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Volume 15 Issue 7 - April 2010

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Anagnoson and Kinton …

Anagnoson and Kinton … continued from page 8FREE CONCERT SERIES IN THERICHARD BRADSHAW AMPHITHEATRE“…topnotch musicand dance…a highoctane celebration!”The San FernandoValley SunMost Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at noon or 5:30 416-363-8231Official Media Partners:Docket:Client:CO090654_04COCCampaign: Winter SeasonAd #:Market:Pub:Wholenote MagCredit: Lisa Portis (City Dance Corps), COC Free Concert Series 2009.Photo: Mike Brassard, SalsaTO. Creative: Endeavour MarketingFilename: CO090654_04_Wholenote_4C_AprRevision: FinalArtist: ANIssue/Date: April 2010Ship Date: March 15 2010145 Queen St. W. (at University)magic + logic 22 St. Clair Avenue East, 14th floor, Toronto 416.849.4874ACCT MGR: Keith, Amy Date: March 15 2010Ad Size: 3.5" x 5"Bleed Size:Safety/Live:File Build at: 100% (1:1)Line Screen:CMYKI understand you’re performing Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue forthis concert, which you previously recorded and have performedmany times. What inspires you about this piece? Does it bring backany special memories for you?The two-piano version is Gershwin’s original (not the orchestralscore as many people believe) and we’ve had many memorable experiencesplaying this version of Rhapsody in Blue. For example, Iremember many years ago in Bellingham when we performed it at ashowcase where there was a strictly set time-limit. And right beforethe last two pages, the house went black! We continued of course, wewere playing from memory anyway, but you can imagine the shockfor us and for the audience!Another time we played it for Bargemusic in New York. Theyeven managed to get a second nine-foot piano on board the barge.The backdrop for this concert was a large glass window looking rightacross at Manhattan and you can imagine the thrill of, not only thespectacular view, but actually passing by the old site of Aeolian Hallwhere it all began. For so many years, Gershwin was considered asecond-tier composer, and it’s wonderful that now his works are gettingthe attention they deserve.What else is on the programme?We’ll be performing Anton Arensky’s Suite No.1 which we wereprivileged to play last year on our Russian Tour in the very same hallwhere Arensky taught. They had spent millions on the restoration ofthis 150-plus year old building – an incredible experience. And theRussians, when they love you, they love you.Similarly, we’ll include selections from Dvořák’s Slavonic Dancesfor one piano, four hands. We were able to play Dvořák in Praguetwo or three years ago, and Leslie [Kinton] is an expert on Dvořák.We’ll also perform Johannes Brahms’ Variations on a Theme byHaydn. It’s interesting that Brahms tore up the sketches of almostevery one of his works, but spared this one. We never get tired ofthis piece.Photo Empire StudioWhat’s coming up for the duo and what are you most lookingforward to in the next year?The Festival of the Sound, July in Parry Sound with a programmethat includes Dvořák and Rachmaninoff, the Toronto Summer MusicFestival at Walter Hall with Rachmaninoff’s Suite No. 2 and Stravinsky’sRite of Spring in the composer’s original four-hand version.Also, in June we look forward to participating in a workshop of RaymondLuedeke’s Into the Labyrinth at Symphony Space in New York.How do you balance it all: performing, touring, recording, teaching?It can get a little much, especially since we don’t get to see muchof the countries we’re travelling to. I remember coming back fromChina in 2006 – two-and-a-half weeks, 16 hour trip home, it all goesby too quickly. Still, we had such a great experience with masterclasses,performing, etc. With over 30 years as players and teachers,the benefit of how the two professions fit so well together and feedeach other is phenomenal. We feel so grateful.Dianne Wells can be contacted through Anagnoson and Kinton Benefit Concert for University SettlementHouse will take place Sunday April 18 at 2pm at the Glenn GouldStudio, 250 Front St. W. Tickets are available at the Roy Thomson Hallbox office, by phone at 416-872-4255 or online at Anagnoson and Kinton also perform on April 24 in Caledon,presented by Caledon Chamber Concerts. See daily listings for details.62 www.thewholenote.comApril 1 - May 7, 2010

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