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Volume 13 - Issue 10 - July/August 2008

Leapfrogging ahead to

Leapfrogging ahead to next year, if you could conjure up a concertcollaboration for the 08-09 season between someone usuallycovered in your "beat" and artists in any one or two of our otherWholeNote "beats", what would it be?Karen Ages: This past season, Tafelmusik joined forces with CantorGershon Silins, Arabic vocalist Maryem Tollar (who also playedqanun) and other arabic instrumentalists in a gourgeous programtitled "In the Garden of Delights: Music from the Song of Songs."Not such a stretch when it comes to Baroque music. So, how aboutsomething a little more wacky, like, Toca Loca meets Trichy Sankaran.The latter's virtuosity on mrdangam as well as his extraordinaryability to vocalise Indian drum syllables at alarming rapidity suggestsOver 60 acts and 200 performers from a dozen countries, featuring:A~RAHAM INC. !US/Canada!*Jewish Funk SupergroupZULLY ~OLUFAU !Argentina!*Yiddish fango frotM &uenos AiresFLORY JMOUA IUSI*Judeo-Spanish Songs frotM &osniaJOSHUA NELSON IUSIKosher l>ospel MusicUI FIUL KAPELYE !Holland!KleztMer string quartetANUY Sf ATMAN IUSI*!Mandolin/clarinet !MaestroKONSONANS RETRO !Ukraine!Moldavian brass !MastersNAYEKHOVICHI !KussialKleztMer l>arage &andPHARAOH'S UAU~HHR IUSlMideast Psychedelic FusionTHE KLEZ UISPENSERS IUSlSophisticated &ig-&and KleztMerPlus ho111egrowtt Cattadiatt Favourites:Sisters of Sheynville, ShtreitMI, &eyond the Pale, fheresa fova*,fhe Flying &ulgars, &atsheva, Marilyn Lerner, Mitch S1t1olkin*,Allan Merovitz*, Michael Wex, fhe Huppah Project, Aviva Chernick,fhe Lithuanian EtMpire, Pave Wall e. Ken Whiteley, and !Many tMore~~(ill)D@~@d~~lilli1i©~lti:ili>d4l'i!~@li'~~~I.I":,r·1·111 ,l'l',!"olJ",111 TH~0""" ••o J. l..aro .. o•T•o,. ~~TIUlLIV'1 t., T .. U.LIUN IlO[l'llll!t'> ll'Plle!fjl,dl•• ro .. ,.., • .,,..,. J ,.,.,0.,,. ... .,,., l _ I~, • .' _i'.',.Canad,an Palr,momo torontcarts~ounc,I ,:-.ff b. f t tHati!iigC canad1cn , ~ al' Ollr l'On CCn 1'0Karen 's collaboration idea for 08-09: Trichy Sankaran meets Toca me some sort of kinship with virtuoso contemporary pianists GregOh and Simon Docking and star percussionist Aiyun Huang ... maybenot such a stretch after all. As for the repertoire they'd play, I haveconfidence in the imaginative programming abilities of the folks concerned!Richard Marsella: I'd love to hear a collaboration between the AIMToronto Orchestra, Tafelmusik, and Dr. Steve Mann's States ofMatter Quintet!Jack MacQuarrie: My collaborator "beat" would be Early Music. Iwould hope to program a series of concerts tracing the history ofcommunity instrumental ensembles in Canada. There are sufficientrecords of band concerts in Ontario from the 1850s that would providea guide for programming. Would we be able to locate all partsof the proposed music? That could require some ingenuity. As forinstrumentation, we might find that more challenging. Did they havesuch instruments as ophicieides, helicons, sacbutts, serpents andsarrusaphones to go with their cornets, and saxhorns? If they did,where would we locate instruments in playable condition? PerhapsProfessor Henry Meredith could help us there.Jim Galloway: It might be interesting to put a horn player, let's saysaxophonist Mike Murley, with Nagata Shachu, the wonderful groupof traditional Japanese drummers, and let them go wherever the musicwould take them, although I refuse to admit that I have a yen tohear such a performance!Chris Haile: In 2003 I reviewed the premiere of a jazz opera calledQuebecite by D.D. Jackson and George Elliott Clarke that attemptedto tell a modern story using various modes of jazz and world musicas its medium. While it was not entirely successful, it did show howexciting such a combination could be. A jazz/world music operawould be particularly appropriate for a modern retelling of a classicstory set in such a multicultural country as Canada.Allan Pulker: A couple of months ago I saw the film I recommendedin my column, The Singing Revolution, about the role choral musicplayed in the liberation of Lithuania from Soviet domination. Theliberation happened largely because about 140 years ago a huge annualchoral singing festival involving around 20,000 people all singingtogether was organized. I'd love to see us do something like thisin Canada, maybe at the Rogers Centre!Frank Nakashima: I think a collaboration between the Opera Divisionof the Faculty of Music at U of T and the Toronto ContinuaCollective could do something for the advancement of vocal art. Itwould also be great to assemble several local choirs to perform Striggio'sgigantic Missa sopra Ecco si beato giorno in 40 and 60 parts.Any exchange of musical ideas can be a healthy thing!22 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM ] ULY 1 - S EP T 7 2008

small rnorld prPSPnlssummerworldconcert series****************************************Tuesday, July 8 @ 9:00Phoenix Concert Theatre, 41 o Sherbourne St.RACHID TAHAAlgerian rai mets rock and techno for a potent,politically-charged sound that rocks dance floors. advance @ & Soundscapes, 572 College StSaturday, July 12 @ 8:00Enwave Theatre, 231 Queen's Quay W. ~NEW JAVANESE SHADOWS IA pan-Pacific collaboration combining shadowpuppet theatre, gamelan music of Central Java,and computer video imagery. advance @ 416 973-4000 I harbourfrontcentre.comTuesday, July 15 @ 9;00Phoenix Concert Theatre, 410 Sherbourne St.MASTER MUSICIANS OF JAJOUKA ~FEATURING BACHIR ATTAR"One of the most musically inspiring groups ~i 1l• ,_ . _~y •,ij,1ij:-~ I. · . 1 '.r~;stlll left on the planet." - Mick Jagger I ~ I 1 -·r'F.The hypnotic drumming, chanting vocals and soaringpipes of Jajouka opened western ears in the sixties toone of the original world music' experiences.Tdcas: $ro & Soundscapes, Sl2College StFriday, July 18 @ 10:00Lula Lounge, 1585 Dundas St. W. s1s@ the doorPSYCHOTROPICAL ORCHESTRAMontreal's Psychotropical Orchestra serves abrew of Latin rhythms, Afrobeat, and dub-reggae.****************************************1·, WWW.SMALLWORLD MUSIC.COM ...T"I'. ONT A,-1 0 \ -~7 1..1\ ,.ONIU1TtOhr.a:::~~~·.~: Z} • !: 1 ~~~~~""'0I ~ OtHAfllO ARTS COUF!CllI 7-\ COtlSEll DES AR TS OE l'ONTARIOA;.;toShareI Ront,:ar!:ibym~Nour c:om@ FI,....,.~.' ' • I .;! 1 .., I l.l,•torontdartsbin, nci I) ULY 1 - SEPT 7 2008 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM!~ ,~· ,!, ~·. ...c i l IJ .. .- .IJ ':,_--c:i;,":" , I ... . , ...... ...~ · ···', ".'',':: ..::~' "·index of advertisersACADEMY CONCERT SERI ES 18ACROBAT Music 52ADI BRAUN 45A LL THE KING'S VOICES 51ALLAN P ULKER 33A NNEX SINGERS 46ART OF TIME E NSEMBLE 19ASHKENAZ F ESTI VAL 22ATMA5BROTI M usic F ESTI VAL 12,32,33CANADIAN CHILDREN'S OPERA CHOR US 45C AN ADIAN OPERA COMPAN Y 19C ANCLONE SERVICES 52CHRIST CH. DEER p ARK JAZZ V ESPERS 35CLASSICAL 96 61CosMo Music 21ELMER lSELER SINGERS 17ELORA FESTIVAL 9 , 37, 37E NSEMBLE TRYPTYCH CHAMBER CHOIR 50ETOBICOKE CENTENNIAL CHOIR 48FESTIVAL DE L ANAUDIERE 40FESTI VAL OF 111E SOUND 13FOREST FESTI VAL 11GEORGE HEINL 16GRAND PHILH ARMONIC CHOIR 18H ARKNETI M USICAL SERVICES 15lfELICONIAN H ALL 51KIDS ON BROADWAY45KINCARDINE SUMMER M usic F ESTI VAL 41KiNGSWAY CONSERVATORY46LINDA CAPLAN 28LoNG & M CQ UADE 17MIKROKOSMOS 47MILL RACE FOLI< FESTIVAL 35MOIRA NELSON/ ELENA JUBINVILLE 26Music AT PORT MILFORD 37Music FOR YOUNG CHILDREN 49M us1cMONDAYs25M usic TORONTO 7NA llONAL Y OlJlll 0RCHESIRA OF C ANADA 30NIAGARA lNrL CHAMBER Music FESITv AL 39No SmINGS THEAIBE PRODUCTIONS 28NoRTHMINSTER U NITED CHURCH 51NYCO SYMPHONY CHORUS 500AKVILLE CHILDREN'S CHOIR 51OFF CENTRE Music SALONS 16OPERA BY REQUEST 24, 470RIANA WOMEN' S CHOIR 490SHAWA D URHAM SYMPHONY 480rrAWA JNT 'L. CHAMBER F ESTIVAL 6 , 43PASQUALE BROS . 47i>ENTHEUA SINGERS 50PETER M AHON 47PIANO PLUS 3PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY JAZZ FESrIVAL 10RCM COMM UNITY SCHOOL 46REGENT PARK SCHOOL OF M usic 50REMENYI 15ROEL OLAY INVESTMENT ADVISOR 47SM ALL WoRLD Music 23SOUND P OST 15s. O NTARIO CHAMBER M usic l NSTITVJE 29ST. J AMES ' CA111EDRAL 25ST . JoHN' s M usic 20STRATFORD SUMMER M usic 10SUMMER OPERA LYRIC THEATRE 27SUMMERWORKS THEAIBE F ESTIVAL 29SwEETWATER M usic W EEKEND 13TORONTO CHAMBER CHOIR 19TORONTO CHAMBER CHOIR 50TORONTO CLASSICAL SINGERS 18TORONTO OPERA REPERTOIRE 48,49TORONTO 0PERE1TA THEATRE 2TORONTO SUMMER M usic 26,28,64TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 4TORONTO WELSH MALE VOICE CHOIR 30TRYPTY0127W ESTBEN ARTS F ESTI VAL THEATRE 13WHOLENOTE MARKETPLACE 52WORLDSONGS 27Y.C.CHAU AND SONS P IANOS 21Y AM AHA C ANADA 5323

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