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Volume 13 - Issue 1 - September 2007

Friday, October 19,

Friday, October 19, 2007 Th is Ga]a ConceJt, sponsoredby The Koe,ner Foundation. celebrates the ,launch of Esprit's 25th AnniversarySeason and includes the awa'rdlmi o,f the Canada Council Molson Prize In the Artsto Afflex Pa1.1k, Esprit's Music DireGtor. The p1rogramm,e also ce11ebrates the 50thAnn1iversary of Th€! Cattada Councillor the Art9, which wm host "A ChampagneReception " for the entire audience In t he lobby following the col'!cert.Tristan Keuris (The Net herlands)Alex Pauk ( Canada),John Rea ( Canada)Aleidna Louie ( Canada)Colin McPhee {Canacla)SinfonraPortals of IntentOver Time (To,ronto Premlere)Sha H ered Night. Shivering StarsTabuh-UibuhaflSunday, November 25, 2007Concert sponsored t,y the Esprit Board of Directors and Joe MaceroUopi anoAlfred Schnittke (Russia)R. Murray Schafer ( CMada)Harry Freedman (Canada)Chris Paul Harman (Canada)Denis Gougeon (Canada)Concerto for Piano emd SUing OrchestraScorpiusTown14 Chorale Melodies (World Premiere)Giere VtnusOin,brfa ~r!J.F,o:umdali~11T11i,Qi.11i.111.111!l"f•11.1.1Y111r.i,Mi,lli 'J'~iiMl)'io1u-4}uj1,f~ll(!YfWU ~ ~ .ill\ nr J,'

Sunday, March 2, 2008Alex Pauk • CONDUCTORClaude Vivier ( Canada}Harry Somers { Canada)Philip Cashian (En{!land)Ron Ford t The NeUuerlarids)Douglas Schmidt ( ca11ada)ZipanguOf Mernory and DesireTableaux (Canadian Premlere)Per er and Oie Wolf Overture(Canadian PremJere)A F

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