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Volume 12 - Issue 6 - March 2007

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whalenote~Volume 12, #6, March 1 -April 7, 200709 For Openers Dm•id Perlman10 DISCoveries: Editor's Corner Dm•id Olds10 Cover Story: Mary Lou Fallis Allan Pulker13 T.O. Musical Diary Colin EatockBEAT BY BEAT (The Live Music Scene)14 Quodlibet Allan Pulker15 World View Karen Ages16 Early Music Frank Nakashima17 Choral Scene Larry Beckwith18 Band Stand Jack MacQuarrie20 TMA News Brian Blain20 Some Thing New Jason van Eyk2l Jazz Notes ]im Galloway22 On Opera Christopher Haile2 2 Opera at Home Phil EhrensaftCONTEST23 We are all Music's Children m]huellCALENDAR (Live Music Listings)24 Concerts: Toronto & GTA44 Concerts: Beyond the GTA5 0 Opera, Music Theatre and Dance51 Jazz in the Clubs5 2 Announcements, Lectures, ... EtceraMUSICAL LIFE5 8 Confessions of a Music Camp addict Lola Rasminsky5 9 SPECIAL: Summer Music Education Carolyn McG ee67 Cynthia Steljes remembered Leanne McMurray67 BookShelf Pamela MarglesDISCOVERIES: discs reviewed69 Choral70 Early Music and Period Performance70 Classical and Beyond72 Modern and Contemporary73 Jazz and Improvised75 Pot Pourri76 Old Wine in New Bottles Bruce Surtees77 Discs of the Month78 Extended PlayBACK BEAT: readers write 79OTHER ELEMENTS08 Contact Information and Deadlines23 Index of Advertisers55 WholeNote MarketPlace: Education5 6 Classified Ads57 WholeNote MarketPlace: EducationISSUE highlightsJohn Beckwith at 80 page 17 Summer Music Ed: your pick page 58WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM MARCH 1 - APRIL 7 2007

ROBERT LOWREYTHE WORLD'S FINEST PIANOSBosendoifer Est. 1828The Pride of AustriaSchimmel Est. 1885Germany's best selling PianoBechstein Est. 1853The King of PianosOur new European Piano Gallery is rhe only place in Norrh America where you can compare, side-by side, Bosendorfer, Bechsreinand Schimmel, grand and uprighr pianos. You would chose one of rhese magnificenr insrrumenrs for rhe same reason you maydrive a German Car, rhe unmisrakable benefirs of rrue crafrsmanship. Only in Europe have rhe rimeless skills required ro make thevery best pianos been formally preserved; ro become a piano crafrsman in Germany is a great and painsraking achievemenr. Wirhrhe disappearance of rhe apprenticeship system, North American manufacrurers have had difficulry living up ro repurations rheymay have enjoyed in rhe pasr. When you visir us, you will have rhe opporruniry ro see, hear and play an unprecedented selecrion ofBosendorfer, Schimmel and Bechsrein pianos; ir will be self-evidenr rhese wonderful piano makers are srill earning rhe repurarionsrhey esrablished more rhan I 00 years ago. Bosendorfer and Schimmel are proud sponsors of rhe Toronto Symphony Orchesrra'sBosendorfer Piano Comperirion and rhe Schimmel New Crearions Fesrival.THE BEST PIANO VALUE FOR EVERY BUDGETKnabe ConsoleFrom the Bechstein FamilyVogel GrandMade by SchimmelHeintzman UprightThe Tradition ContinuesOur buying power (we buy facrory-direcr and imporr full containers), enables us ro select rhe very besr new piano for every budger.Each is pre-serviced by our 22 person service sraff and backed by our own warranry, (in addirion ro rhe manufacrurers warranry).You ger rhe besr of borh worlds; rhe lowesr price and unparalleled service. Our new pianos include rhe Bechsrein family: Knabe,Sohmer, Kohler & Campbell; Vogel Grands and Uprighrs from Schimmel; Heinrzman and Nordheimer. We also have a wideselecrion of resrored pianos: Sreinway, Yamaha, Baldwin, many®Tiny Peifect GrandIdeal for Condosand CottagesRoland from Japan is rhe undispured leader in digiral music rechnology, andrhe professionals firsr choice; even Microsoft has adopred Roland's srandard. ARoland piano doesn'r mind if irs hor and humid or cold and dry, and rhey'reeasy ro move around. True Piano rone and rouch is jusr rhe beginning.Privacy of HeadphonesCompact SizeNever Needs Tuning.Visit our Rogers Organ showroomTour Our Famous WorkshopsFree delivery within 200 kmROBERT LOWREY'SPIANO EXPERTS943 Eglinton Avenue East Lots of free parking! 416-423-0434 -

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