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Volume 14 - Issue 2 - October 2008

*November 2 2:00 -5:30:

*November 2 2:00 -5:30: Singing Studio of DeborahStaiman. Master class in musical theatre/audition preparation.See October 19.*November 4 & 5 1:00-3:30: University of TorontoFaculty of Music. Cello master class with Steven lsserlis.Location tba. 416-978-3744. Free.*November 7 7:30: University of Toronto Faculty ofMusic. Voice master class with Sherrill Milnes. Walter Hall,80 Queen's Park. 416-978-3744. Free.WORKSHOPS*October 3 6:00: Pandit Divyang Vakil I Atlas Yoga. IndianMusic and Yoga. Workshop given by Pandit Divyang Vakil and LorenOppenheimer, tabla & Won Joung Jin, Kathak dance. (Followed by8:30 concert· see beyond GTA listings). 123 Charles Street,Kitchener. 519-884-9877. (workshop only).*October 3 7:15: Recorder Players' Society. Recorder and/or other early instrument players are invited to participate in small,infonnal groups (uncoached) to play Renaissance and Baroque mu·sic. Church of the Transfiguration, 111 Manor Rd. East. 416-694·9266. O(members), (non-members); (season).*October 4 9:00am-4:00pm: Toronto Early Music PlayersOrganization. Medieval to Modern. Led by Valerie Horst,recorder teacher. Bring your viols, recorders & stand;music available at the door. Lansing United Church, 49C wholeNote MarketPlacePIANO LESSONS, Over 40 years in business.• Any level and age.• Extremely effective, low-costpreparation for RCM exams,competitions, concerts, etc.'--./ • From for 'I, hour..D · Immediate results, or you don't pay!"1Vladimir Dounin 416-321-5627bethebestinmusic@yahoo.comLove To Sing? "•All styles •All Levels • Beginners._.and Children welcome • Excellentfor public speakers, actors, etc.Breathe new life into your voice with a unique andsensible kinesthetic approach to vocal pedagogy.Call Pattie Kelly for private lessons: www.vocalsense.caEducationBogert Ave. 705-653-5480, 416-537-3733. .*October 4 9:30am-12:30: CAMMAC, Toronto Region.Workshop in piano accompaniment, led by GergelySzokolay. Please call for more information as well aslocation. 416-421-0779. (members); (non-members);singers, instrumentalists, auditors: (members), (non-members).*October 4 10:00am: Colours of Music. Composer Workshopfor All: The life and challenges for a composer. Workshopgiven by Allan Gilliland, Composer-In-Residence. Burton AvenueUnited Church, 37 Burton Ave. Barrie. 705-725· 1070.*October 4 5:30: Pandit Divyang Vakil. Indian Music andYoga. Workshop given by Pandit Divyang Vakil and Loren Oppenheimer,tabla & Won Joung Jin, Kathak dance. (Followedby 8:00 concert · see beyond GTA listings). MaclaughlinRoom, John Deutsch University Centre, Queen's University,Kingston. 613-549-5564. (workshop only).*October 9 7:00: Pandit Divyang Vakil I Loren OppenheimerI Shaw Percussion. Tabla Workshop. Workshop given byPandit Divyang Vakil and Loren Oppenheimer, tabla . (Folowed byconcert· see beyond GT A listings). Community Living Centre, 460Oak St., Newmarket. 905· 722-5449. (workshop &concert).*October 15 7:30: Toronto Shapenote Singing fromSacred Harp. Beginners welcome. Music Room, Bloor StreetUnited Church, 300 Bloor St. W. (at Huron). 416· 922· 7997*October 19 2:00-5:00: ORMTA-Central TorontoBranch. Workshop on 21 st Century Music for Piano,}JJCan.tar eM'u si tud iosFind your own true voice ...Register now for private OR group lessons:Call: 647 669 4145Or e-mail: singinginriverdale@gmail.comPrivate instruction and exam ~preparation by qualified teachersin the heart of Toronto.• Piano • Voice • Guitar • Strings• Woodwinds • Percussion • Theory• Music Theatre • Pre-schoolVoice and Strings. Meet some composers and hear newmusic on the RCM 2008 syllabi and contemporary show·case. Music Gallery, 197 John. 416-556-0956.*October 24 7:15: Recorder Players' Society. Record·er and/or other early instrument players are invited toparticipate in small, informal groups (coached by JanosUngvary) to play Renaissance and Baroque music.Church of the Transfiguration, 111 Manor Rd. East. 416·694-9266. (members), (non-members).*October 25 1:00-4:00: CAMMAC, Toronto Region.World music workshop with members of autorickshaw.Northern District Library, 40 Orchardview. Blvd. 416-421 -4184. (members); (non-members).*October 27 7:30: Toronto Early Music Centre. VocalCircle. Recreational reading of early choral music. Ability toread music is desirable but not essential. For more information:416-920-5025. (non-members), members free.*October 28 8:00: Toronto Folk Singers' Club. An infor·mal group that meets for the purpose of performance & ex·change of songs. Audiences are welcome. Tranzac Club, 292Brunswick Ave. 416-532-0900.*November 1 9:30am-12:00 noon: Claim Your VoiceStudios. Vocal Workshop. Soul Art Studio, 231 Bay St. North,Hamilton. Space limited so registration required: 905-544-1302 or email*November 21 :00-4:00: Worlds of Music Toronto. PercussionWorkshop. Led by Francis Kofi Akotuah & LarryGraves. Trane Studio, 964 Bathurst St. 416-588-8813,*November 21:30·4:00: Toronto Early Music Players Organization.Tout Ensemble- Renaissance Music. Led by BetsyMacMillan, performer on viola da gamba. Bring your viols, recorders,voices & stand; music available at the door. Lansing UnitedChurch, 49 Bogert Ave. 705-653-5480, 416-537-3733. .*November 2 2:00: CAMMAC, Toronto Region. Singersand instrumentalists are invited to participate in a readingof Mendelssohn's Symphony /12 (choral), under the leadership ofDavid Bowser. Elliott Hall, Christ Church Deer Park, 1570 YongeStreet. 416-421-0779. (non-members), members/students free.EducationThe Art of the FluteOne step at a time guidance toplaying the flute and the recorder.-~t;;,,,,Allan Pulker 416-778-7535Upcoming performances:November 27, 12:30 pm - Music by Kuhlau and WiderChrist Church Deer ParkCLAIM YOUR VOICEOrganic and functional vocal training togain access to your full range, resonanceand vocal freedom. For singers, publicspeakers, teachers, clergy, or if you justwant to enjoy using your voice.Sue Crowe ConnollyHamilton Studio Toronto Studio905-544-1302 416-523-1154MAESTRO DANIEL*Twenty years teaching Classical Vocal Techniquein Toronto* Specialty: Training and developing the large operaticvoice, "a dying breed" according to theN.Y. Times, Nov. 5, 2005*Vocal rehabilitation: Removing andrepairing faulty vocal habits* Guaranteed results*416- 927-9800 1' All Ages .J\ All Levels Ji All Styles· ..'? 1' Motivating Beginners' Groups~ 1' Private LessonsPIANO KEYBOARD GUITAR VIOLIN FLUTE SAX CLARINET DRUMSYAMAHAMUSIC SCHOOL 416-224-5590Gl /?. /?andTeacher of Voice froduction for5peaking and Classical 5ingingWWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COM+I 6-255-5982-,· ... -;:_: ' ,Singing LessonsSing with tec hnical ease and vocal beautyOpera - Pops - Broadwaywww.JanetCatherineDea.comcall now: (4 16) 429-4502MARJORIE SPARKS VOICE STUDIOMarjorie Sparks B. Mus., B. Ed.Classical training for private voicelessons, university entrance auditions,RCM exams, competitions andperformances. All levels welcome.For more information see our website.416-893-8648STUDIO LOCATION550 Eglinton Ave. E., Toronto

WE ARE All Music's CHILDRENby mJBuellOctober's Child?Already on the podium! And what agreat face for radio!Photo: circa 1944, at grandmashouse in Winkler Manitoba.Think you know who OCWBER'schild is?SEPTEMBER's Child ..."When I was nine years old, my Dad came home from work oneday and asked if I would be interested in joining the Whitby JuniorBand's beginner class. It was being run by one of my Dad's coworkersat DuPont Canada, Stan Redfearn. It sounded intriguing, Ihad tried organized hockey (too cold) and Cub Scouts (strangebeanie cap)" .... says Ray Tiv.ard, co-founder and Executive Directorof Canada's award-winning professional Hannaford Street SilverBand, which celebrates its 25th Anniversary this year. Rayoversees the activities of both the HSSB and the Hannaford YouthProgram (65 enrolled so far this season).Ray is also a founding member of the acclaimed brass quintet,True North Brass, who are celebrating their tenth anniversary thisyear and a member of the National Ballet Orchestra and the CanadianOpera Company Orchestra. Ray lives in Sharon, Ontario,with his wife, former National Ballet dancer Alexandra Auld, theirthree children, James, Christine and Alexander and three standardpoodles, Parker, Penn and Abby.Earliest musical memory?My Mom tells me that she took me to the local Christmas Paradewhen I was around 4 and I insisted upon following the band downthe street! Still feel the same way almost 50 years later.Other musicians in your family?Both my parents come from large families: my dad was I of 9(Newfoundland) and my mother was 1 of 13 (Eastern Ontario).Lots of music appreciation! No professionals per se but as youmight expect from such large families, I have cousins I have nevermet!At the time the photograph was taken ... ?That photo represents my introduction to organized music. Myfriends in the Whitby Junior Band became my second family, someof whom I still keep in touch with ...First experiences of making music, alone and with others?My first Band director, Stanley Redfearn, sang all our parts in aloud baritone voice and chain smoked. I can still hear his voice inmy ear surrounded by a cloud of smoke!What was your first instrument? When did you start playing thetrumpet?I began playing the Euphonium when I was 9. Stuck with that untilgrade 10 when I switched to trumpet. My friends needed a " hornline" in a Blood, Sweat and Tears cover band. Seemed like a goodidea at the time ... We had a ball and certainly moved up the socialhierarchy at our high school. ..When did you begin to think of yourself as a musician?Probably late high school. I was one of those typical high schoolband trumpeters. Played way too loud! The first few years of Universitywere humbling when I realized how little I knew. Thingspicked up when I had the opportunity to go the Banff School of Finearts. The two summers there sealed my fate ...If you could travel back through time is there anything youwould like to tell the young person in that childhood photo?Well, I would try and explain that parades are a good metaphor forlife. Better to be in the parade then standing around watching it goby ... even if it does rain once in a while .. . !Send your best guess sure to send us your mailingaddress, just in case your nameis drawn! Winners will be selected by random draw amongcorrect replies received by OCWBER I 5 2008.!!Tickets & Recordings!!CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERSAndrew Ziegler wins a pair of tickets for the Hannaford 25th Silver Anniversaryconcert Made in Canada (Sunday, Oct 19, 3:00 pm at the St. Lawrence Centre),followed by a reception. The concert's special guests are autorickshaw with theirvocalist Suba Sankaran. Ian Redfearn wins Connections in Brass (Opening DayRecordings, 2005). The Band's I Oth CD, produced by Ray Tizzard, is proofpositiveof their ongoing commitment to commissioning and performing newrepertoire. It contains works by Douglas Court, Patrick Cardy, J .Scott Irvine, KellyMarie Murphy, Donald Coakley, Jeffrey Ryan, Gabriel Major-Maro thy andHoward Cable.Music's Children gra tefi.illy acknowledges Robin 141illancourt, AnneKear and The Hannaford Street Silver Band. October's column isdedicated to band-room geeks ofa/1 ages, and their champion leaderseverywhere.Kiwanis Music Festivalof Greater TorontoFebruary 17 · March 2, 2009Through a combination of stage andadjudication opportunities, we offerparticipants extraordinary possibilities forperforming, learning, and sharing theirmusical experience.We offer competition at all levels forindividuals, community groups and schoolsin Piano, Strings, Voice, Musical Theatre,Guitar, Woodwinds, Brass, ChamberGroups, Jazz, Bands, Choirs, Orchestrasand Speech Arts.Over ,000 in scholarshipswill be awarded.Enrol your students today!Entry Deadline: November 10, 2008www.kiwanismusictoronto.org416-487-5885O CTO BER 1 - N OVEMBE R 7 2008 WWW.THEWHO LENOTE . COM 49

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