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Volume 13 - Issue 9 - June 2008

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gOml-;"ll~IIJ£ w. r::-7"]. ·1,r:r~uf;))~Canadat Trust ; /1 11:. . · n ,JJ _'I''0 1'2~TORONTO 1 1 t 1' t 'IJ I l f l _J0 ~JAZZ ,· - .!'. - ,;..,J J,;,.,:;J l;..JQ FESTIVAL~ ATJHEOLD M, i[Ll'0 " ,;;;.,. -June 23 8:00pmMARCUS NANCEthe Live From the Rock page onmyspace. Participate in a songwriter'sworkshop, sign up to play onthe open stage, jam around thecampfire or just soak up the sunand the music at the 6th annual LiveFrom the Rock Folk Festival in RedRock, Ontario.www. I ivefromtherock. cornMARKHAM VILLAGE MUSICFESTIVALJun 20 - 21 I Markham Village,ON (Map B)From rock & roll to classical, countryto world, jazz to Bollywood;you' II find a sound to please yourears at the 30th annual MarkhamVillage Music Festival. Friday, wehave three powerhouse bands gracingour top three stages: ProjectPhoenix, Brian Rose and the LittleBig Band and Too Drunk Too Fish!Over 50 acts, 200+ entertainers.You'll also find great crafts and artproduced by local and internationalartists and artisans, from paintingsand sculptures to flower potsand jewellery, there are many newartistic delights for your enjoyment.And then there's the food. Seven-dors and events for folk musiciansand singers from the public to participateare also part of the festival.All audience areas provide seatingand some are shaded by tents. Thefestival will go on rain or shine.519-621-7135www.millracefolksociety.comMONTREAL BAROQUE FESTIVALJun 20 - 23 I Old Montreal, QC(Map D)Sirop Soie Safran/ Syrup Silk Saffron!From the enchanting East tothe worldly West, early music fromaround the world will come alive inthe gardens, streets, tours, chapels,warehouses and circuses of OldMontreal! Discover Baroque musicand star-studded performersfrom China, India, Haiti, Italy, Germany,France, Quebec and NovaScotia. Add a l 9th century Klezmerband with their dance-mistressand Dan Taylor singing Bach andit's a rendez-vous not to be missed!1-514-845-71711-866-845-7171www.montrealbaroque.comMUHTADI INTERNATIONALteen restaurants and a dozen street DRUMMING FESTIVALvendors, more than enough varietyfor most palates.Jun 7 - 8 I Queens Park, Toronto,ON (Map B)905-472-2022 The 9th Annual Muhtadi Internawww.markham-festival.orgMILL RACE FESTIVAL OFTRADITIONAL FoLK MusicAug 1 - 3 I Old Galt downtown,Cambridge, ON (Map C)The J 6th annual Mill Race Festivalof Traditional Folk Music is afree event taking place on four stagesin the old Galt downtown area ofCambridge, Ontario over the CivicHoliday weekend, August 1, 2 & 3.Traditional forms of folk music anddance are presented by many professionallocal and internationalperformers and groups. A children'sstage and activity area, craft ventionalDrumming Festival is a twodayevent that celebrates the drumas a global symbol of cultural unity.This free percussion-basedevent is the largest of its kind inCanada, offering over 30 live performancesthat represent more thana dozen different world cultures,as well as drumming workshops forall tastes and experience levels. Thisyear, the sounds of a Caribbeancarnival will come to Toronto, withthe melodic steel pan at the heartof the festival's program. Afro-Pan,Pan Fantasy, Hameed Shaqq thePan Piper, Silhouettes Steel Orchestra,and Toronto All-Stars arelune 24 8·:0:0pm.BtLL CHARLAP &SANDY STEWARTJune 25 8:00pmJUDITH LANDER &PHILIPPE NOIREAUTJune 26 s,:ooprnJUDITH LANDER &PsHILIPPE NOIREAUTJune 27 8:00pm11 11PATTI WITH AN &PATTY WITH A 11 Y 11June 28 8:00pmLOUISE PITRE &JOHN ALC'ORNTHE OLD MILL21 Old Mill Road ""(416) 870-8000 Tickets(416) 236-2641 DinnerJUNE 1 - JU LY 7 2008 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM 17

ls it a typical summer for you?The only typical thing about this summer is the fact that we arebusy from May to August almost constantly, just like the summerbefore and the year before that. .....How does music-making in the summer differ from the rest of theyear?The most amazing difference is that we are at festivals, wherewe can interact and collaborate with other artists and colleagues.Collaborations are always fun. We get to perform with the others,but also we get to spend time with our friends. This summerwill bring to us opportunities to work with Jeannette Koekkoek;the Arianna Quartet; the Hyperion Quartet; James Campbell, ourfavorite clarinetist; cellists Mihai Tetel, Csaba Onczay andMark Johnson; violist Atar Arad; accordionist Joseph Petric;harpist Caroline Leonardelli; and jazz saxophonist Jane Bunnettalong with amazing Brazilian composer and pianist Egberto Gismonti.What are you looking forward to the most?Aside from camping, all the collaborations and meetings withfriends has the most meaning for me. It is one of the few times inBLUEBRIDGEFESTIVAL6,7,8 June 20083 Days 20 EventsMusic, Poetry & SongSutton, Lake Simcoe,Ontario· uebridgefestiva I .cornTelephone 289.470.1099Presented by Ardeleana MusicBrenda Muller, Artiste DirectorTOWN OF @GEORGINAthe year when we can hang outwith our fellow musicianfriends, talk about music, swapstories, and share a meal and aglass of wine.Your most fond memory from aprevious summer?My head is full of images. Just togive you a few: Salzburg-afterplaying our concert at the castle,overlooking the city in the moonlightand hearing the sound fromthe Opera House of the MagicFlute ... SOCMI, Oakville-concerton the night of the blackoutin the Toronto area. We wereplaying Bartok 5 (the festivaldecided to go on with the concertregardless of the lack of powerand we performed outside withthe help offlashlights), and justat the end of 4th movement a batlanded on my music ... Columbia,Colonial Tovar Festival-weplayed with pianist JeremyMenuhin (son of Yehudi)-thebest Dvorak Quintet ever.some of the featured acts.416-504-DRUM (3786)www.muhtadidrumfest.comMusic AT PoRT MILFORDJui 19 -Aug 16 I Prince EdwardCounty, ON (Map D)Music at Port Milford summer festivaland music school, establishedin 1986, in historic Prince EdwardCounty, presents weekly performancesby students and faculty artists.This year's faculty will includethe Takai Quartet and WindermereQuartet in addition to Marie Berard,Kathy Rapoport, Paul Widner, andconductors, Michael Newnham andGeorge Garrett Keast. MPM offersfour weeks of intensive chambermusic study for serious string students,ages 13- 18. Students, admittedcompetitively, work together withartist faculty mentors to produceweekly performances of chamber,orchestral and choral works.914-439-5039www.mpmcamp.orgMUSIC AT SHARONJun 1, 8, 15, & 22 I Sharon Temple,Sharon, ON (Map B)Stroll the idyllic grounds of the historicSharon Temple, then enjoyNIAGARA INTERNATIONALCHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVALJui 21 - Aug 16 I Niagara region,ON (Map C)Niagara International ChamberMusic Festival (Music Niagara), inits tenth anniversary season, is theonly festival of its kind and scopein the Niagara Peninsula, with morethan forty concerts in venues thatreflect the uniqueness of the Niagararegion-world class wineries,historic churches and unrivalledlandscapes. From string quartets togreat pianists, from tango to jazz;wine, music and song- this festivalis unmatched in Ontario.Tickets: to , plus diningoptions.1-800-511-SHAW (7429)1-877-MUS-FEST (687-3378)www.niagaramusicfest.comORGAN FESTIVAL ON THE GRANDJuly 13 - 16 I Kitchener, Waterloo,and Guelph, ON (Map C)Come and celebrate imaginationadazzling showcase of musical artistry,excitement, enrichment anddiversity inspired by the pipe organ.This adventurous four-dayprogram is packed with a wide rangeof entertainments, concerts, workshops,and even worship opportunitiesdesigned to shed the stuffy,mysterious, and humourless ·imageof the wind-powered giants thatlive in our churches-they can alsodance and play in myriad coloursand moods. Featured performersinclude: David Briggs, Nota BeneOrchestra, DaCapo Chamber Choir,Jan Overduin, Willem Moolenbeek,Jonathan Oldengarm, Ryan Enright,Kirkland Adsett.519-748-8355www.festivalotg.cagreat music- in a place quite closeto Toronto, that feels far away!Music at Sharon returns for the secondconsecutive summer, present­OTTAWA INTERNATIONALing four concerts on Sunday afternoonsin June. Highlights includesoprano Suzie LeBlanc singingSongs of Earth and Heaven; aMessiaen centenary tribute; and thebrilliant Vancouver pianist Sara DavisBuechner, in recital. The seriesconcludes with the True North Brassin a program that showcases theunique architectural qualities of theSharon Temple. Concertgoers thatfinal day will enjoy a complimentaryglass of sparkling wine and refreshments.416-597-7840www.sharontemple.caCHAMBER Music FESTIVALJui 25 - Aug 9 I Ottawa, ON(Map D)From July 25 to August 9, the OttawaChamber Music Societypresents the l 5th anniversary editionof the International ChamberMusic Festival. Chamberfest '08will feature over 110 concerts andover 250 internationally acclaimedmusicians. The 15th anniversary ofChamberfest is cause for extra celebration,and festival-goers will enjoya fantastic summer of innovative andexciting programming. This year'shead liners include Isabel Bayrakdarian,Keller Quartet, Gryphon Trio,Shanghai Quartet, the St. LawrenceString Quartet, Quartetto Gelato, andLouis Lortie. Passes are CAD(adult) and CAD (student) andpermit listeners to attend most of theconcerts.613-234-8008www.chamberfest.comPRINCE EDWARD COUNTYJAZZ FESTIVALAug 14 - 17 I Regent Theatreand other venues, Prince EdwardCounty, ON (Map D)18 WWW. 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