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Volume 13 - Issue 9 - June 2008

For some reason or

For some reason or another I overlooked thecomplete Tchaikovsky Cycle DVDs fromArthaus. Actually I did play the Sixth Symphonydisc and was mightily impressed butrecently played my way through the otherfive DVDs that comprise the entire cycle.They were recorded live at the Alte Oper,Frankfurt in 1991 and performed by TheMoscow Radio Symphony Orchestra conductedby Vladimir Fedoseyev.Fedoseyev is not ~ -- __,,,.~-=,,""...---,the first name thatcomes to mind whenone considers comparativeperformancesby noted Russian,or otherwise, conductors... we all knowwho they are. So itwas an unexpectedrevelation to experiencehis PathetiqueThtTcha~KovsKyCych:w.1, 1 :1~~,;~~l!'s:~.~;;: t,mm1that utterly drains the emotions. As the lastheart-throbs ebbed away I was re-convincedthat this was Tchaikovsky's greatest work; apersonal summation of his life, a valedictoryaddress for posterity. Of all the outstandingrecorded performances I know, from the1938 Furtwangler through the other 'greatones', this has the most profound effect.Throughout the six DVDs, except to alesser extent in the concerted works, Fedoseyevand his orchestra communicate Tchaikovskyunlike any others that have reached myears. One stops critiquing the performanceand is drawn into the composer's confidence.Most rewarding and certainly quite unusual.Here are the ArtHaus Musik couplings:102121 Symphony No . l, Francesca daRimini, Rococo Variations (Antonio Meneses);102123 Symphony No.2, Eugene Oneginhighlights (Lidia Chernikh, Alexander Nenadovsky);102125 Symphony No .3, Swan Lakeexcerpts, Concert Fantasia op.56 (MikhailPletnev); 102127 Symphony No.4, 1812Overture, Violin Concerto (Viktor Tretyakov);102129 Symphony No.5, Overture in Fmajor, Piano Concerto No.2 (Pletnev);102131 Symphony No.6, Serenade forStrings, Piano Concert No.1 (Pletnev).lOLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLESFine old recordings re-releasedreviewed by Bruce SurteesGuild continues itsreissue CDs withthree new discs in itsGuild Historical linewhich should pleasecollectors. FritzReiner is heard livewith the NBC Symphonyplaying Mo­FRITZREINERr ROt.:OflE/ ~t,, a.lib, \'Jft \llLllll. MH CJII OllSll05TAKO\JlCII1, .."""",,....,l>tnU~I Hn (,, ',odo:,nt,)TCIL\IKOVSKV\~r,.W•1J,,l.o.(w1!

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