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Volume 12 - Issue 4 - December 2006

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JazzNotescontinuedThe Miller's TaleJazz has produced a bumper crop ofpeople who write about the music,some of them critics who havebrought a high level of integrity andcreativity to their craft. Whitney Balliett,George Simon, Gary Giddinsand Scott Yanow come to mind. Adda Canadian to the list - Mark Miller.Mark wrote regularly for Toronto'sGlobe and Mail newspaper from1978 until he decided to make thebreak in 2005.I don't know of anyone who alwaysagreed with his point of view- but equally, I don't know of anyonewho doesn't have a high regardand respect for his writing skills anddedication. He has had seven bookspublished, the most recent of whichis A Certain Respect For Traditionfrom Mercury Press in Toronto andmade up of selected writings, mostlywritten for The Globe. It containsinsightful and revealing portraits inwords of a wide range of personalitiesand styles from Jabbo Smith toWillem Breuker. There are also halfa-dozenpretty good photographs byMark, seven when you include thecover, showing that he has a perceptiveeye as well as a sharp mind.There is a flow to the book eventhough the pieces represent a spanof25 years, and not only is the writinginformative and entertaining, itis the work of a very creative mindand keen intellect. Make it the nextbook on jazz you buy.Happy listening - and reading.Inside the Jazz Listingsby Sophia PerlmanEvery year, local singer ToryCassis hosts a swing-dance ball,this year, December 10th. TheConstance Margaret ChristmasBall was started six years ago asa memorial for his mother, andthe proceeds all go to "GoodFood For Life", which provideshealthy food for those undergoingbreast cancer treatment, aswell as cancer survivors. Theball, which has found a newhome this year at the historic,and beautifully restored PalaisRoyale, features a swing dancelesson, and dozens of musiciansand special guests from Toronto'sswing scene - Tory's band,The Saturday Night Function,which also features TylerYarema, Mike Carson, Scott Neilson, William Sperandei, JesseBarksdale, Mark Pizer. They will be joined by Richard Underhill,William Carn, Janice Hagen. Other special guests are also expected(I may even put in an appearance myself. You never know.)For tickets, visit: and search for "ToryCassis". You'll find a link with all the information.If you're looking for something to do earlier in the day, the HappyPals host a Christmas party at Grossman's, beginning at 3pm. Coveris and includes a roast beef dinner.Later in the month, numerous wonderful bands host New Year'sEve parties around town, including: Sum of 5ive (Gate 403), LadySon (Lula Lounge), Grooveyard (The Rex), and Brownman's BlueNote Year (Trane Studio). On nights like this, it's wise to call aheadand find out their policies about reservations.As always, it's hard to get club listings for the double issues of themagazine. The easiest way to stay informed is to visit the individualwebsites of the venues. Or, pick up a calendar at whichever place orplaces you decide to ring in the New Year.But for December's listings, see page 60 for a wealth of musicround town and beyond.Sophia PerlmanCorrected Index of AdvertisersAcrobat Music 70 Exultate Chamber Singers 30 Music at St. Clement's 45 RCM Glenn Gould School 10Alan Hobbins 45 Festival Wind Orchestra 34 Music at Timothy's 30 Remenyi House of Music 13Aldeburgh Connection 42, 47 George Heinl 16 Music Gallery 21 Renaissance Singers 52All the King's Voices 37 Grand Philharmonic Choir 53 Music Toronto 7, 15, 29, 35, 43, Riverdale Youth Singers 34On OrERAby Christopher HaileFor those seeking out opera amidall the Nutcrackers and Messiahsin the next two months, there isgood news. Not only is there operato see, but opera outside of themainstream.Perhaps the most anticipated productioncoming up is the COC EnsembleStudio's double bill of TheBear and Swoon. The first is WilliamWalton's one-act opera from1967 based on the 1888 Chekhovfarce of the same name. Like theplay, recently seen at the Shaw Festivaland Soul pepper, the opera detailsthe comic change in the widowMadame Popova and the boorishSmirnov from loathing at firstsight to rather the opposite. StevenWilcox conducts and AshlieCorcoran directs.0N0PERAAND OPERA AT HOMECONTINUE ON PAGE 69 AND 70THE DAVID RESTIVOQUARTETDAVID RESTIVO - PianoKELLY JEFFERSON - SaxARTIE ROTH - BassADAM ARRUDA- DrumsSun. Jan. 14 - 2pmRoyal York RoadUnited Church, EtobicokeTICKETS: ; Sr.INFO: 416-231-1207Toronto Choral Society 35Toronto Consort 30Toronto Culture 62Toronto Masque Theatre 17Amadeus Choir 36 Hannaford Street Silver Band 11 45,47,86 Robert Lowrey's Piano Experts 5 Toronto Mass Choir 49Amici Chamber Ensemble 43 Harknett Musical Services 22 Musicians in Ordinary 40 Roy Thomson Hall 87 Toronto Opera Repertoire 69Analekta 85 Heliconian Club 71 Naxos of Canada 85 Sharlene Wallace 28 Toronto Operetta Theatre 15Art of Time Ensemble 42 High Park Choirs of Toronto 33 New Music Concerts 21, 42 Sine Nomi ne 39 Toronto Summer Music Academy &ATMA Classique 4, 86 Hilton Hotel (Tundra Restaurant) 85 NTOTV 43 Sinfonia Toronto 8 Festival 63Bach Children's Chorus 31 I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble 41 Off Centre Music Salon 28 Singing OUT! 31 Toronto Symphony Orchestra 2, 3Beth Hanson 46 Ja zz at Royal York 24 On Stage at Glenn Gould Studio 9 Small World Music 19 Toronto Welsh Male Voice Choir 29Canadian Cabaret 33 Joel Katz 64 Opera in Concert 46 Sound Post 17 True North Brass 75Canadian Sinfonietta 31 Jubilate Singers 32 Opera-IS 69 St. James' Cathedral 35 TrypTych34Can Clone Services 70 Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orch. 56 Orchestra Toronto 32 St. Michael's Choir School 11 U of T Faculty of Music 27Cathedral Bluffs Symphony Orch. 36 Kitchener-Waterloo Symphony Orpheus Choir of Toronto 39 Studio Sixteen 37 Victoria Scholars 38Christ Church Deer Park Jazz Vespers 23 Orchestra 51, 55 Oshawa·Durham Symphony Syrinx Concerts 28 Vladimir Dounin 49Cirrus Ensemble 38 Koffler School of Music 39 Orchestra 57 Tafelmusik 88 Vocal Art Forum 62Civic Light Opera 39 Linden School 63 Pasquale Bros. 71 The Elora Festival and Singers 64 Vocal Point Chamber Choir 33Cosmo Music 23 Lockridge HiFi 77 Pax Christi Chorale 37 The Singing Chef 67 WholeNote MarketPlace 65, 71, 72De Angel is Entertainment 40 Long & McOuade 17 Penthelia Singers 33 The Snow Queen 59 WholeNote Magazine 6, 10, 49, 59,Deer Park Concerts 40, 48 Mikrokosmos 67 Peter Mahon 19 The Speaking Course 64 65, 67, 72Denise Williams 49 Mississauga Choral Society 32 Piano and Keyboard Centre 75 Think Outside the Box 44 Windermere String Quartet 47Double Dragon Productions 76 Mister's Mastering House 67 RCM Children's Choir 64 Toronto All-Star Big Band 20 Women's Musical Club 49Elmer lseler Singers 48 Music @Ascension 40 RCM Community School 19, 61 Toronto Children's Chorus 72 Yip's Canada 6324 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM DECEMBER 1 2006- F EBRUARY 7 2007

;~~·. -~ __,,_. ~"':..,l l~\ 1-:..J- v ..,WE AREALL Music's CHILDRENby ml BuellDecember's Child ....Conducting himself SO elegantly, thisJ young fellow is secretly getting a:, Handel on the art of disguise ..,!. Identify this leading member of our\ music community for a chance towin tickets or a recording!/"\Think you might know whoDecember's child is? Send your bestguess will be selected by randomdraw among correct entries receivedby January 15'", 2007.)BONUS!!Special Early-Bird Holiday Prize!The first two lucky readers (and their guests) who guesscorrectly will be offered a wonderful December musical treat!Pencil in Sunday December J7d• !November's Child was ...JACQUES ISRAELIEVITCH"From early on I was blessed with wonderful teachersJune 2'"', 1960, in Le Mans, France: "Bonne Anniversaire !" to littlebrother Edmond, who also became a violinist!A year earlier, at age 11 , violinist Jacques lsraelievitch made hisdebut on French National Radio. He graduated from the ParisConservatory at sixteen. His teachers include Henryk Szeryng, JanosStarker, William Primrose and Josef Gingold, with whom he laterserved as Teaching Assistant at Indiana University.Assistant Concertmaster of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra forsix seasons, Concertmaster of the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra forten years, Jacques has been Concertmaster of the Toronto SymphonyOrchestra since 1988. He appears regularly with the orchestra as asoloist and conductor. He is also a teacher, solo performer andchamber musician, and conducts regularly in Canada andinternationally. Jacques is a member of the New Arts Trio, a chambergroup that has been trio-in-residence at the Chautauqua Institution(New York State) since 1978, and is a founding member of theToronto Symphony Quartet.The Israelievitch Duo (with percussionist son Michael) is busycommissioning, performing and recording new works by MichaelColgrass, Srul Irving Glick, Raymond Luedeke, Murray Adaskin, andLaurence Rosenthal, to name a few. Their CD Hammer and Bow(works for percussion and violin) was recently released by Fleur deA year earlier than thischildhood photo, at age 11,violinist Jacques lsraelievitchmade his debut on FrenchNational Radio.Duo lsraelievitch(Jacques and Michael) in concertSon Classics. The title track is a fantasy for violin and marimba byMichael Colgrass. (available in the music store at Roy Thomson Hall,at The Sound Post, and online at JO, 2-4:30pm at The Sound Post master class and CD launchfor Jacques' recording of the Kreutzer Etudes. This 2 CD set isaccompanied by a new edition of the etudes and a study guide byDavid Wilson (Stringology). Prepare an elude and bring your instrument!Jan. 20-21, 2007: Toronto Symphony Quartet with violinist ScottSt. John. (TSO Mozart Festival)Jan. 31, Feb I & 3, 2007: Bartok Concerto #2 with the TorontoSymphony Orchestra. Thomas Dausgaard, conductor.Feb. 19, 2007: Jacques conducts the Koffler Chamber Orchestra atMiles Nadal JCC. (Bach, Vivaldi, Elgar and Grieg.)Mar. 4, 2007: Toronto Symphony Quartet at Miles Nadal JCC.Apr. I, 2007: Off-Centre Music Salon, Glenn Gould Studio.(Schubert E flat Trio)Apr. 15, 2007: lsraelievitch Duo in concerto performances withOrchestra Toronto. Geoige Weston Recital Hall.CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!TICKETS! RECORDINGS!Amir Safa vi, Annie Odom, Christine Gale, Josiane J. Elary, JulieGoldstein, Laura O' Brien, Lynda Moon, Otto Rath , Tibor Haynal,and Wendy Seravalle-Smith wil l attend (variously) the concerts listedabove, or receive a copy of the Israelievitch Duo's recent recording,Hammer and Bow. Winners will be notified personally.Thank you to the generous donors of our prizes!Know someone whose photograph should appear on this page?Suggestions: musicschildren@thewholenote.comClz-

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