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Volume 13 - Issue 10 - July/August 2008


... LISTINGS: SECTION 5SUMMER FESTIVALS AND SERIESFestival d'Ete de QuebecQuebec City (QC)July 3-131-888-992-5200www.infofestival.comQuebec City celebrates its 400th anniversarywith a ten-day festival in July. Headlining art·ists include Charles Aznavour, Lin kin Park, andthe 1970s progressive rock group Yes. Performancevenues include the Plains of Abrahamand the Palais Montcalm. Passes availablefor .Festival International de Jazz deMontrealMontreal (QC)June 26-July 61-888-364-0061www.montrealjazzfest.comBilled as the world's largest musical event.this festival features 3,000 musicians in numerousvenues. This year's artists includeLeonard Cohen, Woody Allen, Aretha Franklin,James Taylor and others. Ticket prices rangefrom free to 0.Festival of the SoundParry Sound (ON)July 18-August 10 20081-866-364-0061www. festivalof thesound. eaThis summer, Parry Sound's summer festivalfeatures more than 200 artists from threecontinents. This year's performers include theGryphon Trio, the Penderecki Quartet and thepiano duo Anagnoson & Kinton.CSC = Charles Stockey Centre for the PerformingArts, 2 Bay St.GBC = Georgian Bay CruiseIM = Inn at Manitou. Highway 124. Mc Kellar.Jui 18 7:30: "Fireworks" Gala Opening Concert.Jan Lisiecki, Glen Montgomery,Magdelena von Eccher, pianos; James Campbell,clarinet; Gryphon Trio; Penderecki String Quartet;Strings Across the Sky. CSC. -.Jui 19 12:00 noon: Family Concert. StringsAcross the Sky; Andrea Hansen, director. CSC.Free.Jui 19 7:30:Music fora Summer Evening- PianoGala. Anagoson & Kinton, piano duo; JanLisiecki, Glen Montgomery, Jamie Parker,Magdelena von Eccher, pianos. CSC. -.Jui 20 7:30: Music for a Sunday Evening· RememberingCharles Stockey. Denis Brott, cello;James Campbell, clarinet; Madawaska StringQuartet; Jeffrey Stokes, double bass & others.CSC. -.Jui 21 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Gryphon Trio. CSC. -.Jui 21 7:00: Sunset on the Bay Musical Cruise.Sharlene Wallace, celtic harp; Adrian Dolan, accordion& fiddle; Kevin Muir, bass. GBC. .Jui 22 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon.Gryphon Trio. CSC. -.Jui 22 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Gryphon Trio. CSC. -.Jui 22 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening· TheVirtuoso Violin. Moshe Hammer, Ernst Kovacic,Gil Sharon, violins; New Zealand String Quartet;Glen Montgomery, piano. CSC. -.Jui 23 11 :OOam: Overture. Rian de Waal, piano.CS. Free.Jui 2312:00 noon:Music fora Summer Noon.Rian de Waal, piano. CSC. -.Jui 23 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Gryphon Trio. CSC. -.Jui 23 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening.Gryphon Trio. Ernst Kovacic, Gil Sharon,violins; Steven Dann, Uri Mayer, violas; AnssiKarttunen, Jack Mendelssohn, cellos.CSC. -.Jui 2412:00noon:Music fora Summer Noon.New Zealand String Quartet; Madawaska StringQuartet; Steven Dann, viola. CSC. -.Jui 24 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Moshe Hammer, Gil Sharon, violins; Uri Mayer,viola; Glen Montgomery, piano. CSC. -.Jui 24 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. ErnstKovacevic, Gil Sharon, violins; Steven Dann, UriMayer, violas; Anssi Karttunen, Jack Mendelssohn,cellos; Rian de Waal, Glen Montgomery,pianos. CSC. -.Jui 25 10:30am: Music for a Summer Morning.Madawaska String Quartet; Ernst Kovacic, violin;Anssi Karttunen, cello; Glen Montgomery, piano.CSC. $13-.Jui 2512:00 noon:Music fora Summer Noon.James Campbell, clarinet; Moshe Hammer, violin;Magdelena von Eccher, piano; New ZealandString Quartet. CSC. -.Jui 25 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening.Moshe Hammer, Ernst Kovacic, Gil Sharon, violins;Steven Dann, viola; Rian de Waal, piano;Festival Chamber Orchestra. CSC. -.Jui 26 1 O:OOam: Strings on the Bay. MadawaskaString Quartet. GBC. Sold out.Jui 26 7:30: Happy Birthday Gene. Gene DiNovi;James Campbell, clarinet; Andrew Scott, guitar;David Young, bass. CSC. .Jui 27 2:30: Music for a Sunday Afternoon. -Gene DiNovi at 80. Gene DiNovi, piano; JamesCampbell, clarinet; Andrew Scott, guitar; DavidYoung, bass; New Zealand String Quartet. CSC.-.Jui 28 7:00: Sunset on the Bay Musical Cruise.Trinity College Choir. Stephen Layton, conductor.GBC. .Jui 2912:00noon:Music fora Summer Noon.Manuela Milani, Martin Chalifour, violins; GuylaineLemaire, viola; Julian Armour, cello; PaulStewart, piano; Chamber Players of Canada. CSC.-.Jui 29 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Laurence Kayaleh, violin; Paul Stewart, piano.CSC. -.Jui 29 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. T rinityCollege Choir, Stephen Layton, conductor. CSC.-.Jui 30 12:00 noon: Musi: for a Summer Noon.Weiss-Kaplan-Newman Piano Trio. CSC. -.Jui 30 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Martin Chalifour, Manuela Milan, violins; GuylaineLemaire, viola; Julian Armour, cello; PaulStewart, piano. CSC. -.Jui 30 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. CSC.New Zealand String Quartet; Weiss-Kaplan-NewmanPiano Trio. CSC. -.Jui 3112:00 noon: Music fora Summer Noon.James Campbell, clarinet; Luba Dubinsky, piano;New Zealand String Quartet. CSC. -.Jui 31 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon·Opera Without Words. James Campbell, clarinet;Mark Kaplan, violin; Paul Stewart, Yael Weiss,piano. CSC. -.Jui 31 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. KevinMcMillan, baritone; Mark Kaplan, violin; GillianAnsell, viola; Andre Laplante, Paul Stewart, YaelWeiss, pianos; New Zealand String Quartet. CSC.-.Aug 0112:00 noon: Music fora Summer Noon.Andre Laplante, piano. CSC. -.38 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE. COMAug O 1 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon -Russian Inspiration. Anagoson & Kinton, pianoduo, Paul Stewart, piano. CSC. -.Aug 01 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening.Kevin McMillan, baritone, Suzanne Shulman,flute; James Campbell, cla rinet; Mark Kaplan,violin; Graham Oppenheimer, viola; Clancy Newman,cello; Luba Dubinsky, Paul Stewart, YaelWeiss, pianos; Anagoson & Kinton, duo piano.CSC. -.Aug 02 12:00 noon: Jazz for Kids. Young performersin a celebration of jazz. CSC. Free.Aug 02 2:30: Young Jazz. Graham CampbellQuintet. CSC. Free.Aug 02 7:30: Jazz Legends Play Standards. GuidoBasso, trumpet; Mike Murley, saxophone;David Young, bass; Gary Williamson, piano; TerryClarke, drums. CSC. -.Aug 03 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon -Phil Nimmons at 85. Phil Nimmons, JamesCampbell, clarinet; Suzanne Shulman, flute; GrahamOppenheimer, viola; Graham Campbell, guitar;Sean Nimmons, piano; Joseph Macerollo,accordian. CSC. -.Aug 03 7:30: Swing Swing Swing- Peter Appleyardat 80. Peter Ap~eyard, vibes; Reg Schwager,guitar, David Young, bass; John Sherwood,piano; Terry Clarke, drums; Carol Weisman, vocalist.CSC. -.Aug 04 7:00: Sunset on the Bay Musical Cruise.Ian McDougall, trombone; Dave Young, bass;John Sherwood, piano; Terry Clarke, drums; CarolMcCartney, vocalist. GBC. .Aug 05 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon·Back to Bassics. Joel Quarrington, David Young,double bass; Mark Fewer, violin; Graham Oppenheimer,viola; Marc Johnson, cello; Guy Few,Craig Harley, piano. CSC. -.Aug 05 8:00: Gala Dinner Concert at Manitou.Penderecki String Quartet. lM. -.Aug 0612:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon.Paul Stewart, piano; Penderecki String Quartet;Colin Fox, narrator. CSC. -.Aug 06 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Marc Johnson, cello; Penderecki String Quartet.CSC. -.Aug 06 7:30. Music for a SummerEvening­Carnival. Suzanne Shulman, flute; James Campbell,David Bourque, clarinets; James McKay,bassoon; Guy Few, trumpet; Mark Fewer, JulieBaumgartel, violins & others. CSC. $ 22-.Aug 07 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon.Monica Whicher, soprano; Festival Baroque. CSC.-.Aug 07 2:30: Music for a Summer Afternoon.Guy Few, trumpet; Mark Fewer, violin; StephanieMara, piano. CSC. -.Aug 07 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening.Mark Fewer, violin; Graham Oppenheimer, viola;Joel Quarrington, double bass; Marc Johnson,cello; Penderecki String Quartet; Festival Winds.CSC. -.Aug 08 12:00 noon: Music for a Summer Noon.Mark Fewer, violin; Paul Stewart. piano; DavidBourque, bass clarinet; Festival Winds. CSC. -.Aug 08 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening. SuzanneShulman, flute; Guy Few, trumpet; JulieBaumgartel, Mark Fewer, violin; & others; FestivalChamber Orchestra. CSC. -.Aug 09 9:00: Winds on the Water. FestivalWinds. GBC. .Aug 09 12:00 noon: Family Concert. Members ofSt. Paul's United Church Choir(Orillia); CarolChoir Orff Ensemble. CSC. Free.Aug 09 7:30: Music for a Summer Evening-ANight of Grand Opera. Leslie Fagan, soprano;Gabrielle Prata, mezzo-soprano; Mark DuBois,tenor; Gregory Dahl, baritone; Guy Few, PaulStewart, piano; Festival Winds. CSC. -.Aug 10 2:30: Music for a Sunday Afternoon.Leslie Fagan, soprano; Mark Dubois, tenor; PeterMcGillivray, baritone; Elmer lseler Singers; &others. CSC. - .The Forest FestivalHaliburton Forest (ON)August 22-31705- 754-4167www.theforestfestival.comThe Forest Festival is located on the edge ofAlgonquin Park, near the town of West Guilford.This summer, the venue offers a varietyof artists, including Mary Lou Fallis, StuartLaughton and Pork Belly Futures. Also featuredthis year will be a site-specific art installationby Reinhard Reitzenstein. Festival Passes areavailable for 0, or 0 for students.BL = Bone LakeLM = Logging MuseumAug 22 7:45: Primadonna Goes Into the Woods.Mary Lou Fallis, soprano; Peter Tiefenbach, piano.BL. ; (st).Aug 23 4 :00: Stuart Laughton and Peter Tiefenbach.Works for trumpet and piano by Handel,Schafer, Bernstein, Irvine & others. BL. ;$10(st).Aug 23 7:45: Primadonna Goes Into the Woods.See August 22.Aug 24 3:00 Forest Dance. Davida Monk withM-Body. BL.; $10(st).Aug 25 7:45: Haliburton Area Performers. BL. Bydonation.Aug 26 3:00: Forest Dance. See August 24.Aug 26 7:30: Porkbelly Futures. Blues band, withliterary readings by Paul Quarrington. LM. ;(st).Aug 27 7:30: PorkbellyFutures. See August 26.Aug 28 7:30: Porkbelly Futures. See August 26.Aug 29 7:45: Drumming to the Stars. DnannoKoDrumming Ensemble. BL. ; (st).Aug 30 4:00: Drumming to the Stars. See August29. ; $ lD(st).Aug 30 7:45: Forest Festival Brass. Works byHandel. Schafer, Irvine & others. BL. ;(st).Aug 31 7:45:Forest Festival Brass. See August30.Francofolies de MontrealThroughout MontrealJuly 24-August 31-866-908-9090www.francofolies.comThis festival of popular French music and culturecelebrates its 20th anniversary. This summer'sartists include les Moquettes Coquettes,Gregory Charles and Victoria Abril. Performancevenues include the Theatre Maisonneuve,Pavilion Air Transat and Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier.Admission prices range from .50 to.50.Glimmerglass OperaCoopers town (NY)July 5-August 24607-547-2255www.glimmerglass.orgThis summer opera festival features professionalproductions in the Alice Busch OperaTheatre on Lake Otsego, near Cooperstown,New York.Jui 05 8:00: Porter: Kiss Me Kate. Lilli Vanessi,soprano; Fred Graham, baritone; & other artists;Glimmerglass Opera Orchestra; David CharlesAbel, conductor. To August 23. -6;$10(6-18 years with adult).Jui 06 2:00: Handel.· Giulio Cesare in Egitto. LauraVlasak Nolan, mezzo; Lyubov Petrova, soprano; &other artists; Glimmerglass Opera Orchestra;J U LY 1 - SE PT 7 2008

David Stern, conductor. To August 23. $ 51 ·Sl 26; $10(6-18 years with adult).Jui 19 8:00: Wagner: Das liebesverbot. MarcSchnaible, baritone; Claudia Waite, soprano; &other artists; Glirnrnerglass Opera Orchestra;Corrado Rovaris, conductor. To August 22. ·6; $10(6-18 years with adult).Jui 26 8:00: Bellini." I Capuleti e i MontecchiSandra Piques Eddy, mezzo; Sarah Coburn, soprano;Glirnrnerglass Opera Orchestra; DavidAngus, conductor. To August 24. -6;$10(6-18 years with adult).Aug 03 11 :30arn: Mendelssohn: MidsummerNight's Dream. Caitlin Lynch, soprano; AngelaBrower, mezzo; Glimmerglass Opera Orchestra..Aug 17 11 :30am: Mendelssohn: MidsummerNight's Dream. See August 3.Guelph Jazz FestivalGuelph (ON)September 3-7519-763-4952www.guelphjazzfestival.comOnly a few concerts were announced at timeof publication. For further listings, see thefestival's website.RRC - River Run Centre, 35 Woolwich St.Sep 05 8:00: Instant Composers' Pool Orchestraand Satako Fujii RRC.Sep 06 8:00: Tortoise. Instrumental quintet. RRC.Sep 07 2:00:Johnlorn's Electric Masada & TheDreamers. RRC.Harbourfront Centre235 Queen's Quay W., TorontoThroughout the summer416-973-4000www.harbourfrontcentre.comToronto's Harbourfront Centre presents anarray of festival programming throughout thesummer months. Performances take place atseveral venues, including the Sirius SatelliteRadio Stage, the Toronto Stage, the BrigantineRoom and the Lakeside Terrace.Canada Day: July 1Smirnoff Ice Beats, Breaks & Culture: July 4-6Ritrno y Colar: July 11 -13Tirgan Iranian Festival: July 17-20What is Classical?: July 25-27Island Soul: August 1-4South Asia Calling: August 8-10Hot and Spicy Food Festival: August 15-17Telus Taiwanfest: August 22-23Ashkenaz: August 26-Septernber 1 (seeAshkenaz in Festival listings)For daily listings, see Section T.Hillside FestivalGuelph Lake Conservation Area, Guelph ION)July 25-27519-763-6396www.hillsidefestival.comAmong this year's acts are the Bourbon TabernacleChoir, the Cowboy Junkies and HawksleyWorkman. Performances take place onmultiple stages; carnpsites are available. Dailypasses are available for .Home County Folk FestivalVictoria Park, London ION)July 18-20519-432-4310www.homecountry.caCelebrating its 35th season, this festival offersperformances by Pat Robitaille, Pork BellyFutures, the Light of East Ensemble, Beyondthe Pale and others. Handcraft demonstrationsand sales are also featured. All events arefree.J U LY 1 - S EPT 7 2008Huntsville Festival of the ArtsHuntsville ION)July 3-August 281-800-663-2787www.huntsvillefestival.on.caThis festival offers diverse programmingthroughout the summer months, from a Mozartprogramme by the Huntsville FestivalOrchestra to the Downchild Blues Band.AT - Algonquin Theatre, 37 Main St.E.TC - Trinity Church, 35 Main St. E.TT - Spencer's Tall Trees Fine Dining, 87Main St. W.Jui 03 8:00: Blues Brothers Revival. AT. ;(18 & under).Jui 04 8:00: Hawksley Workman. Alternativerock. AT. ; (18 & under).Jui 05 8:00: Sophie Milman. Jazz standards andcontemporary. AT. ; 118 & under).Jui 06 4:00: Mozart's Mail. Music & letters ofMozart. Huntsville Festival Orchestra; KerryStratton, conductor. AT. ; 118 & under).Jui 0712:15: Music at Noon. New Moon SaxophoneEnsemble. TC. Free.Jui 08 12: 15: Music at Noon. Jack Hutton, ragtimepiano. TC. Free.Jui 08 8:00: Jim Cuddy. Singer-songwriter. AT.; 118 & under).Jui 08 12: 15: Music at Noon. Huntsville Commu·nity Band; Jordan Riley, director. TC. Free.Jui 09 8:00: Jul/y Black. Singer-songwriter. AT.; (18 & under).Jui 10 12:15:MusicatNoon. Victoria Thomp·son, soprano; Ruthellen Shapero, piano. TC. Free.Jui 10 8:00: Downchild Blues Band. AT. ;(18&under).Jui 1112: 15: Music at Noon. Reconaissance ACappella Choir. TC. Free.Jui 11 8:00: Unforgettable ... Brothers of Song.MusicofNatKingCole AT.;(18&under).Jui 12 8:00: Marc Jordan & Dawn Langstroth.Singer-songwriters. AT. ; 118 & under).Jui 13 2:00: Tunes@TallTrees. Tobin Spring,guitar & vocals. TT. .Jui 1412:15: MusicatNoon. Bob Plunkett &Friends. TC. Free.Jui 1512:15: Music at Noon. Merry Winds ClarinetQuartet; Kathy Kilbourne, leader. TC. Free.Jui 1612:15:Mus,i:atNoon. Bob Attfield. TC.Free.Jui 16 8:00: In Recital. Melanie Conly, soprano;Peter Longworth, piano. AT. ; .Jui 17 12:15: Music at Noon. Carol Hardy, flute;Marion Haggart, piano. TC. Free.Jui 18 12:15: Music at Noon. Just 8. Jazz vocals.TC. Free.Jui 18 8:00: Hannaford Street Silver Band. AT.; .Jui 19 8:00: Les Stroud. Singer-songwriter.Guest: Pierson Ross. TC. ; (18 & under).Jui 20 8:00: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown.North Muskoka Players. AT. ; (18 & under);(family). To July 26.Jui 24 8:00: Michelle Wright. Country singer.AT. : 118 & under).Jui 25 8:00: Barra MacNeils. Celtic music. AT.; 118 & under).Jui 26 8:00: Tenor John McDermott. AT. :118 & under).Jui 30 8:00: Hilario Duran Trio. Latin Jazz. AT.; (18 & under).Jui 31 8:00: Marcus Be(llrave. Dixieland Jazz.AT. : (18 & under).Aug O 1 8:00: Michael Kaeshammer. Jazzpiano & vocals. AT. ; (18 & under)Aug 02 8:00: Dione Taylor. Jazz vocals. AT.; S 15118 & under)Aug 03 2:00: Jazz in the Garden. TT. (18 &under)Aug 03 8:00: Manteca. Worldbeat jazz fusion.AT ; (18 & under).Aug 07 8:00: Anne Lindsay Band. Jazz violin. AT.; (18 & under).Aug 08 8:00: Rik EmmettOoesClapton. AT.; (18 &under).Aug 09 8:00: Salute to the Boston Pops. Hunts·ville Festival Orchestra; Kerry Stratton, conductor.AT. ; (18 &under).Aug 13 8:00: Class,i: Albums live. Live perform·ance of Led Zeppelin II. AT. ; S 15(18 & under).Aug 14 8:00: Compadres. Celtic-Latin duo. AT.; (18 & under).Aug 15 8:00: Magic of Ireland. Traditional Irishdance, music &song. AT. ; (18 & under).Aug 27 8:00:JesseCook. Latin/flamenco/world·beat. AT. ; (18 & under).Huntsville Jazz FestivalSee Huntsville Festival of the Arts, July 30-3 August.Indian River FestivalKensington (PEI)July 4-August 241-866-856-3733www.indianriverfestival.comThis festival features an array of musiciansfrom contrasting genres. This year, artistsinclude Mary Lou Fallis, theacappella ensembleCantabile, singer-songwriter Dawn Lang·stroth, and classical violinist Susanne Hou. Allperformances take place in St. Mary's Church,68 Broadway St. N., Kensington.Jui 04 7:30: Opening Extravaganza. Mary LouFallis with host/pianist PeterTiefenbach. Guests:Summerside Community Choir and Indian RiverFestival Chorus. .Jui 06 7:30: Duo Concertante. Violinist NancyDahn & pianist Timothy Steeves. .Jui 11 7:30: Cantabile - Comedy and theClassics. Sacred music to jazz from thisEnglish vocal ensemble. .Jui 13 7:30: Ensemble Caprice. Early musicensemble from Montreal. .Jui 14 7:30: ThePeople'sGospelChoirofMontreal.Kim Sherwood directs this vocal ensemble..Jui 18 7:30: Summer's Tide. Dawn Langstroth,singer-songwriter. .Jui 20 7:30: In Celebration. Musical tribute toAnne of Green Gables. Members of the CharlottetownFestival Orchestra. .Jui 25 7:30: Cabaret on Malpeque. PatriciaO'Callaghan, soprano; Robert Karlgaard, piano;Andrew Downing, bass; Danny Dore, saxophone..Jui 27 7:30: Get Ready to Tango!Quartango..Aug O 1 7:30: Bonbons in the Snow. Works byGrieg. Zorana Sadiq, soprano; Christianne Rushton,mezzo; Graham Thompson, tenor; PeterTiefenbach & Robert Karlgaard, piano; AlcanString Quartet. $ 25.Aug 02 7:30: Saturday Night at the Opera. Arias,duets and instrumental excerpts from opera.Zorana Sadiq, soprano; Christianne Rushton, mezzo;& Graham Thompson, tenor. Peter Tiefenbach& Robert Karlgaard, piano. Alcan StringQuartet. .Aug 03 7:30: Viva ltalia!Vocal and instrumentalwork by Boccherini, Bottesini, Respighi &others. .Aug 08 7:30. Gypsophilia. Jazz and Europeangypsy music. .Aug 09 7:30: Mireille Proulx. Jazz violinist. .Niagara InternationalChamber Music FestivalMUS~1~tJagara... the sound of passion.Come celebrate ourlOth seasonin Canada's prettiest town50 concertsJuly 21 to August 16Niagara-on-the-LakeOntario, Canada1-877-·MUSFEST 905-468-5566www.niagaramusicfest.comWWW, THEWHOLENOTE,COM 39

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