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Volume 12 - Issue 8 - May 2007

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Grasshopper Jazz .and

Grasshopper Jazz .and Blues Bar Mezzetta460 Parliament St. 416-323-1210 681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687Absolute Lounge Every Third Mon George lake Big Band. Grossman's Tavern Wednesday Concerts in a Cafe. Sets at 9 andHilton Suites Toronto/Markham Conference 379 Spadina Ave. 416-977-1210 10: 15. Reservations Recommended for firstComn\ensal, LeCentre and Spawww.grossmanstavern.comset.655 Bay St. 416,-596-93648500 Warden Avenue, MarkhamMay 2 Sound from the Cloud. May 3 Dick May is Guitar Masters Month!www.commensal.ca905-470-8500 May 2 lorne lofsky, Kieran Overs. May 9Music Fridays & SaturdaysEllis Revival May 4 First Sundays with Sandi~ay 1 Markham Bang Jazztet. May 3 Jim Marie and Company, Jim Heineman Band. Ted Guin/an, Mike Downes. May 16 Michael6:30 pm -9:30 pmFinlayson Trio. May 5 June Barber. May 8May 5 The Happy Pals, Oare Devils of Soul Occhipinti, Luis Simao. May 23 Brian Katz,No Cover ChargeKC2. May 12 Markham Bang Jazztet. MayMay 6 Nicola Vaughan Acoustic Jam, The Rob Piltch. May 30 Roland Hunter, JesseMay 4 Kira Callahan/Nathan Hiltz. May 515 Rob Christian with Sophia Perlman. MayNationals with Brian Caber. May 7 laura Capon, Jon Maharaj.Leon Kingstone/Oan Eisen. May 11 Mark17 Andre Roy. May 19 Roger Chong. May 22 Kieswetter. May 12 Warren Grieg/Dan Eisen.Hubert Band. May 9 Backassward Comedy. MezzrowsJune Barber. May 24 Markham Bang Jazz- May 18 Double A Jazz Trio. May 19 BeverlyMay 11 Bary Kendall Blues Band. May 12 1546 Queen St. W. 416-658-5687tet. May 26 Jim Finlayson Trio. M,ay 29 RobTaft/Dan Eisen. May 18 Oou~le A Jazz Trio.The Happy Pals, Thft Ray. May 13 Nicola Parkdale neighborhood pub featuring jazz andChristian w/ Sophia Perlman. May 31 KC2. May 19 Beverly Taft/Dan Eisen. May 25Vaughan Acoustic Jam, The Nationals wjth blues on Saturday afternoons, Sunday eveningsAlleycatz Jonathan Marks Violin Jazz Duo. May 26Brian Caber. May 16 loose Wire. May 17 and a live jam every other Wednesday.2409 Yonge St. 416-481-6865 Elizabeth Shepherd/Dan Eisen.Ravon On. May 25 Frankie Foo. May 26N' Awl ins Jazz Bar and DiningEvery Mon Salsa Night. Every Tue WhitneyJuke. May 31 Blues Drivers.The Concord Cafe299 King St. W. 416-595-1958Smith and C. Berardinucci Ouintet. Every 937 Bloor St W. 416-532-3989Home Smith Barwww.nawlins.caWed Jasmin Bailey and Co. Every ThuThe Old Mill, 21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641 Every Tues Stacie McGregorSump'n Different w/ New Vocalists Weekly. Dominion on Every Wed Jim Heineman Trio.May 4, 5 Soular. May 11, 12 lady Kane. 500 Queen St. E. 416-368-6893Hot House CafeEvery Thu Blues Night with Guest VocalistsMay 18, 19 Braffitti Park. May 25, 26, lady www.dominiononqueen.comMarket Square, 416-366-7800Every Fri/Sat All Star Bourbon St. BandKane. Gate 403 Every Mon Jazz Brunch with the Ken Every Sun Rabi Botos.Arbor Room 403 Roncesvalles 416-588-2930 Churchill Ouartet. Odd Socks at Dovercourt HouseHart House@ the University of Toronto, 7 www.gate403.comKristoria French Fine Dining 804 Dovercourt Rd. 416-537-3337Hart House CircleMay 1 Kevin Laliberte Flamenco Guitar,104 Surrey St. E. Guelph Old Mill, The416-978-2452 James Thomson, Oonee Roberts and JulianFauth Blues Trio. May 2 Tervor Bianco/a Jazz519-829-3265 21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641Ben Wicks Band, Cocktail Jazz Band. May 3 Adrian Lula Lounge www.oldmilltoronto.com424 Parliament. 416-961-9425Shaw Jazz Duo, The Peddlers. May 4 Nolove 1585 Dundas W. 416-588-0307 Opal Jazz OJ, Patrick Tevlin's New Orleans Duo. May 5 472 Queen St. West. 416-646-6725Boiler House Bill Heffernan with his Friends, Linda Carone May 3 lula World.· Opening Night Bashi Bally· www.opaljazzlounge.com55 Mill St. 416-203-2121 Jazz Duo May 6 Kenny Yoshioka Blues Band, wood Fever. May 4 Brazilian Party w. Marac· Orbit RoomMay 1 Tonino. May 2 Tonino. May 3 Rich· John Emery JazzBand. May 7 Matt Newton, atu and Montreal's Bombo/esse. May 5 Salsa 508A College St. 416-535-0613ard Whiteman Trio. May 4 Jap Masters Mark Mcintyre and Ethan Ardelli. May 8 Superstar E( Nino. May 6 Evergreen Club.series w/ Ross Wooldridge. May 5 Bump. Kevin Laliberte Flamenco Guitar, James May 8 Esprit Orchestra New Wave Compos·Pantages Martini Bar and LoungeMay 6 Jazz Brunch With Kevin Clark. May 8 Thomson, Donee Roberts and Julian Fauth. ers Festival May 9 David Buchbinder's Odes· 200 Victoria St. 416-945-5444Tonino. May 9 Tonino. May 10 Richard. May 9 Up the line Blues Duo, Dave and Levi sa/Havana with Hilario Duran. May 10 People Pilot TavernWhiteman Trio. May 11 Jazz Masters series Jazz Duo. May 10 Patricia Fagan JaN Band, Project and Koba Town May 11 Ba Cissoko. 22 Cumberland 416-923-5716w/ Terry Promane. May 13 Mothers Day Margaret Stowe Jazz Duo. May 11 Nico May 12 Ray Barretto Tribute with Ralph lri· www.thepilot.caBrunch lester Maclean and Kevin Clark Bani/. Dann: The lost Boys Jazz Trio, Hogtown zarry. May 15 luis Mario Ochoa/Humber QuotesMay 15 Tonino. May 16 Tonino. May 17 Syncopators. May 12 Bill Heffernan and his CollegelatinJazzBigBand. May 16Avataar 220 King St. W.Kevin Clark Band. May 18JazzMastersSe- Friends, Kristine Schmitt and the Powers That Collective and Eccodek. May 17 Silk Road416-979-7717ries with Pat laBarbera. May 19 Bump Band. Be. May 13 Kenny Yoshioka Blues Band, Cher- Music Featuring Oiu Xia. May 17 (10:30pmlMay 20 Jazz Brunch. May 22 Tonino. May y/ Thibideau Jazz Duo. May 14 Phillipe le Sunshine State. May 18 Direct from Italy Renaissance Cafe, The23 Tonino. May 24 Kevin Clark Band. May JeuneJazz Trio. May 15Kevinlaliberte Vinicio Capossela {with Marc Ribot}, Apostle 1938 Danforth Avenue 416-422-144126 Bump Band. May 27 Jazz Brunch w/ Kevin Flame(lco, James Thomson, Oonee Roberts of Hustle. May 19 Havana Norte. May 20 Reservoir Lounge, The'Clark Band. May 29 Tonino. May 30 Tonino. and Julian Fauth Blues Trio. May 16 Sean Eliana Cuevas. May 20 Blackrose + Redsan. 52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887May 31 Kevin Clark Band. Bellaviti and Julian Humphreys with Friends, May 22 Marimba Madness.\Cameron HouseKarry ladyshewsky & Robert Blues Duo. 17 Liberty Bistro and Bar Every Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers408 Queen St. West. 416· 703-0811 Ali Berkok Jazz piano solo. May 17 Ali 25 Liberty St.@ Atlantic 416-533-8828 Every Tue Tyler Yarema and his RhythmBerkok Jazz Piano Solo, Scott Kemp JazzEvery Wed Bradley and the BouncersCentral, TheCollective. May 18Roman TomjazzandLive @ CourthouseEvery Thu Janice Hagen603 Markham St. 416-919-4586 blues duo, Ori Dagan May 19 Bill Heffernan57 Adelaide Street East. 416-214-9379Every Fri Chet Va/ient Combowww.thecentral.cawith his friends, Marieve Herington Jazzwww.liveatcourthouse.comEvery Sat Tory CassisC'estWhatOuartet. May 20 Kenny Toshioka Blues Band,May 1 Ken Fornetran and Dave Restivo tea-Rex Jazz and Blues Bar, The67Front St. E. ~ 16-867 .9499Peter Hill Jazz Duo. May 21 Allyson Morristuring Thyron lee Whyte. May 3 Jazz FMB 1194 Queen St. W. 416-598-2475www.cestwhat.comGroup. May 22 Kevin Laliberte, James Thom-Jazz lives After Party. May 4, 5 luis Mariowww.therex.caEvery Wed Hot Fo' Bhandi.son, Oonee Roberts and Julian Fauth BluesOchoa Ouartet. May 8 Elizabeth ShepherdMay 1 Richard Whiteman Trio, Classic RexEvery Sat (matineel The Hot Five Jazzmak- Trio. May 23 Eric St. Laurent Jazz Duo, Tan:Trio. May 9 Eliana Cuevas. May 10 VincentWolfe. May 11 Adi Braun. May 12 Joe Sea· Jazz Jam. May 2 Alex Goodman Trio, Richers.ya Mass Jazz Duo. May 24 Marcel Alexly. May 16AliaKadysh. May 17 Michael Underhill Ouintet. Ma·y 3 Snow Cycle; COCervejaria DowntownAucoin Jazz Piano, String Theory Band. MayOcchipinti and Creation Dream with special Release: The Jazz Navigators. May 4 Hog-842 College St. 416-588·0162. 25 Joanna Moon Flamenco Latino with OueguestJeff Coffin. May 18 Michael Occhipinti town Syncopators, Raoul and the Big Time,Every Wed The Jay Danley Ouintet. bee Edge OuiJrtet, Sum of 5ive Modern Jazz Bob Brough. May 5 Ed Vokurka, A.BLE BigBand. May 26 Bill Heffernan with his friends, and Creation Dream. May 19 George KollerChalkers Pub Billiards & Bistro Septet. May 22, 23 Daniel Barnes. May 24 Band, Fender Rhodes Trio, Kiki Misumi Ouar·Suzanna De Camara Jazz Band. May 27 Ken-247 Marlee Avenue, 416-789-2531tet. May 6 Humber College Community MunyYoshioka Blues Band, Coleman Tinsley JazzBrownman Ouintet. May 25, 26 Bernie Sen· ensky Ouintet. May 29, 30 Laila Biali. May sic School Student Recitals, Swing Rosie, DonDuo. May 28 Ashley St. Pierre Jazz Duo.May 6 Guitar Clinic/Performance with Reg31 Pat Collins Ouartet.Blazer Trio. May 7 Darren Sigesmund Trio,May 29 Kevin Lal iberte Flamenco GuitarSchwager. May 13 Bob Brough Ouartet. May Chris Hunt Tentet + 2. May 8 Richard White-Solo, James Thomson, Donee Roberts and Manhattan's Music Club20 Rich Underhill Ouartet. May 27 Tara Dav-man Trio, Rex Jazz Jam. May 9 Alex Good·Julian Fauth Blues Band. May 30 Blues Ca· 951 Gordon St. Guelphidson Trio, Bernardo Padron. May 10 Kevinnoe, Max Senitt Latin Jazz Ouartet. May 31 519-767-2440Ouain, The Rhythm and Truth Brass Band.Chick N' Deli Ted Hawkins Blues Duo, Cam McCaroll Jazz May 11 Hogtown Syncopators, Justin Bae-744 Mount Pleasant Rd. 416-489-3363 Duo. May 4 Richard Whiteman Trio. May 13 Mon- chus, Hugh Fraser Ouintet. May 12 Ed Vokurwww.chickndeli.comGraffitti's Bar and Grill ica Chapman Mother's Day Special May 19 ka Swing Ensemble, Broken Joe Bluegrass,Every Tue Jam Night 170 Baldwin St. 416-506-6699Victor Bateman and Sean Bray. May 26 TimFender Rhodes Trios, Mike Downes Ouartet.Every First Mon Advocats Big BandShia Trio.5 0 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE. COM M AY 1 - ) UNE 7 20 0 7

May 13 Excelsior Dixieland Jazz, Dr. Nickand the Rollercoasters, Swing Rosie, Dan Mc­Carthy Trio. May 14 Darren Sigesmund Trio,John Cheesman Big Band. May 15 RichardWhiteman Trio, Classic Rex Jazz Jam. May16 Alex Goodman Trio, Julie Mahendran.May 17 Kevin Ouain, Frank Lozano & JohnGeggie w. Jim lewis. May 17 HogtownSyncopators, Frank Lozano and John Geggiew. Jim lewis. May 19 Ed Vokurka SwingEnsemble, Swing Shift Big Band, FenderRhodes Trios, Rosemary Galloway. May 20Excelsior Dixieland Jazz, Club Django, SwingRosie, Trombone Extravaganza: Alistair Kayand Friends. May 21 Darren Sigesmund Trio,Harley Card Ouartet. May 22 Richard WhitemanTrio, Classic Rex Jazz Jam. May 23Alex Goodman Trio, the T.J.O. May 24 KevinOuain, Mike Murley Septet. May 25 HogtownSyncopators, Justin Bacchus, Mike MurleySeptet. May 26 Ed Vokurka Swing Ensemble,laura Hubert Band, Fender RhodesTrios, David Buchbinder. May 27 ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz, Freeway Dixieland, SwingRosie, Jennifer Petrie/Ii. May 30 Alex GoodmanTrio, Andrew Downing Ouartet. May 31Kevin Ouain, Andrew Downing Ouartet.Safari Bar and Grill1749 Avenue Rd. 416-787-6584Saint Tropez, Le315 King St. W. 416-591-3600Live music 7 days a weekSpezzo Restorante140 York Blvd. Richmond Hill 905-886-9703Live jazz every Thursday.Sydney's Island Restaurant5120 Dixie Rd, MississaugaMay 25 Roselyn Brown Ouintet (Reservationsrecommended.}Ten Feet Tall1381 Danforth Avenue, 416-778-7333www.tenfeettall.caMay 6 Steve K oven/Kenny Kirkwood. May13 Pat Murray Ouartet. May 20 Kira Calla-. han. May 27 Melissa Pizrowkowski Trio.Trane Studio, The964 Bathurst St. 416-913-8197www.tranestudio.comMay 1 Split Square with the Marksmen.May 2 Snow Cycle (live recording featuringRich Brown}. May 3 Killarnoe by Sonnetl 'Abbe, Ultra Magnus. May 4 Noa Bursie,Melissa laveaux and Kyrie Kristmanson. May5 Julie Michels. May 6 Rasta Festival Medialaunch. May 8 Acoustic Soul with DJ Blacklotus. May 9 Subliminal Birthday Party. May1 D CaneFire with Jason Wilson ~nd Tabarruk.May 11 Sundar's lnduswest Project "Hopeand Infinity" CD Release. May 12 CautionJam. May 15 Jonathan Kay and the LyttleKay Band. May 16 Mike Celia, David Celia,Brownman. May 18 Radio Nomad. May 19Hilario Duran Ouartet. May 22 Acoustic Soulw/ DJ Black lotus. May 23 Elizabeth Shepherd,Reg Scliwager, Brownman. May 24 StillPoints Ouaitet featuring Daniel Easty. May25 Ernest Dawkins and the New HorizonsEnsemble Part 1. May 26 Ernest Dawkinsand the New Horizons Ensemble Part 2. May29 Taurean Clarke Ouartet. May JD ElianaCuevas, Jorge Miguel, Brownman. May 31Pashtes.TO LIST:JAZZ@THEWHOLENOTE.COMby the 20th of the month beforeMAY 1 - JUNE 7 2007When the concert's done ...East of Yonge, all that jazzby Sophia Perlman ·As Jim Galloway mentions in hiscolumn on page 23, the part ofthe city around Massey Hall hasa rich jazz history. But whilethere has been much mourning thedemise of venues like the Top O'the Seqator and the MontrealBistro in recent years, there isstill a wealth of places to hear livejazz. This month, we're taking alook at some of the venues thatare within close range of thiswonderful, historic concert venue.1. Pantages Martini Bar andLounge, 200 Victoria St.· www.pantageshotel.comPerhaps the closest venue toMassey Hall, the Martini Bar inthe upscale Pantages Hotelpresents live jazz booked by localjazz personality Jaymz Bee onFridays and Saturdays.What Will I Hear? Fridaynights feature the trumpet andpiano duo of John Simoes andAaron Peixoto - both graduatesof the Humber College Musicprogram. Saturday night features .a rotating roster of talented localpianists. Last month, the listincluded Robert Scott, DavidRestivo and Ashley Wey.Cover: None, and the bar offersone hour complimentary parkingon jazz nights.Menu: Upscale martinis, and lightappetizers.Atmosphere: Recently re-styledby the designers behind HGTV's"The.Designer Guys" the barfeatures two separate areas - thebar itself and a separate seatingroom known as the library withcouches and chairs for quietconversation.2. Reservoir Lounge,52 Wellington St.·Located right across from theFlatiron building, an.d steps fromboth the St. Lawrence Centre andthe Hummingbird, this belowstreetlevel venue offers livemusic 6 nights a week.What will I hear? There is aroster of musicians (includingyours truly) who play weekly.The music tends to lean towardsswing jazz, jump, and blues.Video clips are available on theirwebsite.Cover: Mondays, pay what youcan. Tuesday-Thursday, ;Friday/Saturday .Menu: A wide range of cocktails,Friday or Saturday. Note that thisvenue is 19+3. Dominion on Queen,martinis, and a broad enough menu 500 Queen St. suit most tastes.Located on Queen East near Par­Atmosphere: Varies from night to liament, Dominion on Queen is anight. The bar attracts jazz fans, comfortable, local venue withas well as theatregoers and Bay fiercely loyal regulars. Live jazz isStreet types looking for a place to . presented six (and occasionallyunwind. Expect it to be noisy on aCONTINUES ON PAGE 60WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM 51

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