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Volume 13 - Issue 1 - September 2007

Attend central

Attend central Canada'slargest showcase eventof national and international talent!0(07Wed, Oct 17 to Sat, Oct 20, 2007The Living Arts Centre, Mississauga, ON• 42 juried showcases• hot-topic workshops• indie showcases• buyers & sellers Contact RoomARTISTS ••• MANAGEMENTS ••. PRESENTERSWhy would you beanywhere else?l+I0(07 info:Paul Eck, Exec. Producer 905.817.0022ontariocontact@sympatico.caCanadianHeritageOC 07 is presented byOntario!'resentingNetworkwith the assistance ofPatrimoinecanadienP.,\. ONTARIO ARTS COUNCILM CONSEIL DES ARTS DE L'ONTARIOand supported bywholenotewww .ontariocontact.caEARLY Musicby Frank NakashimaHave you ever wondered about the effect that modern technology hashad on historical performance? For example, digital recordings and theWorld Wide Web have had a significant impact in the preservation andthe distribution of music around the world. Still, in most cases, theessence of the music remains true to its origins. Dedicated performingartists are continually making great efforts to practise and research soas to bring the music of the past to life again.Because of motorized vehicles (and our modern lifestyles), wenow need personal trainers to help us to maintain physical health.With telephones and internet, we can communicate from great distancesand never have to move from our chair. Using calculators andcomputers, we don 't have to exercise our brains as much. You wouldthink we would have turned into little blobs by now.Not so with performing arts. For the most part, not much hasphysically changed in the study and practice of music, and historicalperformance continues to offer many challenges, both physical andmental, to those who wish to pursue its study. I salute the many talentedmusicians in our city who perform early music.There's really a lot going on in our city. Perhaps you would like tolearn some more about Early Music, or music before our time? Youcan start by visiting some of these websites on the adjacent page.(Save the page for future reference.) But first, here's some of what'sgoing on, even at this early stage in the season.You should note that an early music "open house" will be takingplace at the historical Montgomery's Inn which has been restored asa living museum to the 1847-50 period (September I 5) - the TorontoEarly Music Centre's annual Early Music Fair at which several ofthe organizations listed below will be represented. There will be miniconcerts,exhibits, and information about the art of historical musicperformance. Pretty much everything you wanted to know about earlymusic (but were afraid to ask).Also September 15, I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble kicks off anotherseason of, dare I say it, baroque bedlam. At least that's whatthe title of the concert suggests: CRAZY, featuring "Mad Songs" byPurcell & Blow and Folies Espagne variations. www.ifuriosi.comThe Horns of Roncesvalles (comprised of the French hornistsStephen Cameron, Derek Conrod, Diane Doig and David Haskins)appear at the Toronto Music Garden (September 16) in the programentitled, "The Taming of the Horn" which includes the music of theMarquis de Dampierre, Bernard Heiden, Richard Wagner and more.Learn about the evolution of the French horn, from the forest to thecourt; from the hunt to the dance. It's free!Here's a fanfare for Tafelmusik's season opener, so sound thetrumpet! Here comes a baroque blockbuster concert for three trumpets,three oboes, bassoon and strings, featuring Vivaldi 's famousConcerto for 2 Trumpets in C Major and Bach's majestic Orchestral~. 'v.'. I·~: I·.~ .',~;'•It .I.. tfte ~£!f;t!f! postViolins, violas, cellos, and bowsComplete line of strings and accessoriesExpert repairs and rehairsCanada's largest stock of string musicFast mail order service~,,,--rwww.thesoundpost.cominfo@thesoundpost.com93 Grenville St., Toronto MSS 184tel 416.971.6990 fax 416.597.992322 WWW, THEWHOLENOTE.COM SEPTEMBER 1 - OCTOBER 7 2007Back to Ad Index

Suite No. 4. This program also featuresan elegant Telemann suite, aswell as soloist Charlotte Nediger ina Bach organ concerto (September25 - 30).The forerunners of today's guitarslead off the seventh season ofThe Musicians In Ordinary assoprano Hallie Fishel and lutenistJohn Edwards present A Sa Guitarre- Songs to the guitar from thel 6th to ! 9th century (October 6), Musicians in Ordinarytaking you on a musical journeyfrom the Spanish Renaissance to the English Baroque, Early ClassicalFrench, and Italian music. Edwards will be performing on a violinsizedrenaissance guitar and a larger baroque guitar which the Italianscalled "chitarra spagnola" (Spanish guitar). Visit their website atwww.musiciansinordinary.caLocal early music on the world wide - Academy Concert Series,classical music on period - the Aradia Ensemble, Naxos recording - Claviers Baroques, builders ofhistorical keyboard - Great Bass Viol, Joelle - The Gregorian Institute of - I Furiosi Baroque Ensemble, baroque musicwith an - La Belle Danse, baroque dance - Musicians in Ordinary,lute and - Opera Atelier - internationally acclaimedopera - Stephen Fox, historical plspls - Poculi Ludique Societas(medieval drama) - Scaramella - old and new music on - Sine Nomine Ensemble forMedieval - Tafelmusik Baroque - Tallis Choir, Renaissance to early Classicalchoral - Toronto Chamber - Toronto Consort - Medieval,Renaissance, dresher/TEMPO - Toronto Early MusicPlayers Organization, - Toronto Masque - Thomas Georgi, viola d'amoreEARLY mustc fAtRJO.Pn _Al )f 7,.__ f SA fH.Saturday, September 15 - Noon to 5 p.m.• Recitals• Historical instruments• Exhibits• Demonstrations• Door prizes,• and much more!Adults: , Students/Seniors: , Children under 12: Free to members of Toronto Early Music Centre.Montgomery's Inn4709 Dundas West (at lslington) 1umTDRONm Culture11-,rf\Piano & Keyboard Centre416-394-8113'---------------------------'----L ··- ---··-- ---- - -------S EPTEMBER 1 · O CTOB ER 7 2007WWW, TH EWHOLENOTE,COMBack to Ad IndexRepresenting the largest collectionof Restored Steinway Pianos in Canada.Genuine Steinway parts used.Restoration by Wayne Chen, German Steinwayfactory trained technician.Here is our partial Steinway inventory:Steinway Model K - Pol/Ebony SOLDSteinway Model K - Sat/MahoganySteinway Model S - Sat/WalnutSteinway Model S - Sat/EbonySteinway Model M-Sat/Ebony (w/QRS Player)Steinway Model O - Sat/Walnut SOLDSteinway Model L- Sat/MahoganySteinway Model A- Sat/EbonySteinway Model B - Sat/EbonySteinway Model D - Sat/Ebony,995,995,000,000,995,000,000,995 ,000,000We offer top price to buy and trade Steinway pianos.For a particular model, finish, style, or forSales, Service & Concert or Recording Rentals,please call 905-709-2771 or 1-866-879-6741.70 East Beaver Creek Road (Hwy. 7/404)www.pianokeyboard.comWINDERMERESTRING flUARTET''(;, on period instrumentsWSQ Concert Series: 4 Sundays at 3:00Sept. 9 Hansel, Mozart, BeethovenNov. 11 Fodor, Eybler, BeethovenMar. 16 J. Haydn Seven Last Words, readingsMay 25 M. Haydn, BeethovenSt. Olave's Anglican Ch., 360 Windermere Ave.Gusts. of Bloor betw. Runnymede - J ane/S. Kingsway), s/s , 4-concert Series: , s/s For more information call 416-769-7054,email, or, purchase online

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