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Volume 16 Issue 10 - July/August 2011

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In the Clubs / Mostly

In the Clubs / Mostly JazzD. In The Clubs (Mostly Jazz)JAYLYN TODDThe Art ofKeeping it GoingORI DAGANFor over a year, the Old Mill’s Home Smith Bar has beenpresenting the “Something to Sing About” series on Fridays and“Piano Masters” series on Saturdays. This summer, the musiccontinues, but singers get a break and piano players become sometimessidemen, as the Home Smith houses veterans of instrumentaljazz Friday and Saturday nights from 7:30–10:30pm. Some of thehighlights include a one-of-a-kind booking, “The Three Guitars,”featuring George Grosman, Tony Quarrington and Dave Dunlap onJuly 23; trombone master Alastair Kay with Brian Dickinson andNeil Swainson on August 6; and clarinetist extraordinaire Bob DeAngelis with Danny McErlain and Ron Johnston on September 2.See our jazz listings for the complete summer schedule.Purveyors of alcoholic beverages and proud providers of livemusic, the folks at the Emmet Ray (924 College St.) have beenpresenting jazz and new music by young local artists since theiropening in 2009. On Sunday, July 10, the venue presents a one-daymusic festival featuring nine young acts on the local scene, includingsets by the Parker Abbott Piano Duo, CNE Quintet (Card, Newton,Easty), Mikko Hilden Group, Kelsey McNulty Group and theJessica Stuart Few, featuring the leader on vocals, guitar and koto(a 13-string Japanese harp). I’m honoured to be playing a set at thisevent as well. The Emmet Ray is a vibrant new light on the livemusic scene; this would be a great opportunity to sample its glow.Peel is about to gain substantial musical appeal. Presented by Artof Jazz, the inaugural Brampton Global Blues and Jazz Festival isgearing up for an exciting lineup August 11–14, including — are yousitting down, folks? — a concert and workshop by 10-time Grammywinner, Bobby McFerrin. President of Art of Jazz, Bonnie Lester,is understandably excited about presenting one of the world’s mostvirtuosic vocal artists:“For me, he is an unmatched musical force. Watching him performlive is an extraordinary experience. He crosses all musical boundariesand stretches the imagination in terms of what the human voice iscapable of. I saw him perform several years ago and his improvisedsolo concert had me staring at the stage in disbelief. As a vocalist,I have followed his musical journey with a sense of awe. We wereJessica Stuart and her koto.hosted by Double A Jazz; Every Sun Brunchw Double A Jazz and Guest 11AM-2PM.Dominion on Queen500 Queen St. E. 416-368-6893www.dominiononqueen.comEvery Sun Rockabilly Brunch 11AM-3PM.Every Tue Corktown Django Jam w hostWayne Nakamura. 8:30PM, PWYC EveryWed Corktown Uke Jam. Every Thu JohnT. Davis on B3, 5:30-8PM, NO COVER; EverySaturday Ronnie Hayward 3-7PM. Jul1 8PM Tony Quarrington, Beverly Taft andSan Murata $10; 12 Midnight Ronnie Hayward’sBirthday Jam. Jul 2 1PM GeorgeGrosman’s Bohemian Swing Pwyc; 4:30PMBrian Rose Little Big Band ; 9PM: BruceCassidy’s Hotfoot Orchestra $10. Jul 34PM Jazz Jam hosted by Robert Scott; 8PMJapanese Jazz: Ken G Trio with San Murataand Friends $10. Jul 15 9PM George Grosman’sBohemian Swing. Pwyc. Jul 16 9:30Tia Brazda and the Madmen . Jul 189PM Toronto Composers’ Workshop Pwyc.Jul 20 8PM David Hustler & Trustworthyand Keith Rich and the Po’Boys . Jul21 9PM Alexander Brown’s Latin PowerJam Pwyc. Jul 22 9PM Havana to TorontoSafari $10 Jul 23 9PM Bill Durst $10. Jul28 9PM Roger Chong Pwyc. Jul 29 9:30Paul James $10. Jul 30 9PM Cross EyedCat $TBA. Aug 6 9:30 Paul Reddick $10.Aug 12 9PM Elmer Ferrer $10. Aug 259PM Alexander Brown’s Latin Power JamPwyc. Aug 26 9PM Havana to TorontoSafari $10. Aug 28 7PM Musical TheatreCabaret Pwyc.Dovercourt House805 Dovercourt Rd. (full schedule)Every Sat Saturday Night Swing: Dancefeat. live swing bands and dance lessons.EDO484 Eglinton Ave. W. NO COVEREvery Thu Guitarist Tony Quarrington7:30-10:30PM with guests: Jul 7 IlanaWaldston. Jul 14 DK Ibomeka. Jul 21 BeverlyTaft. Jul 28 Serafin LaRiviere. Aug 4Kathy Thompson. Aug 11 George Grosman.Aug 18 Margot Roi. Aug 25 TBA.The Emmet Ray924 College St. (full schedule)Jul 3 Sabine Ndalamba Group. Jul 6Jessica Stuart Few. Jul 7 John WayneSwingtet. Jul 10 Emmet Ray Music Festival,3-Midnight. 3PM Carlie Howell and theDeharms; 4PM Mikko Hilden Group; 5PMMyke Mazzei and the Mod Villians; 6PMParker Abbott Piano Duo; 7PM The JessicaStuart Few; 8PM The CNE Quintet (Card,Newton, Easty); 9PM Tia Brazda and theMadmen; 10PM Kelsey McNulty Group;11PM Ori Dagan Group. Jul 13 Peter Boydand the Mutant Duo (blues). Jul 14 JazzHop Aug 28 Jordana Talsky.Gate 403403 Roncesvalles Ave. 416-588-2930www.gate403.comAll shows: PWYCJul 1 5PM Margot Roi Jazz Band; 9PMFraser Melvin Blues Band. Jul 2 12PM VictorMonsivais Trio; 5PM The Ray CharlesProject: Denise Leslie Trio; 9PM MelissaBoyce Jazz & Blues Band. Jul 3 12PMMelissa Lauren Jazz Band; 5PM JorgeGavidia Jazz & Blues Band; 9PM Thyron LeeWhyte Jazz Band. Jul 4 5PM Roger Chong;9PM Vincent Bertucci. Jul 6 5PM KathrynElizabeth Merriam Jazz Trio; 9PM KurtNielsen and Richard Whiteman. Jul 7 5PMWill Fisher Band; 9PM Roberta Hunt Jazz& Blues Band. Jul 8 5PM Bobby Hsu JazzBand; 9PM Heather Luckhart Blues/Roots/Jazz Band. Jul 9 12PM Roger Dorey Blues;5PM Joanna Moon Flamenco-Latino withQuebec Edge; 9PM Patrick Tevlin’s New OrleansRhythm. Jul 10 12PM Joel Diamond;5PM John Wayne Swing Quartet; 9PM JuliannKuchoki Jazz Band. Jul 11 5PM DenisSchungh; 9PM Jorge Gavidia Blues Band.Jul 12 5PM Donné Roberts; 9PM RichardWhiteman and James Thomson Jazz Band.Jul 13 5PM Joshua Goodman Jazz Band;9PM Brian Cober and Aslan Gotov BluesDuo. Jul 14 5PM Alex Samaras Jazz Band;9PM Kevin Laliberté. Jul 15 5PM ElizabethMartins Jazz Trio; 9PM Wendy Weiler JazzBand. Jul 16 12PM Sandy Blakeley Duo;5PM Ben McConchie: Folk Meets Jazz; 9PMReal Time Jazz Ensemble. Jul 17 12PMOLGA: The Gimlets; 5PM Grayceful Daddies;9PM Jaclyn Gillou Jazz Band. Jul 18 5PMHavana Blues Trio; 9PM Jorge Gavidia BluesBand. Jul 19 5PM The Cookers feat. OriDagan; 9PM Richard Whiteman and JamesThomson Jazz Band. Jul 20 5PM Jeff Peacock;8PM Gypsy Rebels. Jul 21 5PM NoahSherman Jazz Band; 9PM String Theory Collective.Jul 22 5PM Denielle Bassels JazzBand; 9PM Emily & the Blue Callers. Jul23 12PM David Rubel Jazz Band; 5PM TomDuke Jazz Duo; 9PM Maxine Willan andKurt Lund Jazz Quartet. Jul 24 12PM JoelLightman Piano Solo; 5PM Nicole ChristianJazz Duo; 9PM Millie Minas Jazz Trio. Jul25 5PM Carol Oya Jazz Band; 9PM MillieMinas Jazz Trio. Jul 26 5PM The RoperShow; 9PM Richard Whiteman and JamesThomson Jazz Band. Jul 27 5PM TimCollins Solo; 9PM Ken Kawashima & BobVespaziani: Snake Oil Johnson. Jul 28 5PMMichael Keith Blues; 9PM At Ease. Jul 295PM Sam Broverman Jazz Duo; 9PM SaborLatin Jazz Band. Jul 30 12PM Ivar KangurSolo; 5PM Tina Nodwell Jazz Band; 9PMDonné Roberts Band. Jul 31 12PM BenForan Jazz Band; 5PM Brownman Akoustic.Aug 1 5PM Cecilia Monte Bossa Nova; 9PMVincent Bertucci Jazz Band. Aug 2 5PMKelsey McNulty Jazz Band; 9PM JulianFauth Blues Night. Aug 3 5PM Stacey SangJazz Band; 9PM Kurt Nielsen and RichardWhiteman. Aug 4 5PM TBA; 9PM KenKawashima & Bob Vespaziani: Snake OilJohnson. Aug 5 5PM Mike Field Jazz Band;9PM Joanna Moon Flamenco-Latino withQuebec Edge. Aug 6 12PM Margot Roi;5PM Sammy Jackson Jazz Quartet; 9PMMikko Hilden Group. Aug 7 12PM MelissaLauren; 5PM Jessica Ackerley Jazz Duo;9PM Gypsy Flame. Aug 8 5PM Denis SchinghSolo; 9PM Jorge Gavidia Blues Band.Aug 9 5PM Donné Roberts Band; 9PM JulianFauth Blues Night. Aug 10 5PM DoughwanMoon Jazz Band; 9PM Sean BellavitiJazz Band. Aug 11 5PM Alex Samaras JazzBand; 9PM Kevin Laliberté & Flamenco Trio.Aug 12 5PM John Mason Jazz Band; 9PM50 thewholenote.comJuly 1–September 7, 2011

Patrick Tevlin’s New Orleans Rhythm. Aug13 12PM: Joel Lightman Piano Solo; 5PMMaxine Willan and Kurt Lund Jazz Quartet;9PM Max Senitt Latin Jazz Band. Aug 1412PM Joel Diamond Jazz Duo; 5PM JohnWayne Swing Quartet; 9PM TBA. Aug 155PM Tony Desmarteau Jazz & Blues Solo;9PM Jorge Gavidia Blues Band. Aug 165PM Byung-Gul Jung Jazz Band; 9PM JulianFauth Blues Night. Aug 17 5PM DoughwanMoon Jazz Band; 9PM Fraser Melvin Blues.Aug 18 5PM TBA; 9PM Bartek KozminskiEl Mosaico Flamenco Jazz Fusion Band.Aug 19 5PM Ventana 5 Jazz Band; 9PMMr. Rick and the Biscuits. Aug 20 12PMSandy Blakeley Duo; 5PM TBA; 9PM SweetDerrick Blues Band. Aug 21 12PM Faber &Freedman Jazz Duo; 5PM France St. Trio;9PM Grayceful Daddies. Aug 22 5PM HavanaBlues Trio; 9PM Jorge Gavidia BluesBand. Aug 23 5PM The Roper Show; 9PMJulian Fauth Blues Night. Aug 24 5PM JeffPeacock Jazz Band; 9PM Carissa NewfeldJazz Duo. Aug 25 5PM TBA; 9PM CyndiCarleton. Aug 26 5PM Lara Solnicki JazzBand; 9PM Donné Roberts Band. Aug 2712PM Dave Rubel; 5PM TBA; 9PM JulianKuchoki Jazz Band. Aug 28 12PM VictorMonsivais Trio; 5PM Brownman AkousticTrio; 9PM Tom Shea’s Trio Arjento; Aug 295PM Domenico De Luca Solo; 9PM JorgeGavidia Blues Band. Aug 30 5PM JohnRusson Jazz Band; 9PM Julian Fauth BluesNight. Aug 31 5PM Noah Sherman JazzBand; 9PM Elizabeth Martins Jazz Trio.Gladstone Hotel, The1214 Queen St. W. (full schedule)Jul 1 7PM Sonia Aimy Band NO COVERGrossman’s Tavern“Toronto’s Home of the Blues”379 Spadina Ave. (full schedule)All shows: NO COVEREvery Sat 4-8PM The Happy Pals matinee;Every Sun 9:30PM-2AM The Nationalsw Brian Cober: Double Slide Guitar OpenStage Jam; Every Wed 9:30PM Ernest Lee& Cotton Traffic Every Thu 9:30PM TheResponsibles. Jul 1 9:30PMThe BarkingSharks. Jul 2 6:30PM Laura Hubert; 10PMThe Nationals.Harlem Restaurant67 Richmond St. E. (full schedule)All shows: NO COVEREvery Mon Open Jam Night 8PM-1AM;Every Fri/Sat Jazz/Blues 7:30-11:30PM.Jul 1 Jill Peacock. Jul 2 Quique Escamilla.Jul 3 Crazy Olde Swing. Jul 8 CeciliaMonte. Jul 9 Gibbran. Jul 15 CarolynT.Jul 16 SoJay. Jul 22 James King Trio.Jul 23 Kinga. Jul 29 Lillian Mason. Jul 30Mark Nivet.Harlem Underground745 Queen St. W. Mon Chris Weatherstone Trio. EveryTue John Campbell. Every Thu Carl Bray.Every Fri Chris Weatherstone Trio. EverySat Carl Bray.Home Smith Bar, The - see Old MillHot House Café35 Church St. 416-366-7800www.hothousecafe.comEvery Sun 11AM-3PM.Brunch with JazzZone NO COVER.Hugh’s Room“Toronto’s home of live Folk and Roots”2261 Dundas St. W. (full schedule)All shows start at 8:30PM.Jul 3 David Bromberg Quartet. Jul 7 GabrielYacoub. Jul 13 Richard Flohil presentsJustin Rutledge. Jul 16 McKenna GibsonBand. Jul 17 Paul Thorn Band. Jul 20Jane Bunnett & Hilario Durán CD Release“Cuban Rhapsody.” Jul 22 TanglefootUntangled: “My Sweet Patootie.” Jul 23The Navigators. Jul 27 Coco Love AlcornCD Release. Jul 28 Prelude to the CanadianGuitar Festival. Jul 29 Suzy Bogguss. Jul30 Robert Chambers presents Interpretationsof Love. Jul 31 Chris Smither. Aug3 Alfie Zappacosta. Aug 5 Grainne withband, Rucksack Willies, Joyful Sinners. Aug8 The Persuasions. Aug 12 Fathead. Aug16 Kelly Joe Phelps and Corinne West. Aug20 Eddie Bullen and Kingsley Ettienne. Aug22,23 Ian Tyson. Aug 24 Lorne Elliott. Aug25 Colin Hay.Joe Mama’s317 King St. W. 416-340-6469Live music every nightAll shows: NO COVERJul 1 9:30PM The Grind. Jul 2 9:30Shugga. Jul 3 6:30 Nathan Hiltz & SpecialGuests.Latinada Restaurant & Jazz Bar1671 Bloor St. W. 416-913-9716www.latinada.comJul 1 9PM Laura Fernandez & Dan Naduriak$10. Jul 2 9PM Iya Ire $10. Jul 3 9PMRoberto Riberon Trio $10.Liberty Bistro, The25 Liberty St. 416-533-8828www.libertobistro.caEvery Tue Open Mic w Big Rude Jake.Every Wed Noah Zacharin.Lolita’s Lust513 Danforth Ave. 416-465-1751www.lolitaslust.caJul 1,2 10PM DJ Lolita NO COVER.Lula Lounge1585 Dundas St. W. 416-588-0307www.lula.caJul 1 Eliana Cuevas Trio. Jul 2 Son Ache.Jul 3 Luis Mario Ochoa Salsa Brunch, LauraFernandez. Jul 5 Cover Me Canada OpenMic Contest. Jul 8 Alithea Cameron. Jul9 Café Cubano. Jul 11 Thomas Magfumoand the Blacks Unlimited. Jul 12 Bombino.Jul 13 Juvon Taylor and Soul Patrol. Jul15 Summer Slam Five. Jul 16 Lady Son yArtciulo Veinte. Jul 28 Retrocity. Jul 30Café Cubano. Jul 31 Reggae Ever-G. Aug16 Sergeant Garcia. Aug 26 World Fusionwith Aramik and Teria.Manhattan’s Music Club951 Gordon St., Guelph. 519-767-2440www.manhattans.caMezzetta681 St. Clair Ave. W. 416-658-5687www.mezzettarestaurant.comEvery Wed Jazz Series: sets at 9PM and10:15PM -$10 COVERJazz Festival: all shows start at 9PM, $10Cover Jul 1 Mike Downes Duo. Jul 2 RonDavis Trio. Jul 3 Brian Katz & Rob Piltch.Momo’s Bistro664 The Queensway, Etobicoke416-252-5560 www.momosbistro.comEvery Wed Open Mic 8PM.N’Awlins Jazz Bar and Dining299 King St. W. 416-595-1958www.nawlins.caEvery Tue Stacie McGregor; Every WedJim Heineman; Every Thu Blues Night;Every Fri/Sat All Star Bourbon St. Band;Every Sun Brooke Blackburn.Old Mill, The21 Old Mill Rd. 416-236-2641www.oldmilltoronto.comHome Smith Bar: No Reservations, NOCOVER, minimum per person. All shows7:30-10:30PM. Every Thu John SherwoodSolo Piano. Every Fri Something to SingAbout Series Every Sat Piano Masters Series.Jul 1 Jackie Richardson with the RussLittle Trio. Jul 2 Jim Galloway and the JohnSherwood Trio. Jul 8 John MacLeod Trio:MacLeod (trumpet/flugelhorn); Mark Eisenman(piano); Pat Collins (bass). Jul 9 DaveYoung Trio: Young (bass); Brian Dickinson(piano); Reg Schwager (guitar). Jul 15 BarryElmes Trio: Elmes (drums); Perry White(saxes); Steve Wallace (bass). Jul 16 TerryPromane Trio: Promane (trombone); TedQuinlan (guitar); Jim Vivian (bass). Jul 22Archie Alleyne Trio: Alleyne (drums); RobiBotos (piano); Dave Young (bass). Jul 23The Three Guitars; George Grosman, TonyQuarrington, Dave Dunlap. Jul 29 Alex DeanTrio: Dean (sax); Brian Dickinson (piano);Kieran Overs (bass). Jul 30 Duncan HopkinsTrio: Hopkins (bass); Rob Piltch (guitar);Mike Murley (sax) Aug 5 Brian Barlow Trio:Barlow (drums); Robi Botos (piano); ScotAlexander (bass). Aug 6 Alistair Kay Trio:Kay (trombone); Brian Dickinson (piano); NeilSwainson (bass). Aug 12 Reg SchwagerTrio: Schwager (guitar); David French (sax);Jon Maharaj (bass). Aug 13 Fred DuligalTrio: Duligal (sax); Reg Schwager (guitar);Duncan Hopkins (bass). Aug 19 Mike MurleyTrio: Murley (sax); David Braid (piano);Jim Vivian (bass). Aug 20 Terry Clarke Trio:Clarke (drums); John Sherwood (piano);Neil Swainson (bass). Aug 26 Denny ChristiansonQuartet: Christianson (trumpet);Dave Restivo (piano); Kieran Overs (bass);Matthew Chalmers (drums). Aug 27 TaraDavidson Duo: Davidson (sax); Jamie Reynolds(piano). Sep 2 Bob DeAngelis Trio:DeAngelis (clarinet); Danny McErlain (piano);Ron Johnston (bass). Sep 3 Bruce CassidyTrio: Cassidy (trumpet and EVI); Reg Schwager(guitar); Shelly Berger (bass).Orbit Room, The580 College St. 416-535-0613www.orbitroom.caJul 4 and 5 7-10PM Bernie Senensky, GenePerla, Ben Riley “Ïnvitation” CD ReleasePainted Lady, The218 Ossington Ave. (updated schedule)NO COVER/PWYCEvery Mon Open Mic, all genres, 10PM-latePan516 Danforth Ave. NO COVER.Every Sun 7PM Lara Solnicki with specialguests. Jul 3 Lara Solnicki, Adrean Farrugia& George Koller.Pantages Martini Bar and Lounge200 Victoria St. 416-362-1777Every Fri Robert Scott; Every Sat SoloPiano: Various artists.Pero Lounge812 Bloor St. W. 416-915-7225www.perorestaurant.comEvery Fri African Vibe 7-11PMEvery Sat Archie Alleyne’s Kollage 8-11PMPilot Tavern, The22 Cumberland Ave. (full schedule)Jazz Saturdays 3:30PM–6:30PM NOCOVERJul 2 Richard Underhill Quartet. Jul 9 SugarDaddies Quintet. Jul 16 John de SiminiQuartet. Jul 23 Bernie Senensky Quartet.Jul 30 Mark Guest Quartet.Quotes220 King St. W. 416-979-7697Jul 2 5PM Gord Sheard’s Brazilian JazzExperience with guest Bill McBirnie, flute.; 10:30PM Jam Session with StacieMcGregor Trio $10.Reposado Bar & Lounge136 Ossington Ave. COVER on Fridays, all other nights PWYCEvery Wed Spy vs. Spy vs. Sly Every Thu,Fri The ReposadistsReservoir Lounge, The52 Wellington St. E. 416-955-0887www.reservoirlounge.comEvery Mon Sophia Perlman and the Vipers(OFF FOR THE SUMMER); Every TueTyler Yarema and his Rhythm; Every WedBradley and the Bouncers; Every Thu DaveMurphy Band. Every Fri DeeDee & theDirty Martinis; Every Sat Tyler Yarema andhis Rhythm. “Après Work” Series Tuesdays,Wednesdays, Thursdays 7-9PM. Jul 7 AlexPangman and her Alleycats (appearing thefirst Thursday of every month)Rex Hotel Jazz and Blues Bar, The194 Queen St. W. (cover charge applies toselected evening shows, call ahead)Jul 1 3PM Sara Dell; 5PM Mikko Hilden;8PM Alex Dean; 11PM Rich Brown’s Rinsethealgorithm.Jul 2 12PM Laura Marks;3PM Laura Hubert; 8PM Dave Young; 11PMJustin Gray Project. Jul 3 12PM ExcelsiorDixieland Jazz; 3PM Club Django; 7PMJustin Bacchus; 9:30 Heavyweights BrassBand CD Completion Party Jul 4 7PMMemorial Performance: Dave McMurdo JazzOrchestra. Jul 5 6:30 Allison Au Quartet;9:30 Rex Jam hosted by Terra Hazelton. Jul6 6:30 Trikonasana; 9:30 Benny Sharoni.July 1–September 7, 2011 51

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