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Volume 14 - Issue 7 - April 2009


RYAN SCOTT percussionERICA GOODMAN harpTHE NATHANIEL DETT CHORALE,BRAINERD BLYDEN-TAYLOR cendudorChris Paul HarmanConcerto for Harpand Or~hestraDouglas SchmidtDiscouraged fiassfonfor chorale ond orch•tra11HPAIT OA:CHESTRA Gf!ATE11 ULI. Y ACKNOWLHH~ES TH€ FOHO\'IIN(i f OR TH IW! StJPl'(JI.H OF Tiell!i 2008·2009 SHSONo,ntarfo ArisF~uijd~lfaniC R E ,\TiV F. T R 1'S,T,...·L..:·.,r- ,::i. r··:) I '·-f I 'If lm l'uli o--Jl~;gs 1"G11m!li.'IUDn M~r(.or~ Grim tll EllNlUll1it Jo~11 Eecll!l:s Boq~est The M ~la;m Fo11mf:.~li o11Hoi:01 0. Moi,m !m:pcriill fgJmoco C11m.i1Fo Fmmdatlon Th·D Aoc11 filmlh· C·~m'lt;iblo FoornciaU0 11

wholenote~Volume 14 #7 : April 1 - May 7, 200906 EDITOR'S OPENER: A bit of this, a bit of that David Perlman08 COVER STORY: Adrianne Pieczonka Pam Margles11 FEATURE: April is Opera Month Christopher Haile13 FEATURE: The Russians are ... here! Colin EatockBEAT BY BEAT (The Live Music Scene)16 Choral Scene mj buell18 In with the New ... Talivaldis Kenins Jason van Eyk20 Quodlibet Allan Fulker22 Jazz Notes Jim Galloway23 Jazz in the Clubs Ori Dagan23 BandStand and Podium jack MacQuarrie24 The Beat Goes On - World and Early Music onlineCALENDAR (Live Music Listings)25-42 Section 1: Concerts: Toronto & GTA43-45 Section 2: Concerts: Beyond the GTA46-47 Section 3: Jazz in the Clubs (listings)47-50 Section 4: Announcements, Lectures, Workshops, ... EtceteraMUSICAL LIFE51 CONTEST: We Are All Music's Children mj buell52 BookShelf Pamela MarglesDISCOVERIES - Recordings Reviewed53 Editor's Corner David Olds54 Vocal54 Early, Classical and Beyond56 Modern and Contemporary58 Jazz and Improvised Music59 Pot Pourri - Extended Play59 Old Wine in New Bottles Bruce SurteesOTHER ELEMENTS06 Contact Information and Deadlines49 WholeNote MarketPlace50 Classified Ads51 Index of AdvertisersGLENN GOULDERNEST MACMILLANString quartets26 years after his death Glenn Gouldremains probably the best-knownCanadian classical musician.A phenomenal and controversial pianist,he was no less impressive - or eccentric -as a thinker, writer, and radio producer.However, Gould defined himself as"a composer who plays piano".He applied the label "Opus 1" to hisString Quartet in F minor. There were tobe no higher opus numbers, for Gouldthen launched his dazzling internationalcareer as a pianist.IN THIS ISSUEPrincipal of the Royal Conservatory,conductor of the TSO, and long-timeorganist at Timothy Eateo MemorialChurch, Sir Ernest MacMillan wassynonymous with classical music inEnglish Canada in a way that seemsalmost unimaginable today. MacMillanwas on th e podium when a 15-yea r oldGlenn Gould made his T§O debutTHE R USSIANS ARE .. H ERE !Page 13T ALIVALDIS KEN INSPage 18APRIL'S CHILD ...Page 51A PR IL 1 - M AY 7 2009WWW. THEWH OLENOTE.COM5

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