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Volume 13 - Issue 1 - September 2007

second movement of the

second movement of the second quartet to thefrivolity of the finale of the third.The Dominion Quartet was founded for thepurpose of restoring the works of New Zealandcomposers. They most successfully bringout the spirit, ingenuity and uniqueness of thesegorgeous and highly merited quartets. Theyare recorded to perfection. Listening and relisteningto these little jewels has been a pleasureand I cannot recommend them highlyenough.Hill wrote 17 string quartets and l eagerlylook forward to further instalments.Bruce SurteesMODERN ANDCONTEMPORARYCreationJohn Kameel FarahIndependent JKFCD2006-0l( trainedpianist and composer,Toronto-based Farah's CD " Creation"is an extraordinaryself-produced musicaljourney whichliterally merges musicfrom the 16thr I\ 11 ~- h \ '11 l r I ), i-. '•. w_.\I~ ·-·century to today' s techno dance floors. It is allperformed with style and assuredness by thecomposer on acoustic piano, harpsichord andvarious synthesizers and samplers.Above all, it is evident that here we have thesure hand ofa composer with something tosay. Farah's command of his instruments andaesthetic direction allows him to superimposeRenaissance European dance music on top ofcurrent synthesized dance beats ( or perhapsthe other way around), while evoking 1950-70selectronic analogue synth sounds, all mediatedby minimalist patterns of the Reich kind. Atother moments, such as on the luteniste, detunedsynth keyboard melodies cleverly elicit aMiddle Eastern sound world.The sequence of the individual pieces is satisfyinglymodulated and reminds this listener ofthe younger John Oswald' s sense of adventurousmusical form.According to those who know the dancemusic scene better than I (a sad admissionsince one ofmy sons is a Hiphop DJ), the orderingof pieces on this CD is similar to adance DJ set and replicates Farah's live concerts.Short interludes played on honestly-recordedacoustic piano and harpsichord add tothe sense of a sonic grand tour - taking placeover time and world geography - which emergesover the duration of" Creation" .John Kameel Farah's first CD is an auspiciousand confident genre-busting and earopeningmix. I for one eagerly await the nextleg of his musical journey.Andrew Timar58VOCAL JAZZBack to Ad IndexA Night In TunisiaCarol McCartneymoxy 2007-01 ( way to judgejazz singers is by thecompany they keep. IDespite all the 'chick ,singer'jokes, goodplayers like workingwith good singers.On "A Night InTunisia", Carol Mc­Cartney has assembledatop-flight basic band with Chase Sanbornon trumpet and tenorman Bob Broughplaying deft arrangements by pianist JohnSherwood. Reg Schwager is on guitar, withbass and drum work by veterans Dave Youngand Terry Clarke.The title track is her bebop showcase, butMcCartney's range is on display throughout thedisc, a programme often standards. Carolshows her musicianship right off the top with arelaxed, pitch-pure East Of The Sun. She doublesthe lead part in the ensemble, a device ondisplay frequently .While most of the recording is with the fullband, highlights include a torchy reading of YouDon I Know What Love Is with just guestsGeoff Young (almost Ed Bickert-like) on guitarand John McLeod's flugelhorn; and Dat Dere,an affectionate and groovy duet with bassistDave Young. John Sherwood shows greatsupport on the duo Ev 'ry Time We Say Goodbye,a lyrically-difficult Cole Porter song whichCarol interprets perfectly.Her other ballad interpretations, I ConcentrateOn You (done as a light bossa), and TheShadow Of Your Smile are enhanced by GuidoBasso's romantic flugelhorn. He and anothersitter-in, Peter Appleyard, get a chance toblow heatedly on the opener.If you' ve not heard Carol McCartney before,this is a perfect way to get in touch withher talents: she's sweet and swinging, warm,dramatic and rhythmically assured at all tempos.The last word Carol sings is "Goodbye",but l hope she soon says " Hello" again.Ted O'ReillyConcert Note: Carol McCartney will launch"A Night in Tunisia" atThe Courthouse onSeptember 19.INSTRUMENTAL JAZZChasing After LightMichael Occhipinti and Creation DreamTrue North Records TND 480("Chasing After Light" is the latest musical offeringfrom the talented, award-winning guitarist,composer and producer Michael Occhipinti.Michael is well-known for his large jazz ensemble"NOJO" (co-led with Paul Neufeld)and for his critically acclaimed tribute CD,"Creation Dream - The Songs of Bruce Cockburn". In fact, the compositions on the currentCD were developed during Michael's threeWWW.TH EWHOLENOTE. COMtours promoting theCockburn-centric recording.Occhipinti has assembleda polymorphouslytalentedgroup, featuringKevin Turcotte ontrumpet,AndrewDowning and brotherRoberto Occhipinti on basses, Hugh Marsh onviolin, Barry Romberg on drums and Michaelon both acoustic and electric guitars. The materialon the CD is comprised solely ofOcchipinti'sintriguing compositions, utilizing his considerableand versatile guitar skills.Self-produced, "ChasingAfter Light" isdeeply emotional and thought provoking. Thebeauty and power of trumpeter KevinTurcotte'ssolos,juxtaposed against the raw anduncensored electric guitar of Occhipinti is a reoccurringtheme throughout the project, particularlyon The Cubists - a tune in which thecomplexity of modern civilization collides withthe ancient world in the form ofa face meltingguitar solo.Serious bebop is also deftly rendered here,notably on The Berlin Wall of Hedges andBlackout Blues. Throughout the CD, violinistHugh Marsh plays with nuclear-powered dexterity.The ensemble shines on the closer, A IIthe Diamonds in the World - featuring ahaunting, muted trumpet solo by Turcotte, anddedicated to the late, great jazz photographerPaul Hoeffler. Well-conceived, performed andproduced, "ChasingAfter Light" promises tobe one of the most memorable jazz recordingsof the year.Lesley Mitchell-ClarkeFREE AND IMPROVISEDLa Lumiere de PierresFran~ois Houle; Evan Parker;Benoit DelbecqPSI 07.02 ( cooperationat its most profound,this landmarkCD captures a Montreal-realizedlivemeeting among Van ­couver-based clarinetistFrarn;;oisHoule, his frequentplaying partner, Pa-~~=-9f'-":"•1:",11 WTjJrisian pianist Benoll Delbecq, and Evan Parker.A veteran British saxophonist, Parker 's prodigious,circular-breathing technique initially convincedthe classically trained Houle to immersehimself in free improvisation.Not that there's any sense of a masterstudent(s)seminar here. Instead the two reedistsdevelop an interaction involving long-lineddouble counterpoint and aviary trills; whiletrading licks extended with broken-octave glissandi,tongue stops and echoing vibrato. Strumming,plucking and stopping the strings of hisSEP TE MBER 1 - O CTO BER 7 2007

prepared piano, Delbecq seconds both, addingvariations ranging from spinet-like tremolo topedal-pumped, key-fanning percussiveness.Especially noteworthy are the delicate panflutevibrations or unison multi phonics soundedby Houle on the first track as he physicallywrenches his clarinets apart to simultaneouslyplay different parts. Harsh cadences and highfrequencypatterning allow the pianist to strikeboth keys and strings on Moonlight throughStone. This same defining improvisation showcasesthe polyphonic qualities of Houle andParker. With Parker slurring and growling lowpitches and Houle tongue popping and peppingaltissimo notes, the two gradually extend theirlines in staccato, buzzy timbres. Finally the striatedclarinet lines and circular-breathed saxophonetextures coalesce to such an extent thatexhalation from either man becomes indistinguishable.This hints that the mandate of masterimproviser is now shared between the olderEnglishman and the younger Canadian.Ken WaxmanPOT POURRI­EXTENDED PLAY:What I Heard on My Summer Vacationby Cathy RichesHey Eugene!Pink MartiniAudiogram ADCD 10211( " little orchestrathat could" keepschugging along ontheir eclectic andcategory-defyingtrack with their thirdCD "Hey Eugene."Singer extraordinaireChina Forbesswitches gears effortlesslybetween styles and languages withsongs in English, Spanish, French, Japaneseand Russian and ranging in mood and era fromold time Hollywood, R&B, bossa nova, Frenchmusic hall and light classical. Founder/pianistThomas Lauderdale and a cast of dozens addcoal to the fire. The title track is a total gas.Concert Note: Pink Martini will perform atMassey Hall on March 15.The Night We Called It a DayBlue Martini JazzEnsomenic Media EM-005( with thecoloured martinitheme, Blue Martinihas come out with"The Night WeCalled it a Day."The Toronto-basedduo, saxophonist PatPerez and singerJeanine Mackie, has given us a collection ofbeautiful jazz ballads. Hired guns Mark Eisenman,Neil Swainson, Terry Clarke and EricBoucher turn in their usual stellar work. Perezshowcases his considerable talents on two uptempo instrumental numbers, Solar and SummerNight, otherwise it's Mackie's show.More Julie London than Ella Fitzgerald, hersinging style is sultry and accessible. Drawingon the standard book with sprinklings of moreup-to-date tunes, this evocative disc transportsthe listener to a time when music was live andclubs were smoky. Concert Note: Blue MartiniJazz performs at the Capitol Event Theatreon Yonge St. September 20.From Sea to SkyLaila BialiCBC RecordsTRCD 3022Game of LifeCelso MachadoCBC RecordsTRCD 3021The CBC has gottenbehind two talentedmusicians and releaseda pair of newdiscs on their label.First, keyboardist andsinger, Laila Biali's" From Sea to Sky"covers mostly Cana­dian songs: Feist's Mushaboom , Ron Sexsmith's Secret Heart, Joni Mitchell's Woodstockand Sarah McLachlan's Ice Cream allget jazzy, loving treatments that retain the essenceof the songs while adding innovativetouches. Band mates are the creme de lacreme of the Toronto scene: Phil Dwyer, DonThompson, Guido Basso, Rob Pi Itch, GeorgeKoller and Larnell Lewis. Second, Brazilianex-pat, Celso Machado, has written all of thel:ttla ffolilovely, complex, hip-moving tunes on "J ogo daVida" and sings and plays guitar and a widearray of percussion (both traditional and, interestingly,whatever was lying around the studiofloor-such is the skill ofa true musician).Joining him are local and imported players CarlinhosMachado, David Virelles, Cyro Baptistaand Rich Brown. Local songstresses ElianaCuevas and Guiomar Campbell, nimbly negotiatethe million words a minute typical of manyBrazilian songs.Look LeftChristine JensenEffendi FND062FlurryNordic ConnectArtistShare AS 0062:Hf11s11t,L m srnThe Jensen sistershave been busy. SaxophonistChristineJensen has releasedher third disc "LookLeft" . As composerof the majority of thetunes, she cites influencesgeographical -Paris and VancouverIsland, musical - Lee Konitz and Dewey Redman,and political - the invasion of Iraq, as theinspiration for this modem swing and bop collection.Supported ably by Dave Restivo onpiano, Ken Bibace on guitar, Fraser Hollins onbass and Greg Ritchie on drums, the communicationbetween the players enhances the originalityof the compositions. Talented big sisterIngrid Jensen is the driving force behind NordicConnect's CD " Flurry". Based in NewYork, the trumpeter has a rich track record oflive performances, recordings and accolades toher name. Christine Jensen and keyboardistMaggi Olin are the other main components ofNordic Connect, and although Christine haswritten a number of the tunes, the mood of thisrecord is a little mellower and more reflective.HonestlyClara GodfreyIndependent CGDCOOl( ~ I ! 1. I IToronto-based singer-songwriter Clara Godfreyhas released her debut CD "Honestly".Godfrey's light, pretty voice contrasts interestinglywith the song writing style which is firmlyCD NOW AVAILABLEI'll Be GoodMusic for solo piano composed& performed by Frank HorvatYou've never heard piano music like this beforeBack to Ad IndexWWW. THEWHOLENOTF.COM

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