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Volume 15 Issue 9 - June 2010

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saxophonist DanielCarter’s tightenedreed snarls, inmulti counterpoint.The performanceswells to shriekinghorn glossolalia,stretched and scatteredbass-stringmovements and the pianist’s cascading notepatterns. Climaxing alongside Brown’s explosionsof drags and bounces, Shipp’s raw,exposed notes layer the interface alongsideCarter’s strident altissimo cries and Parker’striple-stopping.Sophisticated piano-bass double contrapuntalinteraction get an even better showcaseon Session at 475 Kent (Mutable as every tune isa culmination of Crothers’ thickly voiced,chromatic chords working out a challenge orresponse to Bisio’s chiming, slapping stringreverberations. Chamber interludes, the CD’sfour lengthy tracksevolve similarlyto Resonance, theCD’s climatic finale.With Bisiodouble-stoppingand pulling hisstrings fortissimo,Crothers’ glissandiand metronomic pumping, gradually givethe sympathetic dynamic a novel undercurrentof unrelieved tension – embellished bythe pianist’s strumming syncopation and thebassist’s woody string-stopping. Lighteningher touch with freer harmonies, Bisio followsand shifts downwards into diminished pulsesuntil the notes from both directions mergeinto a satisfying, protoplasmic whole.OLD WINE IN NEW BOTTLESFine Old Recordings Re-releasedBy Bruce SurteesWhen she was 16 years old, cellist OfraHarnoy emerged as a phenomenal musicianwith a distinctive style and sound. Shewas wooed by recordcompanies and by thetime she was 20 shehad been signed to anexclusive contract byRCA Red Seal, whichmeant that she waspromoted world-wideand engaged to appearand record with major international orchestras,such as the London Philharmonic. Thiskind of contract, signed in New York, wasthe first awarded to a Canadian since GlennGould. DOREMI CD (DHR-6607) containsthree concertos recorded for Fanfare beforethe RCA signing and subsequently reissuedby RCA in the mid 1980s. The light-hearted,flamboyant Offenbach Concerto in G major,with Erich Kunzel and the CincinnatiSymphony is followed by Tchaikovsky’s RococoVariations and the Saint-Saëns no.1both with Paul Freeman and the VictoriaSymphony. Strikingly apparent throughoutall three are Harnoy’s natural musicality andeffortless execution, giving performancesworthy of a dedicatee. To our loss, by about30, with her prestigious career in full bloom,she stopped performing. This CD is a shiningreminder of an exceptional talent.Toronto concert goers won’t soon forget theSibelius Festival in Roy Thompson Hall lastApril. Guest conductor Thomas Dausgaardinspired the Toronto Symphony to achieveand sustain unsuspected levels of refinementand charm from shattering tuttis to hushedpianissimos. Dausgaard is a master of thisrepertoire as are and were other conductors,notably Beecham, Barbirolli, Koussevitzky,Karajan, Osmo Vanska, Vladimir Ashkenazy,and Leonard Bernstein. The Unitelvideos of four Sibelius Symphonies (1,2, 5, & 7), with the Vienna Philharmonicunder Bernstein have been released by Cmajoron 2 DVDs (702208). Some 20 yearshave passed since the live performances butage has not lessened their immediate impact.Symphony No.2 from October 1986 is a performancenot of crescendo upon crescendobut of perfectly judgedtempi and dynamicsculminating in a definitivefinal statement.This is not possibleif the conductor, asoften happens, ‘gives itaway’ too early and toooften. The First, fromFebruary 1990 was recordeda bare eightmonths before the conductor’sdeath. Bernstein, although clearlyenervated after the first movement (you cansee it in his face and body), could not haveoffered a more searing valedictory address.The Fifth has real pulse and tension waitingto be relieved only by the final consideredchords. Very special. In truth, they are allspecial, conducted by the wunderkind whonever lost his heuristic mind. Excellent videodefinition, faultless camera work and thrillingfive channel audio make this set quiteirresistible.Since Daniel Barenboim made his celebratedrecordings of the Brahms Concertos withBarbirolli and the Philharmonia in 1967 wehave seen and heardhim in this repertoiremany times. Barenboim’sBrahms is authoritative,vigorousand second to none.On a recent DVD ofthe First Concertowe heard him withZubin Mehta and the Israel Philharmonic andnow another performance has arrived fromEuroArts (2022020108), recorded on May 1,2004 in the Herodes Atticus Odeon in Athens.Simon Rattle conducts the Berlin Philharmonicduring their first European concerttour after he took over as chief conductor.Even though it is an open air event, thesound is remarkable and the balances ideal.The orchestra plays with splendid vitality,confirming, as if it were necessary, the wisdomof his appointment. The orchestra offersa passionate reading of Brahms Piano QuartetNo.1 op.25 in the orchestration by ArnoldSchoenberg. This performance by Rattleand company has the impact and scaleof another Brahms symphony. Watching thevideo reveals the high level of excitementand enthusiasm of the players and conductor.Brahms enthusiasts must not pass this by.O,FORTUNA is Tony Palmer’s film offeringa warts and all portrait of the late CarlOrff, the composer of Carmina Burana, DerMond, Oedipus, Prometheus, Antigonae,Der Kluge, Music for Children, etc, etc (TP-DVD113). Orff was a man who would toleratenothing short of perfection in performancesof his work andwho burst into a vitriolicattack againstthose who fell short.There are no actors:everyone seen andheard are the actualmusicians and producersinvolved withOrff, his wives andoffspring. Orff is seenin interviews and indemanding encounters with his colleagues.No complete performances are included inthis DVD which provides extensive insightsinto this complex composer and human beingwho, as wife number three says, shouldhave been born 2500 years ago. One thing issure: you will listen to his works with freshears hereafter.Jascha Horenstein was an iconic conductorwho, although he was in demand on everycontinent, did not become the music directorof a major orchestra even though he conductedthem regularly. He was consideredby many to be in the league of Furtwanglerand Klemperer. DOREMI has a DVD of theBeethoven Ninth with the ORTF (DHR-7960) from October31, 1963 withan all-star cast, PilarLorengar, MargaHoffgen, Josef Traxeland Otto Weiner.This is one of onlytwo known videosof Horenstein conducting.One suspects that a 30 second dropin sound level of the opening bars held backany official release. Nevertheless, this is anessential item for collectors, in spite of thepicture quality of a vintage VHS with soundto match.56 w w w.t h e w h o l e n o t e.c o mJune 1 - July 7, 2010

DAN_10163_MS_WholenoteMagAd_1.indd 15/25/10 9:21:10 AMBlogs...continued from page 7University, and Nadina alsoteaches for the University ofToronto and the Glenn GouldSchool. Nadina and Guy arethe artistic co-directors of theGrand River Baroque• June 18-20: Grand River Baroque Festival(Guy and Mackie)• June 24-July 11: Oregon Bach Festival (Guy)• July 3-11: Aradia in Italy – The Centre forOpera Studies in Italy• July 19, 25-31: Festival of the Sound (Guy)• August 3-4: Ottawa International ChamberMusic Festival, August 3,4 (Guy andNadina)• August 12: Kincardine Summer MusicFestival (Guy)Elizabeth ShepherdElizabeth Shepherd is a twice Juno-nominatedToronto-based singer-songwritier/pianist/arranger. Her unique voice fuses the manysounds that have shaped her with others thatare clearly her own. Some of what you canhear in her music: jazz (thanks to a McGilldegree), hip-hop (thanks to college radioand record sales), soulful 1970s (thanks toher brother), latin (thanks to touring with aStarring Ma-anne Dionisio,from the original toronto ProductionLiMiteD engageMent!July 9 – august • (416) 644-3665145 Queen Street Westwww.elizabethshepherd.com17-piece Cuban band), Frenchfolk (thanks to her time livingin France as a child), andclassical (thanks to her Dad).She writes, arranges, recordsand produces, and has a busytour schedule – from Japan toEurope to Canada and the US.• June 12: Nighttown, Cleveland, Ohio• June 23: The Pearl Company, Hamilton,Ontario• June 26: The Schoolhouse/Neat Café,Burnstown, Ontario• June 27: Montreal Jazz Festival, Montreal• July 2: Toronto Jazz Festival, TorontoFinally, our blog has been active in the lastmonth. Cathy Riches has posted two itemson our website: one is a tribute to the lateRob McConnell, leader of the Boss Brass;and the other is on a new documentary film,El Payo, about flamenco guitarist DavidPhillips.And a couple of weeks ago, I felt inspiredto comment on the Canadian Opera Company’sforay into the beekeeping business.Like just about everyone else these days, thebees on the roof of the Four Seasons Centrehave their own blog, which is now linked toours.A new production ofBOUBLIL and SCHÖNBERG’SSUMMER OPERALYRIC THEATREA N D R E S E A R C H C E N T R EGuillermo Silva-Marin, General Director2010 SUMMER FESTIVALSpanish Sounds and Rhythmsfrom Mozart, Bizet, de Fallaand the thrill of Zarzuela!CarmenFlamenco!based on the opera byGeorges Bizetin association withArte Flamenco Spanish Dance Co.Benjamin CruchleyMusic DirectorFri July 30, Sat July 31,& Wed Aug 4 at 8PMSat Aug 7 at 2PMDonGiovanniby W.A. MozartDavid Eliakis, Music DirectorSun Aug 1 & Wed Aug 4 at 2PMFri Aug 6 & Sat Aug 7 at 8PMDOUBLE BILLVivaEspaña!Zarzuela MadnessLa VidaBreve&by Manuel de FallaBenjamin CruchleyMusic DirectorSat July 31 & Sun Aug 8 at 2PMTue Aug 3 & Thu Aug 5 at 8PMRobert Gill TheatreUniversity of Toronto214 College Street, Toronto(NW corner of College and St. George)Save 30%SPECIAL SERIES PRICEBEST SEATS3 Performances: (includes HST)Offer ends Fri., July 2 at 5PMCall: 416-922-2912www.solt.caSingle Tickets ( Seniors/Students)on sale Monday, July 5June 1 - July 7, 2010 61

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