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Volume 12 - Issue 10 - July/August 2007

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WWW.THEWHO LENOTE .COM ) ULY 1 - SEPTEMBER 7 2007Variationson GouldMonday, September 25 /07Waleed AbdulhamidAfrican Goldberg Variations"Glenn Gould opened a door for me," says Toronto musician Waleed Abdulhamid. "I heard a freedom inthe way he played the Goldberg Variations. And I felt I really wanted to perform this music in a NorthAfrican way." Waleed brings his seven-piece band WALEED KUSH to Glenn Gould Studio to honourGould's creativity, and to bring his own Sudanese view of music to Bach's mighty Goldberg Variations.Tuesday, September 26 /07Louis LortieGlenn Gould and the Art of TranscriptionThe first of three recitals by Canada's greatest pianists. In his tribute to Glenn Gould, Louis Lortie will beheard in a programme that celebrates Gould's fascination with transcription - notably the works of RichardWagner. This programme will also contain several musical surprises for Louis Lortie fans.Friday, September 28 /07 Don Thompson & Paul GalbraithA Jazz Master meets An Innovative GuitaristDon Thompson feels that Glenn Gould's musical genius and curiosity are reflected in the work of theScottish-born guitarist Paul Galbraith. Galbraith's expanded 8-string "Brahms Guitar" will be heard intranscriptions of Byrd, Schoenberg and Bach. Bach 's harmonic genius will be celebrated by Thompson ina jazz quartet setting, comprising vibes, guitar, bass and drums.Monday, October 1 /07Glenn Gould -Andre LaplanteRussia and Russian Chamber MusicIn addition to Gould's 75th birthday and the 25th anniversary of his death, 2007 marks the 50th anniversaryof Gould's historic Russian debut. In his salute to Gould, Andre Laplante presents a programme thatincludes piano works by Scriabin, the Sonata No. 7 of Prokofiev, and Shostakovich's Piano Quintet.Tuesday, October 2 /07 Hilario Duran & David VirellesCuban-born piano mastersTwo generations of Toronto-based Cuban pianists pay tribute to Glenn Gould. Young hotshot DavidVirelles brings his Quintet and established virtuoso Hilario Duran his Trio for an evening of Glenn Gouldstylepiano mastery infused with Cuban rhythmic fire. Both artists will premiere brand-new Gould-inspiredcompositions for their own groups plus string quartet.Thursday, October 4 /07Marc Andre HamelinGlenn Gould and the First and Second Viennese SchoolsWhile his name will forever be linked to the music of Bach, Gould's musical tastes were eclectic and farreaching. For the final recital Marc-Andre Hamelin performs a programme devoted to works from the Firstand Second Viennese School, from Haydn and Beethoven to Schoenberg and Berg - all works that Gouldchampioned.For further details of the14th Season OnStage, visitwww.glenngouldstudio.comFor broadcast onCANADA LIVEHeard nightly from8:00-10:00 p.m.Glenn Gould Studio, Canadian Broadcasting Centre, 250 Front St. West, Toronto

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