. May 10 Tom Juhas, Steven Cole Trio. May 11 Andrew Downing picks the Double Basses: Jon Maharaj Trio. Monthly Special: Speaking of Jazz: Helen Porter/Rob C!utton, Lina Al!emano. May 12 Speaking of Jazz Don Francks and Friends. May 13 Speaking of Jazz Nick Ali Trio and Enlight. May 14 Belinda Underwood. May 16 Anything But Jazz: Lousie Lambert. May 17 Michael Herring Trio, Joe Sorbara's Remnants Trio. May 18 Andrew Downing Picks the Double Basses: Paul Mathew and Teppei Kamei, Ouinsin Nacho ff Trio. May 19 Ouinsin Nachoff Trio. May 20 Laila Biali Trio Feat: Bil!McBirnie. May 21 Maureen Kennedy and Alex Samaras. May 23 Julie Michels and Parley. May 24 Chris Gale Trio, The Hogtown Syncopators. May 25 Andrew Downing Picks the Double Basses: Nick Fraser and Lina Al!emano, Dave Young Trio. May 26 Dave Young Trio. May 27 Tim Posgate Quartet. May 28 Micah Barnes. May 30 Liz Tansey and Ted Duin/an, Noah lacharin. May 31 Youanoo, Darren Sigesmud Trio. The Reservoir Lounge 52 Wellington 416-955-0887 www.reservoirlounge,com Every Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers. Every Tues Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm. Every Wed Bradley and the Bouncers. Every Thu Janice Hagen. Every Fri Chet Valiant Combo. Every Sat Tory Cassis. The Rex Jazz and Blues Bar 194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475 May 1 Andrew Boniwe/1 Trio, Mike McC!ennan Group. May 2 Peter Hill Ensembles, Rex Jazz Jam. May 3 Paul Mathew Group, Nick Ali's Electric Trio. May 4 Kevin Ouain, Nick Ali's Electric Trio. May 5 Artie Roth Trio, Ross Wooldridge/Dan Douglas and the Dixie Demons. May 6 Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble, Blue Room, David Virelles Quintet, Pat Collins Ouartet. May 7 Humber College Community Music school Recital, Swing Rosie, Ben Jannson Quintet. May 8 John Cheesman Jazz Orchestra. May 9 Peter Hill Ensembles, Rex Jazz Jam. May 10 Paul Mathew Group, Bill Caruthers Trio. May 11 Kevin Ouain, Brenda Earle Ouartet. May 12 Artie Roth Trio, Brenda Earle Quartet. May 13 Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble, Laura Hubert Band, David Virelles Quintet, Adrean Farrugia. May 14 Youanoo, ClubDjango, Swing Rosie, Bob Brough and Stan Fomin Ouartet. May 15 Andrew Boniwe/1 Trio, Marcel Aucoin Trio. May 16 Peter Hill Ensembles, Rex Jazz Jam. May 17 Ouinsin Nachoff Trio, Buddy Aquelina. May 18 Kevin Ouain, William Carn Quintet. May 19 Artie Roth Trio, William Carn Quintet. May 20 Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble, Chris Hunt Tenter + 2 Lester Mclean Trio, Mike Downes Quartet. May 21 Youanoo, Red Peppers. May 22 Andrew Boniwe/1 Trio, P.J Perry Quartet. May 23 Peter Hill Ensembles, Rex Jazz Jam. May 24 Ouinsin Nacho ff, Terry King Quintet. May 25 Kevin Ouain, Project Jazz Finalists. May 26 Artie Roth Trio, Kol/age, May 27 Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble, Swing Shift Big Band, David Virelles Quintet, Brian Dickinson Quintet. May 28 Youanoo, Freeway Dixieland, Swing Rosie, Kathleen Grace Quartet. May 29 Andrew Boniwe/1 Trio, John Macleod's Rex Hotel Orchestra. May 30 Peter Hill Ensembles, Rex Jazz Jam. May 31 Ouinsin Nachoff Trio, Nancy Walker Trio. Safari Bar and Grill 1749 Avenue Rd. 416-787-6584 Every Tues Marie-Jo Rudolf Trio. Sassafraz 100 Cumberland 416-964-2222 Thu-Sun Washington Savage. Sat, Sun Roy Patterson Trio. Spezzo Ristorante 140 York Blvd. Richmond Hill, 905-886-9703 Live jazz Every Thursday. The Trane Club 964 Bathurst St. 416-913-8197 Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe 6300 Fallsview Boulevard Niagara Falls 1-905-354-5000 Zazou 315 King St. W. Live jazz Every Fri and Sat Elizabeth Shepherd/solo piano night 81

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