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Volume 13 - Issue 1 - September 2007

World Viewby Karen

World Viewby Karen AgesAfter all, it's a small world ...Where did the summer go? I hope you all had a fine one, whetherevent-filled or quiet and relaxing. As I write this, I am counting mymosquito bites and catching up on sleep, after eight days deep in theHaliburton Forest as a participant in R. Murray Schafer's "and WolfShall Inherit the Moon" , commonly known as the Wolf Project, theepilogue to his Patria series of large-scale site-specific environmentalmusic-theatre productions. In fact, I could still be up there inHaliburton, rehearsing as a canoeist for "Princess of the Stars", thisyear's Patria production open to a paying audience, but alas, I amback here in the WholeNote office, processing advertising requests,membership enrollments, and yes, gathering info for this column.Perhaps next summer I will extend my stay in the forest, whenPatria presents a proposed new Schafer work, "The Death ofShalana"; but for now, on to matters closer to home ... .The event that dominates the world music scene this month isSmall World Music's 6th annual fall festival, featuring 15 differentacts on 6 stages throughout the city, September 20 to October 5.The indefatigable organizer, Alan Davis, is putting together finalarrangements as I write. Not only has he brought in performersfrom every corner of the globe, but the venues range from theintimate Lula Lounge to the grandeur of Massey Hall, making this acity-wide event. Here are some of the highlights: the festival kicksoff September 20 with two concerts: Cuban vocalist Estrella Acostaand her band perform country songs, combining traditional styleswith contemporary arrangements (Lula Lounge); and MamakKhadem (USA/Iran) sings Persian music at Harbourfront's EnwaveTheatre. Back for their second (to my knowledge) engagement withSmall World, the Dhoad Gypsies of Rajasthan, from the regionnear India's Thar desert, bring colourful costumes, music and danceto two performances at the Enwave on September 22; the sameevening, the Montreal-based ensemble Constantinople, whospecialize in medieval and Renaissance music of the Mediterranean,join forces with Afghani musician Homayun Sakhi, at the TorontoCentre for the Arts. Not to be missed, Amazones, consisting ofnine women drummer-dancers from Guinea, break their culturaltradition of men-drummers-only! They pound out their rhythmsSeptember 23 at the Lula Lounge. The same afternoon (3pm), theywill lead a drum and dance workshop, also at Lula. Italian singerand guitarist Carmen Consoli brings her mix of rock influences,bossa nova and jazz to the Enwave Theatre, September 27.Sometimes referred to as "the Bob Dylan of the Middle East",virtuoso oud player and composer, Marcel Khalif of Lebanon andhis Al Mayadine Ensemble perform at the Toronto Centre for theArts on September 30. Internationally acclaimed Portuguese Factosinger Mariza performs at Massey Hall on October 3; and thefestival concludes October 5 at Jeff Healey's Roadhouse, withZimbawean musician Oliver Mtukudzi whose music is influencedby mbira, and other Southern African traditional styles. Forinformation on other performers, venues and times,, as well as our daily listings.Another mini festival, presented by Bhakti Music (co-foundersJustin Gray and Jonathan Kay), the first Toronto Internationallndo-Jazz Festival brings together musicians from India, NewYork and Toronto, September 11 and 13 at Hugh's Room. Allprofits from the festival will fund a scholarship to aidunderprivileged music students in India. Performers include classicalvocalist Shantanu Bhattacharyya from Calcutta, accompanied byToronto's Ravi Naimpally on tabla; Naimpally's band Tasa willalso be featured, as well as Toronto band Monsoon. The festivalconcludes with New York's lndo-Pak Coalition. There will alsobe couple of afternoon clinics: Guru Tulsi Sen will lead a discussionon the spirituality of music; and Bhattacharyya will lead a workshopon the fundamentals of Indian classical music. Please for complete schedule.Members of Amazones: the 9-woman ensemble comes to Lula Lounge Sept 23And there is a significant number of one-off events this month. TheRaag-Mala Musical Society presents a concert of Indian music forflute and tabla, with Rakesh Chaurasia and Subrata Bhattacharji, atthe Medical Sciences Auditorium, September 8. The Association ofSound Healing Technologies and Research presents a WorldMusic Peace Concert, September 9 at the Village Healing Centre(240 Roncesvalles). Performers are (Ashtar) Ron Allen on Indianbamboo flute and the Whole Wide World Music Ensemble (see RonAllen's page on My Space for a taste ... ). The COC's RichardBradshaw Amphitheatre continues with its free noon-hourconcerts; the OnnanoKo Japanese Taiko drumming ensembleperforms September 25, and Ustad Ilmas Hussain Khan gives a solotabla recital on October 3. The same evening at Mezzetta Restauranton St. Clair at Christie, the "Yiddish Swingtet" of JonnoLightstone (clarinet), Jordan Clapman (keyboard) and TonyQuarrington (guitar) is featured. October 6, Klezmer en BuenosAires (Cesar Lerner: piano, accordion, percussion; and MarceloMoguilevsky: clarinets, flutes, voice), with actor/singer MitchSmolkin perform at the Al Green Theatre. And, slightly beyond theGT A, the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Music Society presentsIrshad Khan, sitar, with Sri Hindol Majumdar of Calcutta, on tablas,September 30.Karen Ages is a freelance oboist who has also been a member ofseveral world music ensembles. 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WE ARE All Music's CHILDRENby mJ buell••••Nothing ill-temperedabout this prelude to aremarkable careerThink you might knowwho September's Childis? Send your best guessto are welcome!)Winners will be selectedby random draw amongcorrect entries received bySeptember 15th, 2007."Sometime in the early sixties", at age four, just after herRCM Grade One exam. At home in Ottawa.JULY/AUGUST's Child ...was Measha Brueggergosman"This adorable girl, now famous forperforming in bare feet is the lovelyMeasha Gosman, later to becomeBrueggergosman after her marriage toMarkus Bruegger of Switzerland whereMeasha made her European debut..."(David J. King, All the King's Voices,Toronto)Earliest musical memories? ...In grade one or two, at ecole elementairePark St., I was in the choir, conducted byDianne Wilkins, who chose me for thesolo. I had to sing "petit enfant jesu" inthe Christmas pageant.So on the Friday Mrs Wilkins saidthat if I got sick "so-and-so" would singinstead. And I said "Oh that won't happen. I never get sick!"Well ... by Sunday ... disaster! I could not stop throwing up. BUT...!was fine by Monday and sang my solo. I think this was the Lord'sway of humbling me. But I also think that was the root of my NOcancelling die-hard commitment to engagements.CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS!(and keep up the good guessing!)TICKETS!To date, Measha Brueggergosman has only three Ontarioengagements in the 2007 /08 season. If you live in the Ottawa area,you could hear her September 25 with the National Arts CentreOrchestra in Beethoven's Symphony No. 9, Pinchas Zukerman,conductor. A few lucky Music's Children readers will be in theaudience for her other two engagements. If you'd like to be theretoo, you had best book your tickets well in advance!WINNERS. Johanne Desena and a fortunate companion, will beguests of Roy Thomson Hall (International Vocal Recital Series) to hearMeasha Brueggergosman in recital, November 25 at 2pm, with RogerINDEX OF ADVERTISERSSupport the advertiserswho keep WholeNote ticking!100 VOICE WELSH MALE CHOIR 45ACROBAT Music 59AillEBURGH CONNECTION 11AL1vE Music 51ALL THE KING'S VOICES 26AMADEUS CHOIR 25Music's CHILDREN CONTINUES ON PAGE 51SEPTEMBER 1 - OCTOBER 7 2007 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE,COM 35Back to Ad IndexAM1013ANNEX SINGERS OF TORONTO 50ATMA CLASSIQUE 5A VENUE ROAD ARTS SCHOOL 53CANADIAN OPERA COMPANY 36CANCLONE SERVICES 54CANTORES F ABULARUM 38CATHEDRAL BLUFFS SYMPHONYORCHESTRA 40CHRIST CHURCH DEER p ARKJAZZ VESPERS 29CHURCH OF ST. MARY MAGDALENE 51CHURCH OF ST. SIMON THE APOSTLE 48CITY OF TORONTO HISTORIC MUSEUMS 23CIVIC LIGHT'OPERA 33CLASSICAL 96.3 FM 63COLOURS OF Music FESTIVAL 64CosMo Music 28DEREK BAMPTON 52DUSTIN SHASKIN 61EDEN UNITED CHURCH 50ELMER ISELER SINGERS 25ENSEMBLE TRYPTYCH 40ENSEMBLE TRYPTYCH CHAMBER CHOIR 49ESPRIT ORCHESTRA 2, 3ETOBICOKE CENTENNIAL CHOIR 49ETOBICOKE SUZUKI SCHOOL OF Music 48EXULTATIE CHAMBER SINGERS 26FRANK HORVAT 59GEORGE HEINL 27GRAND PHILHARMONIC CHOIR 43HAMILTON PHILHARMONIC 0RCHESJRA 42HANNAFORD STREET SIL VER BAND 8HARKNIETT MUSICAL SERVICES 28HART HOUSE THEATRE 32fuUCONIAN CLUB 54INTERNATIONAL RESOURCE CENTRE RJRPERFORMING ARTS 19JUBILATIE SINGERS 50LoNG & MCQUADE 27MAESTRO ENTERPRISES 45MARKHAM THEATRE 7MIKROKOSMOS 56MILES NADALJCC 19MooREDALE CONCERTS 16MOZART SOCIETY 38Music GALLERY 19, 21Music ON THE HILL 24Mus1cTORONTO 9NEW MUSIC CONCERTS 17NORTH TORONTO PLAYERS 50, 51NORTH YORK CONCERT ORCHESTRA 54OAKVILLE CHAMBER CHOIR 49OFF CENTRE Music SALON 39Ow MILL INN AND SPA 30ONSTAGE AT GLENN GOULD STUDIO 37ONTARIO CENTRE FOR MusicSoFTw ARE TRAJNING 560NT ARIO CONT ACT 22OPERA BY REQUEST 54OPERA-IS 33ORPHEUS CHOIR 24, 500SHAWA-DURHAM SYMPHONYORCHESTRA 43, 45PASQUALE BROS. 54PAX CHRISTI CHORALE 26PETIER MAHON 26P IANO & KiEYBOARD CENTRE 23PIANO GALLERY, THE 34RCM COMMUNITY SCHOOL 49RCM GLENN GOULD SCHOOL 18REMENYI HousE OF Music 15ROY THOMSON HALL 4SHRINKING PLANET PRODUCTIONS 56SINRJNIA TORONTO 13SING AT CARNEGIE HALL WITH JOHNRUTTER 51SING AT MASSEY HALL WITHBERNARD LACHANCE 47SMALL WORLD Music 39SOUND POST 22SouNDSTREAMSCANADA17SOUTHERN 0NT ARJO CHAMBERMUSIC INSTITUTIE 41ST. TIMOTHY'S ANGLICAN CHURCH 51STAGE STYLE FOR SINGERS 48STEVE'sMus,c28SWEETWA TIER Music WEEKEND 20T AFELMUSIK 62TAPESTRY NEW OPERA WORKS 12TORONTO BACH FESTIVAL6TORONTO CHAMBER CHOIR 50TORONTO MENDELSSOHN CHOIR 49TORONTO OPERA REPERTOIRE 46TORONTO i>HILHARMONIA 21TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 61U OFT FACULTY OF Music 8VERITY GRAPHICS WEB DESIGN 55VIVIAN WATERS 51VOCAL ART FORUM 5 1V OCALPOINT C HAMBER CHOIR 26WHOLENOTIE CLASSIREDS 54WHOLENOTIE INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 35WHOLENOTIE MARKETPLACE 53, 56WHOLENOTIE: WHo's READING IT? 9,55W INDERMERE STRJNG QUARTIET 23, 36WORLDS OF Music 48WholeNote MarketPlace' - -WholeNote MarketPlace is where you'll findads for instrumental and vocal lessons,recording and professional services and more- all on two convenient pages.Go to pages 53 and 56 to see for yourself.

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