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Volume 13 - Issue 7- April 2008

whole noteThe Toronto

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foR OPENERS •••Cover AS storyIn WholeNote, as in many other somewhat newsy magazines, it'ssometimes the month's main story that dictates what the cover photowill be (as it probably would have if Ori Dagan's feature story on JonHendricks - see small photo, cover bottom right - had showed up in amonth which we had not already decreed was going to be our springFocus on Opera). Even if Ori hadn't submitted a photo as good as thestory, we'd have gone out and got one, because the story demandedit.Other times, though, it's the reverse. A photo shows up, and yellsso loud to be on the cover, that we go out and get the story that thephoto is shouting for.And then there's a month like this one, where we gather in photosleft, right, and centre that fit the month's chosen theme, and beat ourbrains out trying to choose. And then suddenly one jumps out of themix, because like Little Bear's porridge, it's not too haute, not toocool, but just right. Why? Well, because sometimes you're drawn toa photo because you recognize the people in it. Sometimes it's becauseyou don't, right now, ... but know that one day you will.So, meet the people in this month's cover photo! It's by RichardLu (Richard and Hugh Photo Services) from last year's Nov 8-11University of Toronto Faculty of Music Opera Division student productionof Donizetti' s L 'elisir d 'amore, conducted by Sandra Horstand directed by Michael Patrick Albano. Pictured are (left to right)A viva Wilks, Sarah Parkin (front), Katarzyna Sadej (as Giannetta),Allison Arends (as Adina), Ryan Allen, Mia Harris (rear), and NadineGuertin.We didn't recognize any of the performers by sight when wechose the photo. But on being told who they were (thank you, AaronWong), Allison Arends' (she's in the pink and white) name rang abell. A quick dig through our own concert listings, past and present,told why. There she was last November 19, part of the AldeburghConnection's Discoveries Series - Allison Arends, soprano; KathleenPromane, mezzo; Bruce Ubukata, piano. In March of this yearshe sang the role of Ginevra in Handel's Ariodante presented by theOpera Division of the Faculty of Music at U. of T. And, yes, thereshe is again - not in the past, but upcoming: a recital, April 10 at8pm, for the Toronto Wagner Society.The cover's story started to unfurl.Every year the Toronto Wagner Society presents a scholarship toa student in the U. ofT. Opera Program, as recommended by theschool's faculty. (Past winners? - well Adrianne Pieczonka for one,Joni Henson for another, so someone knows how to pick'em!) Andeach year, for the Society's closing meeting of the year, it hosts avocal recital by its scholarship winner."The Wagner scholarship went towards tuition for this year, and Iget to do a recital for them in a couple of weeks" said Allison whenwe reached her by phone. "The repertoire will include Strauss (Richard),Debussy, some opera arias .... I graduate in a couple ofmonths. Then I am going on a choir tour in Italy with Eglinton St.George's United Church, where I am a section lead - a two-weektour. I've been accepted into the International Vocal Arts Institute inTel Aviv, and also the Queen of Puddings summer program righthere. I haven't decided . ... I feel like, at this stage, I am not justmaking educational decisions , but am also making career decisions... ".Doubtless a conversation to be continued (but how delightful tohave started it, albeit by happenstance, right here.)Next month our "focus" shifts - from operatic to choral. May, as allWholeNote cognoscenti know, is "Canary Pages" month in our magazine- when we survey the vibrant choral scene that underpins thisregion's love affair with timeless music. Don't let your personalfavourite choir fall through the cracks. Join the throng atcanary@thewholenote. corn.David Perlman, editor~ORGANIX08A Music Festival unlike any otherOrganix Concerts May 2 - May 31, 2008Artistic Directors: William O'Meara Gordon D. 416 241-9785Organ & EnsembleFriday, May 2, 7:30 p.m.Handel, Fleming, LanglaisMetropolitan United ChurchPops FavouritesMonday, May 5, 8:00 p.m.Casa LomaThe Poet in MelodyWednesday, May 7, 6:00-6:45 p.m.Bozza, Rubinoff, BedardChurch of the RedeemerYoung Organists CompetitionSaturday, May 10, 1 :30-3:30 p.m.Rosedale United ChurchPatricia Wright, organTickets: /56 Queen St. Easttwo blocks east of Yonge St.Jelani Eddington, theatre organTickets: One Austin Terracenorth of Dupont subway stationDaniel Rubinoff, saxophoneChris Dawes, organTickets: .50162 Bloor St. West at Avenue Rd.Admission Free159 Roxborough Drivenorth of Sherboume & BloorA Night at the OperaRachael Harwood.Jones, sopranoWednesday, May 14, 6:00-6:45 p.m. William O'Meara. organMozart, Bellini, Donizetti Tickets: .50Church of the Redeemer162 Bloor St. West at Avenue Rd.!S All Inclusive Niagara ~inery, Din~er and Concert Tourw Saturday, May 17, 11.00 a.m. • 9.30 p.m.· Cost 5.00 (children: .00) Price includes a complimentaryticket to May 23 concert.Includes bus transportation, tastings at three vineyards, two 45 minuteconcerts and dinner at Rockway Glen Estate Winery. Pickup & drop-off atIslington subway. A detailed itinerary. list of vineyards, dinner menu. concertprograms can be viewed and printed from our website:www.organixconcerts.caParis, c'est magnifique!Gordon Mansell, organWednesday, May 21, 6:00-6:45 p.m. Tickets: .50Berveiller, Barraine, VierneChurch of the Redeemer162 Bloor St. West at Avenue Rd.Listening to our HeritageFriday, May 23, 7:30 p.m.Tanguay, Ives, RheinbergerSt. Paul's BasilicaDoors Open TorontoSaturday, May 24Elizabeth Loewen-Andrews. violinJonathan Oldengarm, organTickets: /83 Power Streetat Queen & Power, one block eastof ParliamentVarious Locations. See our web sitefor details. Free AdmissionMelodious KeyboardsJohn Kruspe, pianoWednesday, May 28, 6:00-6:45 p.m. Jonathan Oldengarm, organFranck. Chopin, Dupre Tickets: .50Church of the Redeemer162 Bloor St. West at Avenue Rd.Organ & Brass SpectacularSaturday, May 31, 7:30 p.m.Gigout, Manari, RotaSt. James' CathedralMassimo Nosetti, organ performswith The ORGANIX Brass &Percussion ensembleTickets: /65 Church King & Church 3 blockseast of YongeAll concerts are free for children 12 and under.APRIL 1 - MAY 7 2008 WWW, TH EWHOLENOTE.COM 7

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