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Volume 13 - Issue 9 - June 2008

du Corps by Chantal

du Corps by Chantal Dumas, an interactive sound installation whichquestions the perception of space in relation to mobility.Beginning in June, NAISA presents Sonic Boardwalk by KristiAllik & Robert Mulder. Sonic Boardwalk is a sound installationlocated on the Ward Island boardwalk that generates a microsoundlandscape activated by the kinetic imprint of passing visitors. It islocated outdoors on the west end of the board walk. Also on TorontoIsland, you will find Synthecycletron by Barry Prophet. Participantson Synthecycletron will generate power by pedaling which will inturn activate synthesizers and generate sounds. Synthecycletron islocated outdoors on Toronto Island between the Pier on the southside of Centre Island and the boardwalk.Another very intriguing installation by the Dutch artist RicardoHuisman running from June 2-8 at the Music Gallery (noon to 5 pm)is a pair of over-sized clown shoes made out of foam called SuperSonic Soundscape Shoes. By standing into "super sonic soundscapeshoes", hearing and feeling the sounds under their feet and travelingthrough their body, the public can "get in touch" with a speciallycomposedsonic portrait of Toronto.As part of the ongoing soundaXis festival, don't miss Sounds onPaper: Five recent environmental electroacoustic works by RobinMinard, including Nature morte with video components by artistSusan Meinhardt. Presented by New Music Concerts in conjunctionwith the concert on June 4, this installation runs from May 29 untilJune 15 at Gallery 345.Darren Copeland and his peers at New Adventures in Sound Artare a perfect example of the wonderful impact arts organizationsand artists can have on a city. With festivals like soundaXis (May 15to June 21) and Deep Wireless (May 1 to June 8), Toronto is absolutelyoverflowing with innovation, ideas, and a forward-thinkingmodel to build from . Enjoy.Richard Marsella proudly represents the Ontario Region of the CanadianMusic Centre.On Operaby Christopher HaileA coproduction of Tapestry New Opera Works and Theatre Direct,Sanctuary Song is part of the LuminaTO Festival this year. Composed byAbigail Richardson (on left) and written by Marjorie Chan, the operaruns June 6 to 14 at The Berkeley Street Theatre.June used to be a fallow period for opera in Ontario, but not anymore. The change in the COC's scheduling of its Ensembleshow, the success of Orchestra London in bringing fully stagedopera to that city and the second annual LuminaTO Festival haveprovided tantalizing choices for the month.The COC Ensemble Studio shows, once scheduled for December,now take place in June. This year's offering is quiteunusual-a double bill of Don Giovanni (1787) by GiuseppeGazzaniga (1743-1818) and Renard (1922) by Igor Stravinsky.Since, in a Darwinian way, only the strongest operas survive,Mozart's Don Giovanni that premiered only a few months afterGazzaniga's completely eclipsed its predecessor even though Gazzaniga'shad been quite successful. The Ensemble production willgive us a rare chance to see another perspective on the famousstory and to see what aspects Mozart's librettist, Lorenzo DaPonte, borrowed for his own libretto. Stravinsky's opera, basedon the barnyard allegories common to many cultures, placed thesingers in the pit while dancers acted the parts of the wily fox andhis victims. The Ensemble production will place the singers backon the stage. Steven Philcox conducts and Tom Diamond directsDon Giovanni, while Derek Bate conducts and Serge Bennathandirects Renard. The operas run June 16, 18, 20 and 22 at theImperial Oil Opera Theatre. www.coc.caFor more conventional fare head over to London for OrchestraLondon's fourth annual collaboration with Pacific Opera Victoriain which the POV's production of Puccini's Madama Butterflywill transfer to the Grand Theatre for perfomances on May 30,June 1, 5, and 7. Sally Dibblee takes the title role and Kurt Lehmannsings her callous lover Pinkerton. Timothy Vernon conductsand Frarn;ois Racine directs. Acording to the OrchestraLondon website, the production "marks an important milestonefor Orchestra London's Grand Opera project. The orchestra'sboard recently agreed to incorporate opera into Orchestra London'sthree year strategic plan, making it a regular part of theannual season." www .orchestralondon.caThe second annual LuminaTO festival brings four new operasto Toronto- one Canadian and three American. The production ofthe Canadian work Sanctuary Song is the world premiere of anopera for "children of all ages" by Abigail Richardson set to alibretto by Marjorie Chan. In it an aging elephant at an elephantsanctuary in Tennessee recounts her life before and during herWWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM ) UN E 1 - ) ULY 7 2008

captivity to her trusted keeper of 22 years. This coproduction ofTapestry New Opera Works and Theatre Direct is conducted byWayne Strongman and directed by Lynda Hill and features sopranoXin Wang and bass Alvin Crawford with Sharmila Dey andFrank Cox-O'Connell . It runs June 6-14 at the Berkeley StreetTheatre. www . sanctuary song . eaAll three American operas are by composer Mikel Rouse,who is associated with a New York-based movement known as"totalism." Totalism, an outgrowth of "minimalism," familiarfrom the works of Philip Glass and Steve Reich, aims at greaterrhythmic complexity, particurlarly in creating enough surfacerhythmic energy to resemble pop music while retaining the backgroundcomplexity of "serious" music. Rouse's three multimediaoperas form a trilogy about American culture and the LuminaTOFestival will provide the first chance ever to see all three together,albeit not in the order of composition.First up (June 7-8) is DennisCleveland (1996), the secondand best-known of the three.The opera takes the form of atelevison talk-show (in the TorontoFilm School Studio, Studio887) as guests tell their sordidstories to the title host. It soonbecomes clear they are tellingCleveland's own story. One ofthe prime influences on thework is Voltaire 's Bastards byCanada's own John RalstonSaul. Next (June 10-12) is thethird opera The End of Cinematics(1997), a meditation on the demiseof art-house cinema in an~ canadian OPERA companyAttention: Opera SingersDo you have a dream rolethat you want orneed to perform?It is easier than you think!More info: www.OperabyRequest. caopera by requestD1rec1or- Wiiham ShookhoffFOUR SEASONS CENTREfO R THE !' Eil.f O R M fN G A fl;TSage of channel-surfing and YouTube. The series concludes June 13-15 with the first opera, Failing Kansas (1995), a one-man work basedon Truman Capote's novel In Cold Blood. All three involve the use ofstate-of- the-art visual projections and Rouse's technique of "counterpoetry"in which recorded voices, arranged in counterpoint with eachother and with Rouse 'sown live vocals, create a tapestry of competingtexts. Music samples and video trailers are available on the LuminaTOwebsite ( as well as on Mikel Rouse'sown website ( In fact, all three operas, alongwith many others works by Rouse have been recorded and can bedownloaded from iTunes., Il~AExpect something different ...' -.;;-2'008-2009~Season.... -~ \ I J\ ('- \.., - ~~--~ - ~y-~ ~"-. ~Saturday November 1; 2008\ N~ ~~~Nf~P~n O,l'tJ \{.I x'ito~~-ESrTACIQ --Thf;)fj,yses §.f?nd Not far-Apart, I l 'WILLCOCf$,S,- LJ!X Perpetua ,_Sif ~avid Willcocks,.:.:~u"'est conductor -.. ~ Taliske r:_ Pia, ,ersrf:Y:r ~ • - ,..""'Tues~ay Dec~mber l6, 2008I, A qt,11Lll)'~~HRIST.MAs!'IN WALf;S ,Gordo.,r,j;inS'en1: , , , \ I narrater- '< ·Y, I.~ Si\yrd~y March"28! Z009~P-ASSION AND"RESORREtTION.,-"1 ~-Moody - Passion and Resurrection(f' 1 r.~1J~~er, .iiv~rs·I:II;..' Saturday·Ma,y 9, 2009,. 1 ,'j '" NGERS'1:HOIC:.E~---ty"Jt s-;-e1f: __zt,Join us for our exciting 2008-2009 season,featuring the music ofJOHN ESTAC/0 and /VAN MOODY,and the inimitable talents ofGORDON P/NSENT, SIR DAVID WILLCOCKSand ROBERT COOPERAuditions take place in June and August.Call Helen at 416 251-3803 for more detailsor to book an audition.·~r ·~r 'Yrwww.orpheuschoirtoronto.com41~-53Q.-41?,8 · ~,rph,e\u 1sfh,oi,r,@sympati~q.c31~v 1 '\. iRobert{~o,©~ r(. a~tistie ditea_t'q_r ' I~dward l\i'loroney, accompanistJUNE 1 - JULY72008 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM 27

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