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Volume 13 - Issue 8 - May 2008

Includes the 2008 Canary Pages

new wave co

new wave co poserswww.espritorchestra.comintroducing creative sparks .,,1,,m'17z-......-._rough creative sparks. full of verve, esprit strengthens its role asCana1il'a's leader in new music mentoring and creative leadership for young peopleSunday May 4JANJ MALUTT THEAl'R~, 21 FRONT ST, 'Wave e tJval galpeni~g concert7:15 pm • Pre-concert compose,s talk Vlnc.ent Ho {Cam1da)8:.00 p,m • Concert Wolf Edwa,~s (Canada)Alex Pauk • conductorMaxime McKinley. (Caitada)Wallace Hallada,y • saxophone(s} Scott Good (Canada)Wednesday May 7 ....,. free admissionMARS CENTRE, 101 COLi.EGE ST, (AT UNIVERSITY)creative sparks mld8:00 p,m • ConcertAlex Pauk • conductor.. week blockbuste, eventStuart Laughton. • trumpet"'Fallen Angel*To Er,:o Telmatothike.,,Wlrkunst-Your~enarBabbitt · tor 88;copi'lone(s) and orchestit&(origin,ally commistioMd ~y E,prit)Spanning locations througho·ut the stunning Selected student composers '" Creative Sparks · pieces / world premieresMaRS Centre, performers of the Esprit Oha,rles Ives (U,S,A,) The Unant1wered Que.stlonOrchest.ra Join forces with student com- A. Murray Schafer (Canada) Threnody aod The Falcon's T-1ttmeetposers and performers from Toronto-area Philip Cashian (Eng~e_ndt MechsJtik • fot: as many instrumentalist s ~s possibleschools for slullng performances of stu-{Canadian Premtere),dent coniposiuon.s. creative Sparks Is a meotoring and creative h.?19den,hli, pilot programme -our strongest ever link to new generations of composers, per·formers and audfenc:es.EsPRIT PARTNl:RS w1r lf MARS D1scO\IERY O tSlRlct:MaRS rs a full comm1mity partner in Creative Sparks, which aligns itself wl,th the MaRS philosophy of .. conveigeitce rnnovation"'• among divetSe disciplines. Esprit will utiilize the exceptional 4 story MaRS Atrium with its catwall

festival .--~-may 4-11.08Thursd.ay May 8 ,..., free admissionINNl5 TOWN HALL (2 SussEi AVENUE , St. G1EORQE Sr. SOU~H Olr BLOOR S1i,)New Wave Concert 311111111111111. plus Rea' s amnual Plllblie ·forum and Roundt able 1Discussia117::00 pm • Concert - mt 18:00 pm • fornm / Ffoundtaliite9:00 p,m • Con.cert • wt 2Alex Pauk • c11mdill!ctor Leonard (Yun Yun) Gilbert •· piano Max Chdst1e • clarh1etConcoll't • ·$.lt 1:Fullong Siii (Cibl~ lIn the Time·less: AirEu&elftl' .htapov (Cani!d~-) * Concerto for Piano and OrchestraNick Martin fEn-and) *N,ew Ot c.hestrat Wadeshort s~lo piMo works perte r.nte.cJ by A11dre RlsticRea Forum lfe>w Dn Ynu no Wltnn Yi a 'r. Goo1d?Ori veJ ue a11,1 lml'I ma loo in l'le i- nc:ert music,tLee Parkin (Canad'a)**Concertino f,,., Clarinet and Chamber Orcli·estraChris Maya (Canada) *-New O·rcheafral Worksh,ort solo piano works performed by Andre RisHcSunday May 11bNE MAU.£TT T M.E:ATIUl, 27 F RONif $T. E.New Wave Festival Gra11,d FinaleENERC UD sgNtc IMPACTwp· CANAD ., G £.U ESIRll CH STAIAlex Pauk • conductorRyan Scott • percussion1::1:5 pltl • Pre.eonce.r.t compose·rs talk8:00 pm • Concert10:15 pm • Post·concert Bas•b - 'location TBAP4ffar Kreslmlr Mfa1Jae (Oanad'a) "RltoumelJeli>avid Adamoyl (Canada}Brian Cunent (Oari.ada)Maki Ishii (Japan)*ArlJotesoence.lfazabazua (originaHy commissioned by Esprit)Pe-rouHior, Coavertoo • soutlNHtmmer-tlre(Canadian Premiere)Creatire S,m1ks ~r, schQols - Claude W~tson S9h901 of the Arts.North Toronto Collegiate, St. EHzati,eth Cathol ic High School,Ete~re,Clke Sohaol oUhe Art,. R,o,ckQHf.f Middle School,Special thanks l'o Reyi')il Aeademy of. Music, Lendon, England. MaRS Centre, Toronto.Crt:atlve Sparlf?} q.omposer/rm:mtors - R. Murr~ ###COLUMNCONTENT###,h~ferr, Micltlaet Colgrass,Phrnp Cashian, $n01t Good, Ale~ Pa!.4k, D_guglas 9chm1clt ..For more informaUon on (,'_;'·-' :_"::·1,') F::,r ;J·.r.1: c·.ic;:1:·c (May 4 - 11. 2008) :: ,; ".',--:, ·:,: ,·,; 416.815.7887..f Scotiabank Gl"oupC:caq;c Ct~ricMe1.caU Cl!,lf .t~blefoundaiionSCiCAh.!

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