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Volume 13 - Issue 4 - December 2007

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fOR OPENERS •••Two-faced Janus ... andwelcome to WholeN ote' s world"The first concert they gave in Toronto didn't exactly start with abang. But the second one definitely will. Harpsichordist SandaMajurec and soprano Nina Kobler came from Croatia last Mayand presented a concert of baroque music to over a hundred oftheir fellow Croatians in a rented room at the Toronto FacultyClub. Not a bad turn-out in Toronto. But performing forCroatians was not the point ... . . "So kicked off by far the most entertaining bit of promotional writingabout an upcoming concert to cross my desk in a good long while. Bythe time I got to "Torches will mark the path to the Blue Barracks atFort York National Historic Site and instead of a pre-concert chatthere will be a pre-concert cannon firing at 7:45 pm sharp" I waslaughing out loud, for sheer pleasure at the way things work inWholeNote's world - at the way things unfold when you live amusical life.The musical "life-liver" in this case is one Dawn Lyons, whomWholeNote readers with only short-term memory loss willremember as the author of an entertaining occasional series in thismagazine called "Behind the Scenes" (which is where she often is,being also one half of a team of harpsichord menders, makers, andproviders to venues large and small). In fact that's how the Sanda/Nina connection came to pass."The Croatian Consulate - which, by the way, occupies a modestsuite in a medium-rise Mississauga office building - had rented theharpsichord [for the first visit} from us. And since we keep some ofour rental fleet at Fort York National Historic Site's Blue Barracks,Sanda and Nina went there several times to rehearse . ... This timethey knew who to call for a harpsichord. And had decided that FortYork's Blue Barracks would be perfect for a concert. So could wearrange that?Well, yes they could, actually. Dawn explains: Since the music isfrom the Fort's time period (built in 1793 don't you know?) the Fortoffered to include the concert in their Authentic Music ExperienceSeries. So the girls' return is set for December 8, a co-presentation ofthe Croatian Consulate in Mississauga, Toronto Culture Fort York andus. Period costumes 'admired but not required', music by Handel,Bach and Pergolesi, Durante and Majurec - yes, Sanda is a composeras well. The Blue Barracks will be decked in its Christmas finery andthere will be candles everywhere ... . " (And of course, that big bang,which none of you must tell Sanda and Nina about. It's supposed to bea surprise.)Teetering between canons and cannons, high art and damned goodfun. Welcome to WholeNote's world, where it is still possible to livea musical life.GREAT CHAMBER MUSIC DOWNTOWNYINGSTRINGQUARTETHaydn, MusicalDim Sum, RavelThursdayDecember 13 at 8 pmRICHARDGOODEBach, Chopin, BeethovenDebussy, FaureTuesdayJanuary 15 at 8 pmPHILHARMONIAQUARTETTBERLINShostakovich, BeethovenThursdayJanuary 24 at 8 pmPianistWONNYSONGGranados, Hetu,BeethovenThursdayJanuary 31 at 8 pmI want to take this opportunity to wish our readers the best possibleuse of this double (dare I say "two-faced") issue of WholeNote.You'll get good use out ofit in December, I have no doubt. It's yourperfect guide to the season's Handelian ro ntdartsb o u n c i I•o a,m·, 1..,g1,oc

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