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Volume 13 - Issue 1 - September 2007


A MUSICAL LIFEAnna WallaceJan 20, 1919 - Aug 10, 2007Life's rites of passage throw together facts and circumstances thatmight otherwise remain unconnected. Take the following excerptfrom Ezra Schabas's history of the Royal Conservatory of MusicThere's Music in These Walls (reviewed in WholeNote in July/August 2006):"Another outcome of the Hutcheson report [1937 feasibilityreport commissioned by the RCM] was the Conservatory'sConcert and Placement Bureau, under the direction of AnnaMcDonagh (later McCoy). In its first full season (1946-47) shearranged fifty-two concert, banquet, and other miscellaneousengagements for students and the occasional faculty member, aswell as church soloist and church organ positions. By 1949-50the number of engagements she booked had grown to eighty-six,and in the following year to ninety-eight. McDonagh, who had agentle exterior, was hard-headed and resourceful in convincingsponsors to pay students professional fees. She was so successfulthat the board, in 1949, decided to charge students and faculty a10 per-cent commission on fees earned through the bureau. Acharitable explanation for this tariff was that commissions were derigueur in the profession, and so young professionals should getused to this fact of life. It was left unsaid that they also helpedpay for McDonagh' s salary. However, commissions were notcharged for appearances on the CBC and on the universitycampus."What made this "historicalfootnote" particularly resonantaround the WholeNote office atthe time was the fact that AnnaMcDonagh's daughter, SheilaMcCoy, herself an ardentpractitioner of the musical life,was WholeNote's indefatigablecirculation managerNow, a year later, on theoccasion of her mother'spassing, Sheila offered thefollowing additional thoughts:"My mother graduated from the Faculty of Music at UotT with aB.Music, specializing in music theory in 1938 at the age of 19 .(She was the youngest ever to graduate from here). She also taughtmusic theory at the RCM but I don't know for how many years.She met William A McCoy, her husband to be, when he, in thecapacity of head of the Hart House music committee, came to herto book student recitals there. He was taking an engineering degreeat U of T at that time after serving in WW2.""She loved attending student recitals and opera productions atthe Faculty of Music. In her later years she was a regular subscriberto the The Aldeburgh Connection vocal series at WalterHall.""She also loved bells. She had a little collection. She liked toring one to call us to dinner. She also loved walking. As a childshe would walk to school at Oakwood Collegiate from McPhersonjust west of A venue Rd, through the then abandoned Casa Lomagrounds. ""My earliest musical memories are of classical music on theradio, morning till night. CBC radio was always on in our home."Derek Bampton, R.S.M.Derek Bampton is a graduate of Salsburg's famedMozarteum Academy. He is the recipient of aCanada Council grant, and Wilhelm Kempffawarded him a grant to study the BeethovenPiano Sonatas at Kempff's Positano home.Bampton has given recitals in Canada, Austria,India, Russia, Portugal, China and Hungary, andhas appeared with Salzburg's MozarteumOrchestra, the Mozarteum Academy Orchestra,the Vancouver Symphony and the CBC MontrealSymphony. He has accompanied scores ofartists, including Maureen Forrester, Jan Peerce,Jon Vickers, Yo Yo Ma, James Galway, IdaHaendel and Ofra Harnoy. He has recorded forCBC's 5000 Series, RCA Victor, Do Re Mi Studio,and various European stations. Formerlyassistant to Anton Kuerti at U of T, he also taughtat the International Summer Academy of theMozarteum, Keenan Vocal Arts program of theState University of New York and the BanffCentre. His students have won the MontrealSymphony Piano Concerto Competition, Nationalwinner of the Canadian Music Competition, CBCYoung Artist Competition and many Kiwanisscholarships.His studio is located in the Rosedale area.To audition, e-mail: derekbampton@yahoo.com52 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM SEPTE MBE R 1 - O CTOBER 7 2007Back to Ad Index

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