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Volume 13 - Issue 8 - May 2008

Includes the 2008 Canary Pages


TORONTO WELSH MALEVOICE CHOIRThe choir was established in 1995when Gwyn Roberts invited Welsh­Canadians to found a Welsh choirin Toronto. The Choir creates theunique sound of four-part Welshmale voices and performs with thepassion and reverence for musicthat have made Welsh choirs famousfor over a hundred years.Concert programs include songsfrom the mountains and valleys ofWales, spirituals, opera choruses,Canadian and American folk songsand popular tunes-a vibrant blendof traditional and contemporary. WilliamWoloschuk: Musical Directorand Julie Loveless: Accompanist.TWMVC performs at CarnegieHall this September. Rehearsals:Wednesdays 7:30- 10 pm, 33 MelroseAvenue, Toronto.416-410-2254info@twmvc.comwww.twmvc.comTORONTO WORLD UNITY CHOIRFormed in 1998, we are a small,friendly SATB choir that strives topromote unity through our love ofmusic. Our mandate is to performspiritually-based music at communityevents within the GTA andsouthern Ontario. Directed by TimFitzGerald, the choir sings musicinspired by the Baha' i Writings andother spiritual traditions, with newand original works performed inmultiple styles and languages. RehearsalsSundays 6:00- 8:30 pm atOriole Community Centre, 2975Don Mills Road, Toronto (NorthYork). New members over age 15welcome-we offer painlessauditions. Ability to sight-read desirablebut not essential.Nancy Dinnigan 416-289-4146ndinnigan@rogers.comTRINITY COLLEGE CHOIRThe Trinity College Choir singsChoral Evensong in Trinity Chapelon Wednesdays at 5.15 pm duringthe regular school term (Sept.­mid-Apri I). Rehearsals: Mondayevenings, 7- 9 pm in Seeley Hall,and Wednesdays, 4- 5 pm in theChapel. English cathedral repertoireis the standard. Membershipby audition. Some choral scholarshipsavailable (preference given tomembers of the College).John Tuttle, Organist andChoirmaster 416-979-2323, ext. 2j.tuttle@utoronto.caWholeNote CANARY PAGES,-~UNIVERSITY OF TORONTOGOSPEL CHOIRFounded in February I 995, UTGCweekly rehearsals became a meetingplace for students interested insinging praises to the Lord and thoseseeking an empowering environment.The Choir includes membersof all races and Christian denominationsreaching a diverse audienceboth locally and internationally. Recently,the Choir completed work ontheir debut album, Send Me . Acombinationoflive concert material andstudio tracks, the CD captures theessence ofUTGC; soulful, inspirational,and affecting. With a promotionaltour scheduled for May 2008,the Choir looks ahead to future endeavorsand the continued growthof their ministry.Rhonda Toussaint 416-614-4872info@utgc.orgwww.utgc.orgUNIVERSITY OF TORONTOMACMILLAN SINGERSFounded in 1994 by Prof. DoreenRao, the MacMillan Singers representthe Faculty of Music in festivals,concerts and recordings, performing culturally diverse repertoirewith a commitment to contemporarychoral music. In 2004, the choir wonRegular attendance is expected. Selectedrepertoire spans five centuriesand includes choral classics,contemporary works, spirituals andinternational folksongs. Potentialchoristers are invited to observe arehearsal. Rehearsals Mondays5:30-7:30 pm at New HorizonsTower, LI40 Bloor St. West (atDufferin, NW corner). Season runsSeptember to May.Dallas Bergen 416-697-9561conductor@univoxchoir.comwww.univoxchoir.comUPPER CANADA CHORISTERSThe Upper Canada Choristers is anon-auditioned mixed-voice choirwith a history of choral collaborationwith international choirs andlocal children's choirs. Under theartistic direction of Laurie EvanFraser, UCC performs two diversechoral programmes annually, workingwith a variety of guest artists.As part of the l 5th anniversaryconcert gala in May 2009, the choirhas commissioned a work by MarkSirrett in celebration of peace. Weeklyrehearsals are Monday eveningsat the Salvation Army CommunityChurch at 7 Eglinton Avenue Eastfrom 7:30-9:30 pm. The choir singsup to 20 concerts annually in a varietyof community venues.Laurie Evan Fraser, Conductor/ArtisticDirector 416-256-0510www.chorister.orgI st Prize in the CBC National Cho- 1 ~ral Competition. In October of 2006,•-~~~Y. '4.· _the MacMillan Singers performed_under Helmuth Rilling as part of theInternational Bach Festival at theUniversity ofToronto, subsequently VESNIVKA CHOIRLesia Komorowsky 416-236-8278nykola@vesnivka.comwww.vesnivka.comVESPERAAn auditioned choir of women'svoices led by conductor Sarah John.Vespera is dedicated to performingworks of the 20th and 21 st centuries.We are seeking accomplishedsingers with an interest in contemporarymusic for our 2008/09 season.We perform two main concertsper year. Rehearsals are Wednesdayevenings 7:30- 9:30 pm indowntown Toronto. We will beauditioning for the fall season inSeptember. For more info, pleasevisit our website.Sarah John, Conductor 647-267-0750sarah@vesperaensemble.comwww.vesperaensemble.comVICTORIA SCHOLARS MEN'SCHORAL ENSEMBLEThe essence of the Victoria Scholars'music is the clarity and balanceof sound characteristic of Renaissancemusic. The ensemble's repertoireencompasses medieval plainchant, works from the Baroque,Classical and Romantic eras, andcontemporary and newly commissionedworks. The choir rehearsesweekly in preparation for their concertseries, consisting of three performancesannually. If you are anexperienced musician with excellentsight reading abilities and are lookingto join one of Canada's finestmale ensembles, please call or emailto set up an audition.Dr. Jerzy Cichocki 416-761 -7776info@victoriascholars.cawww.victoriascholars.casinging Robert Levin's reconstruc- Founding director Halyna Kvitkation of Mozart's C Minor Mass Kondracki established Vesnivka VILLAGE VOICESwith the TSO. The choir rejoined the Choir in I 965. This award-winningTSO in January 2007 to perform women's ensemble has delightedMozart's Requiem under Peter audiences around the world withOundjian.its rich repertoire of Ukrainian Ii-Office of Choral Programs, turgical, classical, contemporaryFaculty of Music, U of T and traditional folk music. The416-978-0463 choir is often accompanied by soloists and chamber ensemblesof area musicians. ThereUNJVOX CHOIRUnivox is a mixed-voice communitychoir for young adults that focuseson creating wonderful musicin a fun and uplifting environment.The organization holds relationshipbuilding, social responsibility andmu sical excell ence as its coreprinciples. Most new choristershave previous choral experience orhave some musical proficiency.WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COMare three major concerts per season.The choir also sings at Christmasand Easter Liturgies. Tuesdayrehearsals: 7:30-9:30 pm at 4 BellwoodsAve.,Toronto. The new seasoncommences September 2008.Contact us to arrange for an audition.Male singers are welcome toaudition for our partner choir, theToronto Ukrainian Male ChamberChoir.Beginning in September 2008, VillageVoices, a mixed-voice communitychoir of about 60 members,will celebrate its 20th season as achoir and its I Oth season under thedirection of Joan Andrews. VillageVoices presents two major publicconcerts a year as we! I as concertsat seniors' residences, communityhomes, community events and festivals,performing a wide varietyof choral repertoire from Classicalto Contemporary in many differentstyles. We have performed jointconcerts with other choirs and asguest artists with the CathedralBluffs Orchestra and the MarkhamConcert Band. Rehearsals are onWednesday evenings in Unionvilleand new members are welcome.MAY 2008

Marg Clarke 905-472-6435info@villagevoices.cawww.villagevoices.caVIVA! YOUTH SINGERS OF TORONTOLeading Innovators in Choral Education,VIVA! Youth Singers ofTorontois a vibrant, innovative choralorganization for children and youthaged 4- 25. 2008-2009 marksVIVA! 's eighth season as an Annex-basednon-profit group of choirswhose mission is to provide childrenand youth with artistically excellentmusical opportunities in a supportive,inclusive environment. Foundedby Carol Woodward Ratzlaff andco-directed by Brad Ratzlaff,VIVA! 's diverse programming featuresfun, age-appropriate choraltraining through weekly instructionin vocal technique, regular privatevocal instruction, and comprehensivetheory. Our unique Mentoring Programprovides opportunities foryoung singers to learn from universityand high school students.416-788-8482info@vivayouthsingers.comwww.vivayouthsingers.comVIVACE VoxEstablished in September2007 withinThe Toronto Singing Studio, VivaceVox is an exciting and energeticensemble of20 mixed voices.Led by Music Director Linda Eyman,the group is already knownfor its joy of performance and audienceappeal. Their wide-rangingrepertoire-from madrigals to jazzstandards and masterworks to musictheatre-sweeps away mostmusical boundaries. The 2007-08season features two formal concertsand the privilege of being themusical guests for Camh's TransformingLives Awards. Vivace Voxrehearses Thursday evenings 7:00--9:00 pm at Bloor Street UnitedChurch, 300 Bloor St. W. Membershipis by audition only.The Toronto Singing Studio416-455-9238linda_eyman@hotmail.comVOCAL MOSAICFounded in 2007, this new 30-voiceadult choir, directed by Linda Eyman,is characterized by a vibrantmosaic of vocal styles and repertoire.In its first season, choristersenjoyed singing madrigals, spirituals,popular standards and folksongs from several continents in twoformal concerts and one outreachperformance. Vocal Mosaic is oneof three choirs presented within TheToronto Singing Studio andrehearses Monday evenings from7:00--9:00 pm at Bloor Street UnitedChurch, 300 Bloor St. W., Septemberto May. Rehearsals are livelyand sociable. We are a non-auditionedchoir. A seasonal membershipis paid.VOXWORKSThe Toronto Singing Studio416-455-9238linda_eyman@hotmail.comFounded in 2005 by Artistic DirectorJames Wells, voxworks exploresless familiar, rarely performedvocal music, and offers aninsightful approach to literaturefirmly established in the canon.Core repertoire is secular and 20thCentury, complemented by worksfrom other style periods. Althoughsome programs are entirely choral,many include solo music, and ensemblerepertoire wherein the composerstipulates one singer per part.To meet the demands of such abroad spectrum of repertoire, thesingers must be accomplished soloperformers who have an affinity forand a commitment to ensemblework. Experienced solo/choral singerswith good sight-reading skillsare welcome to audition at anytime.Nancy Reynolds 416-769-0111 ext.3voxworks@voxworks.cawww.voxworks.caWEXFORD HEIGIITS UNITED CHURCHCHANCEL CHOIRThe Wexford Heights Chancel Choiris an SATB choir of various backgroundsand training whose principalfocus is the celebration of Sundayworship as well as concerts.Many types of music are sung bythe choir but always of the highestquality and at the highest standardpossible so that the liturgy may betruly a source of inspiration andbeauty to those who come and worshipat Wexford Heights. As a result,the choir performs almost asacramental role, offering theirabilityto render music in rich and complexways. Practices are Thursdays8-10 pm weekly from September toMay.Andre Rakus, Music Director/Organist416-757-0676memphis1@rogers.comWINDSOR CLASSIC CHORALEFounded in 1977 by Professor RichardHouseholder, Director ChoralActivities at the University ofWindsor, and currently directed byTimothy Shantz, we are an auditioned30-voice mixed choir. Forover 30 years we have appeared onnationally televised programs includinga performance of Messiah,and we were selected to perform inboth the 1989 and 1993 TorontoInternational Choral Festivals.Repertoire includes Faun~'s Requiem,Pergolesi's Stabat Mater andPinkham 's Christmas Cantata. Weperform three concerts per year,including our new series tradition,"In Remembrance" in November.Rehearsals are Monday evenings,September to May.Patricia Mclaughlin, President519-736-5761mclaughlinpc@cogeco.cawww.windsorclassicchorale.orgYORK UNIVERSITY MUSICDEPARTMENTHome to ten choral ensembles, allopen by audition to the wider Yorkcommunity (including faculty, staffand alumni). Lisette Canton directsthe Concert Choir, Chamber Choir,Male Chorus and Women's Chorus,performing western classicalrepertoire. There are four JazzChoirs directed by Bob Hamperand Mim Adams. Karen Burke directsthe Gospel Choir. There isalso a World Music Chorus. Eachensemble gives public concerts duringthe season. Auditions are heldthe first week of September. Participantswho are not registered studentspay an audit fee.416-736-5242musicprg@yorku nearts/mu sicYoRKMINSTRELS SHOW CHOIRThe Yorkminstrels Show Choir is amixed-voice community choir specializingin Broadway music, foundedin 1974 as a spin-off of the YorkminstrelsMusical Theatre Company.With its costumes and choreography,the YSC-the only existingshow choir in the Greater TorontoArea-has evolved into a uniquegroup, perfonning at 15-20 private,corporate and community events peryear. We rehearse Wednesdays,7:30-10:30 pm at Cummer Lodge,North York, September throughJune. Our director is Cathy Whiteside.We do simple choreographyand there is a simple audition to jointhe group. We have openings availablein our tenor and bass/baritonesections. If you love to sing, comesing with us!Wendy Fraser 416-225"5810dfraser@rogers.comwww.yorkminstrels.comThe WholeNote Canary Pages 2008is a publication ofWholeNote Media Inc.503-720 Bathurst Street, Toronto, ONM5S 2R4Project Editor:Catherine MuirResearch:Karen Ages, Catherine MuirDesign & Illustrations:Verity HobbsWholeNote's "Canary Pages" choraldirectory is published annually in Mayand updated regularly online Links tochoirs' own websites are availablefrom this site.If your choir missed the deadline for theprint version of the Canary Pages2008 but would like to register for theonline version, wishing to arrange for regularfree delivery of WholeNote to concertsor rehearsals should wishing to place events in our freeconcert listings should by the 15thday of the month prior to publication.M AY 2008WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COMWholeNote CANARY PAGES

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