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Volume 13 - Issue 2 - October 2007


WholeNote MarketPlaceEducation1PNORTH TORONTO INSTITUTE OF MUSICPrivate instruction and exampreparation by qualified teachersin the heart of Toronto.• Piano • Voice • Guitar • Strings• Woodwinds • Percussion • Theory• Music Theatre • Pre-school550 Eglinton Avenue East416-488-2588 www.ntimusic.comEducationMAESTRO DANIEL*Twenty years teaching Classical Vocal TechniqueI(~inToronto* Specialty: Training and developing the large operaticvoice, "a dying breed" according to theN.Y. Times, Nov. 5, 2005 ~*Vocal rehabilitation: Removing and_rJ#repairing faulty vocal habits* Guaranteed results .*416- 927-9800 ."MUSICAL LIFEBest Medicine ...Reflections on Music and Healthby mJ buell0"'"~"'c.~ University Settlement~ Music & Arts SchoolEst.1921IJBl,..,n\ty5"ilof ....."IF...,,vU,J 191023 Grange RoadTmorito.ONTeL 416 598 3444W\VW.USt c.caCentrally locsted in downtown Toronto'I Piano f Strings J Guitar I VoiceI Woodwinds I Accordion f Percussionf Choirs I Chamber MusicI Kid's Dance & Drama J Much More!Cill fot quJl1ty, JffotdJblc 1nd1viduJI Jnd group lessons!The Art of the FluteA method, perfected over many yearswith many students, of one step at atime guidance to playing the flute.Studios near Yonge~ :,,1''~& St. Clair and RoyalYork & Bloor West.Allan Pulker 416-926-1578November 4, 4pm St. James' CathedralTwilight Recital Series!!Chernik Music SchoolDevelop and explore your creativityboth,n performance and composition!• Piano • Theory and Composition• Strings • Voice • WoodwindsW RCM examinations. Festivals and Recitals.Professional teachers. Individual approach.Unique teaching methods and interesting programs.647-341-5389 416-638-8226RestaurantsCommensal Vegetarian Resta urant655 Bay St. entrance on Elm St.416-596-9364 www.commensal.caLive Jazz Fri. & Sat. evenings. Validated parking after 6 pmBack to Ad IndexIf"' J~ Motivating Beginners' Groupsa J, Private Lessons~ J' All Ages J' All Levels J' All StylesPIANO KEYBOARD GUITAR VIOLIN FLUTE SAX CLARINET DRUMSYAMAHAMUSIC SCHOOL 41 6-224-5590GJ YAMAHAwww.yamahamusicschool.caCLAIM YOUR VOICEOrganic and functional vocal training togain access to your full range, resonanceand vocal freedom. For singers, publicspeakers, teachers, clergy, or if you justwant to enjoy using your voice.Sue Crowe ConnollyHamilton Studio Toronto Studio905-544-1302 416-523-1154MARJORIE SPARKS VOICE STUDIO· ·.- Marjorie Sparks B. Mus., B. Ed.Private voice lessons, instructionsfor university auditions, RCM exams,competitions, and professional performances.Frequent Studio Recitals.STUDIO LOCATION416 -944-3343 550 Eglinton Ave. E., mheitshu@sympatico.caLove To Sing?•All styles •All Levels • Beginnersand Children welcome • Excellentfor public speakers, actors, etc.Breathe new life into your voice with a unique andsensible kinesthetic approach to vocal pedagogy.Call Pattie Kelly for private lessons: www.vocalsense.caPIANO LESSONS• Over 40 years in business,all levels.• Extremely effective, low-costpreparation for RCM exams,competitions, concerts, etc.--.1 • From for Y, hour.FI -Immediate results, or you don't pay!Vladimir Dounin 416-321-5627be the best1 nm us ic@ya hoo. cornWWW. THEW HOLENOTE. COMI'm happiest when I'm riding my bike! Riding is tohelp me not to think: to get endorphins.flowing. It'ssomething 1 've found that I do well, for many. manyyears now. And it is SO MUCH FUN! Two Pyreneestrips, two trips across the USA. Recently left from mydoor in Montreal, rode to Kingston, Toronto, counterclockwisearound Lake Ontario, and back. I , OOOmiles! (Nathaniel Watson, June 2007)There are some obvious comparisons betweenmusicians and athletes: both havestressful performance expectations and subjectthemselves to spurts of high physicaldemand - often with a limited amount ofrecovery time. But imagine if a figure skateror gymnast practised only their routine, anddidn't do stretching, or weights, or dance ...Trading ideas with reader Trina Wasilewskion the topic of "music as medicine",the discussion turned to musicians who useathletics as a kind of "medicine". Trina saidthat, recently, her cyclist husband, out on hisSunday morning ride, rode alongside a cycletouristand slowed down to chat. The cyclistsaid he'd started out in Montreal and wasriding counter clock-wise around Lake Ontariothen back to Montreal simply for hisown health and pleasure, "no more than halfa day at a time"!" ... The fellow revealed that he is a singerand had already been on a bike tour in Europeearlier in the year riding in the Pyrenees andthe Alps. My husband further inquired abouthis singing and the rider eventually revealedthat he is Nathaniel Watson who has sung allthe major Early, Baroque and Classical baritoneand bass roles with countless orchestrasand will be singing in Mozart's Requiem withTafelmusik in the spring. Small world becausewe are keen Baroque music listenersand Tafelmusik fans. My husband wasthrilled to meet a Baroque singer during abike ride! I seem to recall that Elly Winer ofTafelmusik is another athletic musician .. .. "O CTO BER 1 - N OVEMBER 7 2007

Violist with Tafelmusik since 1985, EllyWiner is in fact a triathlete. Even whenTafelmusik was touring in Germany this pastsummer, Elly brought his bike along in orderto maintain his training regimen. He's currentlytraining for the 70.3 World Championshipin Clearwater, Florida, in November.Some musicians do nothing vigorous at all,and stay far away from bicycles, ice skates,and skis for fear of injuring themselves, or(like many of us) out of sheer laziness orapathy. But there seem to be as many whosay things like "I do Pilates and yoga andAlexander technique every day before I practise.. .. " or "I absolutely cannot sing I play if Idon't run I cycle every day" .Some say their physical training impactson energy and stamina, providing a way tostretch and build different muscles than thosedemanded by their instrument. Others assertit provides a vital outlet for nerves: first-aidfor performance anxiety .Others, like Nat Watson, claim that it'sentirely for pleasure and mental well-being.He later commented "I find it doesn't helpmy singing: one is sucking air down the throatand breathing constantly through themouth,which really dries out the voice ..... As far asbiking and singing goes, you just need a littleServicesProfessional & Healththe business of the arts· fundraising· development· publicity· marketingwww. lauraadlers.comTriathlete Elly Winer at theNeiefoundland lronman 70. 3time between the two activities. Others maydisagree, like Charles Daniels, for example,who will ride two hours to a recording session!"Interestingly, each seems to knows someonewho is even more of an athlete.Stronger ... faster. .. higher. ... hmm.ServicesProfessional & HealthProofPOSITIVE ServicesCarol Anne LynchEditing and desktop publishingfor the arts,concert programme design & layoutph. 416-652-2077 • calynch@sympatico.caHome>·~ •-- M-.'.' ~ 1:_; .: • •/ . • -'';':-(. ':'.,'KEN 51-NG"FON ,.CARPETS~ 1 NC}: f,l\ ''DIRECT IMPORTERSiLIQUIDATORSi -ii~· te.rsi;m.J~?ian, Chine~;· Pa~~tani and Broad;~-~~J ii'JC • Add ,t!~~ty and w~rrpth 'tnour.r9om /; ;.:.,.;~' jl, . '.( e; ~ Looks.great unde'riypuf-pianci ..,; I~:. e>-> iMc fAbs9r6s sound ...'.. ~u'sic_satinds better,,"·}».~~};;t1 ·, I{\' ~c ~ Enh'ances your ability to perform'\;;} ·:: ~P,1~7~ta ~~:. s~~P ~r~u~_d, a~lco~t~c~t.;. I. ,,~ Bgilawin St:, Toronto """" 4;16,260-1 l4'4 ~~-- __:.__ .:::- --~ -·~ServicesRecordingGOLD RECORDS -- JUNO AWARDSRecording & Mastering.Great live room in old movie theatre.Yamaha Grand Piano. Hammond M3& Leslie Milestone Drums.•MISTER' SMASTERINGHOUSE per hour 416.467.9597www.studio92canada.comCall for a coffee and tour• Reeordin.,. • Mixin«0 - ~ JI" Mastering • Y.-un,abaGrm;d • f-I,ammoncfB3 • 5 Isolated RoomsDIGITAL EDITINGCD MASTERINGLIVE RECORDINGOPEN REEL 8cCASSETTE TR ANSFERS96/ 24 CAPABILITYCONTACT: KARL MACHAT416 503 3060" 647 227 KARLM ISTERS .MASTERS@SYM PATICO.CA$? .,) NEED HELP WITH YOUR TAXES?Specializing in personal, business,partnership, and corporate tax returnsincluding prior years and adjustments.Call Norm Pulker905-830-2985npulker@rogers.comfax 905-830-981 OInvestorsGroup ..• free consultation• accurate work• pickup & deliveryarrangedSymphonyS1RATEGIC INVESTMENT PLANNINGYour finances will sing)with a Symphony strategicinvestment planning portfolio!Isaac Klassen (888) 565-9996 ext. 352isaac. klassen@investorsgroup .cornOCTOBER 1 - N OVEMBER 7 2007Back to Ad IndexRelease pain.Relax. Breathe. Move.'-Dr. Katarin a Bulat ssc.oc:.

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