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Volume 14 - Issue 8 - May 2009

FOR OPENERSLess of this

FOR OPENERSLess of this means more of ... what, I ask myself?How to survive the internet –tip number one:To avoid embarrassing the librarian, do nottype the phrase “heavenly body” into Googleor Yahoo if you are looking for an image ofan asteroid on line.I KNOW THIS because of what happened afterthe announcement, on April 9, that Victoriaastronomer David Balam had named “his”new-found asteroid tafelmusik in honour ofToronto’s most esteemed baroque ensemble.Great topic for an editorial, I said, andflailed around on the internet for a bit, tryingto find out what musical company tafelmusikwould be keeping in its lofty new orbit. Ifound chopin, wagner, mozartia, liszt,thebeatles, bach, … no Beethoven, though.Probably still too modern. And then Idecided to look for a photo. ....Well, anyway, enough of that.Good for Tafelmusik I say. The concertthat caught astronomer David Balam’simagination was called The Galileo Project:Music of the Spheres, taking their audienceflying back 400 years to the music beinginvented at the same time the telescope was.It’s typical of the storytelling panache thatToronto’s premiere baroque orchestraregularly brings to its work.Mind you, I can think of a few otherlocal musical entities I’d like to nominate forsimilar immortalization in the firmament,some for distinctly less flattering reasons.(They don’t name meteors, though, so“spectacular flameouts” is out as as anaward category.) “Black Holes” are morepromising – but even there you have to bevery careful. It’s not the black hole itselfthat you get to name. It’s the measurableemissions, or lack of, around it — its“luminati”, so to speak.There is a danger to politicizing thecelestial name game. Anyone can play.Rumours are that even as we speak Harperand Flaherty are hotfooting it to B.C. tooffer astronomer Balam a senate seat (whatbetter spot for stargazing?) in exchange forfinding them a black hole with emanationsthey can christen cbc and canadacouncilBetter stick to asteroids, Mr. Balam, ismy advice. You’ll make fewer enemies. Iknow a media genius in town who’d pay agood price for a celestial rolling stone calledthenewclassicalfmz.(I invite all readers to join me on thenewly launched WholeNote blog fordiscussion of this and other earth-shakingtopics.)Three little dots, red ,green and blue,signalling asteroid tafelmusik’sstately celestial progressIn that part of the media asteroid beltknown as The WholeNote, we’ve got a bitof naming and renaming going on ourselves,the upshot of which is that this will be mylast little essay as the editor of WholeNote.Weep not, though. I am merely migratingone cubicle over – to the Publisher’s perch.So you haven’t heard the last of me, just thelast of me in this particular capacity.I will leave it to my successor as editor,Colin Eatock, to introduce himself in thisspot next time. To my legions of devotedreaders, … bless you both!And as I turn the page on this fourteenyearchapter, there are definitely parts of itI’m looking forward to less of.Some of what I’m looking forward to less more of, page 12THE TORONTO CONCERT-GOER’S GUIDEVolume 14 #8, May 1 - June 7, 2009Copyright © 2009 WholeNote Media, Inc.720 Bathurst St, Suite 503, Toronto ON M5S 2R4Thanks to this month’s contributorsBeat by Beat:Books – Pamela Margles;Early – Frank NakashimaJazz – Jim Galloway, Ori DaganMusical Life – mJ buellNew Music – Jason van EykOrchestra and Band – Jack MacQuarrieOpera and Music Theatre – Christopher HoileFeature: Karen Ages, mJ buellCD Reviewers: Ori Dagan, Daniel Foley, JanosGardonyi, Richard Haskell, Pamela Margles, AlisonMelville, Cathy Riches, Terry Robbins, BruceSurtees, Ken Waxman, Dianne WellsCanary Pages: Karen Ages, Nick TortiPhoto and Editorial research: Nick TortiProofreading: Simone Desilets, Colin Eatock,Karen AgesListings: Colin Eatock, Richard Haskell,Felix Deak, Ori DaganLayout and design: Verity Graphics,Rocket Design (cover)Main Telephone: 416-323-2232Fax 416-603-4791Switchboard and General Inquiries: Ext. 21Publisher: David Perlman publisher@thewholenote.comManaging Editor: Colin Eatockeditorial@thewholenote.comEditorial assistant: Nick Torti –wmieditor@thewholenote.comCD Editor: David Olds –discoveries@thewholenote.comEvent advertising/membership:Karen Ages – members@thewholenote.comProduction liaison/retail &educational advertising:Jack Buell – adart@thewholenote.comClassified Advertising; Announcements, Etc:Simone Desilets – classad@thewholenote.comListings department:Colin Eatock – listings@thewholenote.comJazz Listings:Ori Dagan – jazz@thewholenote.comWebsite:Bryson Winchester – systems@thewholenote.comCirculation, Display Stands & Subscriptions:Chris Malcolm – circulation@thewholenote.comProduction Management:Peter Hobbs, production@thewholenote.comUPCOMING DATES AND DEADLINESNext issue is Volume 14 #9covering June 1 - July 7, 2009Free Event Listings Deadline:6pm Friday May 15Display Ad Reservations Deadline:6pm Friday May 15Advertising Materials Due:6pm Tuesday May 19Publication Date:Friday May 29WholeNote Media Inc. accepts no responsibility orliability for claims made for any product or servicereported on or advertised in this issue.Circulation Statement,April 2009: 30,000 printed and distributedPrinted in Canada byCouto Printing and Publishing ServicesCanadian Publication Product Sales Agreement1263846ISSN 14888-8785 WHOLENOTEPublications Mail Agreement #40026682Return undeliverable Canadianaddresses to:WholeNote Media Inc.503-720 Bathurst StreetToronto ON M5S 2R4www.thewholenote.com6 WWW.THEWHOLENOTE.COMMAY 1 – JUNE 7 2009

Photo: Henry GrossmanThe ‘other side’ OfRichard MargisonWith special guest: Jean StilwellConcert Date & Time:Also Featuring:Friday, June 12, 2009—7:30 p.m. Lauren Margison, Errol Gay,Crescent Boys SchoolPatti Loach, Erin Cooper-GayCentre for Creative LearningCCOC: Principal & Youth Choruses—2365 Bayview Ave., TorontoAnn Cooper Gay, Artistic DirectorTax receipt issued for the maximum allowable amount.• Opera• Musical Theatre• Folk MusicTickets: 0 Each - Concert /Post-Concert Reception/Silent AuctionBenefit concert for: Canadian Children’s Opera Company• Jazz• Cabaret• CountryTo Purchase Your Tickets, Contact:Canadian Children’s Opera Company, 227 Front St. E. Toronto416-366-0467 / info@canadianchildrensopera.comwww.canadianchildrensopera.comMa y 1 – Ju n e 7 2009 w w w .t h e w h o l e n o t e.c o m7

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