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Volume 13 - Issue 8 - May 2008

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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 53MUSIC MONDAY .... and Every DayWhat continues to bewilder, therefore, is how the obviousrequires such vigorous and ongoing advocacy.At the heart of the day, at a single point in time, schools rightacross the country are united by one piece of music (10 am PT, 11am MT, 12 pm CT, 1 pm ET and 2 pm AT, and 2:30 in Newfoundland).They'll be singing Our Song composed by Universalrecording artist Dala (Amanda Walther and Sheila Carabine).I've got a feeling I call my music, I've always wanted to sharewith you, It's in my heart and I'll never lose it, ...CBC Radio 2's STUDIO SPARKS will air a live performance,from CBC headquarters in Toronto, of "Our Song," as sung byfour local children's choirs, at the same time that young peopleand their mentors across the country will be singing the sametune. Radio 2 is offering an entire day of programming aboutmusic and children from 6am's Music & Company through to 10pm's The Signal. Radio One will join in with special programmingon May 5 on The Current, as well as on regional showsacross the country."Music enriches our lives, and for many, it's a passion thatdevelops at a young age," said Mark Steinmetz, director of RadioMusic, in their news release about the days' programming. "CBCRadio's Music Monday celebrates music education as a source ofinspiration, creativity and engagement for our next generation ofmusic lovers."But for this initiative to have legs, surely the point is to takeourselves to the places where this music is growing. Let'switness, in real human terms, why all Canadian children need tosing, and have access to a wide variety of musical experiences atschool, and on the radio, and in our concert venues.Every day: not just on Music Monday, once a year.For more information about Music Monday and the Coalition forMusic Education in Canada visit www.weallneedmusic.caA Choral Life Q&ACOMPILED AND EDITED BY MJ BUELLfeaturing David KingWhat was your first-ever choral experience?My mother and father were school teachers and musicians so allseven children sang and played an instrument to keep out of trouble!My triplet brother, sister and I, the youngest of 'The King Family',sang trios in the Kiwanis Music Festival in Niagara Falls and in thechildren, youth and adult choirs of Stamford United Church under thedirection of Mrs. Marg Slinn. Throughout her 50 years as musicdirector and organist she has helped nurture the careers of manymusicians including baritone Brett Po legato and soprano Deborah Joy.What choirs have you sung with?I sang in various church and community choirs in Niagara Falls,London, Guelph and Toronto and in the University of WesternOntario Choir which I later conducted. While studying for myBachelors of Music and Education (at UWO), I performed in operaand operetta choruses, and had the privilege of singing in the Facultyof Music Singers under professor Deral Johnson.Are you currently singing with a choir?I have been a member of the Elmer lseler Singers for over 25 years.After graduating from the University of Western Ontario, where Ireceived the Don Wright Choral Scholarship, I went into teaching,directed and performed in musicals and sang in the Guelph ChamberChoir under Gerald Neufeld. Then I moved to Toronto to sing withthe Elmer lseler Singers, Canada's leading chamber choir and, atthat time, professional core of the Toronto Mendelssohn Choir. I wasalso Choral Music Manager at various Toronto music stores and alead and soloist in several church choirs. Singing in the TMC enabledme to work under many excellent conductors, experience greatchoral and orchestral music, and, more importantly, meet a beautifulsoprano who later became my wife! We had actually sung togetherwhile in university in a performance of Handel's Messiah at St.George' s Anglican Church!WantedMusic Director who aspires to nurture the spirit & helpheal the worldSINGERS WANTEDAll VoicesAmateur & Professional~lling·so/o~esDavid J. KingA liberal rel igious community of 300+ members seeks an individual todirect & grow our music program.We va lue diversity in our spiritual andmusical lives.This is a 20/hr per week, salaried position,starting August 1, 2008 at theFirst Unitarian Congregation of Toronto.For details seewww.firstunitariantoronto.orgAll The King's Voices 2008-09 Season:CATHEDRAL CAROLSSongs of the SeasonGREAT CHORUSES From ORATORIOSMusical Masterpieces with Orchestral Sth ANNIVERSARY GALA CABARETAn Eclectic Celebration in 416-225-2255l. F";...' \ Now. welcoming new,. ~;o·k, ... sl,.J~'.'c' i Choir Membersi} /r~ "jJ,, 1 ~:.·;: ·1 of all voice types~1-1t.~rn;l'1- ,-, ·-{) . f ,,,P! 1 ~riTh:r1J :, ~ ..,d . _!~~ '~,\. J,, Anglican church choir performinfi-~, f diverse genres of_music: Cl_assicaf.- -'· a'-.?-}!'" . - - ~I· l':!..·L -~- Jazz, Celtic, African, Canbbean,CHURC H OF 'l'HE Chinese, Gospel, and more.MESSIAH240 Avenue Road (at Dupont)416-922-4371www.churchofthemessiah.caWWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM M AY 1 - J U NE 7 2008

AUDITIONS2008 - 2009Comment on the differences between paid and unpaid choralopportunities.The best professional and amateur choral singers are passionateabout singing in choirs. They can't wait to get the music off thepage and join with the conductor, if there is one, and each other, ingreat music-making. The major difference is that the paid singersoften have more training and experience that can support theamateur.Where does your choral singing fit into other aspects of your life?Like many self-employed professional musicians, I juggle myconducting, teaching and singing to find time for family, friends andmyself. The responsibilities of founder, conductor and artisticdirector of All The King's Voices give me great joy but, like mostvolunteer arts organizations, take an amazing investment of my time,energy and management.What kind of concerts to you like to attend? How often?I like solo vocal, choral, instrumental and various combinations ofthese. As Music Director at Willowdale United Church, I havethoroughly appreciated hosting and performing in many fabulous.. a memorable performance ..." Tamara Bernstein. Globe and Mail. April '08Would you like to join this dynamic choir with the ravishing sound?Lydia Adams and the Amadeus Choir will perform Handel's Messiah.and works by Carl Orff. Ruth Watson Henderson, Benjamin Britten.Conrad Susa. John Rutter. Howard Cable, Heinrich Schutz. Gabrieli andEleanor Daley. And Bach's St. John Passion is a concert you will want to sing'Experienced choral singers who are good readers are invited to contactJoan Andrews at: 905-642-8706.jandrews@primus.cato set up an audition in May/JuneInformation: 416-446-0188 or• arnaaeuscnoirLYDIA ADAMS,Conductor and Artistic DirectorSing with the High Park Choirs!MUSIC DIRECTORNorthminster United Church is seeking a skilled musician who isenergetic, creative, flexible and willing to work in a cooperativemanner with our Minister and Worship Team to plan and provide avariety of music that enhances our worship services.The successful candidate will be competent in playing piano, a 2-manual Casavant organ, and in directing SATB and youth choirs -and will be comfortable with a range of music from traditional tocontemporary and global, in a variety of instrumentations.Please send applications to Paul Studt, Northminster UnitedChurch, 255 Finch Ave. West, North York, ON. M2R1 M8.• Exploring choral percussion~ with Rodrigo Chavez llatinland Brenda Lem Jov ITaikoJAuditions May 31, 2008Runnymede United Church• Di visions for choristers ages 5 to 18• Outstanding vocal development• Music theory for all choristers• Warm, encouraging atmosphere• Weekly rehearsals in the High Park areaTry it first - Open rehearsals May 27 and 29• Participate in warmups and try out repertoire• Meet our artistic and administrative staff• A great way to try out the choir before yourauditionZimfira Poloz, Artistic Director & ConductorMargaret Stanfield & Marina Filippova, ConductorCall (416) 762-0657Email info@highparkchoirs.orgVisit www.highparkchoirs.orgWWW. THEWHO LEN OTE.COM 55

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