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Volume 14 - Issue 4 - December 2008


18INTRODUCING :MORGAN GUITARSMORGANGUITARSHand crafted in Canada, Morgan Guitars areelegant in design, using a discriminating woodselection as well as some of the finest materialsavailable. Precise attention is paid to every detailcreating an instrument that is balanced in bothsound and aesthetic.Available exclusively at:~~E~,L~IJQUALITY & SERVICE SINCE 1890STRINGS PIANOS MUSIC & BOOKS GUITARSBEAT BY BEATEARLY MusicA moment with Mallonby Frank NakashimaToronto's Aradia Ensemble, under the direction of Kevin Mallon, plansto perform and record all of Antonio Vivaldi's sacred music. So far,they've made three CDs (out of ten) of music rarely performed, perhapsnever, in Canada. Mr. Mallon took a moment to chat.FN: l-Wzat would you say is special about Vivaldi's sacred music, say,compared to his secular stuff?KM: I know it's odd, especially considering I'm a string player, but Ithink that Vivaldi's sacred music is of a far higher quality than the secularworks . I don't think he's unique in that regard - most composers ofthe time reserved their most profound efforts for music that worshipsGod. Vivaldi was a priest, so I think that this is doubly so.FN: l-Wzy so rarely performed? Anything to do with technical demands?KM: Interesting question. Some of the music, the solo cantatas for example,is difficult, but most choral movements are easy enough to perform.I think the main reason for this music's relative obscurity comesdown to lack of good accessible editions. Even now, when there's somuch research into works of obscure composers and little-heard worksof popular composers, performers are still slaves to the need for goodmusicological editions. Until recently, most of Vivaldi's sacred musicwas not available or, if they were, only in bad editions. Thankfully, Ricardihas now published a scholarly new edition of all the works.FN: l-Wzat's going to be in Volume 4? And after?KM: Still working on it! I've got a bit of time because we won't be recordingany more in the cycle until 2010. Even Naxos is feeling thepinch and cautiously cutting back next year! I've been making at least 4-5 CDs per year over the last 10 years, but we are only making one CDnext year, and that's to complete Handel's opus 6 concerti grossi.But to answer your question - Volume 4 will in fact include the famousGloria RV 589. We've also started another cycle to record all ofPurcell's theatre music.FN: The composers in your next program are familiar, but not the specificworks. Are they recently discovered? Not popular? Too difficult?KM: To answer, I think I want to go back to the musicologists, blesstheir hearts! At the time when music was only to be found in manuscripts,we relied on the musicologists to sort through the material andtell us what was worthy of performance! Of course, the most popularand accessible works come to attention first - Four Seasons, etc. Butnow, with nearly a century of good research behind us, it is importantto re-assess things - in the case of Vivaldi, for example, to look moreclosely at the sacred music or the operas.I've been trying to use the same principal in exploring more obscureworks by other well-known composers - Purcell, Blow and Handel -hence the performance of three little-known anthems in our next concert(December 14): Welcome, Vicegerent of the Mighty King by Purcell;My song shall be alway of the loving kindness of the Lord by Handel; Ibeheld, and lo, a great multitude by Blow.FN: You 've got a lot of projects on the go. How is Aradia managing?KM: We have financial concerns like most small organizations, butwe're working hard on the local, national and international scene, alwayswith new plans and projects. Presently, we divide our Torontoperformance time between the Gladstone Hotel (a more informal concertapproach) and Church of the Blessed Sacrament (for larger works).FN: Any collaborations happening?KM: With Opera in Concert we present a different Baroque or Classicalopera each year. This has resulted in performances of Handel's Semele,Rinaldo, Tamerlano, Rameau's Castor and Pollux, Vivaldi's Griselda,Mozart's Zaide and upcoming, Haydn's Il mondo della luna. Also, forthree years, Aradia was orchestra-in-residence at the Grand River BaroqueFestival.Frank T. Nakashima can be reached at franknak@interlog.comWWW. THEWHOLENOTE.COM D ECEMBE R 1 2008 - FE BRUARY 7 2009

s~~r,!,~!!!!!!~"""J O YCanadian Children's Opera Chorus: www.canadianchildresopera.comCall the St. Lawrence Centre Box Officeat416-366-7723 or 1-800-708-6754or book on-line at www.stlc.comVisit us at www.hssb.caAnn Cooper Gay, Artistic Director & ConductorSponsored by Goodyear Engineered Products ~.!'!.'!~~.~The glorious sounds of brass, organ and choir will once again ring through the majesticMetropolitan United Church. In addition to Christmas classics and sing-along favorites, thisprogram will feature the premiere of Andrew Ager's Symphonie Concertante for organ and brassand Peter Graham's inspirational brass band showpiece, Shine As The Light.The Hannaford Street Silver Band is grateful for the assistance received from its corporate and its many individual donors, and from the followingCanadii .*. t':::1=- ~-=- ~ =.·~'::::-::~ ...._ ! 0 ' 0 " 1 c•• t..:,ounc,Iliii .~..... . IOYAJIIIAHA lor,g&M°'{Qwdt NSK ~TN SOCAl'\I GOOD/i'l:AR .SKF SCHAEFFLER- -,,,d±,·,JUPITfl

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