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Volume 14 - Issue 4 - December 2008

wholenote~Volume 14 #4 December 1, 2008- February 7, 200906 EDITOR'S OPENER: Make it a double David Perlman07 IN WITH THE NEW: Andrew Burashko's Art of Time Heidi McKenzie12 MUSICAL LIFE: Robert Aitken · Multi-faceted Pam MarglesBEAT BY BEAT (The Live Music Scene)18 Early Music Frank Nakashima20 Quodlibet Allan Pulker21 World View Karen Ages22 Jazz Notes Jim Galloway22 In the Clubs Ori Dagan23 Band Stands and Podiums Jack MacQuarrie24 On Opera Christopher Haile26 Modified Rapture ... G&S in Toronto Terry Robbins27 Choral Scene ml buellCALENDAR (Live Music Listings)28-46 Section l: Concerts: Toronto & GTA47-50 Section 2: Concerts: Beyond the GTA51-52 Section 3: Jazz in the C lubs (listings)52-53 Section 4: Announcements, Lectures, Workshops, ... EtceteraMUSICAL LIFE54 We Are All Music's Children m] buell55 Choral Life Q & A: Trevor Mclain ml buell56 Opera at Home Phil Ehrensaft58 Bookshelf Pamela MarglesDISCOVERIES· Records Reviewed60 Editor's Corner David Olds61 Vocal and Opera62 Early and Period Performance63 C lassical and Beyond64 Modern and Contemporary65 Jazz and Improvised Music68 Pot Pourri - Extended Play69 O ld Wine in New Bottles Bruce SurteesOTHER ELEMENTS06 C ontact Information and Deadlines27 Index of Advertisers57 C lassified Ads59 WholeNote MarketPlaceIN THIS ISSUET O RONTO G & 5 GOING STRONGPage 26B OOKS; AND M ORE B OOKSPages 56,58D ECEMBER's CHILD ...Page 54D ECE MBER 1 2008 - FEBRUARY 7 2009WWW. THEWHO LENOTE.COM

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