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Volume 14 - Issue 6 - March 2009


MUSICAL LIFE:WE ARE All Music's CHILDRENby mJ BuellFEBRUARY's CHILD ........ was Kerry Stratton:Conductor and Music Director of the TorontoPhilharmonia; founder and conductorof the Grand Salon Orchestra; MusicDirector (since 1992) for the HuntsvilleFestival of the Aris, Ontario. Through hiscompany, International Touring Productions,he has created Canadian tours forthe George Solti Orchestra, Budapest; theVienna Concerl-Verein, Czech PhilliarmonicChamber Orchestra and Orchestralnternazionale d'ltalia.www. kerrystratton. cornEarliest musical memory?Being allowed to "play" on the piano atmy aunt's house. 2 or 3 years old. "Play softly,your cousin is sleeping."Other musicians in your family?Not really, but everybody sang, or so it seemed.First experiences?Outside of the family, it would have been what Inow realize was a highly reliable public school systemwhich encouraged children's choirs . Therewere few concerts in our little town but the CommunityConcerts Association brought really firstrate artists including a performance one memorableyear by the Prague Chamber Orchestra. I was enchanted!What was your first instrument? When did youstarl conducting?My first instrument was the violin. I started conductingin my last year of high school: my musicteacher let me conduct the band for assemblies.Did you ever think you would do anything else?In my childhood, I wondered if there was any workavailable leading cavalry charges or in piracy.In my teens I toyed with teaching history.Starling to think of yourself as a musician?When I moved away from home I met other youngmusicians who wanted this as much as I did. Suddenly,I was no longer alone in my love of this music.My first experience away from home to studymusic was at the Congress of Strings in Ohio in1970, the summer of Kent State. In the autumn ofthat same year I left for McGill just in time for theQuebec crisis.If you could travel back through time to the youngperson in that childhood photo (or maybe just aLeft: My grandparents' farm, RR6 Belleville, in 1958:the family farm was much more common than it is now.One of the distinct advantages of the car featuredhere was that it had no radio. This meant that Sundaydrives were accompanied with lots of singing. I lovedit when everyone sang. I still do.little older), what might you say?Be patient. You will leave this place, you willtravel and you will meet so many wonderful people.I would also tell him that he would get overhis crush on Hayley Mills.UpComing:Kerry Stratton conducts Toronto Philharmonia (March5, April 2, May 7) ; the Grand Salon Orchestra wholaunch a "Palm Court style" Concert Party series atThe Old Mill Inn (April 15th); and a Canadian tour withSlovak Sinfonietta April 29-May 9, 2010Recent recordings:Vivaldi Four Seasons Czech Philharmonic ChamberOrchestra, International Music Festival , Cesky Krumlov, recorded by Auviex; Brahms Violin Concerto andDouble Concerto with Nuremberg Symphony, soloists:Daniel Weiss , cello and Jung Yoon Yang, violin.CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS! !Tickets & Recordings!!Bonnie Craig: two comp I imentary cover charges to thevery first Concert Party at The Old Mill Inn (Wed .April 15), featuring the Grand Salon Orchestra (concertbegins at 8pm, dinner at 6. reservations are suggested)Lorna Rogers: two tickets for Toronto Philharmonia 's-Keyboard Fireworks (Thurs. Apr. 2, 8 pm) with SimonDocking, piano: Chan, Revelation; Chabrier PastoralSuite ; Prokofiev Piano Concerto No 3;Judith Haynal will receive Hovhaness: Celestial Fantasy(DORIAN -93166) featuring the Slovak Radio SymphonyOrchestra Bratislava, conducted by Kerry Stratton.Hovhaness' music evokes spirituality, the mysteryand grandeur of nature, and the power of faith.MARCH's Child circa 1949, inWatonga Oklahoma. Thegaze already says"Subdivide and conquer!""Knock, knock.""Who's there?""Knock, knock. ""Who's there?""Knock, knock.""Who's there?""Knock, knock.""Who's there?".,Think you know who MARCH 'schild is?Send your best guess sure to send us your mailingaddress, just in case your nameis drawn!)Winners will be selected by randomdraw among correct repliesreceived by March 15 2009.0/t/11.Q?JQSOCDs Vinyl Records DVDsCLASSICAL OPERA JAZZWORLD BLUES 'R & go AUDIOPHILE'ROeJ; SOUNDTRACK COLLECTABLESCheeses from around the world,meats, groceries, dry goodsgift baskets ...Everything you needfor reception planning.416-364-7397www.pasqualebros.com16 Goodrich Rd., Etobicoke(south of Bloor, west off Islington)WWW, THEWHOLENOTE,COM

Music EducationSummer&beyondWE ISSUED TWO INVITATIONS LASf MONm:1. to organizations offering summer music educationto join our online SUMMER MUSIC EDUCATION Directory2. to musicians, amateur and professional, to talk about theplace of Summer Music education in their own musical lives.Listings for the Directory keep coming in (approaching 30 at thetime of writing). And it's never too late to join! (See page 46-7for details.)The summer music education musings keep rolling in too!Musical MusingsReflections of a happy camperby Debbie VineDriving home from Week One at the CAMMAC Ontario MusicCentre camp, our family is listening to Hemp's Hump on our newfunk CD. We are singing scat and improvising percussive sounds atHOLD YOUR NEXT RECITAL-beliconian ballA beautiful restored Carpenter's Gothic board and batten churchbuilding in the heart ofYorkville can be rented at reasonablerates for musical events. Steinway Grand piano included.A high, vaulted ceiling provides excellent concert-hall acoustics.Capacity up to 120. Tel: 416-922-3618 Fax: 416-922-2431www.heliconianclub.orgrentals(il' heliconianclub.orgthe top of ourlungs! The jazzand world musicweek has alteredour consciousness,opening usup in manydifferent waysand allowing usto live life how itshould be!How shouldone greet thestill of the day onthe pastoral Lakefield campus? Perhaps listening to how thepercussive and melodic sounds of the day fit together. Alternatively,with a Navajo chant of "Now I walk in Beauty" or the Arabicwedding song, complete with ululating.Mornings rush by in a blur of technical and musical inspirationchoirfor some, classes and practice sessions for all. Oneinstructor's food for thought-"Do you have fun when you practice?"The long, lazy summer afternoons are punctuated by yells andlaughter from children of all ages playing outside, (finished theirmorning "music and more" program), gently guided and minded soparents can sleep, read, practice, compose or relax.Musical theatre completes the afternoon, expanding our repertoirefrom Maria waltzing in the mountains to Sondheim's fractured fairytale characters, killing , dying and philosophizing in the woods.Finally the close of the day brings a time for sharing musicalexpertise and experimentation. One could call the concerts, eveningsof contrast and evolution, moving from the precision of Bach'sFrench Suite through explosive African dance, and drumming,musical travel through Sicily to the cacophony of "Dead WeaselsRipped my Flesh".The return to the real world feels like a deafening silence.AlqoMA Music CAMPST. JosEpl-i's lslANd, ONTARioJuly 19 , AUGUST 1, 2009SrndENTs 10,18 yRs.SmiNqs, woodwiNds, bRAss,quiTAR, piANO, voiCE, dANCETuiTiON , 0www.AlqoMAMUSicCAMp.ORGE-MAil: AGARTsl-ioREl@coqECO.CAwww.a H4 ,78521& ympbony Tours, IncPerforming arts travel "in concert"with the Roy Thomson Hall Volunteersand in support of "Share the Music".Newport MansionsFor more information: contact John toll free@1-866-796-7469 or email: symphtours@aol.comM ARCH 1 - APRIL 7 2009 WWW. TH EWHOLENOTE.COM 45

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