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Volume 12 - Issue 2 - October 2006

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Some Thing Newcontinued

Some Thing Newcontinued from page 23an inspiration from his work as co- emerging genre of videomusic.founder of the Speak-Easy Duo. Also on the schedule are soundPalter is also well known as co- sculpture exhibitions, audio art infounderof other leading ensem- stallations, site specific audiobles, such as Canadian rock group works, and live presentations.treble charger, NOISE (San Diego Workshops, demos and talks cov­New Music) and as performer in ering all of the above span throughthe experimental redfish bluefish. to October 25th. Selected venues(His latest duo project, the intense include Gallery 1313, Prefix Instihuman/computeramalgam tute, Latvian House, and others. ToMetasax/DRUMthings with com- make sense of this wide-ranging fesposer/saxophonist/technologyart- tival, Matthew Burtner, is also slatedto perform at the Music Galleryon Oct 14th. For more info andtickets visit www. musicgallery. orgor call 416-204-1080.)October 15, a scant two days afterPalter, New Music Concertslaunches its 2006-07 season, hostingL'Ensemble contemporain deMontreal in the "Generation 2006"series. Generation is the vehiclethrough which ECM works bi-annuallywith young Canadian composersto develop new works forthe ensemble. This is the fourthtime that New Music Concerts haspartnered with ECM to bring talentedemerging composers and thisoutstanding ensemble to Toronto.On the October 15th Music Galleryprogramme are premieres fromquickly rising creative talents -Charles-Antoine Frechette, AaronGervais, David Litke and MaximeMcKinley. In celebration ofECM's 20th anniversary, a workfrom the first Generation workshops,Emily Doolittle's FourPieces about Water, will be included.For details visit For ticketscall 416-204-1080.Covering this whole first half ofOctober, and numerous locationsthroughout the city, is New Adventuresin Sound Art's annualSOUNDplay festival. Now headinginto its fifth year, SOUNDplaystrives to create a meetingplace for the growing fields of newmedia and sound art, with the intentof pushing boundaries and creatingnew fusions of image, soundand text. The thematic materials thatrun through this year's festival spana huge range of possibilities, asdoes the means for their delivery.In concerts, installations, screenings,panel discussions and workshops,SOUNDplay covers everythingfrom the use of metre andtempo in early experimental film,to the resurfacing of live music performancefor silent film, and the24Back to Ad IndexToronto's self-proclaimed "mostuncompromising" but certainlymost irreverent new music collective,Toca Loca, continue their2006 Music Gallery residency witha concert on October 26th. The programmeincludes two premieres,one from Montreal-based Chris PaulHarman and the other from Torontoearly-career composer AndrewStaniland.The latter's Adventuremusic:Love Her Madly for two pianos,percussion and electronics, referencesmechanical and industrial elementsin the movement titles andcalls for electronic sounds of icecracking and melting, as well recordingsof Toca Loca co-founderGregory Oh speaking. It shouldbe interesting to see how this curiouscombination will all hold together.For more info and ticketsvisit or call416-204-1080.Finally, on October 27th the ContinuumEnsemble is joined by aquartet of guest artists to present acollection of worthy works culledfrom their 2005 call for scores.Music from an international cadreof composers - UK-based CanuckChristopher Mayo, USA-Japancross-border Nick Ackers, NewZealand-based Ross Carey andCanadian Colin MacDonald - willbe juxtaposed with John Oswald'sown remixes of their works. Theconcert title, "Plunder", makes referenceto Oswald's renowned practiceof plunderphonics, a pioneeringand renegade style of samplingand remixing that has served as aninspiration to sonic and visual creatorsalike. For more details Fortickets call 416-204-1080 .Celebrating Mary MorrisonPerformer, educator, adjudicator and examiner Mary Morrison willbe honoured by the University of Toronto this month. On theevening of October 23rd in Walter Hall, the U of T Faculty ofMusic (where Mary has been on faculty since 1979) will present anevening of glorious singing by students, alumni and colleagues,including some surprise appearances.Although it is not her style,Mary Morrison could easilyboast about a long anddistinguished performingcareer. Youthful Torontodebuts with the TSO (in1947 at age 21) and in bothlive and radio opera (1948-49) established her quickly.The result was a long andvery busy career as aToronto freelance operaartist, from which sheretired in 1985 . Duringthese years, Ms. Morrisonwas also engaged as soloistfor innumerable symphonyand oratorio performanceswith Toronto, Winnipeg,Montreal, New York andSan Francisco symphonies. She also holds to her credit numerousrecitals, chamber music performances and commercial recordings.Ms. Morrison's contribution to Canadian musical life, however, iscrowned by her exceptional advocacy of 20th-century music. As atireless champion of contemporary works, Mary premiered numerouskey compositions of the Canadian operatic and vocal chamber musicrepertoire, including those written by Istvan Anhalt, Louis Applebaum,Milton Barnes, John Beckwith, Norma Beecroft, BrianCherney, Samuel Dolin, R. Murray Schafer, Harry Somers andespecially those of her late husband Harry Freedman. Ms. Morrisonalso co-founded the Lyric Art trio with composer I flautist RobertAitken and Marion Ross, with which she toured Canadian music tothe USA, Scandinavia, Japan, Iceland, France, Poland and England.In turn, she has also introduced a large body of US and Europeanworks in Canada, including those by top tier creators such as Berio,Cage, Crumb, Ligeti, Takemitsu, and Xenakis.For 30 years Ms. Morrison has taught voice at universities acrossCanada and at L'Atelier de L'Opera de Montreal and the BanffCentre for the Arts. Through this work, she has supervised thevocal studies of many of today's rising stars of opera and theconcert stage. These include Valdine Anderson, Nancy Argenta,Measha Bruggergosman, Tracy Dahl, Gregory Dahl, BarbaraHannigan, John Tessier, and Adrianne Pieczonka, who spoke withAllan Pulker for this issue of WholeNote about Ms. Morrison'sinfluence on Ms. Pieczonka's musicality (see page 16).Among her many honours, Ms. Morrison has been recognized forher outstanding contributions to Canadian music with the CanadianMusic Citation in 1968; appointed an Officer of the Order of Canadain 1983; received the Medal of Service to the Arts from the City ofToronto in 1985; received the Queen Elizabeth CommemorativeMedal in 1993; and received the Opera Canada "Ruby" for BestOpera Educator in 2002.Ex plore the richness of freshsounds, new voices. Give your earsan adventure with some thing new. Ms. Mary Morrison 0 . C. will celebrate her 80th birthday onNovember 9th . Happy Birthday, Mary! Your gifts to CanadianJason van Eyk can be reached at416-961-6601 x. 207 THEWH O LENOTE .COMmusic have made us all the richer.Jason van EykO CTOBER 1 - N O VEMB ER 7 200 6

BAND Standby Jack MacQuarrieThe Battle of the BandsIn the compilation of the annual directory of community bands in Ontariofor last month's edition I was frequently treated to a short lesson onthe history of the band under discussion with my contact person. Theenthusiasm for these bands and their traditions was infectious. As Iprodded for more information, I learned that no fewer than four of thebands in the directory were the oldest band in Canada! How could thisbe? Surely only one band could qualify as Canada's oldest. Or couldthere be more than one? Could there be the oldest continuously operatingband, the oldest under the same name, the oldest rehearsing in the samelocation, the one with the earliest documented concert date? Most of theolder bands have evolved over the years. Some have moved, some haveundergone one or more name change, while others have ceased operationonly to be revitalized some years later.In my research, four bands alludedto having the honour of beingCanada's oldest. I was informedthat the Ayr-Paris Band, the NewmarketCitizens' Band, the OakvilleWind Orchestra and the Perth Citizens'Band held that distinction.These claims were accepted at facevalue. However, we did not discusscriteria to qualify for this honour.What should be the criteria?Rather than be presumptuous, andarbitrarily list our thoughts here,we are asking for your help. Wewant to hear from you, the readersof WholeNote. By what criteriashould bands be judged? Whichband would you nominate for thetitle of Canada's oldest? If you wishto stake a claim for your band, sendus your submission in 75 words orless no later then October 15, 2006.If you have any photographs orprogram copies to support yourclaim, please include them in electronicformat. Only one nominationper reader please.CO'J llNULSNrxl PAGF\'cosmo-------~'7 musicFine quality instruments & accessories to suit any budget- Woodwinds, Brass, Strings & PercussionExpert Instrument Repairs in one of North America'slargest and best-equipped facilitiesComprehensive Band & Orchestra Rental Programwith over 9 ,000 instruments in inventoryYork Region's Largest Music Schoolserving over I ,200 studentsSALES • RENTALS • REPAIRS • LESSONS • PRINT MUSICThe Night To SingA Concert of Remembrance'u{r IfWednesday, November 8, 2006, 8 p.m.Metropolitan United Church, 56 Queen Street East, TorontoBramwell Tovey, Chief ConductorAmadeus Choir, Lydia Adams, DirectorBramwell ToveyMarking the inaugural performance ofBramwell Tovey as the HSSB's Chief Conductorand Artistic Advisor, this concert willcommemorate Remembrance Day with aperformance of Tovey's Requiem Mass for aCharred Skull which won the 2003 JUNO AwardAmadeus Cho1rfor best classical composition . Other works to beperformed include Walton's Prelude Et Fugue: Spitfire, Tovey's TheNight To Sing, inspired by VE Day celebrations and Barbara Croall'sremarkable lament for Native Canadian soldiers, Gi-Giiwe Na?"Toronto's brass band par excellence"William Littler, The TorontoStarCall the St. Lawrence Centre Box Office416-366-7723 or 1-800-708-6754or book on-line www.stlc.comVisit us at www.hssb.caThis concert generously sponsored by NTN Bearings Canada NTN~ ,.._"__ ... . ., ................... ...OYAMAHA L NSK GOOD/'iEAR NTN 11;~· ~.~~~ 1 ~ '5'"uc "'A"'.~; 11Long & McQuadeM us1C

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