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Volume 13 - Issue 9 - June 2008



Listen out! SUMMER MUSIC GUIDEWelcome to the Green Pages, WholeNote's annual guide to the summer music festival scene insouthern Ontario and beyond!We think that the summer is one of the best times of the year to experience music. With the bounty of music festivals happening this summerin southern Ontario and its surroundings, both near and far, music becomes a destination like no other.Only in summer can you hear music in outdoor venues that will inspire and rejuvenate: by a lake, on a hill, in a barn, in a countrychurch, or in the heart of downtown in amongst the skyscrapers ...As the summer approaches, we are reminded that it is more than just concert-goers who are eagerly anticipating this exciting time ofyear. The musicians themselves-vocalists, percussionists, pianists, and others-also enjoy the high concentration of music, and the scenicvenues that the summer season brings.So the way we see it, there's two ways to look at music in summer: music as a festival-separate celebrations, with unique programsand venues, and music as a travelling show-from the bird's eye view of musicians, travelling across the continent, from festival to festival.Whether you want to travel alphabetically as a listener or from venue to venue with a music-maker, we've got the details included here.Hop from place to place with five active musicians, who give us the goods on their summer music plans (see Nick Torti 's running interview,starting immediately below) or skim through our more than forty festival profiles to get info and contact details to help you plan yoursummer. You can search out festivals by name (see profiles starting on page 12), place (using maps on pages 10 and 11), or date (using ourlistings sections, commencing on page 32).We hope it's an enjoyable journey either way.8Lori Freedman, clarinetist, composer, improviserWhat are you doing this summer?In early June I'll be at the soundaXis Festival in Toronto: June 5in the Montreal sextet Transmission, performing contemporaryworks from France, and June 7 in a panel discussion about music,texture and material, with J Gzowski, LC Smith, and others. OnJune 18 I'll be in Montreal at The Off Jazz Festival, with anevening of improvised music from L'Ensemble Ambiances Magnetiques,with C. Chan, G. Fabbro, and others. June 24 is a Girlon Girl solo concert for CONT ACT Contemporay Music Seriesin Toronto. Mid-July takes me to St. John's for Sound Symposium,giving an improvisation workshop on July 10, and a duo concertwith Scott Thomson (trombone) on July 11. It's back to Montreallater in the summer for an August 16 performance of solocontemporary Italian music by members of Transmission at theJusqu'aux Oreilles summer music festival. Of course, these aresimply performance dates and do not include the obvious massiveaccumulation of days and weeks of preparation.Is it a typical summer for you?Yes and no. Often, I play at the jazz festivals in Vancouver andHalifax, but each summer the festivals and the projects withwhich I am involved change. Over the past two or three years Ihave had a kind of come-back in playing more contemporarymusic as I used to do in the late 20th century. Although I havekept performing, recording, and touring written music, since1996 my activities as an improviser have been increasing. It feelslike my "playload" tripled in number and quite probably in ripening.Preparing tremendously difficult works will take up the majorityof my time this summer.How does music-making in the summer differ from the rest of theyear?Most different is the ability to focus on the music ... there arefewer administrative bugs to deal with.What are you looking forward to the most?Focusing on/learning/discovering/creating the music!As well as being a bit of a music junkie (practising, listening andresearching), I am contrarily an outside person. I need lots of airand room to move. I will be swimming in the Mediterranean,bike riding in the fields of Normandy and locally out the LachineCanal, looking for new places to pitch a tent, and unpacking boxesfrom a recent move.Your most fond memory from a previous summer?Last summer I made two videos of two rather important solo concertsI performed. One was at the International Clarinet Conferencein Vancouver, where I was yet again (this happened at anothersuch event for bass clarinetists in Holland) the only musician topresent a purely improvised concert. The other video was filmedhere in Montreal, a solo concert of terrific and terrifically difficultmusic from my repertoire. I had both these concerts filmed for anupcoming DVD project I have with There Productions, to be releasedon the Mode record label out of New York.SEE ANTON KuERn, PAGE 12WWW, THEWHOLENOTE,COM J UNE 1 - JULY 7 2008

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