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Volume 12 - Issue 2 - October 2006

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Absolute LoungeHilton

Absolute LoungeHilton Suites Toronto/Markham ConferenceCentre & Spa8500 Warden Avenue, Markham,Tel: + 1-905-470-8500Oct3KC2. Oct7 MarkhamGangJazztet. Oct10 June Garber and Richard Whiteman. Oct 14Jim Finlayson Trio. Oct 17 Starry Nights. Oct 19KC2. Oct21JuneGarberandBillKing. Oct24Markham Gang Jazztet. Oct 26 Markham GangJazztet. Oct 28 StarryNt{Jhts.Oct 31 JimFinlayson Trio.Alleycatz2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865Every Mon Salsa Night. Every Tue ChrisPlack. Every Wed Jasmin Bailey and Ca.Every Thu Peppa Seed.Oct6 ladyKane. Oct7 Saular. Oct 13 Saular.Oct 14 Saular. Oct 20lady Kane. Oct 21 DiscoNt{Jht w. Neon Crush. Oct 27 Sonic Playground.Oct 28 Sonic Playground.Arbor RoomHart House@ the University of Toronto, 7 HartHouse Circle. 416-978-2452Ben Wicks424 Parliament 416-961 -9425www.benwickspub.comBlack Swan154 Danforth Avenue 416-469-0537Boiler House55 Mill St. 416-203-2121Cameron House408 Queen St. West. 416-703-0811Oct 12 GUH.C'estWhat67 Front St. EEvery Wed Hat Fa' GhandiEvery Sat (matinee) The Hat FiveJazzmakersCervejaria Downtown842 College St.Every Wed The Jay Danley Duintet.Chick N'Deli744 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416-489-3363www.chickndeli.comEvery Tue Jam Night.Oct 2 Advacats Bt{J Band. Oct 5-7 SonicPlayground. Oct 16 George lake Bt{J Band.Club Caya Coco304 Richmond St. W.416-595-9000Every Fri, Sat. Michael Kleniec.Comm ens al655 Bay St. 416-596-9364Music Fridays & Saturdays6:30 pm -9:30 pmNo Cover ChargeDct 6 Adrean Farrugia. Dct 7 Leon Kingstone. Oct13 Double A Jazz Trio. Oct 14 Beverly Taft. Oct20 Jonathan Marks. Oct 21 Warren Gret{J. Dct27 10th Anniversary featuring ElizabethShepherd, Warren Greig, Dan Eisen, and RyanOliver.The Concord Cafe, 937 Bloor St. W.Gate 403403 Roncesvalles 416-588-2930www.gate403.comOct 1 Vaughan Misener Jazz Brunch, JJ JazzTrio, String Theory. Dct 3 James Thomson andLISTINGSJazz ClubsJulian Fauth Blues Duo. Oct 4 Michael Boguskiand Wes Neale, Kerry ladyshewsky and RobertMurphy. Oct 5 The Peddlers. Oct 6 Noloves LatinMusic, Smokey Witt Jazz Band. Oct 7 RichardKeelan and friends, Steve Paul and Jahn Jackson.Oct 8 Vaughan Misener Jazz Brunch, JjJazzTrio, Ventana 5 Dct 9 Andre Rouse Solo SteelPan. Dct 10James Thomson and Julian FauthBlues Dua. Dct 11 Michael Baguski and WesNeale. Oct 12 Dia Turkiewicz Jazz Duo. Oct 13Naloves Latin Music, Mr Rick and the Biscuits.Oct 14 Ken Yoshioka and friends, AmandaMartinez Latin Jazz Duo. Oct 15 VaughanMisener Jazz Brunch, JJ Jazz trio, Peter HillJazz Duo. Oct 16Sarah Jorram Jazz Duo. Oct17 James ThamsonandJulianFauth. Oct 18Michael Boguski and Wes Neale, Amy Medvick.Oct 19 Kristine Schmitt Blues Band. Oct 20"no/aves" /a tin music, Jen Sagar Trio. Dct 21Jan Brooks and his friends, HagtawnSyncopators. Oct 22 Vaughan Misener JazzBrunch, JJ Jazz Trio, Peter Hill Jazz Dua. Oct23 Victoria Sanjana Dua. Oct 25Michael Boguskiand Wes Neale. Oct 27 no/aves Latin Music,Marieve Herington Jazz Band. Del 28BillHeffernan and his friends, Bill Westcott. Oct 29Vaughan Misener Jazz Brunch, JJ Jazz Trio,Mike Branton Blues Duo. Dct 30 Ashley St.PierreJazzDuo. Oct31James Thomson andJulian Fauth Blues Dua.Graffitti's Bar and Grill170 Baldwin St. 416-506-6699Every Wed. 6-8 James and Jay.Grasshopper Jazz and Blues Bar460 Parliament St. 416-323-1210Grossman's Tavern379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-7000www.grossmanstavem.comHome Smith BarThe Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Road,416-236-2641www.oldmilltoronto.comOct 6 Christopher Plock Trio. Oct 13DavidOcchipinti Duo. Oct 20 Don Englert Trio. Oct 27Jo-Anne Tudor Trio.Hot House CafeMarket Square, 416-366-7800Jazz brunchEvery Sunday, with the Ken Churchill Duartet.Kristoria French Fine Dining104 Surrey Street E. Guelph519-829-3265Le Sa int Tropez315 King St. W. 416 591 -3600Live music 7 days a week.Lula Lounge1585 Dundas W. 416-588-0307www.lula.caOct 1 Small World Music Festival.· Uuba MariaHevia. Oct 3 Kevin Phillips and the It Men. Oct 6Cuban Fridays w/ Canoe Soni Oct 6 (early)Jenna Andrews. Oct 7 Salsa Saturday w/ RickyFranco. Oct 10 Red: A Nt{Jht of live Performance.Oct 12 GardonSheardCORelease:Crucible.Oct13 Gary Tapp presents Bada Assad + Maraca tuNunca Antes. Oct 15, 16 Gary Tapp PresentsArthur Brawn. Dct 17 YWCA Girljam 4. Dct 18Anne Lindsay CO Release. Oct 20Fado Blues"15''. Oct 21 ladySonArticule Veinte. Oct 235 W W W . THEWH O LE NOTE .COMBack to Ad IndexSarah Nani Metzner. Oct 25 Choir Girlz. Oct 26Galitcha. Dct 27 Cuban Fridays with CafeCubano. Oct 27 Eduardo Sosa. Oct 28Ha/law.e'en Salsa Saturday w/ Orquesta Fantasia.Oct 31 The RJD Jazz Extravaganza.Liberty Bistro and Bar25 Liberty St.@ Atlantic 416-533-8828Manhattan's Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph ON(519) 7672440www.manhattans.caOct 60avid Wiffen Duartet. Oct 21 Bab ParkinsTrio. Oct 28 Vincent Wolfe Trio Featuring SeanBray.Mezzetta681 St. Clair Ave. W.416-658-5687"Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe" Sets at 9 and10: 15. Reservations recommended for first set.Oct 4 Michael Occhipinti Sicilian Jazz Trio. Oct11 Ted Duin/an, Mike Downes. Oct 18KA TZTDLLAR. Oct 25lorne lafsky, Rob Piltch.Mezzrows1546 Queen St. W. 416-658-5687Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz andblues on Saturday afternoons, Sunday evenings,and a live jam every other Wednesday.Mod Club Theatre722 College St. www.themodclub.comN' Awlins Jazz Bar and Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958Every Tue Stacie McGregor. Every Wed JimHeinenan Trio. Every Thu Blues Night withSpecial Guest Vocalists. Every Fri/Sat A// StarBourbon Street Band. Every Sun Rabi Batas.Odd Socks at Dovercourt House805 Dovercourt Rd. 416-537-3337Swing Dances, Lessons and Concerts.The Old Mill21 Old Mill Road, 416-236 2641www.oldmi lltoronto.comOct 2-7 Fifth Avenue. Oct 10-12 Jay BoehmerBand. Oct 13HilarioDuran.Oct 14JayBoehmerBand. Oct 16JazzFm91 Concert. Oct 17-19Jay Boehmer Band. Oct 20Swing Shift Bt{J Band.Oct 23-25liveJive. Oct26, 27 Shirley AlstonReeves of The Shirelles. Oct 28Uve CHFIBroadcast. Oct 30 Christopher Plack Band.Orbit Room508A College St. 416-535-0613Pantages Martini Bar and Lounge200 Victoria St.www.pantageshotel.comPi lot Tavern22 Cumberland 416-923-5716www.thepilot.caJazz every Sunday Afternoon - Laila Biali Trio(twice a month) and others.Oct 7 Pat laBarbera Duartet. Oct 14 MikeMurley Duartet. Dct 21 Andrew Scott CDRelease Party. Oct 285after4 With VittaRezza.The Red Guitar603 Markham St. 416-9134586www.theredguitar.comThe Reservoir Lounge52 Wellington 416 955-0887www.reservoirlounge.comEvery Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers.Every Tues Tyler Yarema and his Rhythm.Every Wed Bradley and the Bouncers.Every ThuJanice Hagen.Every Fri Chet Valiant Combo.Every Sat Tory Cassis.The Rex Jazz and Blues Bar194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475www.therex.caOct 1 Excelsior Traditional Jazz, Dr. Nick and theRollercoasters, Kira Callahan, larra Skye Duintet.Oct 2 Peter Hill Ensemble, Marcel Aucoin Trio.Oct 3 Richard Whiteman Trio, Classic Rex JazzJam. Oct 4 Cam McCaroll Trio, Greenfield/Wyatt. Oct 5 Kevin Duain, David French Duartet.Oct 6 Hogtown Syncopators,Artie Roth Trio,Marilyn Lerner Trio. Dct 7 Ed Vokurka SwingEnsemble, Jake Chisholm, Worst Pap Band Ever,Warren Commission. Oct 8 Excelsior TraditionalJazz, Alex Goodman Group, Kira Callahan, DanScattDuartet. Oct9 Peter Hi/I Ensemble, UafTStudent Ensembles. Oct 10 Richard WhitemanTrio, Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Oct 11 Mike AllenDua, Ti/don Webb and Jodi Proznick. Oct 12Mike Allen Duartet, Kevin Duain. Oct 13Hogtown Syncopators, Artie Rath Trio, TaraDavidson CD Release. 0 ct 14Ed Vokurka SwingEnsemble, Blue Room Chicago Blues, FenderRhodes Trio, William Carn Duintet. Oct 15Excelsior Traditional Jazz, Matzo Ball Gumbo,Kira Callahan. Oct 16Peter Hill Ensemble, UofTStudent Jazz Ensembles. Oct 17 RichardWhiteman Trio, Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Dct 18Cam Mccarroll Trio, 4in Objects. Oct 19 KevinDua in, Phil Dwyer with Dave Young Duartet. Oct20Hagtown Syncopators, Artie Roth Trio,Hotfoot Orchestra. Oct 21 Ed Vokurka SwingEnsemble, Worst Pop Band Ever, laura HubertBand. Oct 22 Club Ojanga, Kira Callahan, NancyWalker Trio. Oct 23 Peter Hill Ensemble, UafTStudent Jazz Ensembles. Oct 24 RichardWhiteman Trio, Classic Rex Jazz Jam. Dct 25Cam McCarall Trio, Nate Renner Trio. Oct 26Kevin Duain, Bab Brough Duartet. Oct 27Hagtown Syncopators, Artie Rath Trio, The DixieDemons. Del 28Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble,Worst Pop Band Ever, Bernie Senensky. Oct 29Excelsior Traditional Jazz, Freeway Dixieland,Kira Callahan, Sandra Bomar Duartet. Oct 30Peter Hill Ensemble, Jahn Maclead's Rex HotelOrchestra. Oct 31 Richard Whiteman Trio,Classic Rex Jazz Jam.Safari Bar and Grill1749 Avenue Rd. 416-787-6584Every Tues Encore JazzSassafraz100 Cumberland 416-964-2222Thu-Sun Washington Savage.Sat, Sun Ray Patterson Trio.Supra265 Davenport Rd.www.sbpra.caOct 10, 11 CD Release: David Braid.Spezzo Ristorante140 York Blvd. Richmond Hill,905-886-9703Live jazz Every Thursday.Ten Feet Tall1381 Danforth Avenue_416 778 7333Every Wed Girls Night Out Singers Jam.The Trane Club964 Bathurst St. 416-913-8197Every Wed in Sept. Fern lindzon Jazz Duawith Guests.Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe6300 Fallsview Boulevard Niagara Falls1-905-354-5000Zazou315 King St. W.Live jazz every Fri and Sat.. ~TO LIST: EMAILJAZZ@THEWHOLENOTE. COM~ 1 • "" \;.

ANNOUNCEMENTS, LECTURES,MASTERCLASSES, ... ETCETERAANNOUNCEMENTS*To October 1, all day: Sound TravelsFestival of Sound Art. Sign Waves. Outdoorinstallations series including Prophet'sSynthecycletron, a site-specific sound sculptureon which participants will generate powerby pedaling which will in turn activate electronicsounds (Centre Island); and Mulder/Allik's Sonic Boardwalk, sound installationthat generates a microsound landscapeactivated by the kinetic imprint of passingvisitors (Ward Island boardwalk). TorontoIsland. 416-910-7231. Free.*To October 14, Wed-Sat noon-5: NewAdventures in Sound Art. SOUNDplayperformance weekend: Audio Art PieceMat!frio by Louis Dufort. Prefix Institute ofContemporary Culture, Audio Art Gallery, 401Richmond St. West 11124. 416-910-7231.Free.*To October 15, Wed-Sun 1-5: NewAdventures in Sound Art. SOUNDplayperformance weekend: Canadian VideomusicScreenings. Gallery 1313, Process Gallery,1313 Queen St. West. 416-91D·7231. Free.*October 110am·6pm: Toronto MusicExpo. Everything Music Under One Roof.Features hundreds of exhibitors, live perform·ances, seminars & workshops, displays ofmusical instruments, sheet music, pro audiogear, music education, music associations,home electronics, broadcasting, podcasting,digital music, software, CDs, DVDs, hometheatre, the music business, home recording,memorabilia, apparel & everything elsemusical. International Centre, 6900 AirportRd, Ste. 120, Mississauga. 416-782-4072,*October 111am-4:30pm: EdwardJohnson Music Foundation. 4th AnnualInternational Music Day. Day of musicalentertainment, including an original musicalplay by Edwina Carson: "lf- With All YourHeart", unveiling of the Edward JohnsonStamp, performances by community groups.River Run Centre, 35 Woolwich St., Guelph.519-763-3000, 877-520-2408. PWYC.*October 1 1 :30-3:30: Royal OntarioMuseum/tiny bird theatre. Alaska·Klon·dike Gold Rush. Explore the gold mining songssung in the cabins, theatres & saloons of the1890s; enjoy a lecture, theatrical performanceof The Demimonde and a special guest appearanceby Klondike Kate. Speakers and perform·ers: Jean Murray (music historian and authorof Music of the Alaska-Klondike Gold Rush);Jennifer Young (member of tiny bird theatre);David Clark (Klondike Kate). ROM, 100Queen's Park. 416-586-5797. ROM members, online ; general public , online,*October 13 8:30: Canadian OperaCompany. Operanation. Ultra chic fundraisingparty bringing together professionals fromdiverse career, social & business circles whoshare an enthusiasm for culture. Live perform·ances throughout the evening; silent auction;cocktails & hors d'oeuvres. Four SeasonsCentre fo r the Performing Arts, 145 QueenSt. West. 416-306-2305. 0 (includes pre-event champagne reception at 7:30 & backstagetour). 0 (regular priced ticket for8:30 event).*October 1410am-4pm: Doors OpenOntario. Victoria Hall, Cobourg. The cultural,political & legal centre of civic life in Cobourg,featuring a Grand Concert Hall with elaboratetrompe l'oeil walls. 55 King St. West, Cobourg.905-3 72-5481, 1-888-262-6874.Free.*October 18, 19, 20 5:00: InternationalBach Festival. Cantata Cafe. Meet the IBFartists. Walter Hall, Lobby, Edward JohnsonBldg, 80 Queen 's Park. 416-862-2224. Free.*October 23 7:00: tu-GEN Asian-Canadi·an Theatre Company. Fire Gala. Seasonlaunch fund raising banquet with music,singing, dance, poetry & comedy; silentauction & raffle; ten-course meal. Bright PearlRestaurant, 346-348 Spadina Ave. 416-598·8097x1 . , 0(table of 10).*October 28 10am-4pm: Doors OpenOntario. Pianovations. Tours will includepianos in various stages of restoration & agallery of restored vintage pianos. 287 MainStreet, Londesborough ON. 519-523-4535.Free.*October 28 6:30: Peel Choral Society.Fall Harvest Gala. Fund raiser including hors d­oeuvres, full course roast beef dinner, silentauction & dance. Hansa House GermanCanadian Club, 6650 Hurontario St., Mississauga.416-961-6444. , 0 (tables of10).*October 28 7:00: Estonian House PianoCommittee. Autumn Colors -Piano Concertand Dinner. Performances by Dr. lndrek Laul,Armas Maisie, Raisa Nakhmanovich &Charles Kipper, pianists; Arunas Radtke,tenor. Dinner, concert & cash bar. EstonianHouse, 958 Broadview Ave. 416-461 -7963. inclusive.*October 29 1 :00, 3:45, 6:00, 8:30pm:Toronto Jewish Film Society. Jazz SingerMarathon (Music/Film). With guest speakers.Al Green Theatre, MNjcc, 750 Spadina Ave.416-924-6211 , perscreening, complete marathon.*National Association of PastoralMusicians/Friars of the Atonement.Hymn Competition: That All May Be One.Competition for two liturgical songs to be sungat the 2007 NPM National Convention, and inpreparation for the centennial observance in2008 of the Week of Prayer for ChristianUnity. Submission deadline: November 30,2006. For details:*October 4 8:00: Mozart Society. Filmand discussion on Mozart's opera The Abductionfrom the Seraglio. Presentation by Societypresident John Endrenyi. First UnitarianCongregation, 175 St. Clair West. 416-2 01 ·3338. suggested donation; members free.*October 5 1 Dam: Great RomanticsFestival. Carl Tausig: his life and work. GiulioDraghi, speaker. Convoca tion Hall, 2nd floorCONTINUESCLASSES & LESSONSALL AGES. ALL LEVELS. FOR EVERYONEJoin Canada's leading musicschool!• Over 40 different instruments & genresranging from classical to rock, folk, worldmusic and hip-hop• Over 230 professional faculty dedicatedto excellence in music education• Classes for beginners (adults & children)• Convenient monthly payment planPrivate Lessons can start at anytime. Full details are Royal Conservatory of MusicToronto:416.408.2825 (Dufferin & Bloor)Mississauga:905.891.7944 (Cawthra & Lakeshore)Back to Ad Index

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