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Volume 14 - Issue 2 - October 2008

tion. As for Caitlin,

tion. As for Caitlin, she aspires toa career in music and has alreadyauditioned for and been acceptedinto the Hannaford Youth Band.All of this leads to the matterof encouraging young people tocontinue with music after theirschool music days are over. Wehave received word that theScarborough Society of Musicians,set up to do just that, hashad their first rehearsal and isalready planning for their firstconcert. They rehearse Saturdaysat 10:30 am in room Cl03 of Dr.Norman Bethune Collegiate Institutelocated at 200 Fundy BayBlvd. near Warden and SteelesAvenues in Scarborough. Forinformation on the band and itsactivities contact them Theywould love to hear from prospectivemembers.An initiative of a different sortis in the formative stages in Newmarket.The Newmarket Citizens'Band is establishing a farm teamin the form of the NewmarketStepping Stone Band. The idea isto encourage people who may haveplayed in high school many yearsago to dust off their instrumentsand start playing again. Since startingback into a well establishedband might be intimidating formany, the Stepping Stone Bandwill act as a transition group. Underthe direction of Joe Mariconda,the plan is to rehearse Mondays atthe Newmarket Community Centre,on Doug Duncan Blvd.(where the old hockey arena islocated). The web page with informationabout the "farm" team ishttp: //joemariconda. webs. corn/index.htm. Joe can also be reachedat : Newmarket Band's website iswww .newmarketcitizensband.caAnd you can write to us at:bandstand@thewholenote. camFEATURINGMus1cAL L1FE: A Choral Life Q&AROBERT COOPERWhat was your first everchoral experience ?As a child in Ottawa Isang in the annual SchoolBoard presentation calledThe !,OOO-Voice Choir,held in the Ottawa ExhibitionArena. The energy,the excitement and thesound were thrilling andtransporting.What choirs have yousung with or led?I have sung with so many- school, university, community- but some stand outmore than others:Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawaunder Godfrey Hewitt (AngelaHewitt's father), where wewere always on call for stateoccasions ... even sang solo forthe Queen; Ottawa CentennialChoir when first created by thelegendary Nicholas Goldschmidtin its exciting and celebratorydays of 1967; several summerswith Robert Shaw and the transformativediscovery of analyzingmajor choral scores that hasstayed with me to this day; twoyears as a student in Germanywith Helmuth Rilling and hisGachinger Kantorei/Bach Collegium- again another invaluablesinging and performing opportunitythat has informed and shapedmy musical life. I've conductedmany choirs both on a regularbasis and as guest conductor,including the National YouthChoir of Canada, the OntarioYouth Choir, the Toronto MendelssohnYouth Choir (22 years),,Brass & Woodwindonns 'Instrumentsfl(iJVbistCAccessories forall Instrumentsflcompiled and edited by ml buell,-·-rand numerous provincial YouthChoirs and Choral Festivals.Currently?I conduct the Orpheus Choir ofToronto, Chorus Niagara, Operain Concert Chorus, and the Universityof Toronto Women'sChoir. This is my 6th seasonwith the Orpheus Choir of Toronto.After leaving the TorontoMendelssohn Youth Choir Iwanted an adult ensemble inToronto to balance my chorallife. I felt I might have somethingto offer this importantensemble that has such pride ofplace in the Toronto choral community.Where does choral music fit intoother aspects of your life?Choral music is my career, mylife, and my passion, and providesme great personal joy,satisfaction, and discovery as Ishare my enthusiasm and passionfor the choral art with my manysingers.Drums &KeyboardsflSheet Musicfor all levelsflAre there other musical activitiesyou are pursuing?I'll be guest conducting for Ottawa's Thirteen Strings ChamberOrchestra in December (Haydnand Britten), Off Centre MusicSalon in January (Italian Salon),Toronto Operetta Theatre inApril (Iolanthe), and giving preconcerttalks for SoundstreamsCanada.I am excited about this nextchapter in my career, having justcompleted 30 + years at CBC asExecutive Producer for Operaand Choral Music and producingChoral Concert and SaturdayAfternoon at the Opera.What kind of concerts to you liketo attend?Good question! Attending otherconcerts is not always easy givenmy schedule, but I like to hearwhat my colleagues and otherToronto ensembles are up to.I'm always on the lookout fornew choral works. I attend voicerecitals, the COC and TS .What qualities make you admirea choral conductor?The conductors who have shapedand informed me, and whom Irespect the most, have inevitablybeen not only strong musiciansand conductors but, more importantly,wonderful human beings:intellectually curious, spirituallythoughtful, philosophically engaging,willing to share, generousof spirit ... and modest.Is there a concert coming up thatis of special interest to you?The Orpheus Choir of Toronto'smantra is "Expect SomethingDifferent". We strive to bringour audience creative and innova-24 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM

tive programming of new choralworks. Our season opener is aconcert that all choral enthusiastswill not want to miss! Sir DavidWillcocks, just shy of 89, andstill as vigorous on the podiumas ever, will conduct the Canadianpremiere of a beautifully lyricwork LUX PERPETUA: Peace andUnity, by his son, JonathanWillcocks. We are also premiering,in Toronto, the powerfulnew choral work The HousesStand Not Far Apart by composerJohn Estacio and librettist/playwright John Murrell. Bothworks focus on the RemembranceDay themes of peace andreconciliation in a conflictedworld. That Sir David Willcocksis a recipient of the MilitaryCross for his WWII service addseven more import and poignancyto this concert event.The Orpheus Choir of Torontopresents "The Houses Stand NotFar Apart: a concert of hopeand reconciliation" on SaturdayNovember 1 at MetropolitanUnited Church, 7:30pm, featuringsoloists Allison Angelo (soprano),and Sean Watson (baritone),the 100 voice ChorusNiagara and the Talisker Players.Also featured will be theSidgwick Scholars: the OrpheusChoir's scholarship programwhich supports emerging youngprofessional vocal anists.For more informationwww.orpheuschoirtoronto.comBLUE PAGES CONTESTWelcome to the WholeNote Blue Pages Contest, where you can test your knowledge of SouthernOntarian concert presenters for a chance to win exciting prizes. Here's how it works. Betweenpages B3 and B23 of the Blue Pages there are 11 photographs. Each photo relates to ONE of thegroups in the range of profiles specified in the header of that photograph.Fill in the blanks on this contest page and mail it in, or list your answers by clue number and e­mail your entry. Winners will be drawn from those who submit the most correct responses, forprizes that include upcoming concert tickets and CDs.Clue 1 [B2 to B3]: _____________________ _Clue 2 [B4 to B5]: ----------------------Clue 3 [B6 to B7]: ______________________ _Clue4 [B8 to B9]: _____________________ _Clue 5 [BIO to BI!]: ----------------------Clue 6 [Bl2 to Bl3]: _ _______ _ ___________ _Clue 7 [B14 to B15]: ___________________ _Clue 8 [B16 to B17]: _ ___________________ _Clue 9 [B18 to B19]: ---------------------Clue 10 [B20 to B21]: ____________________ _Clue 11 [B22 toB23] : ____________________ _Name: ---------------------------------- ---Phone Number (if no e-mail): _______________________ _Email address:-----------------------------­Postal Code (first 3 digits): -----------------------Answer sheets may be mailed to WholeNote at the address on page 6, faxed to 416-603-4791 ore-mailed to of advertisersAARON BROCK MEMORIAL GUITARESPRIT ORCHESTRA 3Music TORONTO 4, l l, 28 , 30, 34, 38STEPHANIE MARTIN & GEORGECOMPETITION 46EXULTATE 31MUSICIANS IN ORDINARY 32MEANWELL 38ACADEMY CONCERT SERIES 35GEORGE HEINL 21NEw Music CONCERTS 13, 36TAFELMUSIK 2ALDEBURGH CONNECTION 14GLENVIEW PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH 33NORTH YORK CONCERT ORCHESTRA 38TALLIS CHOIR 32ALL THE KING'S VOICES 17GREAT ROMANTICS FESTIVAL 410AKVILLE CHAMBER ENSEMBLE 29TORONTO CHAMBER CHOIR 33AMICI 35HANNFORD STREET SILVER BAND 130NT ARIO MUSIC FESTIVALS ASSOCIATION 4 7TORONTO CHILDREN'S CHORUS 32AMOROSO 59HARKNETI MUSICAL SERVICES 23OPERA BY REQUEST 21, 37TORONTO CLASSICAL SINGERS 16ANALEKTA53HELICONIAN HALL 51OPERA-IS 21TORONTO CONSORT 26ASSOCIATES OF THE TSO 4 7HYMN SOCIETY, SOUTHERN ONTARIOORCHESTRA TORONTO 30TORONTO MENDELSSOHN CHOIR 3 7ATMA5CHAPTER 330RIANA WOMEN'S CHOIR 17TORONTO OPERETTA THEATRE 35BACH CONSORT 14I NTERNATION AL RESOURCE CENTRE FORORPHEUS CHOIR 36TORONTO SINFONIETTA 36BELL' ARTE SINGERS 46PERFORMING ARTISTS 37PASQUALE BROS. 51TORONTO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA 64BLOOR CINEMA 51JAZZ AT ROYAL YORK 18PAX CHRISTI CHORALE 33TRILLIUM BRASS QUINTET 23CANADIAN CHILDREN'S OPERA COMPANY 22CANADIAN OPERA COMPANY 20J EUNESSES MUSICALES ONTARIO 27JUBILEE UNIT ED CHURCH 36PETER MAHON 17RCM GLENN GouLD SCHOOL 15TRYPTYCH PRODUCTIONS 34U OFT FACULTY OF Music 25CANCLONE SERVICES 50KITCHENER-WATERLOO CHAMBERREMENYI HousE oF Music 19YESNIVKA CHOIR 29CCDP J AZZ VESPERS 18ORCHESTRA 43ROEL OLAY I NVESTMENT ADVISOR 50VISUAL & PERFORMING ARTSCCDP LUNCHTIME CHAMBER SERIES 24KIWANIS Music FESTIVAL 49ROYAL CANADIAN COLLEGE OFNEWMARKET 43CLASSICAL 96 61LONG & MCQUADE 21ORGANISTS 30WHOLENOTE CLASSIFIEDS 50CLAUDE WATSON PROGRAMME FOR THEMELODIC VOICES 38RoYTHOMSON HALL 7WHOLENOTE INDEX OF ADVERTISERS 25PERFORMING ARTS (EARL HAIGMETROPOLITAN UNITED CHURCH 35SECOND VINYL 59WHOLENOTE MARKETPLACE/EDUCATION 48SECONDARY) 47MIKROKOSMOS 59SINFONIA TORONTO 20, 29WHOLENOTE MARKETPLACE/SERVICES 51COSMO MUSIC 23MOOREDALE 28SOUND POST 22WORLDS OF Music 46COUNTERPOINT CHORALE 16MPC Music 19SouNDSTREAMS 9YAMAHA CANADA Music 63DAVID V ARJABED 47Music GALLERY 12Sr. JAMES CATHEDRAL 27, 34YORKMINSTER PARK BAPTIST CHURCH 25ELMER ISELER SINGERS 17Musi c oN CANVAS 37Sr. JoHN' s Music 24YOUNG PEOPLE'S CONCERTS 41ELORA FESTIVAL SINGERS 43Music ON THE DoNWAY 17OCTOBER 1 · NOVEMBER 7 2008WWW, THEWHOLENOTE.COM25

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