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Volume 12 - Issue 1 - September 2006

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..EARLY mustc fArRSaturday, September 23 - Noon to 5 p.m.•Recitals• Historical instruments•Exhibits• Demonstrations• Door prizes,•and much more!Adults: Students/Seniors: , Children under 12: ,Family Pass: .Free to members of Toronto Early Music Centre.Montgomery's Inn4709 Dundas West (at Islington) ILl!ll TORDNm Culture416-394-8113, violas, cellos, and bowsComplete line of strings and accessoriesExpert repairs and rehairsCanada's largest stock of string musicFast mail order servicewww.thesoundpost.cominfo@thesoundpost.comQuoolibetby Allan PulkerThere is something utopian about summer festivals, where.the demandsof ordinary life relax a little and everyone, performers and audiencealike, seem more open to the call of music, to life less trammelled.At the Brott Festival's July 7 performance of Beethoven'spiano concertos we were able to shed right away the ordeal of gettingthere by GO Train (my suggestion in the July issue!). Similarly,a late July day at the Festival of the Sound was glorious, with threeconcerts, a really great talk about Robert Schumann's music byUWO professor Jeffrey Stokes and, at the end of the evening, a latemeal with a mix of audience and performers. Likewise, having dinnerat the Victory, near the WholeNote office, and then bicyclingdown Palmerston Avenue to the Toronto Music Garden to hear LesSonneurs de Montreal was a euphoric change of pace and atmosphere.Toronto had other musical moments as well: a really fineperformance of the Debussy String Quartet by the Tokai Quartet at aToronto Summer Music Festival concert, an engaging evening ofperformances by the young singers who were participants in thesame festival and a really entertaining performance of Don Giovannion an inexplicably cramped set at the MacMillan Theatre. MusicMondays offered welcome interludes from the daytime heat and congestionin the other-worldly Church of the Holy Trinity. It was greatto get out of the city, but it was great also that there was so muchmusic in the city.The festivals continue into September. I've already mentionedthe Colours of Music and X A VANT Festivals. Another we need toget on our radar is the Sweetwater Music Weekend, September 22-24, in Owen Sound and nearby Leith. Situated on the southernshores of Georgian Bay, Owen Sound is a large town with a colourful,and cultural, history and an ever-growing intellectual and artisticcommunity of emigres from Toronto and elsewhere. The weekendoffers a very diverse range of repertoire from the seventeenth to thetwenty-first Century performed by some of Canada's best musicians,who will also be conducting master classes during the daytimehours. If you want to immerse yourself in music for a weekend, alast musical fling as it were before the onset of winter, this is a greatway to do it. The Colours of Music Festival begins the same weekendbut continues right through the following week and weekend, sothe musical spree can continue on right into the first day of October.While in Parry Sound I chatted with artistic director, JamesCampbell, about the economic spin-off of his festival. Local businesses,he told me, had complained about how slow things had beenthere in the first few weeks of the summer and were grateful for hisfestival, which they knew would give the local economy a welcome"shot in the arm." There can be no doubt that there is a tremendousamount of economic activity generated by artistic initiatives such asthe summer and early autumn festivals and, for that matter, collectivelyby all the concerts listed in our magazine.There seems, unfortunately, to be such a gap between thisreality and the popular perception, fuelled in large part by irresponsiblejournalism that would have us believe that interest in culture isdeclining and only sports are good for the economy. The very factof WholeNote's existence of course gives the lie to that notion, but,as all too often happens, the preconceived idea hangs on long afterthe evidence disproving it has become common knowledge. We loversof art, of course, consider it far too crass to tell the people runningthe restaurants and other commercial enterprises that we patronizeas part of our concert-going what it is that brought us there in thefirst place. Maybe we need to drop this preconceived idea on ourpart. If we don't tell them, then who will? Nobody has up to nowand nobody will, and all they will hear is what they hear from themainstream media. Meanwhile hundreds of young musicians, like thetwo on our season-opening cover, are living evidence of the vitalityof the artistic life, building it now and for the future right under thenoses of the naysayers who seem to believe that the only newsworth printing is bad news.WWW. THEWHOLENOTE .COM

07CathedralBluffsS1 1 ,,:pho11yOrchestraSubscribe to CBSO's 2006-2007 Season and enjoyfive concerts filled with exciting soloists, traditionalfavourites and new works by Canadian composersfor the low price of ( for students and seniors).For further info visit www.cathedralbluffs.comor call 416 879 ro n tda rtsbo u nc i IAr arm ' s e n g1~ body o' 1~e C ty or ~orortoWURLITZER POPS!AT CASA LOMAjoin us for our 33'd exciting season of unique keyboardmagic featuring these exciting artists:~~- I Tuesday, October 10, 2006• I RICHARD HI LSTuesday, November 7, 2006DAVID PECKHAMMonday, December 4, 2006DAVE WICKERHAMMonday, April 2, 2007CLARK WILSON accompanies theclassic silent film epic "The King of Kings"Monday, May 7, 2007~ SIMON GLEDHILLCLASSES & LESSONSALL AGES. ALL LEVELS. FOR EVERYONEJoin Canada's leading musicschool this September!• Over 40 different instruments & genresranging from classical to rock, folkand hip-hop• Over 230 professional faculty dedicatedto excellence in music education• Classes for beginners (adults & children)• Convenient monthly payment planFree Sample Classes: September 9Full details Royal Conservatory of MusicToronto:416.408.2825 (Dufferin & Bloor)Mississauga:905.891.7944 (Cawthra & Lakeshore)Tickets are each ( for the April 2 silent film)8:00 pm (doors open at 7:15) at Casa Loma,1 Austin Terrace, Toronto. Free parking. Wheelchair accessible.For more information visit our web site or see our listing in WholeNote.

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