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Volume 12 - Issue 3 - November 2006

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DISCS OF THE MONTHnaked, dry branches of the winter trees beingslapped together by an unforgiving wind.Theresa Tova sings each compositionwith great feeling and moody dysphoria,capturing the intent of the lyric perfectly,rendering it unnecessary to understand Yiddishto experience this eclectic musical journey.The CD is enhanced by strong performancesfrom Jane Bunnett on flute, KellyJefferson on tenor saxophone, Artie Roth onbass, the always exceptional and versatileDaniel Barnes on drums and Brian Katz (oneand the same from "Pashtes") on acousticand electric guitars."Pashtes/Simplicity" is a delight. Praguebornvocalist Lenka Lichtenberg has a lovely,confectionary, gamin-like quality. Hersoprano voice sails above and around thenotes with perfect control, weaving a luminousmystical web. She is in the midst of anamazingly diverse career, including singingas a member of the wildly successful "Sistersof Sheynville" and also performing as acantor at various functions. Brian Katz has asumptuous guitar sound, full of facile runsand lush harmonics. The material on "Pashtes"has been composed entirely by Lichtenbergand arranged by Katz, who havebeen performing and collaborating togethersince 2001. Many of the plaintive melodieson "Pashtes" have an undercurrent of pulsingLatin rhythms that seem to work symbioticallywith the poetry of the iconic PolishbornYiddish poet, Simcha Simchovitch.Like Theresa Tova, Katz and Lichtenberghave surrounded themselves with local musiciansof the highest order, including theextraordinary George Koller on bass, ErnieToller on soprano sax, the dexterous AlanHetherington on a whole mess of multiethnicpercussion and the uber-talented SashaLuminsky on accordion. Although forgedfirmly in the tradition, this recording has avery contemporary feel that will leave youuplifted and spiritually refreshed - just likea great piece of strudel and a "glass tea " .Lesley Mitchell-ClarkeShostakovich - String Quartets 3, 7 & 8St. Lawrence String QuartetEMI 3 59956 2Though Shostakovich came to the string quartetmedium relatively late in his career(1938) the resulting cycle of fifteen quartetsproved to be as astounding and powerful ashis corresponding number of symphonies.Unrestrained and intimate, the quartets forma harrowing mirror of the unimaginable tragediesand upheavals of Soviet culture in astate of continual crisis.The strong narrative element of thesehyper emotional scores is made explicit in thesuppressed sub-titles of the Third Quartet,composed in 1946 under the shadow of yetanother onslaught of Stalinist purges. TheSeventh and Eighth quartets both date from1960. The Seventh, the shortest of Shostakovich'squartets, is ostensibly an abstract work,though its often eerie quality and a veiledallusion to the composer's Fifth Symphony (atheme which moreover recurs in the Eighthquartet) suggest otherwise. The magnificentEighth, composed in an astounding three daysin the still devastated city of Dresden, is ashattering reflection on the Second WorldWar and is replete with coded autobiographicalelements, including the composer' s musicalsignature on the notes DSCH (D , E-flat,C, B).The St Lawrence Quartet's performancesare consistently powerful, tonally variegated,and impeccably moulded. The intensity ofthe playing is consistently persuasive, attimes rivalling the violent, gun-to-one's-headdesperation of the classic Borodin quartetrecordings of these works. The recordedsound is excellent throughout.Daniel FoleyConcert notes: Music Toronto presents theSt. Lawrence Quartet with pianist Wu Hanand cellist David Finckel in music by Shostakovich,Jonathan Berger and Anton Arenskyon November 28 and the Vermeer Quartetperforming Shostakovich's String QuartetNo. 8 on December 8.

ROBERT LOWREYTHE WORLD'S FINEST PIANOS-~:-::- -~ ---.r!- J~,,-Bosendorfer Est. 1828The Pride of AustriaSchimmel Est. 1885Germany's best selling PianoBechstein Est. 1853The King of PianosOur new European Piano Gallery is the only place in North America where you can compare, side-by side, Bosendorfer, Bechsteinand Schimmel, grand and upright pianos. You would chose one of these magnificent instruments for the same reason you maydrive a German Car, the unmistakable benefits of true craftsmanship. Only in Europe have the timeless skills required to make thevery best pianos been formally preserved; to become a piano craftsman in Germany is a great and painstaking achievement. Withthe disappearance of the apprenticeship system, North American manufacturers have had difficulty living up to reputations theymay have enjoyed in the past. When you visit us, you will have the opportunity to see, hear and play an unprecedented selection ofBosendorfer, Schimmel and Bechstein pianos; it will be self-evident these wonderful piano makers are still earning the reputationsthey established more than I 00 years ago. Bosendorfer and Schimmel are proud sponsors of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra'sBosendorfer Piano Competition and the Schimmel New Creations Festival.THE BEST PIANO VALUE FOR EVERY BUDGET~--~- :•-·••'tc"v' --- ~ -' ..,~I--~Knabe ConsoleFrom the Bechstein FamilyVogel GrandMade by SchimmelHeintzman UprightThe Tradition ContinuesOur buying power (we buy factory-direct and import full containers), enables us to select the very best new piano for every budget.Each is pre-serviced by our 22 person service staff and backed by our own warranty, (in addition to the manufacturers warranty).You get the best of both worlds; the lowest price and unparalleled service. Our new pianos include the Bechstein family: Knabe,Sohmer, Kohler & Campbell; Vogel Grands and Uprights from Schimmel; Heintzman and Nordheimer. We also have a wideselection of restored pianos: Steinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, many®Tiny Perfect GrandIdeal for Condosand CottagesRoland from Japan is the undisputed leader in digital music technology, andthe professionals first choice; even Microsofr has adopted Roland's standard. ARoland piano doesn't mind if its hot and humid or cold and dry, and they'reeasy to move around. True Piano tone and touch is just the beginning.Privacy of HeadphonesCompact SizeNever Needs Tuning.Visit our Rogers Organ showroomTour Our Famous WorkshopsFree delivery within 200 kmROBERT LOWREY'SPIANO EXPERTS943 Eglinton Avenue East Lots of free parking! 416-423-0434 -

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