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Volume 13 - Issue 1 - September 2007

A Choral Life Q & AAriel

A Choral Life Q & AAriel Fielding, Nathaniel Dett'IWzat was your first ever choral experience(where, when, what, why)?When I was about two years old, my fathertook me to evensong at St. Simon-the-Apostle.I must have liked it, because during a beautifulmoment in the music I leapt up on the pew andstarted blowing kisses to the choir.'IWzat choirs have you sung with?I started out in the Gallery Choir at the Churchof St. Mary Magdalene, as a teenager, andsoon after that joined the choir and chambersingers at Jarvis Collegiate under David Low.David was a wonderful and generous teacherand conductor who gave me all sorts of opportunitiesas a soloist. He expected excellenceand professionalism from his singers, and waswell beloved in large part because he never,ever lost his temper. After Jarvis I went on tosing with choirs in Germany, France, andelsewhere in Canada, where the training I gotfrom David proved invaluable.26VocalPointChamber ChoirMusic Director - Ian GrundylOn-i ANNNERSAR. YSEASON-NEWSINGERS INVITED TOAUDmON& PAST MEMBEllSINVITED TO R.ETURNTO CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF RNEPER.FORMANCES OF )6TII 1?11'AND 20 111 CENfUR. Y WOR.KS &4 TR.IPS TO THE NATIONAL StMI­RNALS OF CBC'S AMATEUR.CHORAL COMPEllllONPHONE 416.484.0185 FOR.INFOR.MA TION ON AUDITTONSSCHEDULED FOR. THE FALLBack to Ad Index,_''IWzat kind of concerts to you like to attend?How often?I don't get to a lot of choral concerts as anaudience member, mostly because I'm so busyperforming. But one group I'd love to see and, hear is I Fagiolini, from the UK - their TheFull Monteverdi brings madrigals to life bystaging them as short operas. So brilliant! I'vebeen thinking about a similar project for ages,and have started to talk to a few friends aboutputting together a theatrical chamber choir.Are you currently singing with a choir, orplanning to? 'IWzy (not)?If so, how did you choose the choir?I sing with The Nathaniel Dett Chorale, aprofessional 20-voice chamber choir specializingin Afrocentric music. I first heard TheChorale in concert with Kathleen Battle and theTSO, and was so excited by the choir's performancethat I went home trembling. I wasinitially hired by Artistic Director BrainerdBlyden-Taylor as a sub, for a tour of NewEngland. It was a trial by fire - there was notime to prepare, so I ended up sightreadingsome very challenging music in concert - buteveryone was exceptionally welcoming andsupportive. For the past year I've been a memberof the group, and have spent a lot of timeon the road. We had some amazing experienceslast season, singing for Jessye Norman at theDance Theatre of Harlem; in the prestigiouschamber music series at the Library of Congressin Washington; at Howard University.Our popularity in the States is growing quickly,and it can be a lot of fun performing for anaudience steeped in the Black church tradition -they treat us like rock stars. There is definitelysomething to be said for the audience taking amore antiphonal, visible, audible role than theaverage classical music crowd. When peopleare jumping up and hollering encouragement,how can you help but bring it?'IWzere does your choral singing fit into otheraspects of your life?Well, with all the touring I do, I've becomepretty comfortable onstage. That will come inhandy as I begin to pursue a career in opera.The Chorale also gives me a sense of community,something I'd been yearning for for along, long time.~~lling·soP!J~esDavid J. Kin~lt l UCI USingers WantedAll Voices2007 -2008 Concert SeriesRemembrance Day RequiemsA Matinee performance o f Re

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