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Volume 13 - Issue 8 - May 2008

Includes the 2008 Canary Pages

wholenote·The Toronto

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Bindery pockets?FOR OPENERS •••Take it from me. When you're rummaging for i.d. (halfcocked, needless to say, or you wouldn't have made theillegal tum that's now necessitating your rummaging fori.d.), it's not the quantity of paper you're carrying thatdoes you in, it's the number of pockets.Same goes for a magazine. This magazine is a full 24pages shy of the fattest we've done, but it's got usfumbling and stumbling late into the night. Why?Bindery feed pockets. That's why. Six of them. Googlethe term, then count the various bits in this magazine,and you'll get my drift. Like herding cats, it's been ( orcanaries).Especially once you think you know the ropes, thedevil's in the details.But if the devil is in the details, so too is the delight. Inthe case of bindery pockets, it's the delight of finallybeing able to mix elements like this issue's two insertsand our annual Canary Pages in with our more usualfare.Speaking of delightful details, there's one I particularlywant to share. It was a tiny moment in conversation withAgnes Grossmann, architect of the closest thingToronto has had in my remembrance to a full-fledgedsummer chamber music series. She was filling me in onsome of the details of this year's event, which combinessummer advanced academic residencies for topflightstudents from around the world with a sparkling seriesof concerts by top flight artists. And a student opera,this year Strauss's Ariadne au/ Naxos.That was the detail that delighted. This particular opera,you see, is rooted in a very specific vocabulary ofgesture - commedia dell'arte in this case - as much soas the intricate productions of our own Opera Atelier.Stultifying, you say? Forcing singers to move andgesture in a particular stylized way? Not so, my friend.What it does is to take the drama out of the fussy stuff( or the livestock) and focus it where it belongs - backinto the music, back into the voice. Go hear Measha inJdomeneo this month and you'll hear what I mean.It's like the freedom that comes with wearing a schooluniform. (The things you have time to think aboutbecause of all the things you don't have to think about.)Unless of course the uniform has too many pockets.David Perlman, editor~ORGANIX08A Music l'

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