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Volume 13 - Issue 7- April 2008

BAND Standby Jack

BAND Standby Jack MacQuarrieIn last month's issue we published the first of two photographs sentto us by Joanne Hawthorne of the Scarborough Bel Canto choir. Wehad hoped that someone would have been able to identify the bandand the era. Unfortunately, so far, we haven't received any tips.In the second photo, shown above, the name LEMBERG BRASSBAND is clearly visible on the bass drum. Where is Lemberg youmight ask? With the help of our friend Google, we learned that Lembergis a small town between Regina and Yorkton in Saskatchewan.The town's website says that they have a wonderful recreation centre,but did not mention a band. Hmmm. Sounds familiar.So we asked, and in due course we received a reply to our queryon that matter. In an e-mail message, Alderman Marshall P. Hauckof Lemberg wrote: There is no longer a Brass Band here in Lemberg,other than a band program at the High School. We have hereat the Town Office three pictures of the Lemberg Brass or ExemplarBand. The first one is dated 1905, the second is 1912, and the thirdis dated 1924. We also have two awards that were won by the LembergBrass Band. The first award was won in 1930 in Melville Sk.,and was adjudicated by George C. Palmer; the second award waswon in 1934 in Regina Sk., and was adjudicated by Sir. Hugh S.Roberton, Dr. Percy C. Hull and Thomas F. Dunhill. Both awardswere for First Place. We know very little about what happened afterthat.As regards instrumentation, this Lemberg photo is interesting for acouple of reasons. Although the band is clearly a brass band, theyhave accepted into their ranks a lone alto saxophone. And can anyoneidentify the instrument to the right of the conductor? Could ithave been such a thing as an alto valve trombone? It's too small tobe a tenor valve trombone. Perhaps Dr. Henry Meredith can help us.Returning to the topic of musical facilities (or lack of) in communitycentres, there is encouraging news from Markham. After thedelegation to town band halls in Oshawa and Cobourg mentioned inlast month's column, the Markham town council has revised thespecifications for the proposed new Markham East community centre.These now include provision for a significant multi-purposeroom with storage facilities for use by community musical groups.While many of the old town bands have disappeared with theadvent of a multitude of forms of electronic media entertainment,community music is flourishing in other ways. The Milton ConcertBand is now very active in its second year and, as reported lastmonth, brass players from Newmarket and surrounding area areinvited to a reading of brass band music as this issue goes to press.Could this be the launch of a new brass band?Having not heard from TheBrass Conspiracy for some time,we were pleased to receive wordfrom them about some significantchanges. With newly appointedmusic director Andrew Chung atthe helm, they now bill themselvesas Toronto's finest/cheekiest/only13-piece brass ensemble.After only four rehearsalswith Andrew, they have nowscheduled a concert for April 19.On another topic, our curiositywas recently aroused in a casualconversation with a communitychoir member. My acquaintancementioned that their choir had anumber of tenor section leads.How could there be more thanone leader in a section? I wasinformed that their choir used theterm section lead to designatefi,,: .• AfllJN(.May24th 2pmst. Lawrence centre(416) 366-7723anyone who was paid. It is not uncommon for community andchurch choirs to pay people who have better sight-singing skills toprovide a strong musical leadership for each section. In the case ofmy friend's choir, due to a shortage of tenors, the choir had resortedto having a number of paid tenors to provide the desired balance forthe choir. In the case of community orchestras it is not uncommon tohave paid section leaders. Again, the goal is to provide strong musicalleadership. In the realm of community bands, although most havedesignated section leaders, I have never heard of any who werepaid.Does your group have designated section leaders? If so, what aretheir duties and responsibilities? Are they chosen for their musicalabilities, their leadership abilities or their seniority in terms of yearsof membership? Do you know of any community bands which paytheir section leaders? In the orchestral world it is not uncommon forBrass · Woodwind ·String Instruments • GuitarBuy direct from the DistributorAUTHORIZED DEALER FOR:Armstrong, Artley, Besson, Buffet,Conn, Getzen, Holton, Jupiter,Keilworth, King, Noblet,Selmer, Vito, Yanagisawa(._.J~~HARKNETT.Musical Services Ltd.MUSIC BOOKSBEST SELECTIONOF POPULAR&EDUCATIONAL MUSICPiano • Guitar · Instrumental905-477-11412650 John Street, Unit 15Uust North of Steeles)www.harknettmusic.com20 WWW. THEWHOLENOTE,COM APRIL 1 - MAY 7 2008

section leaders, or principals as they are more commonly called, tohave as supplementary duties performance in small woodwind, brassor string ensembles. These small ensembles are then often assignedto provide musical outreach performances for schools, retirementresidences and long-term care institutions. This would appear to be aworthy initiative for a band to consider. It is a win-win situation.Small ensemble playing, where every instrument is exposed, providesexcellent training and confidence building for the members, toa level not possible within the larger group. As well, outreach performanceactivities raise community awareness; invaluable whenseeking funding or other community support.Coming Events - Please see the listings section for full detailsFriday, April 11 to Sunday April 13 The Hannaford Festival ofBrass in its fifth season will take place in the Jane Mallet Theatre.Concerts include: Friday 7:30 pm Rising Stars, Saturday 10:00am to 10:00 pm Community Showcase, Sunday 3:00 pm Principalson Display.Saturday, April 12 8:00 pm. Milton Concert Band offers anexciting mix of popular favourites and innovative selections in theirSpring Concert at St. Paul's United Church in Milton. Musical DirectorJoseph Resendes will present a fusion of contemporary NorthAmerican works and such European works as Holst 's Suite in E flatand La Storia by Dutch composer Jacob de Haan.Saturday, April 19 8:00 pm The Brass Conspiracy presents HighClass Brass. Brahms, Mahler, "Papa" Leopold Mozart, Puccini,and Berlioz and perhaps a cheeky surprise. St. Luke's UnitedChurch, Sherbourne and Carlton Streets in Toronto.Sunday, April 20 3:00 pm Weston Silver Band in concert withguests The Burlington Welsh Male Chorus present Celtic Connections,a concert featuring music from and inspired by Ireland, Scotlandand Wales at Don Bosco Secondary, 2 St. Andrews Blvd.,Toronto. A featured work will be Philip Sparke's Hymn of theHighlands suite.Please write to us:\'cdmn~'5 fflUSiCFine quality instruments & accessories to suit any budget- Woodwinds, Brass, Strings & PercussionExpert Instrument Repairs in one of North America'slargest and best-equipped facilitiesComprehensive Band & Orchestra Rental Programwith over 9,000 instruments in inventoryYork Region's Largest Music Schoolserving over I ,200 studentsSALES • RENTALS • REPAIRS • LESSONS • PRINT MUSICpresentsFestival of BrassFriday, April 11 through Sunday, April 13, 2008JANE MALLETT THEATREYouth, community and the very best of professionalmusic-making in joyous collaborationA LACARTE FESTIVAL MENURising StarsFriday, April 11, 7:30 p.m. Tickets Listen as the energetic members of the HSSB's three Youth Bands performunder the leadership of Anita McAlister and Darryl Eaton. Our specialguests for this event are Impact Brass under the leadership of Ken Bailey.Participate in an audience vote for the winner of the Hannaford YouthBand's Annual Solo Competition.Community ShowcaseSaturday, April 12, 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. Tickets Showcase performances by The Whitby Brass Band, The Ori Ilia Silver Band,The Metropolitan Silver Band, The Kincardine Brass Band, The WestonSilver Band, lntrada Brass of Oakville, The Maple Leaf Brass Band of Ottawaand the Buffalo Silver Band. Listen as these ensembles perform a widevariety of repertoire. Some may even compete for the honour of receivingThe Hannaford Cup, our annual awardPrincipals on DisplaySunday, April 13, 3 p.m. Tickets I Our Festival Grand Finale. Toronto Symphony Orchestra Principal BrassPlayers, Andrew Mccandless, trumpet, Neil Deland, horn and Gord Wolfe,trombone will premiere Gary Kulesha's Triple Concerto commissioned bythe HSSB with the generous support of the Ontario Arts Council.Sponsored by n!EXNJ)'")u>Call the St. Lawrence Centre Box Office416-366-7723 or1-800-708-6754or book on-line atwww.stlc.comVisit us at www.hssb.caThe Hannaford Street Silver Band is grateful for the assistance received from itscorporate and its many individual donors, and from the following:1•1 ii:::;:' :;::;;;· Canad;i+ ,~.,,,,,... c~·· . _11::i_._ '"'""""""'°""'" 01.AMIHANSK NTN S

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