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Volume 12 - Issue 2 - October 2006

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Wurlitzer theatre pipe

Wurlitzer theatre pipe organoriginally built in 1922 for Shea'sHippodrome on Bay Street. A homewas found in Casa Loma, and themassive instrument was installedover several years by a team ofdedicated society members.Ongoing maintenance and tonalimprovements, particularly in thelast dozen years, have made thisone of the finest sounding organsof its kind.Canada's largest Wurlitzer isone of the last remaining examplesin the country of what was probablythe most versatile single musicalinstrument ever devised, the analog ancestor of today'sdigital synthesizers.A non-profit volunteer organ-ization, the TIOS has beenfulfilling its mandate by presenting public concerts at CasaLoma since 1974, most recently under the banner WulitzerPops because these are no ordinary pipe organ recitals.Musically our presentations are more like symphonypops concerts performed by a single musician who is atonce orchestrator, arranger, improviser, and recitalistusuallyfrom memory!Geoffrey Paterson, president38 Clareville Cres, Toronto ON M2J Welsh Male Voice ChoirThe TWMVC was founded in 1995 to foster the tradition offour-part Welsh male voice singing. Since then, it has grownto an ensemble of 60 men from many ethnic backgrounds,performing approximately te~ c?ncerts a This se~so~,the choir looks forward to smgmg under its new Ar!Is!IcDirector and Principal Conductor, Wlliam Woloschuk,accompanied by Juli~ Loveless. . .Membership requires an elemen~al ~ud1t10n, an~~ for,and a love of, choral music. Repertoire mcludes trad1t10nalWelsh hymns and songs, opera choruses, folk songs, showtunes and spirituals. Practices are held Wednesdays 7:30-lOpm, September to June at Dewi Sant Welsh United Church,30 Melrose Avenue (Yonge/Lawrence).William Woloschuk, principal conductor;Julie Loveless, www.twmvc.comToronto Youth Wind OrchestraToronto Youth Wind Orchestra- fuunder and ArtisticDirector, Colin Clarke. Debuted 1991, winning its first Goldaward a year later at a division ofMusic:fust Canada. By 2006, itsaccomplishments include countlessawards, featured guests at majorfestivals and broadcasts andrecordings.In its 15th anniversary season,TYWO performed at Carnegie Hallas part of the Ensemble SpotlightSeries; the first Canadian youthband to be so honoured. The WindOrchestra will embark on its firstintercontinental tour in 2008 performing at the OperaHouse in Sydney, Australia.Toronto Youth Concert Winds- Created in 1996 toprovide a quality musical environment for younger, lessexperienced musicians, open to high school students of a.nylevel. Challenging repertoire encourages students to stnvefor a consistently high level of perf~rma~ce . .Announcing: Toronto Youth Jumor Wmds for buddmgmusicians, grades 6- 8.TYWO is a community-driven youth ensemble operatingthrough the support of volunteers and patrons. TYWO'smandate is to raise awareness of wind band repertoire andpromote the importance of music education and the arts.Colin Clarke, artistic director34 Eglinton Avenue West, Ste 135Toronto ON M4R 2H6416-481-9099tywoadmin@gmail.comwww.tywo.caToyich Internation~I Projects . .Toyich International Projects 1s a non-profit organ1zat10ndevoted to developing the skills of young, culturally diverseCanadian classical music students and performers. Ourorganization is unique in th~t we nurt~e aspiring Y.o~ngprofessional and pre-profess10nal mus1C1ans by prov1dJDgthem marvelous opportunities to present their talents acrossCanada and abroad.Best known for our Gala Monster Concerts (10 pianos,20/ianists, 200 fingers) presented in Canada and Italyan on local and national television, we encourage youngCanadian talent to audition and be part of this one-of-akindmusical experience.Our goals are to enhance performan~e.opportunities.foryoung musicians, to advan~e the pubhc s ~n~erstand.mgand appreciation of the musical arts by prov1dmg classicalmusic performances in public places, to educate up-andcomingperformers and provide developmentalopportunities for music teachers.Our musical strategy is to provide a variety of nation~and international venues for students to perform and gamexposure, to give public concerts across Canada and aroundthe world and to establish a summer education programfor students, performers and teachers.Boyanna Toyich, President & CEO20 Prince Arthur Ave., Ste 17-D, Toronto ON M5R brass quintetTrillium Brass QuintetThe Trillium Brass Quintet (Philip Seguin and ScottHarrison, trumpets; Christine Passmore, horn; Cathy Stone,trombone; and Allen Carter, tuba) is a versatile professionalchamber ensemble. Committed to commissioning new worksas well as transcribing music from many styles and eras,TBQ expands the repertoire available to the modern brassquintet.IOrmed in 1996, TBQ has performed throughout southernOntario, including recitals at the. Lindsay Con~ertIi>undation Series, the inaugural Brass JD the Grass Festival,and the Toronto International Chamber Music Festival.The quintet has collaborated with the Exultate ChamberSingers the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir, the Pax ChristiChorale.' and the Cantores Celestes \Omen's Chamber Choir,among others.The upcoming season includes TBQ as featured guestswith the Sault Ste. Marie Symphony and maintains a strongcommitment to education with a busy schedule of educationalconcerts through Prologue to the Performing Arts.TBQ's recordings include their debut CD, Revecy, andSeasons of the Spirit with the Pax Christi Chorale. Pleasevisit our website for audio and video samples, and moreinformation about this dynamic ensemble.Scott Harrison194 Medland St., Toronto ON M6P 2N7416-604-4365information@trilliumbrass.comwww.trilliumbrass.com822 Wholenote MEMBER PROFILES 2006-2007True North BrassTrue North Brass is: Jim Gardiner, Raymond Tizzard­Trumpets, Joan Wltson- Horn, Alastair Kay­Trombone, and]. Scott Irvine- Tuba. Truly Musical: TrueNorth Brass is a critically acclaimed group comprised offive of Canada's most virtuosic soloists whose wealth anddiversity of experience give the group its brilliantpresentations. . .Truly Canadian: rrue North Brass takes gre~t pnde IDits Canadian roots. Composer/arrangers Alastau Kay and]. Scott Irvine have created wonderful music for the grouptogether with friends/writers like Howard Cable, JimMcGrath, Gary Kulesha, and Laryssa Kuzmenko.Truly Unique: In 9 exciting years rrue North Brass hasdeveloped standing-ovation recitals, 3 bril~iant CD's: astunning orchestra show, an equally electnc show withband, the marvelous "TNB Magic" -an educational toolfor keeping the fun in learning to play an instrument, alibrary of sheet music, and a website featuring articles onour country's brass legends and more great info!The members of rrue North Brass are Yamaha Artistsand work passionately with Yamaha to keep the joy inmusic and music education.866-509-0724info@truenorthbrass.com, Canada's Passionate Advocate of the Vocal ~ts,was formed in 1999 by Edward Franko, Lenard Wh1tmgand William Shookhoff. Entering its eighth season,rrypTych's mission is to present concerts, theatre and operafeaturing the best of Canadian vocal tal~~t and to provideeducational and developmental opportunities for young andupcoming singers. . .Our repertoire ranges from early music to the new musicof the 21st century. Since our inception, TrypTych haspresented many works including two Canadianpremieres- Frid's The Diary of Anne Frank and Wolfsonly opera, Der Corregidor, as well as Britten's TheBeggar's Operain Chichester, Great Britain.This season we will be presenting an operatic workshopproduction of Argento's Postcard from Morocco completewith Master Classes. Auditions are held throughout the yearprior to the workshops.!Or more information, visit our website or give us a call.Edward 11-anko, Lenard Whiting, artistic directors583 Durie St., Toronto ON M6S 3H2416-763-5066 xiinfo@tryptych.orgwww.tryptych.orgU of T Faculty of MusicThe University of Toronto Faculty of Music is widelyregarded as a leading. c~ntre for the. scholarly andprofessional study of muSJC JD North Amenca. For almost acentury, many of Canada's greatest musicians have studiedand taught at the Faculty, including John Weinzweig, LoisMarshall, Elmer Iseler, Teresa Stratas, and the St.Lawrence String Quartet.The Faculty presents over 100 events annually featurin.gits students, faculty and distinguished guests. The goal. isto enrich the University and its surrounding commumtywith music presentations of the highest professional calibre.Highlighting the 2006- 07 seas?n are ~ppearance~ bysoprano Adrianne Pieczonka, baritone Hakan Hagegard,composer Alejandro Vifiao; clarinetist James Campbell;violinist Erika Raum; pianists Peter frank!, James Parker,Cameron Stowe, Midori Koga and Lydia Wing; cellistShauna Rolston; the Guarneri, St. Lawrence, Aviv andTakai String Quartets, Gomalan Brass Quintet, the GryphonTrio and Nexus.!Or more information visit our website, or call the Facultyof Music box office.Dr. Gage Averill, dean; D[ Cameron Walter, associate

dean & performance coordinator.Edward Johnson Building, 80 Queen's Park,Toronto ON M5S 2C5Box office: of T Opera Division,fuculty of MusicThe fall production features four performances of JohannStrauss' Die Fledermaus (in English), November 9- 12,conducted by Sandra Horst, with stage direction by MichaelPatrick Albano. The spring production will feature Britten'sThe Rape ofLucretia, March 15- 18, conducted by StephenRalls, with stage direction by Jennifer Tarver.The Division's highly successful (and often sold-out)Opera Tea Series at 2:30 on the stage of MacMillan Theatrefeatures Enter the Albanians: the art of operatic disguiseon November 26, and Verdi's La 'Iraviata, on January 21.Concluding the opera season are two performances ofoperetta and musical theatre on April 21- 22, 2007.For performance times, venues, tickets or other info,please visit the website or call the box office.Stephen Ralls, musical director and coordinator, OperaDivisionEdward Johnson Building, 80 Queen's Park, Toronto ONM5S 2C5Box office: 416-978-37 SettlementMusic & Arts SchoolThe University Settlement Music and Arts School has beenproviding quality, affordable music lessons and groupclasses for over 85 years in downtown Toronto. W! believethat the arts are a right, not a privilege, and we offer musicand arts programs to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity,perceived talent, disability, or ability to pay.Individual lessons are available on a wide variety ofmusical instruments, in voice and theory. Group activitiesinclude Children's Choir, Drama for Kids, Community Choir,Community Orchestra, Chamber Music, Ear Training forKids and Adults, and Dance (iazz, tap and ballet). Ourfaculty consists of highly qualified professionals.Lesson fees are modest, and we offer subsidies to lowincomefamilies who qualify. Scholarships, practice facilitiesand instrument rentals are also available to our students.Regular student recitals offer excellent performanceopportunities to our students in a family environment. W!also present faculty concerts, special events with specialguests, and workshops.For specific information, call the office. Office hours are:Monday 9:30am- 4:30pm, Tuesday to Friday 9:30am-7:30pm, and Saturday 10:30am- 2:30pm.Anne Yardley, Music & Arts School director;Michelle Simmons, program assistant23 Grange Road, Toronto ON M5T 1C3416-598-3444 x243 or www.usrc.caUpper Canada ChoristersThe Upper Canada Choristers is a mixed-voice communitychoir in Toronto committed to musical excellence andcommunity service within a joyful, co-operative learningculture. The choir numbers about 50 and is in its 13th yearof operation. rounding Artistic Director and Conductor,Laurie Evan Fraser, and Accompanist, Nicole Belamy,provide professional musical leadership for this vibrant,growing organization.The choir performs regularly in a number of communityvenues- hospitals, nursing homes, seniors' residences,schools, churches, as well as singing at special events andother public concerts. The members' diversity is reflectedin a wide range of choral repertoire.Highlights of our 2006/07 season will be In Dulci Jubilo,a concert on December 8, 2006 at Fairlawn Heights UnitedChurch featuring Vaughan Williams' Fantasia on ChristmasCarols with baritone soloist, Mark Ruhnke, and JohnRutter's Brother Heinrich's Christmas; and Wirds & Musicshowcasing choral settings of famous poetry, including worksby Thompson, Chatman, Lidov, Barber on May 11, 2007.Laurie Evan Itasei; conductor/artistic director2 Romar Crescent, Toronto ON M6B IRS416-256-0510www.chorister.orgUrban Arts Brass EnsembleThe Urban Arts Brass Ensemble is dedicated to the creationand development of new music. Comprised ofBrian O'Kaneand James Freeman- trumpets, David Haskins-horn,William Carn- trombone, Al Carter- tuba, and RogerTravassos- drums, the UABE represents a broadspectrum of musical talent.In collaboration with composers such as Scott Godin,Michael Oesterle, Andrew Downing, and Richard Underhillthe UABE has embarked on a journey offearless musicalexploration, cultivating new sounds drawn from manydiverse stylistic influences.Vesnivka ChoirJames Iteeman, artistic director416-465-6314info@urbanartsbrass.comwww.urbanartsbrass.comFounding director Halyna K vitka Kondracki establishedVesnivka Choir in 1965. This award-winning 40-memberwomen's ensemble has delighted audiences around theworld with its rich repertoire of Ukrainian liturgical,classical, contemporary and traditional folk music.Vesnivka begins its season on October 22, 2006 with aconcert commemorating the 150th anniversary of the birthof Ukrainian poet Ivan Franko, whose timeless wordscontinue to inspire contemporary composers to create worksof beauty. Guest performers include young talents from theToronto area. On November 3, 2006 Vesnivka joins forceswith K yiv Chamber Choir, Elmer Iseler Singers and TheVictoria Scholars for an exciting concert at George W!stonRecital Hall.Vesnivka and the Toronto Ukrainian Male Chamber Choirbring in the New Year with their ever-popular annual AUkrainian Christmas on January 14, 2007. The Choir'sconcert season ends on April 22, 2007 with a programmeof music that explores the roots ofUkrainian folk music andthe ancient ritual song cycles. Vesnivka Choir also sings atChristmas and Easter Liturgies on January 7, 2007 andApril 8, 2007 at St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church inToronto.Halyna K vitka Kondracki, artistic director;Nykola Parzei, administrator78 Brule Gardens, Toronto ON M6S 4J2416-763-2197nykola@vesnivka.comwww.vesnivka.comWholenote MEMBERS' PROFILES 2006-2007 823Victoria ScholarsMen's Choral EnsembleThe namesake of the Victoria Scholars, Tomas Luis deVictoria, was an outstanding composer of the Renaissanceperiod whose music is renowned for both its spiritualityand emotional expressiveness. The essence of the Scholars'music is an emphasis on the clarity and balance of soundso characteristic ofRenaissance music, which the ensemblepresents through the unique sonority of male voices. Theirrepertoire encompasses medieval plainchant, works fromthe Baroque, Classical and Romantic eras, contemporaryand newly-commissioned works.Past winners of the Canada Council Healey Willan GrandPrize in the CBC Radio National Competition for AmateurChoirs, the Victoria Scholars have performed with many ofCanada's exceptional vocal soloists, including MichaelSchade, Russell Braun, Richard Margison, MonicaWhich er, and Norine Burgess, have recorded two widelyacclaimed recordings and have been broadcast nationallyon CBC Radio, most recently an all Canadian programmefor In Performance. Auditions for the ensemble take placein the fall each season.2006/07 concert series: Sing W! Christmas (December17); Chant & Beyond (March 4); Those Great ComposersOune 10).Jerzy Cichocki, music director146 Willowridge Rd., Toronto ON M9R 3Z7416- 761-7776info@victoriascholars.cawww.victoriascholars.caVillage VoicesThis yeai; Village Voices, formed in 1989 in Unionville,celebrates eighteen years of song. The choir providesfellowship for its members and produces a high standardof achievement in all types of Choral Music: classical, sacredand secular.Village \iices has been directed by Joan Andrews sincethe fall of1999. Christmas and Spring concerts during thepast three years have included music from Handel'sMessiah, Vivaldi's Gloria, traditional Canadian folk songsas well as works by contemporary Canadian composers.This season's Christmas concert will be on December 9and the Spring concert on May 5.The choir continues to expand its repertoire and raise itsartistic level through vocal workshops and inclusion in itsprograms of professional guest soloists andinstrumentalists. The choir performs at various venues inthe Markham community as well as in the surroundingarea and continues to honour its mandate to the communityby entertaining at local retirement and group homes.Village \iices is a non-auditioned, not-for -profit, adultmixed-voice community choir, which rehearses onW!dnesday nights in Unionville.Margaret Bagnall, contact; Joan Andrews, conductor/artistic director; Gerald Loo, accompanist905-881-0769info@villagevoices.cawww.villagevoices.caVisual and Performing ArtsNewmarketVisual and Performing Arts Newmarket was organized in1988 to bring together arts lovers and campaign for aperfonning arts facility. In 1997 VPAN took advantage of anew state-of-the-art theatre in Newmarket and createdThree For The Show, a three-concert series of classicalmusic on Sunday afternoons.Many outstanding artists have appeared on stage,including John Arpin, Maureen fur rester, Mimi Blais,Antonin Kubalek, Alexander Tselyakov, True North Brass,Hannaford Street Silver Band, Susan Hoeppner, BeverleyJohnston, Toronto Children's Chorus and Quartango.Six years ago, VPAN added a popular fourth concert,Young Artists' Showcase, featuring talented young

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