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Volume 14 - Issue 3 - November 2008

n-tee SAST yoR.K.

n-tee SAST yoR.K. Cl-tOIR. p,ese"'tsWinter's Night*Seasonal and sacred choral and instrumental selectionsDaniel Rubinoff, saxophoneRay Dillard, percussionCharlie Roby, guitarArtistic DireCLor:Jenny Crober Accompanist: Elizabeth Acker*SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2008, 7:30 pmEastminster United Church, 310 Danforth Ave.; (Sr.); (St.) 416-463-8225; 416-425-3812Choral SceneCan't Write: Too Music Music!!by mJ buellThere it was on the menu, below the omelette made of egg-whites,the fresh-fruit crepes, and the Eggs Benedict: "Can'tTalk ... Eating!".I read on, slack-jawed, my coffee rapidly cooling, my appetitedisappearing : "Steak & two eggs, baked beans, hash browns, twopancakes, with fresh fruit and maple syrup on the side. "The young waitress topped up my coffee and noticed my baffledexpression."Can I help with something?""Just coffee, for now thank-you. But...I have to know: do peopleactually order this?"She laughed." Well yes, they do , but almost always to share ... andthen everyone kind of picks their spots. "What does this have to do with choral music? Two things, in fact.I look at what's on the menu for November and December and it'salmost enough to make a person lose their appetite. Something forevery taste, and it all looks really good, but just no way to do itjustice. I picture myself hiding at home, in a darkened room, listeningto Emma Kirkby's "Feather on the Breath of God" (Hildegard VonBingen).But what a waste! So much beautiful living music is happening: andso much creative human energy is pouring into this seasonal choralfeast!I'm going to pick my spots . Also, I'm going to find people to sharewith. I'll offer a taste of what I heard in exchange for the same."Tell me how you enjoyed ... .. " provides a way of conjuring upsome of the music I could not possibly have taken in.For choral people I know who are in the thick of things, thistranslates into a (sometimes sorrowful) "Can't listen ... singing!".Their musical lives may involve more than one choir. Rehearsal andELMER ISELER SINGERSLydia Adams, Conductor2008-2009: 30TH ANNIVERSARY SEASONGeorge Frederick Handel's~Sir David WillcocksGuest ConductorFriday, December 5 at 8:00 p.m.Metropolitan United Church56 Queen St. East, TorontoSpecial Guest Artists:The Amadeus ChoirLeslie Fagan, Soprano; Jennifer Enns, Mezzo-SopranoColin Ainsworth, Tenor; Tyler Duncan, BaritoneRobert Venables & Robert Di Vito, TrumpetsPatricia Wright, Organ and Orchestra18WWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM

performance schedules at thistime of year sometimes leaveroom in their lives for little else.For them in particular I proposethat it's a good time of year toremember that there is muchpleasure and satisfaction to behad from knowing one issurrounded by such generousbeauty, even if we cannotpartake of it all.This being said, who couldpossibly have time to read achoral column any longer thanthis one?Can't read: listening!WholeNote's listingsfor November andDecember include noless than nineteenMessiahs or excerptperformances .... .. and there aretlffcllCONSORfJCHORUS & ORCHE STRAChristmasHear selections from their original CD,1he Bach Consort at Camphi/1, 1995Toronto Classical SingersH A N D E L' S M E S S I A H f1ighlights)TicketsAdult .00Seniors & Students .00T: 416-443-1490On~Line: www.totix.ca01,....0l'T,.SUNDAY DECEMBER 7, 20084:00PMConductor Jurgen PetrenkoAccompanied byThe Ta/isker Players OrchestraSoloistsJennifer Tavener, sopranoSandra Boyes, mezzo-sopranoCory Knight, tenorMichael Uloth, bass:'.~ · Christ Church Deer Park1570 Yonge Street (atHeathStW)::,t~~i;,g.~'J':r ~iei?;,r,

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